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					Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

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General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers
Tender Number                         :        xxxxxxxx

Contract Description :                         xxxxxxxx

Contract Location                     :        xxxxxxxx


PART A                      General Instructions and Guidance to Tenderers

PART B                      General Information

PART C                      Details of Tenderers Proposed Methodology and Quotation

PART D                      Policy Documents

PART E                      Tender Return Checklist

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                         Page 1 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

                              TO TENDERERS

1.        Brentwood Borough Council (the Council) invite tenders for the provision of
          xxx detailed in part x upon the terms and conditions of Contract detailed in
          part x

2.        Persons proposing to submit tenders are advised to ensure that they are fully
          familiar with the nature and extent of the obligations to be accepted by them if
          their tenders are accepted.

3.        The estimated timetable for the award of a contract is as follows:

          Invitation to Tender                            XX XX XX
          Final date for questions from tenderers         XX XX XX
          Tender Return Date                              XX XX XX
          Short-listed Tenderers presentation             XX XX XX
          Site Visits (optional)                          XX XX XX
          Preferred bidder short listed                   XX XX XX
          Contract Award                                  XX XX XX

          The Council will not be bound by this timetable if extensive bid clarification is
          required during evaluation.

4.        All enquiries, questions or requests for clarification by tenderers should be
          addressed by email to:

          A.N. Other
          Job title


5.        Tenderers should be aware that where questions have a fundamental impact
          on the Invitation to Tender, the questions asked and the answers given will be
          circulated to all tenderers.

6.        Any Tenderer who directly or indirectly canvasses any member or officer of
          the Council concerning the award of the Contract for the provision of the
          Service, or who directly or indirectly obtains or attempts to obtain information
          from any such member or officer concerning any other Tender or proposed
          Tender for the Service will be disqualified.

7.        It is the responsibility of Tenderers to obtain for themselves at their own
          expense all information necessary for the preparation of their tenders.
          Information supplied by the Council (whether in these Tender Documents or
          otherwise) is supplied for general guidance in the preparation of the tenders.
          Tenderers must satisfy themselves by their own investigations with regard to

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                           Page 2 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

          the accuracy of any such information and no responsibility is accepted by the
          Council for any inaccurate information obtained by Tenderers.

8.        All information supplied by the Council in connection with this invitation to
          tender shall be regarded as confidential by the Tenderer except that such
          information may be disclosed for the purpose of obtaining sureties and
          quotations necessary for the preparation of the tender.

9.        No servant or agent of the Council has authority to vary or waive any part of
          the tender documents other than the Authorised Officer nominated by the
          Council who shall only do so in writing.

10.       The Tenderer shall be deemed to have satisfied himself before submitting his
          Tender as to the correctness of the rates and prices stated by him in the
          Tender, which shall (except insofar as is otherwise provided in the Contract)
          cover all his obligations under the Contract.

11.       All rates and prices quoted must exclude Value Added Tax.

12.       All rates and prices quoted must be in sterling.

13.       The tender submission documents must be fully completed. Any tender
          containing gaps or omissions are likely to be rejected.

14.       Tenders must be for the supply of the whole of the services upon the terms of
          the Contract. Tenders for part or parts only of the service or for different
          standards or frequencies of service or made subject to alternative or additional
          terms or conditions may be rejected, or may be rejected for the reasons of
          such alterations or additions only.

15.       In addition to any more specific obligations imposed by the terms of the
          Contract, Tenderers must satisfy the Council of their ability to provide the
          service set out in the Contract.

16.       Every tender received by the Council shall be deemed to have been made
          subject to the terms and conditions of the Contract unless the Council shall
          previously have expressly agreed in writing to the contrary. Any alternative
          terms or conditions (which must be submitted on a separate form) offered on
          behalf of the Tenderer shall, if inconsistent with the terms and conditions of
          the Contract, be deemed to have been rejected by the Council unless
          expressly accepted in writing.

17.       Suppliers must read through this set of instructions and follow the process to
          respond to this opportunity.

          The information and/or documents for this opportunity are available on
 You must register on this site to
          respond, if you are already registered you will not need to register again,
          simply use your existing username and password. Please note there is a
          password reminder link on the homepage.

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                           Page 3 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

          Suppliers must log in, go to your Response Manager and add the following
          Access Code: XXX1333XXX. Please ensure you follow any instruction
          provided to you here.

          The deadline for submitting your response(s) is XX/XX/XXXX XX:XX. Please
          ensure that you allow yourself plenty of time when responding to this invite
          prior to the closing date and time, especially if you have been asked to upload

          If you experience any technical difficulties please contact the Delta eSourcing
          Helpdesk on call 0845 270 7050 or email

19.       The Council will not consider individual requests for extension of the closing
          date and the time specified in Item 18 above but may at its own absolute
          discretion extend generally the closing date and time.

20.       The Tenderer is expected to keep his tender valid for acceptance for a period
          of 90 days from the closing date specified in Item 20 above.

21.       The Council is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender from this process.

22.       The tender process will be conducted to ensure that tenders are evaluated
          fairly to ascertain the economically most advantageous tender. Your response
          to our requirement will be evaluated under the following headings:

              XX
              XX
              XX

          This list is/ is not in order of priority.

