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					Version – February 2011

               New Interim Funding
        Design and Sustainability Standards
                   for London

             To take effect from April 2011

This document sets out how HCA London will integrate the Interim
 London Housing Design Guide into funding processes in London
                        from April 2011.
New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                       NEW FUNDING STANDARDS SUMMARY
In August 2010 the Mayor of London
published the Interim London Housing                   The London Housing Design Guide (Interim
Design Guide (ILHDG). The aim of the                   Version, August 2010):
ILHDG has been to establish a new
benchmark for good housing design for                     Comply with all Priority 1 Standards.
London. The ILHDG is being incorporated
into London planning policy and guidance                  Comply with all Priority 2 Standards,
through the draft replacement London                       unless explicitly stated otherwise or to other
Plan and supporting Supplementary                          effect in Annex A and Page 5.
Planning Guidance on Housing.
                                                       Deemed compliance with certain specified
In early 2010, the Mayor published his                 London Housing Design Guide requirements will
London Housing Strategy. This set out the              be achieved through commitment to the following
aspiration to achieve a common baseline                essential, strategic design standards:
of new housing standards which
transcends both planning and funding.                     Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 4)
Accordingly this funding document now
sets out how the ILHDG will be interpreted                Lifetime Homes (full compliance)
into funding standards.
                                                          Secured by Design (full or Section 2 only
As the ILHDG, published in August 2010,                    depending on scheme size)
was an Interim document and since the
examination of the draft replacement                   For the avoidance of doubt, the above are all
London Plan and consultation on the SPG                essential requirements.
on Housing are on-going, this funding
document can also only be interim. It is               Demonstration of compliance with other specified
subject to minor revisions, such that a final          London Housing Design Guide requirements can
funding design standards framework will                be optionally provided by achieving target scores
be published before April 2012.                        against the following design assessment tools:

In November 2010, the Department of                       Building for Life (BfL) or
Communities and Local Government                          BREEAM Communities
announced that changes will be made to
the national planning framework. These                 The target scores are 14/20 and Very Good
will include the formulation of Local                  respectively.
Standards Frameworks. In the absence of
any further details at point of issue of this          For the avoidance of doubt, neither Building for
Design Prospectus, the GLA and HCA                     Life (BfL) nor BREEAM Communities represent
London are operating on the premise that               essential funding requirements. The principle
the ILHDG will form the template for a                 purpose of using these additional design
Local Standards Framework for London.                  assessment tools is to enable standardised, self-
Whilst the „presentation‟ of the Standards             contained presentation of design information,
may change, HCA London and GLA will                    which can be considered during the funding
seek to avoid or minimise any changes to               process.
the standards themselves during a
transition to Local Standards.

Interpretation of the Design Guide                    requirements. To this end, the
                                                      terminology used in the London Housing
The ILHDG was written to provide                      Design Guide has been converted from a
guidance within the town planning arena               general use of „should‟ to „must‟.
on the standards that need to be achieved
to deliver high quality housing.                      Certain other minor amendments to the
                                                      text of the requirements in the Interim
Interpretation into funding standards                 Design Guide have been made in order to
requires a more definitive approach:                  provide greater clarity of the standards in
certain standards must be met to be                   the funding context (see Page 5 and
deemed to meet the new funding                        Annex A).

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  New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                      Code for Sustainable Homes
  Minimum Standards                                   Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 4) is an
                                                      essential funding requirement. In addition to the
  The new London funding design standards             normal mandatory scoring requirements within the
  framework is based on the London                    Code for Sustainable Homes system, for funding
  Housing Design Guide (Interim Version,              purposes the following are also mandatory to meet
  August 2010). This is supplemented by               the Design Guide requirements:
  national design assessment tools, for
  which there are existing certification                     Full points for Lifetime Homes - (Hea4)
  systems: Code for Sustainable Homes,                       Minimum of 1 point for additional sound
  Lifetime Homes (certified through the                       insulation - (Hea2)
  Code) and Secured by Design.                               Full points for Secured by Design (Part 2) -
  For Code for Sustainable Homes and
  Secured by Design it is fully recognised            Passivhaus
  that at bidding stage these can only ever           Where a funding applicant wishes to design to
  be commitments to meet these design                 Passivhaus standards, in the event that this proves
  standards by completion stage.                      to be incompatible with the calculation methodology
                                                      for meeting the energy requirements of Code 4 of
  Assessment of Design Quality                        the Code for Sustainable Homes, then it will need to
                                                      be demonstrated that the absolute carbon emissions
  BfL or BREEAM Communities will be used              from the development will be at least as low as Code
  as self-contained design assessment tools           4 performance. All other aspects of the Code
  to help present the generic quality of a            system will need to be met as would normally be
  development proposal. If through these              required to meet Code Level 4. In these
  tools it can be demonstrated that a BfL             circumstances waivers to full Code 4 certification will
  score of 14/20 or above or a BREEAM                 be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  Communities score of Very Good or above             Lifetime Homes
  is achieved, then these will be considered
                                                      The ILHDG provides an interpretation of Lifetime
  satisfactory to automatically meet a
                                                      Homes, equating to the most recent edition of
  selection of Design Guide requirements,
                                                      Lifetime Homes. For funding purposes, maximum
  as specified in Annex A.
                                                      points against the Lifetime Homes criterion (Hea4)
                                                      within the Code for Sustainable Homes assessment
  If a BfL or BREEAM Communities
                                                      will be required (taking local topography into
  assessment is not completed or the score
                                                      consideration). A recognised possible exception to
  falls below the target scores noted above,
                                                      this requirement may be sought for dedicated car
  then funding applicants will need to
                                                      free developments.
  demonstrate compliance with those same
  ILHDG requirements by other means or
                                                      It should be noted that there may be some minor
  seek a waiver, where necessary. It is an
                                                      discrepancies between what would be required
  expectation that BfL or BREEAM
                                                      through the Code (by reference to a previous
  Communities are used.
                                                      version of Lifetime Homes) compared to the
                                                      interpretation provided within the London Housing
                                                      Design Guide.
Building for Life in London
There is currently some uncertainty over the
future of Building for Life and how this              BREEAM Communities
assessment tool will be taken forwards. HCA           BREEAM Communities represents a relatively new
London intend to use the tool to enable better        masterplanning assessment tool developed by the
understanding of the generic quality and              Building Research Establishment, which
urban design of development proposals, for            complements other BRE assessment tools. It can
so long as the tool remains in general use.           be used instead of Building for Life as a means to
For clarity, the London Housing Design                present the overall design quality of a scheme. It is
Guide represents the basis on which funding           much better suited to very large developments; it is
decisions will be made in London. Building            not anticipated that it will be used on most
for Life represents a self-contained                  developments, where Building for Life is more
assessment tool to help present design                appropriate. Submission of a BREEAM
information on development proposals in a             Communities report should be accompanied by the
legible format.                                       development Design and Access Statement.

