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                            MEETING MINUTES
                               July 20, 2000

Vice-Chairman David Straub called the meeting of the Longview Historic Preservation
Commission to order at 3:16 p.m. in the Small Conference Room at Longview City Hall, 1525

A.      Call to Order

        1.                Attendance

Present:                  John Chilson
                          Lee Edtl
                          David Freece
                          Sally Kiggins
                          David Straub, Vice-Chairman

Not Present:              Cam Hanna, Chairman
                          Lynn Tobias

Staff: Present: Julie Hourcle`, Assistant Planner

Also Present: Marion Otterraaen, Longview Librarian
                    Dr. Fuesler

        2.                Additions/Changes to Agenda
                          Ms. Hourcle’ noted a change in the order of the Agenda, moving the
                          Secretary of Interior’s Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural
                          Landscapes for earlier consideration. She expressed that if the library’s
                          architect was delayed due to a bid opening, the Country Folk’s Deli
                          awning installation will also be placed earlier on the agenda.

        3.                Approval of Minutes of June 15, 2000
                          Noting that Mr. Hanna was the chairman and therefore would not typically
                          make a motion, Mr. Freece questioned as to whether or not the minutes
                          were accurate. Ms. Hourcle’ indicated that her notes show Mr. Hanna
                          making the motion. After a brief discussion, it was surmised that Mr.
                          Hanna more than likely made this motion.

                          On Page 7 under Other Business, Ms. Hourcle’ declared that she did not
                          include the names of members of the subcommittee to review inventory
                          features at Lake Sacajawea which John Chilson offered to chair. She

Historic Preservation Minutes                   1                          July 20, 2000 Meeting
                          noted that Sally Kiggins and Dave Straub would serve on this

                          Mr. Chilson made a motion to approve the minutes of June 15, 2000
                          as amended. Mrs. Kiggins seconded the motion, which was
                          unanimously approved.

        4.                Announcements/Correspondence

                                   Mr. Freece announced that names are being sought for nominations
                                    for the Third Annual Cowlitz County Historical Museum Award.
                                    He gave a brief description of the qualifications, noting that the
                                    deadline for nominations was September 22, 2000. Awards will be
                                    presented after their annual meeting on November 29, 2000.

                                   Ms. Hourcle’ received information from Megan Kelly, the State
                                    Certified Local Government Coordinator, regarding the loss of
                                    designation and alteration of boundaries for districts and property.
                                    Ms. Kelly provided what is done for national register nominations
                                    and Ms. Hourcle’ had these available for review.

                                   Noting that the State Office of Archaeology and Historic
                                    Preservation sent their second newsletter, Ms. Hourcle’ distributed
                                    copies and advised Commission members that she will forward
                                    future newsletters electronically to those with e-mail.

                                   Ms. Hourcle’ gave the Certified Local Government training
                                    schedule, which will be held on Thursday, September 28; the
                                    conference is on Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30, 2000.
                                    She has not received the cost for this conference yet. Ms. Hourcle’
                                    encouraged Commission attendance of the CLG portion of the
                                    training session.

Historic Preservation Minutes                     2                           July 20, 2000 Meeting
                                   Archaeology Month – Ms. Hourcle’ suggested partnering with the
                                    Cowlitz County museum for this event. Mr. Freece invited
                                    everyone to their Annual Meeting on September 18, 2000 at the
                                    Oak Tree in Woodland. He noted that their guest speaker would be
                                    speaking on Archaeology regarding the early history of the Gifford-
                                    Pinchot National Forest.

                                   Ms. Hourcle’ advised that a letter from the Historic Preservation
                                    Commission was sent to the Longview City Council regarding the
                                    Commission’s approval of the Lake Sacajawea sculpture location.
                                    Council will be considering this item in the future.

                                   Ms. Hourcle’ handed out an updated Historic Preservation
                                    Commission membership list with current addresses, telephone
                                    numbers and e-mail addresses.

