5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Article by EdiSaksono


									5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Article Writing and Marketing Strategies

Article marketing, is perhaps the most effective method of Seo, but it
takes more than just writing a few articles to see more direct traffic as
well as SEO towards your targeted keywords. Today lets take a look at
what you as a writer and marketer can do to write better articles and
also engage your readers throughout the entirely article. We will discuss
five simple things you can do next time you write your article, if you're
already following these guidelines then congratulations: You are ahead of
85% of article writers.
1. Write Original and Informative Content

People crave useful information, but who is to say what is useful and
what's not? Writing original information should form from something you
are good at or knowledgeable in. For example if you have a lot of useful
information about on-page optimization for SEO you could give readers
some tips that they could try using, if your article proves to be
valuable it will more than likely end up in other directories which
ultimately means more backlinks to your site and the article directory
which benefits you and the article directory you originally submitted it
2. One Good Post Is Better than Multiple Posts

Often times we as article marketers want to submit as many articles as we
can, the only problem is the more we write often results in a lower
quality post. Try setting a goal for yourself as far as how much time a
day you want to spend writing/how many articles you want to write for
that day. I generally am on a rather busy schedule so for me writing
three articles a week works out pretty well. Keep in mind that the
quality posts you submit will do the work on their own, people love
sharing information!
3. Use a Creative and Eye-Grabbing Title

Your audience is the most important aspect of your article marketing
experience, they are the ones that are going to be landing on your page
seeing what you have to offer, they see your titles in search engine
results, as a writer we need to grab their attention using a concise and
descriptive title. Start by using a title that will keep your readers
wondering what's next, often times you may come up with a more creative
title after writing your article, if you are using multiple tips use a
title like: 5 Fun Summer Recipes other than Summer Recipes. The first
title is more descriptive and will result in a higher click through rate
as well as draw users attention.
4. Link Placement and Click Through Rate (CTR)

One important factor is choosing where to place the link back to my site?
I look at it like this, we want the user to stay engaged as long as
possible reading the information contained therein. Links should
generally be placed below the foldline or the lower portion of your
article, not only do most article directories not accept links in the
upper portion of the page it will also throw your readers off, a lot of
links at the beginning looks spammy to most folks and if they click your
link without reading additional information the chance they will stay on
your site is lower. I look at link placement like watching a commercial,
what if you only saw ten seconds of a 30 second commercial and for some
reason it was cut off, would you still want to buy that product? I think
not, we as viewers want to see all the details before we proceed, so by
keeping the links below the foldline we will see increased CTR and the
average time a viewer is going to spend on your site, simple as that!
5. Submit to Different Platforms and Directories

Article Submission can be a long drawn out process, there are multiple
article directories available to submit to. The wordpress platform have
proven to be the most effective in SEO in my personal opinion article
directories using WordPress generally rank higher in search engines. Page
rank has very little to do with how a page physically ranks, I have seen
many sites with low PR rank higher than sites with high PR, it all
depends on how the on-page optimization was done as well as factors such
as content, keyword density etc… Make sure when you submit to multiple
directories you write original articles don't just copy and paste, many
marketers will use article spinners- duplicate content is generally not
acceptable in any article directory.

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