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      New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

      INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS                                   any schemes, for which there are no
                                                                  explicit standards (such as hostels,
      Unless explicit prior agreement has been                    extracare, supported housing, etc).
      given, all developments, for which funding
      is sought, must be accompanied by a                    Bids for Large Developments
      completed London Design Proforma. This                 Large Schemes are defined as:
      will enable HCA London to judge whether                 total project size (all tenures*) is 150
      the proposed or committed design of a                      or more dwelling units; or
      development meets the minimum required                  any schemes, which must be
      standards and helps to ascertain whether                   considered through planning by the
      value for money is being achieved.                         GLA Planning Decisions Unit and
                                                                 which include housing.
Completion of the Proforma at Grant
Confirmation stage will be deemed a contractual              To enable HCA London to process
commitment to meet the confirmed standards.                  Medium and Large Developments, an
                                                             evidenced BfL or BREEAM Communities
      For funding purposes, developments have                statement must be received.
      been categorised into three sizes: Small,
      Medium and Large. A BfL or BREEAM
      Communities assessment should be                      What is an independently corroborated
      completed for all developments; but for               evidenced Building for Life statement?
      Small Developments the evidenced output
      of such assessments will not generally be             For medium-sized developments the Building for
      requested.                                            Life statement or BREEAM Communities report
                                                            can be carried out by the funding applicant or
 What is an evidenced Building for Life
                                                            applicant‟s professional team and does not need to
                                                            be confirmed by any other party or certified by
                                                            BRE. For Large Developments, the BFL statement
 An evidenced BFL statement represents a
                                                            must achieve a degree of independence from the
 document or document pack, which sets out how
                                                            promoter of the development. Parties, who would
 a development performs against the BFL
                                                            be considered sufficiently independent to
 measurement system.
                                                            corroborate a Building for Life statement, include:
                                                             a BFL assessor within a planning authority,
 Such document could represent a dedicated BFL
                                                                 where they are acting in a planning
 statement. Or it could comprise a Design and
                                                                 determination capacity;
 Access Statement (as used as part of a planning
                                                             Design for London; or
 application) with a covering letter or document
                                                             commissioned from an architectural practice or
 which references where the Design and Access
                                                                 other suitably qualified independent consultant,
 Statement demonstrates that the development
                                                                 who has not otherwise been employed as part
 answers or resolves the BFL questions,
                                                                 of the professional team for the development in
 supplemented by additional information where
                                                                 question (must be separately commissioned)
                                                                 (BFL Assessor status is not required).
 Wherever possible, BFL statements should be as
                                                            Any submiteed BREEAM Communities reports
 short and succinct as possible, but must always
                                                            must be certified.
 include the necessary information to support the
 suggested BFL scoring.
                                                            * BFL statements should cover whole
                                                            developments, regardless of tenure. This allows
      Small Developments                                    understanding of both urban design and how the
      Small Developments are defined as any                 affordable tenures are incorporated into the
      where the total project (all tenures*) is less        development. For this reason, development size
      than 40 dwelling units.                               categories cover the whole of a planning
                                                            application – including all tenures and uses. The
      Medium Developments                                   HCA London funding standards only apply to those
      Medium-size Schemes are defined as:                   dwelling units receiving public subsidy. Note,
       total project (all tenures*) comprises              however, that from later in 2011 the ILHDG will
         40 or more dwelling units; or                      have become interpreted into planning policy and
                                                            guidance and applicable to all tenures of housing.

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New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