23.       {The Council intends to invite each Tenderer submitting a compliant bid to
          present their submission in the week commencing XXX} optional.

24.       {The Council intends to produce a short-list following presentations and the
          evaluation team will make supplier visits during the week commencing XXXX}

25.       Tenderers are being invited from a selected list of contractors.

26.       The Council is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information (FOI)
          Act 2000 and subsequent common law precedent. If you consider that any
          information supplied for the purposes of this tender or which will be supplied
          during the performance of the contract is either commercially sensitive or
          confidential in nature (within the meaning of the aforementioned Act), this
          should be highlighted in the body of the tender submission and the reasons for
          its sensitivity given in the table provided in XXXXXX

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                          Page 4 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

28.       You will be aware that the Home Office has set up the Criminal Records
          Bureau (CRB) on 11 March 2002 as an executive agency to exercise the
          powers and fulfil the responsibilities of the Secretary of State under the Police
          Act 1997. Its purpose is to act as a one-stop shop for accessing the Police
          National Computer, DoH records, DfES records and local police information.

          The Council requires new suppliers to obtain an appropriate CRB Disclosure
          Form. There are three types of Disclosure, Basic, Standard and Enhanced.

          For this contract the Disclosure type will be XXXXXX.

          There is a requirement by the Council to monitor the processes our suppliers
          have in place in respect of Disclosures and therefore we require a written
          statement from you as to the procedures you have in place to meet the
          requirements together with evidence of registration with the CRB or with a
          registered Umbrella Body. This should be addressed in your proposed
          methodology. Additionally, should you use the services of Agency staff the
          appropriate evidence must also be supplied. Contractors are required to
          complete the matrix provided in XXXXX on a monthly basis and submit a copy
          to the Council.

29.       The Council reserves the right to make minor changes of a drafting nature to
          the Contract Documents, and to correct errors, both of which must be
          accepted without reservation by the Tenderer.

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                           Page 5 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

                                  GENERAL INFORMATION
Provide an Overview of the Council

Outline the essential elements that must be included in the tender submission.

Will you accept innovative ideas?
It is recognised that you the Tenderers are experts within your field; therefore we
welcome your innovative ideas for supplying this need.

Whilst we want to know about you we do not require generic policy documents, apart
from those requested in Part D. We hope your submission will be comprehensive
and specific to our needs. This will be recognised within the evaluation.

Part E of this document details a checklist of what needs to be returned as part of
your tender submission.

Please respond to the following areas. Your submission should include all areas and
be set out in the same order.

1. Complete set of Invitation to tender documents with the following sections and
           schedules completed as requested
                   o Section X - Form of Tender
                   o Schedule X – completed Freedom of information act form
                   o Schedule X – Completed Criminal Records Bureau form

2. Details of Tenderers proposed methodology (Part C) Please note the following:
                   2.1 Tenderers are required to provide succinct but focussed
                       responses to each of the questions included in the

                            2.2 Full responses should be provided to all questions. Where
                                any response necessitates a statement of fact it must be
                                accurate and supported by documentary evidence where

                            2.3 Documentation in excess of what has been requested in
                                these documents will not be considered in the tender
                                evaluation process

                            2.4 To assist evaluation, tenderers should set out their proposals
                                in the same order as the questions and number them

                            2.5 Tenderers are required to detail how they intend to manage
                                and run the Contract.

3. Policy Documents (Part D)

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                              Page 6 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers



Provide specific questions and areas for the supplier to address that will be
evaluated as part of the tender submissions.

Tender/Quotation Ref                                               Page 7 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

4. Completing the Pricing Schedule / Matrix
Provide any guidance to the supplier on completing the pricing matrix

          will you accept alternative pricing structures – if so only in addition to the one
          Will you expect a demonstration of year on year cost reduction / efficiency

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                             Page 8 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers

5.        Additional Services: (OPTIONAL)

5.1       Outline any additional value added services available.

5.2       The Tenderer is encouraged to be innovative and is required to identify
          any areas within the contract document, paying particular attention to the
          specifications, and make recommendations to amend details with the aim
          to increase the life time of the stair lift.

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                   Page 9 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers


Tenderers are asked to include the following with their submission:-

(i)       All Codes of Practice including Health & Safety.
(ii)      Details of Quality Control documentation
(iii)     Risk Assessment
(iv)      Recruitment and Selection (including Criminal Records Bureau and
          vetting procedures)
(v)       Customer Service
(vi)      Complaints and Compliments
(vii)     Training

Delete add policies as appropriate – consider if these documents have already
been reviewed as part of a pre qualification process.

Tender/Quotation Ref                                                   Page 10 of 11

For the supply of
Doc. PS029 General Instructions & Guidance to Tenderers


Signed Form of Tender
Complete set of Tender Documents including all Schedules
Proposed Methodology
Policy Documents


Yours sincerely

A.N. Other
Job title

Direct telephone 01277 31XXXX

Please reply to: (optional)
Address 1
Address 2
Address 3

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