                                   Mr. Freece announced that the Museum Association Conference
                                    and the Washington Museum Association have recently published
                                    a map of museums of Washington. He then handed out several

B.      Secretary of Interior Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes
        Review and Adoption

        Ms. Hourcle’ noted that there were four distinct categories of the guidelines, which she
        reviewed briefly: 1) guidelines for preserving cultural landscape; 2) rehabilitation of
        cultural landscape; 3) restoring cultural landscape, and 4) reconstruction of cultural
        landscape. After brief review and discussion, Dr. Chilson made a motion to approve
        the Secretary of Interior Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes. The
        motion was seconded by Mr. Edtl and carried unanimously.

        Dr. Chilson was asked to explain the Lake Sacajawea inventory project. Dr. Chilson
        stated that the original inventory was placed on the National Register around 1985
        through 1987. After 1991, changes to the landscaping features, as well as structures were
        made. Dr. Chilson feels it is necessary to update this inventory.

        Ms. Hourcle’ suggested that this Commission may want to make a decision on which
        section these guidelines apply to Lake Sacajawea, either the preservation or the
        rehabilitation section. Dr. Chilson did not feel that this Commission was in a position to
        make a decision yet. He first wanted to review and summarize the information, then have
        a committee go over it and outline the categories. The Commission would then
        disseminate the final data.

        A Lake Sacajawea Inventory Sub- committee meeting was scheduled at 3:00 on
        Thursday, July 27, 2000 at City Hall.

Historic Preservation Minutes                     3                         July 20, 2000 Meeting
        Dr. Chilson referenced the inventory of Lake Sacajawea and the history prepared by the
        Daily News that was distributed to City Council. Dr. Chilson offered to have copies
        made available to any Commission members upon request.

        Dr. Chilson advised that work has already commenced on the Sunken Gardens at Lake
        Sacajawea. He thought it understood that no more work would begin at the lake without
        prior review by this Commission. He wondered who at the City was monitoring these
        projects. It was brought to his attention that the work was being done in the right of way,
        not on private property (for side-walk repair).

C.      Certificate of Appropriateness HP 2000-8
               (Pre-meeting Site Visit)
               Longview Public Library Renovation
               City of Longview

        Ms. Hourcle’ remarked that a pre-meeting site visit held prior to today’s meeting at 2:00
        p.m. at the Longview Public Library. Plans were available during the site visit and the

        Stan Lonseth, Architect with Cardwell Thomas & Associates referencing the library’s
        renovation plan, outlined the proposed work in detail.

        He indicated that the entire building will be cleaned and a certain percentage of the
        building will be re-painted.

        He noted that there were a few areas where the original terra cotta was beyond repair and
        needed to be replaced.

        Discussion ensued. City Librarian, Marion Otteraaen, addressed some questions.

        The Commission acted by individual motion for each aspect of work as there were many
        components of the renovation.

        The primary issues which were acted on with conditions which will be noted within the
        Certificate of Appropriateness for the 1926 building are as follows:

        1.       Front Entry Plaza: All stairs to be retained;
        2.       Front Entry Plaza: Match concrete color and texture on site for walkways;
        3.       Front Entry Plaza: Submit bench design and material for review;
        4.       Front Entry Plaza: Submit lamppost design for review;
        5.       Side attic windows: Retain wood frame in original design, install screen material
                 in lieu of glass, black louvers shall not be attached to the window but set behind it
                 so not to be visible from the exterior;
        6.       Cut in a small gable on the north side of the roof for materials and personnel and
                 install louvers

Historic Preservation Minutes                  4                           July 20, 2000 Meeting
Lee Edtl made a motion to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness for library
renovation as submitted with the above changes and Sallie Kiggins seconded the motion.
The motion carried unanimously.

D.        Certificate of Appropriateness HP-2000-7
                 Awning Installation
                 Country Folks Deli, Big Four Building
                 1329 Commerce Ave.
                 Bonnie and Gary Elsey, Owners

A new front awning is being requested to be installed on the Country Folks Deli, Big Four
Building. A picture of the awning and mechanism, which would allow the awning to retract as
originally installed, was provided with the Certificate of Appropriateness.

Dr. Chilson made a motion to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Country
Folks Deli, and David Freece seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously passed.

E.        Adjournment

With no further business to come before the Commission, the meeting was adjourned at 5:06

Julie Hourcle`, Assistant Planner

jh: ccw

Historic Preservation Minutes                5                      July 20, 2000 Meeting

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