Supporting Information and Additional                  5.2.2 Demonstrate good levels of
Clarifications for Funding Purposes                    ventilation, etc
                                                       For Large Developments, an engineers
Annex A provides clarification on how the              report will be required on request (or held
Design Guide requirements will be dealt                on file for audit purposes) to certify that
with in the funding context. Additional                satisfactory comfort will be achieved in all
explanation on some of the standards is                single aspect units. For Medium
provided below. (Note that family units are            Developments, such confirmation can be
defined as 3 bedrooms or more.)                        provided through a Building Regulations
                                                       Part F report. Small Developments will not
3.2.1 Cores per floor for family units                 be considered against this requirement.
It is good practice not to pepper-pot
tenants with very different circumstances              Additional Design Information in
and lifestyles (for example families and               Proforma
young professionals). Consequently, this               The design information on Page 2 of the
requirement will be deemed to apply to the             Proforma is requested simply for data
entire core of a building wherever family              collection purposes and to enable HCA
housing is accessed via that building core.            London and the GLA to carry out statistical
                                                       analyses on the funding programme. This
3.2.3 Natural light and adequate                       information will not be used for funding
ventilation in access corridors                        assessment purposes.
The optimal solution to achieving this
requirement is probably through provision              Design Process
of openable windows directly onto internal             The questions on Design Process on Page
corridors, which provide daylight and                  2 of the Proforma are intended to prompt
enable occupants to ventilate the building             funding applicants to follow best practice
cores or corridors if they overheat. Where             in the design and development process.
stairwells are daylit, but not corridors, then         This information only needs to be
daylighting can be provided into the                   completed at Final Grant Claim. This
corridor by means of glazed fire doors.                information may become required for audit
This does not, however, resolve ventilation            at a future date, possibly around the time
in such internal corridors. Alternative                that HCA London becomes part of the
means to improve daylighting include                   GLA. Auditing against this information will
provision of atria and skylights. In some              only begin to happen after formal
circumstances adequate ventilation may                 notification has been made by HCA
need to be provided through passive stack              London/GLA. Only schemes confirmed for
or mechanical systems.                                 funding after such notification would be
                                                       liable for auditing in Design Process terms.
3.2.5 Pram Storage
In flatted family accommodation, where no              Auditing
lift is provided, then internal, secure                All documentation and certificates related
storage space must be provided to enable               to these design standards must be kept on
residents to park prams and buggies in an              file by funding recipients to enable future
area adjacent to the ground floor entrance             auditing of developments against these
lobby. This could be linked to cycle                   new design requirements. A list of
storage space. Security could involve a                necessary documentary evidence is
railing to lock prams to, rather than a                provided in Annex B.
secure access door. For clarity, the stated
ILHDG requirement is optional.                         Design Information Requirements Summary

4.1.2 – Demonstrate accommodation                      Small Developments (<40 units):
                                                       Proforma Only
and furniture requirements
Only sample floorplans or sample unit                  Medium Developments (40 -149 units):
layouts should be provided with a BFL                  Proforma and Supporting Design Evidence
statement, according to the specifications
of furniture requirements set out in                   Large Developments (≥ 150 units):
Appendices 1 and 2 of the ILHDG. Full                  Proforma and Independently Corroborated
floorplan layouts will need to be kept on              Design Evidence
file for future auditing purposes.

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New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                      London Design Proforma
                                                      An excel-spreadsheet, London Design
From April 2011, all new applications for
                                                      Proforma, has been prepared to enable
funding will be assessed against this new
                                                      funding applicants to certify the design
framework. Priority will be given to bids,
                                                      standards, which will be achieved by a new
which meet the full standards framework.
                                                      development. A printout of this Proforma is
                                                      appended to this document. The Proforma
For Medium and Large Developments,
                                                      can be obtained from www.xx.
HCA London will carry out additional
interrogation of the design of new                    Statement of Performance
developments based on submitted                       This simply sets out the percentage of units in a
information to confirm that the entire                scheme which are predicted to meet: Code Level 4,
development provides an adequate quality              Lifetime Homes, Secured by Design and Internal
of new housing, which is fit-for-purpose in           Floor Area space standards (4.1.1).
terms of urban design, building
configuration and amenity provision.

                                                Submit Evidenced BFL statement for
             Call off                           Medium and Large Developments.
            against                             ‘Call off’ cannot be processed without
          Programme                             receipt and sign off of BFL statement.
           Agreement                            Provide Statement of Performance.
     (previously Bid Stage)

                                                Formally submit Proforma to provide
                                                contractual commitment to build to
                                                specified standards. Grant
                                                Confirmation cannot be processed
                                                without receipt and sign off of
       Grant Confirmation                       Proforma.

                                                Notify HCA London of any changes to
           Start on Site                        design standards, which take place
                                                subsequent to Grant Confirmation.

                                                Formally resubmit Proforma at
      Practical Completion                      Practical Completion with
                                                accompanying letter from Employer’s
                                                Architect confirming that constructed
                                                buildings meet standards and
                                                identifying any variances.

                Audit                           Retain specified documents and
                                                certificates on file to confirm design.

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   New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

   Assessment Process in Detail                          Exceptions – Specialist Housing
                                                         For specialist types of housing, including
   Medium and Large developments                         hostels, extracare, student, supported
   At Bidding or Call Off Stage, funding                 housing, etc, it may prove that the
   applicants must submit an Evidenced BFL               Proforma is inappropriate. In such
   Statement. This must include a Statement              situations, a funding applicant should seek
   of Performance. The initial „Bid‟ or „Call            to provide equivalent information in a
   Off‟ cannot be processed by HCA London                legible manner and submit this with the bid
   without the BFL statement (or BREEAM).                using the same naming protocols. Design
   Small Developments                                    of such non-general needs housing will
   At this stage, when scheme details are                continue to be considered by HCA London
   first input into IMS, then only a Statement           on a case-by-case basis. These will be
   of Performance will be required.                      automatically treated as Medium-Sized
                                                         Developments for funding processing.
 Bids/Call Offs cannot be processed
 without a Statement of Performance.
   At or before Grant Confirmation, funding              HCA London will not be operating a
   applicants must formally submit a fully               „waiver‟ style system – agreeing non-
   completed Proforma for all developments.              conformances by exception. Rather the
   Grant Confirmation cannot be processed                Proforma, which has been signed off at
   by HCA London without submission of a                 Grant Confirmation, will be deemed to
   Proforma. To encourage smooth                         represent a contractual commitment to
   processing of Grant Confirmation, funding             provide new housing units to the
   applicants are strongly encouraged to                 standards specified in the Proforma. Any
   provide the Proforma well in advance if               changes between Grant Confirmation and
   there are any instances of non-compliance             Final Grant Claim must be agreed by HCA
   with standards.                                       London and can be liable to reduced grant
                                                         provision for each under-performing unit.
Grant Confirmation cannot be processed
    without a completed Proforma.
                                                         Non-conforming units, for which no prior
   At Final Grant Claim the Proforma must be             agreement has been given, which are
   resubmitted, accompanied by a letter from             identified at Final Grant Claim or through
   the Employer‟s Architect to confirm that              subsequent audit, may incur a cost
   the constructed development meets the                 penalty.
   declared design standards and identifying
                                                         Statement of Performance
   any differences between the originally
                                                         This simply sets out the percentage of units in a scheme
   submitted Proforma (at Grant Confirmation             which will meet: Code Level 4, Lifetime Homes, Secured by
   stage) and Final Cost Proforma.                       Design and Internal Floor Area space standards (4.1.1).

   Housing Quality Indicators (HQI)                      Naming Protocol and Document Procedure for
                                                         supporting design information
   The new funding application process in                The Building for Life statement or BREEAM Communities
   London will require submission of BFL                 report or other supporting design information
   Statements and the new London Design                  documentation submitted at Bid or Call Off stage should
   Proforma, and any other additional                    ideally be provided as a single, stand-alone, pdf file using
   specified material, in electronic form. This          the IMS SPID (Sub-Product Identification number). If
   will be assessed off-line to the Investment           multiple files are submitted, then all file names should be
                                                         preceded with the SPID. Any large documents should be
   Management System (IMS).                              compressed or reduced as far as possible.

   At least until April 2012, the IMS will still         Naming Protocol for London Design Proforma
   require completion of sections relating to            The Proforma must be submitted as an electronic excel
   HQIs in order for on-line bids to be                  spreadsheet file.
   completed. While new bids cannot be                   At Grant Confirmation, the submitted file name must be GC
   completed until the HQI information has               followed by the IMS Scheme Number followed by the date
   been submitted on IMS, such HQI data will             of submission (using three-letter month and final two digits
   no longer be a material consideration for             of year): GC08-xxxxxx-Jan11.
   assessment of funding applications in                 Any subsequent revisions to the GC file, should be followed
                                                         by r (for revision) and number: GC08-12345-Aug11r1
   London. Any projects in London, for which
                                                         At Final Grant Claim, the same format should be used, but
   funding is confirmed after April 2011, will           using a prefix of FC, instead of GC.
   not be audited against the HQI system.

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        New Funding Design Standards Prospectus


        The following table provides, where necessary, additional clarifications on the London
        Housing Design Guide requirements, showing additional interpretations which have been
        necessary to convert the Guide into a funding design standards framework. This Table has
        been colour coded as follows:

        Requirements which can be demonstrated through BfL or BREEAM
        Communities or agreed other design statement
        Requirements which can be self-certified via Proforma. Where noted or
        requested these should be demonstrated via the submitted BfL or
        BREEAM Communities assessments or other specified reports
        Requirements which are deemed satisfied by meeting Lifetime Homes
        Requirements which are deemed satisfied through Secured by Design
        Requirements which are treated as planning considerations only
        Requirements which are deemed satisfied with Code Level 4

                                                                                    Priority   Priority   Funding Standards
                                                                                       1          2       Comments

1.0       Shaping Good Places
1.1       Defining places
1.1.1     1.1.1 Development Proposals must demonstrate:                                                   For Medium and Large
          -how the design responds to its physical context, including the                                 developments this criterion will
          character and legibility of the area and the local pattern of building,                         be deemed to have been met
          public space, landscape and topography;                                                         by provision of an evidence
          - how the scheme relates to the identified character of the place                               BfL statement (showing a
          and to the local vision and strategy or how bolder change is                                    score of 14) or a BREEAM
          justified in relation to a coherent set of ideas for the place                                  Communities report (showing
          expressed in the local vision and strategy or agreed locally.                                   a Very Good score).
1.1.2     Development proposals must demonstrate:                                                         See 1.1.1
          -how the scheme complements the local network of public spaces,
          including how it integrates with existing streets and paths;
          -how public spaces and pedestrian routes are designed to be
          overlooked and safe, and extensive blank elevations onto the
          public realm at ground floor have been avoided;                              
          -for larger developments, how any new public spaces including
          streets and paths are designed on the basis of an understanding of
          the planned role and character of these spaces within the local
          movement network, and how new spaces relate to the local vision
          and strategy for the area.
1.2       Outdoor spaces
1.2.1     Development proposals must demonstrate that they comply with                                    See 1.1.1. This criterion will
          the borough's open space strategies, ensuring that a review of                                  also be deemed to have been
          surrounding open space is undertaken and that opportunities to                                 met through achievement of
          address a deficiency in provision by providing new public open                                  planning permission.
          spaces are taken forward in the design process.
1.2.2     For developments with a potential occupancy of ten children or                                 See 1.1.1. This must be
          more, development proposals must make appropriate play                                          explicitly addressed through
          provision in accordance with the London Plan SPG, Providing for                                 the BfL or BREEAM
          Children and Young People's Play and Informal Recreation.                                       Communities assessments.
1.2.3     Where communal open space is provided, development proposals                                   See 1.1.1
          must demonstrate that the space:
          - is overlooked by surrounding development;
          - is accessible to wheelchair users and other disabled people;
          - is designed to take advantage of direct sunlight;
          - has suitable management arrangements in place.
2.0       Housing for a Diverse City
2.1       Appropriate density
2.1.1     Development proposals must demonstrate how the density of                                      See 1.1.1
          residential accommodation satisfies London Plan policy relating to                              This criterion will also be
          public transport accessibility level (PTAL) and the accessibility of                            deemed to have been met
          local amenities and services, and is appropriate to the location in                             through achievement of
          London.                                                                                         planning permission.
2.2       Residential mix

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        New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

2.2.1     Development proposals must demonstrate how the mix of dwelling                  See 1.1.1
          sizes and the mix of tenures meet strategic and local borough                    This criterion will also be
          targets and are appropriate to the location in London.                           deemed to have been met
                                                                                           through achievement of
                                                                                           planning permission.
3.0       From Street to Front Door

3.1       Entrance and approach
3.1.1     All main entrances to houses, ground floor flats and communal                   See 1.1.1
          entrance lobbies must be visible from the public realm and clearly               The BfL statement or
          identified.                                                                      BREEAM Communities report
                                                                                           must show how the building
                                                                                           entrances are celebrated.
3.1.2     The distance from the accessible car parking space of requirement               Deemed compliance with this
          3.3.4 to the home or to the relevant block entrance or lift core must            criterion will be met by a
          be kept to a minimum and must be level or gently sloping [Lifetime               commitment to achieving full
          Homes Criterion 2].                                                              Lifetime Homes compliance.
3.1.3     The approach to all entrances must preferably be level or gently                Deemed compliance with this
          sloping [Lifetime Homes Criterion 3].                                            criterion will be met by a
                                                                                           commitment to achieving full
                                                                                           Lifetime Homes compliance.
3.1.4     All entrances must be illuminated and have level access over the                 Deemed compliance with this
          threshold. Entrance doors must have 300mm of clear space to the                 criterion will be met by a
          pull side, and clear minimum opening widths of 800mm or 825mm                    commitment to achieving full
          depending on the direction and width of approach. Main entrances                 Lifetime Homes compliance.
          must have weather protection and a level external landing [Lifetime
          Homes Criterion 4].
3.2       Shared circulation within buildings
3.2.1     The number of dwellings accessed from a single core must not                     Self-certified via commitment
          exceed eight per floor.                                                         in Proforma. This is an
                                                                                           essential requirement for any
                                                                                           scheme which includes family
                                                                                           social rented accommodation.
                                                                                           See Page 5 for further
3.2.2     An access core serving 4 or more dwellings must provide an                       Deemed compliance with this
          access control system with entry phones in all dwellings linked to a             criterion will be met by a
          main front door with electronic lock release. Unless a 24 hour                   commitment to full Secured By
          concierge is provided, additional security measures including                    Design certification.
          audio-visual verification to the access control system must be
          provided where any of the following apply:
          - more than 25 dwellings are served by one core
          - the potential occupancy of the dwellings served by one core
          exceeds 100 bed spaces
          - more than 8 dwellings are provided per floor.
3.2.3     Where dwellings are accessed via an internal corridor, the corridor              Self-certified via commitment
          must receive natural light and adequate ventilation.                            in Proforma. See Page 5 for
                                                                                           further clarification.
3.2.4     The minimum width for all paths, corridors and decks for communal                Deemed compliance with this
          circulation is 1200mm.                                                          criterion will be met by a
                                                                                           commitment to achieving full
                                                                                           Lifetime Homes compliance.
3.2.5     For buildings with dwellings entered from communal circulation at                Self-certified via commitment
          the first, second or third floor where lifts are not provided, space            in Proforma. In buildings with
          must be identified within or adjacent to the circulation cores for the           family units provision of
          future installation of a wheelchair accessible lift.                             secured pram storage
                                                                                           adjacent to the entrance lobby
                                                                                           must be provided (see Page 5
                                                                                           for further clarification).
                                                                                           The ILHDG reservation of
                                                                                           space for lifts standard is not a
                                                                                           funding requirement.
3.2.6     All dwellings entered at the fourth floor (fifth storey) and above               Self-certified via commitment
          must be served by at least one wheelchair accessible lift. All                  in Proforma.
          dwellings entered at the seventh floor (eighth storey) and above
          must be served by at least two lifts.
3.2.7     Every designated wheelchair accessible dwelling above the ground                 Self-certified via commitment
          floor must be served by at least one wheelchair accessible lift.                in Proforma.

3.2.8     Principal access stairs must provide easy access* regardless of                  Deemed compliance with this
          whether a lift is provided. Where homes are reached by a lift, it               criterion will be met by a
          must be fully wheelchair accessible [Lifetime Homes Criterion 5].                commitment to achieving full
                                                                                           Lifetime Homes compliance.

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        New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

3.3       Car parking
3.3.1     All developments must conform to London Plan policy on car                      This is a planning
          parking provision. In areas of good public transport accessibility              consideration and not deemed
          and/or town centres the aim must be to provide less than one                   to be a funding issue.
          space per dwelling. Elsewhere parking provision must be as                      However the BfL statement or
          follows:                                                                        BREEAM Communities report
          4+ bedroom dwellings: 1.5 - 2 spaces per dwelling;                              must demonstrate how car
          3 bedroom dwellings: 1 - 1.5 spaces per dwelling;                               parking does not compromise
          1 - 2 bedroom dwellings: less than 1 per dwelling.                              amenity.
3.3.2     Each designated wheelchair accessible dwelling must have a car                  Self-certified by commitment in
          parking space 2400mm wide with a clear access way to one side of               Proforma.
          1200mm. Refer to Appendix 3 of the ILHDG for design standards
          for wheelchair accessible housing.
3.3.3     Careful consideration must be given to the siting and organisation              For accommodation with
          of car parking within an overall design for open space so that car             family units, the BfL statement
          parking does not negatively affect the use and appearance of open               or BREEAM Communities
          spaces.                                                                         report must expressly
                                                                                          demonstrate how provision of
                                                                                          amenity space has been
                                                                                          prioritised over surface car
3.3.4     Where car parking is within the dwelling plot, at least one car                 Deemed compliance with this
          parking space must be capable of enlargement to a width of                     criterion will be met by a
          3300mm. Where parking is provided in communal bays, at least                    commitment to achieving full
          one space with a width of 3300mm must be provided per block                     Lifetime Homes compliance.
          entrance or access core in addition to spaces designated for
          wheelchair user dwellings [Lifetime Homes Criterion 1].
3.4       Cycle storage
3.4.1     All developments must provide dedicated storage space for cycles                Deemed compliance with this
          at the following levels:                                                       criterion will be met by a
          1 per 1 or 2 bedroom dwelling; or                                               commitment to achieving
          2 per 3 or more bedroom dwelling                                                Code Level 4 status.
3.4.2     Individual or communal cycle storage outside the home must be                   Deemed compliance with this
          secure, sheltered and adequately lit, with convenient access to the            criterion will be met by a
          street. Where cycle storage is provided within the home, it must be             commitment to achieving
          in addition to the minimum GIA and minimum storage and                          Code Level 4 status
          circulation space requirements. Cycle storage identified in habitable           (“convenient” means not via a
          rooms or on balconies will not be considered acceptable.                        staircase).
3.5       Refuse, post and deliveries
3.5.1     Communal refuse and recycling containers, communal bin                          Deemed compliance with this
          enclosures and refuse stores must be accessible to all residents                criterion will be met by a
          including children and wheelchair users, and located on a hard,                 commitment to achieving
          level surface. The location must satisfy local requirements for                 Code Level 4 status.
          waste collection and must achieve full credits under the Code for
          Sustainable Homes Technical Guide. Refuse stores within
          buildings must be located to limit the nuisance caused by noise and
          smells and provided with means for cleaning.
3.5.2     Storage facilities for waste and recycling containers must be                   Deemed compliance with this
          provided in accordance with the Code for Sustainable Homes                      criterion will be met by a
          Technical Guide and local authority requirements.                               commitment to achieving
                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
4.0       Dwelling Space Standards
4.1       Internal floor area
4.1.1               All developments must meet the following minimum                      Self-certified via commitment
                    space standards.                                                      in Proforma. BfL statements
                                                                                          or BREEAM Communities
                                Dwelling type           Essential GIA                     reports must include plans and
                                (bedroom/persons)       (sq.m)                            area schedules to
                                                        50                                demonstrate achievement of
                                                                                          this and other area and
                                2b3p                    61                                functionality requirements.
            Single storey                               70
            dwelling            2b4p
                                                                                          It must be noted that there is
                                                        74                            
                                3b4p                                                      an intention to align the space
                                3b5p                    86                                standards quoted in the draft
                                                                                          replacement London Plan with
                                3b6p                    95
                                                                                          the consultation standards
                                4b5p                    90                                published by the HCA in April
                                                        99                                2010.
                                2b4p                    83                                Until formal adoption of the
            Two storey                                                                    new London Plan, either set of
            dwelling            3b4p                    87
                                                                                          space standards will be

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        New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                           96                                  deemed acceptable.
                                                                                               Thereafter full compliance will
                                 4b5p                      100
                                                                                               be required with the
                                 4b6p                      107                                 measurements provided in the
                                                                                               adopted London Plan.
            Three storey         3b5p                      102
            dwelling                                       106
                                 4b6p                      113

          For dwellings designed for more than 6 people, at least 10 sq m
          gross internal area must be added for each additional person.
4.1.2     Dwelling plans must demonstrate that dwellings will accommodate                      Self-certified via commitment
          the furniture, access and activity space requirements relating to the               in Proforma. See Page 5 for
          declared level of occupancy.                                                         further clarification.
4.2       Flexibility and adaptability
4.2.1     Dwelling plans must demonstrate that dwelling types provide                          This will not be formally tested
          flexibility by allowing for alternative seating arrangements in living               in the funding process, but will
          rooms and by accommodating double or twin beds in at least one                       be deemed to have been met
          double bedroom.                                                                      through planning permission.
4.3       Circulation in the home
4.3.1     The minimum width of hallways and other circulation spaces inside                    Deemed compliance with this
          the home must be 900mm. This may reduce to 750mm at „pinch                           criterion will be met by a
          points‟ e.g. next to radiators, where doorway widths meet the                        commitment to achieving full
          following specification:                                                             Lifetime Homes compliance.

            Minimum clear opening width         Minimum approach width
            of doorway (mm)                     when approach is not head
                                                on (mm)
            750                                 1200                                   

            775                                 1050
            900                                 900

          Where a hallway is at least 900mm wide and the approach to the
          door is head-on, a minimum clear opening door width of 750mm
          must be provided [Lifetime Homes Criterion 6].

4.3.2     The design of dwellings of more than one storey must incorporate                     Deemed compliance with this
          potential for a stair lift to be installed and a suitable identified space           criterion will be met by a
          for a through-the-                                                                  commitment to achieving full
          containing a main bedroom and an accessible bathroom [Lifetime                       Lifetime Homes compliance.
          Homes Criterion 12].
4.4       Living / dining / kitchen
4.4.1     The following combined floor areas for living / kitchen / dining                     Self-certified via commitment
          space must be met:                                                                   in Proforma.

            Designed level of occupancy         Minimum combined floor                     
                                                area of living, dining and
                                                kitchen spaces (sq m)
            2 person                            23
            3 person                            25
            4 person                            27
            5 person                            29
            6 person                            31

4.4.2     The minimum width of the main sitting area must be 2.8m in 2-3                       Self-certified via commitment
          person dwellings and 3.2m in dwellings for four or more people.                     in Proforma.
4.4.3     Dwellings with three or more bedrooms must have two living                           Self-certified via commitment
          spaces, for example a living room and a kitchen-dining room. Both                   in Proforma. Family social
          rooms must have external windows. If a kitchen is adjacent to the                    rented units must be
          living room, the internal partition between the rooms must not be                    configured as two separate
          load-bearing, to allow for reconfiguration as an open plan                           spaces on first construction.
          arrangement. Studies will not be considered as second living                         Family market or intermediate
          spaces.                                                                              units can be provided in an
                                                                                               open plan format.
4.4.4     There must be space for turning a wheelchair in dining areas and                     Deemed compliance with this
          living rooms and basic circulation space for wheelchairs elsewhere                   criterion will be met by a
          [Lifetime Homes Criterion 7].                                                        commitment to achieving full
                                                                                               Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.4.5     A living room, living space or kitchen-dining room must be at                        Deemed compliance with this
          entrance level [Lifetime Homes Standard 8].                                         criterion will be met by a
                                                                                               commitment to achieving full

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         New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                                                          Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.4.6      Windows in the principal living space must start 800mm above                   Deemed compliance with this
           finished floor level (+/- 50mm) to allow people to see out while               criterion will be met by a
           seated. At least one opening window must be easy to approach                  commitment to achieving full
           and operate by people with restricted movement and reach.                      Lifetime Homes compliance.
           [Lifetime Homes Criterion 15].
4.5        Bedrooms
4.5.1      The minimum area of a single bedroom should be 8 sq m. The                     Self-certified via commitment
           minimum area of a double or twin bedroom should be 12 sq m.                   in Proforma. The essential
                                                                                          minimum areas for funding
                                                                                          purposes are 7.5 sq m and
                                                                                          11.5 sq m.
4.5.2      The minimum width of double and twin bedrooms must be 2.75m in                 Self-certified via commitment
           most of the length of the room.                                               in Proforma.
4.5.3      In homes of two or more storeys with no permanent bedroom at                   Deemed compliance with this
                                                                                         criterion will be met by a
           could be used as a convenient temporary bed space [Lifetime                    commitment to achieving full
           Homes Criterion 9].                                                            Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.5.4      Structure above a main bedroom and an accessible bathroom must                 Deemed compliance with this
           be capable of supporting a ceiling hoist and the design must allow            criterion will be met by a
           for a reasonable route between this bedroom and bathroom                       commitment to achieving full
           [Lifetime Homes Criterion 13].                                                 Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.6        Bathrooms and WCs
4.6.1      Dwellings designed for an occupancy of five or more people must               Self-certified via commitment
           provide a minimum of one bathroom with WC and one additional                   in Proforma.
4.6.2                                                                                     Deemed compliance with this
           wheelchair accessible WC with potential for a shower to be                    criterion will be met by a
           installed must be provided at entrance level ∞ [Lifetime Homes                 commitment to achieving full
           Criterion 10].                                                                 Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.6.3      An accessible bathroom must be provided in every dwelling on the               Deemed compliance with this
           same storey as a main bedroom [Lifetime Homes Criterion 14].                  criterion will be met by a
                                                                                          commitment to achieving full
                                                                                          Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.6.4      Walls in bathrooms and WCs must be capable of taking                           Deemed compliance with this
           adaptations such as handrails †† [Lifetime Homes Criterion 11].               criterion will be met by a
                                                                                          commitment to achieving full
                                                                                          Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.7        Storage and utility
4.7.1      Built-in general internal storage space free of hot water cylinders            Self-certified via commitment
           and other obstructions, with a minimum internal height of 2m and a            in Proforma.
           minimum area of 1.5 sq m must be provided for 2 person dwellings,
           in addition to storage provided by furniture in habitable rooms. For
           each additional occupant an additional 0.5 sq m of storage space is
4.8        Study and work
4.8.1      Dwelling plans must demonstrate that all homes are provided with               Deemed compliance with this
           adequate space and services to be able to work from home. The                 criterion will be met by
           Code for Sustainable Homes guidance on working from home is                    achieving Code Level 4.
           recommended as a reference.
4.8.2      Service controls must be within a height band of 450mm to                      Deemed compliance with this
           1200mm from the floor and at least 300mm away from any internal               criterion will be met by a
           room corner [Lifetime Homes Criterion 16].                                     commitment to achieving full
                                                                                          Lifetime Homes compliance.
4.9        Wheelchair user dwellings
4.9.1      Ten percent of new housing must be designed to be wheelchair                   This will not be formally tested
           accessible or easily adaptable for residents who are wheelchair               in the assessment of design
           users in accordance with the GLA Best Practice Guide for                       standards for funding, but will
           Wheelchair Accessible Housing. Refer to Appendix 3 of the ILHDG                be deemed to have been met
           for design standards for wheelchair accessible housing.                        through planning permission.
4.10       Private open space
4.10.1     A minimum of 5 sq m of private outdoor space must be provided for              Self-certified via commitment
           1-2 person dwellings and an extra 1 sq m must be provided for                 in Proforma. Where it is not
           each additional occupant.                                                      possible or inappropriate to
                                                                                          provide an external balcony,
                                                                                          then the required balcony area
                                                                                          must be provided internally
                                                                                          within the unit.

4.10.2     Private outdoor spaces must have level access from the home ‡                  Deemed compliance with this
           [Lifetime Homes Criterion 4].                                                 criterion will be met by a

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                                                                                          commitment to achieving full
                                                                                          Lifetime Homes compliance.

4.10.3     The minimum depth and width of all balconies and other private                 Self-certified via commitment
           external spaces is 1500mm.                                                    in Proforma.
5.0        Home as a Place of Retreat
5.1        Privacy
5.1.1      Design proposals must demonstrate how habitable rooms within                   Deemed compliance with this
           each dwelling are provided with an adequate level of privacy in               criterion will be met by a
           relation to neighbouring property and the street and other public              commitment to achieving
           spaces.                                                                        Secured By Design
5.2        Dual aspect
5.2.1      Developments must avoid single aspect dwellings that are north                 Self-certified via commitment
           facing, or exposed to noise exposure categories C or D, or contain            in Proforma.
           three or more bedrooms.
5.2.2      Where single aspect dwellings are proposed, the designer must                  For Large developments, an
           demonstrate how good levels of ventilation, daylight and privacy              engineers report will be
           will be provided to each habitable room and the kitchen.                       required on request (or held
                                                                                          on file for audit) to certify that
                                                                                          satisfactory performance will
                                                                                          be achieved to provide comfort
                                                                                          for new tenants (see Pg 5).
5.3        Noise
5.3.1      The layout of adjacent dwellings and the location of lifts and                 Deemed compliance will be
           circulation spaces must seek to limit the transmission of noise to            achieved by commitment to
           sound sensitive rooms within dwellings.                                        scoring a minimum of 1 point
                                                                                          against Hea2 in the Code for
                                                                                          Sustainable Homes.
5.4        Floor to ceiling heights
5.4.1      The minimum floor to ceiling height in habitable rooms is 2.5m                 Self-certified via commitment
           between finished floor level and finished ceiling level.                      in Proforma.
5.5        Daylight and sunlight
5.5.1      Glazing to all habitable rooms must be not less than 20% of the                Deemed compliance with this
           internal floor area of the room.                                              criterion will be met by a
                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
5.5.2      All homes must provide for direct sunlight to enter at least one               This will not be formally tested
           habitable room for part of the day. Living areas and kitchen dining           in the assessment of design
           spaces must preferably receive direct sunlight.                                standards for funding, but will
                                                                                          be deemed to have been
                                                                                          satisfactorily met through
                                                                                          planning permission.
6.0        Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

6.1        Environmental performance

6.1.1      Designers must seek to achieve a minimum of Level 4 of the Code                Deemed compliance with this
           for Sustainable Homes in all new developments.                                criterion will be met by a
                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.1.2      All homes must satisfy London Plan policy on sustainable design                Deemed compliance with this
           and construction and make the fullest contribution to the mitigation           criterion will be met by a
           of and adaptation to climate change.                                           commitment to achieving
                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.2        Energy and CO2
6.2.1      Development proposals must be designed in accordance with the                  Deemed compliance with this
           London Plan energy hierarchy, and must meet the following                      criterion will be met by a
           minimum targets for carbon dioxide emissions reduction.                        commitment to achieving
           Year     Improvement on 2006 Building Regulations                             Code Level 4 status.
           2010 - 2013 44 per cent
           2013 - 2016 55 per cent
           2016 - 2031 Zero carbon
6.3        Overheating
6.3.1      Development proposals must demonstrate how the design of                      Deemed compliance with this
           dwellings will avoid overheating during summer months without                  criterion will be met by a
           reliance on energy intensive mechanical cooling systems.                       commitment to achieving
                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.4        Water
6.4.1      New dwellings must be designed to ensure that a maximum of 105                 Deemed compliance with this
           litres of water is consumed per person per day.                               criterion will be met by a

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        New Funding Design Standards Prospectus

                                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.4.2       Where development is permitted in an area at risk of flooding, it                             Deemed compliance with this
            must incorporate flood resilient design in accordance with PPS25.                            criterion will be met by a
                                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.4.3       New development must adhere to standards for surface water run-                               Deemed compliance with this
            off as set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes.                                            criterion will be met by a
                                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.4.4       New development must incorporate Sustainable Urban Drainage                                   Deemed compliance with this
            Systems and green roofs where appropriate.                                                   criterion will be met by a
                                                                                                          commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.

6.5         Materials

6.5.1       All new residential development must meet the requirements of the                             Deemed compliance with this
            Code Level 4 with regard to using materials with lower                                       criterion will be met by a
            environmental impacts over their lifecycle.                                                   commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.5.2       All new residential development must accord with Code for                                     Deemed compliance with this
            Sustainable Homes Level 4 and the London Sustainable Design                                  criterion will be met by a
            and Construction SPG with regard to the sourcing of materials.                                commitment to achieving
                                                                                                          Code Level 4 status.
6.6         Ecology

6.6.1       The design and layout of new residential development must avoid                               Deemed compliance with this
            areas of ecological value and seek to enhance the ecological                                 criterion will be met by a
            capital of the area in accordance with GLA best practice guidance                             commitment to achieving
            on biodiversity and nature conservation.                                                      Code Level 4 status.

        * In the Lifetime Homes Criteria a stair providing easy access is defined as one having maximum risers of 170mm,
        minimum goings of 250mm and a minimum width of 900mm measured 450mm above the pitch line.

        main entrance door. Where there are no rooms on the storey containing the main entrance door (e.g. flats over
        garages or shops and some duplexes and townhouses) the first storey level containing a habitable or non-habitable
        room can be considered the entrance level, if this storey is reached by a stair providing „easy access‟, as defined
        ‡ Balconies and terraces over habitable rooms which require a step up to increase slab thickness / insulation are
        exempt from the Lifetime Homes level access standard.
        ∞ Dwellings over more than one storey with no more than two bedrooms may instead be designed with a Part M
        compliant WC at entrance level. The WC should provide a floor drain to allow for an accessible shower to be installed
        at a later date.
        †† Adequate fixing and support for grab rails should be available at any location on all walls within a height band of
        300mm - 1800mm from the floor.


        Recipients of funding will need to retain the following information on file for audit:

             London Design Proforma (signed-off Proforma submitted at Grant Confirmation and
              submitted Final Grant Claim Proforma)
             BFL Statement (including Design Statement, BFL Assessment, BREEAM Communities
              report or other) as submitted at Bidding / Call Off stage
             Letter from Employer‟s Agent to certify that the building has been constructed in
              accordance with the declared standards and identify any variances between Grant
              Confirmation Proforma and Final Grant Claim Proforma
             Floor plans (to scale) of the built development
             Code for Sustainable Homes – detailed assessment as submitted to achieve certification
              (to confirm that supplementary mandatory sections have been met – see Pg 3).
             Code for Sustainable Homes (Post-Completion Certificate)
             Secured by Design certificate (where relevant)
             Engineers Report confirming internal comfort in single aspect dwellings (see Requirement
              5.2.2) (where relevant)
             Notification may be given at a future date (after HCA London becomes part of the GLA) to
              require Design Process requirements to be kept on file for audit. This will only cover
              schemes confirmed for funding after such notification (see Page 5).

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