Buying A Recliner Chair

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					                                                                                                           Buyer's Guide
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Buying A
Recliner Chair
How to look for a recliner chair
Sitting in a chair for any length of time can be
uncomfortable, and for people with mobility problems
this is made worse as it can then be difficult for them
to lift themselves out of it, especially after a prolonged
length of time.

However, a recliner chair                     Express Mobility Compare can also              Recliner chairs generally feature leg
can offer the solution to                     help you find a suitable recliner chair.       rests, which help support calf muscles.
                                              All you need to do is type in your             On some recliners, the leg rest operates
such problems.                                requirements and let us provide you            together with the backrest, whilst on
Recliner chairs are electrically or           with a list of suitable chairs. Easy!          others the two operate independently.
mechanically operated chairs which                                                           The latter option can be better for people
allow people to find a position that suits                                                   who need to elevate their legs when
                                              What type of recliner chair                    sitting up.
them. They are perfect for people with
back problems, or anyone suffering            is best?
from muscle weakness or general
mobility problems.                                                                           What to expect from a
                                                                                             sales visit
Riser recliner chairs go one step further
and actually raise the person upwards,                                                       Arranging a sales visit can help anyone
giving anyone with more severe                                                               thinking about buying a recliner chair
mobility problems extra help in lifting                                                      get a clearer idea of what type they
themselves out of their chair.                                                               want.
                                              Deciding what recliner chair will suit
While in the past recliner chairs             you will depend on your needs, how             Before the visit takes place it’s important
were often poorly designed and                much money you want to spend and               that you think about your own needs
cumbersome, this is no longer the             what your style preferences are.               and requirements. Do you need to be
case. Many recliner chair models are                                                         able to adjust the back and footrest
both functional and stylish, and it is now    Manually operated recliner chairs work         separately or is style and design more
even possible to buy deluxe models            by using a lever or wheel on the side of       important than function?
with in-built massage systems.                the chair, while electric recliner chairs
                                              are controlled by a remote control             Make a list of any questions you might
Before buying a recliner chair, it is         handset. Electric recliner chairs also         have before the visit takes place. It
important to do some research to              tend to have a high seat and need to           may also be helpful to have a friend or
ensure you find the best chair for your       be located near to an electric socket.         family member present who can ask
needs. If any of your friends or family                                                      any questions you forget.
members have recliner chairs, ask them        Other recliner chair options include
for their advice and try out their seats to   chair beds, which look like a bed but          During the visit, the sales representative
see if you have any preferences.              can be electronically changed to               should cover all the options available
                                              assume the shape of a chair, and riser         to you. He or she might also take
Visiting a furniture showroom will also       recliner chairs, which have seats which        room measurements to ensure that
help give you a better idea of the types      lift up and down, making it much easier        the company supplies a chair with the
and models of recliner chairs available.      for the user to get in and out of the chair.   correct seat height, width and length.

                                                                                                    Buyer's Guide
                                          Bathing Aids Adjustable Beds Recliner Chairs Mobility Scooters Stairlifts Hearing Aids

In the days after their visit, the representative will be
able to give you an idea of what suitable products the
company has which suit your requirements as well as
the cost of each item.

Don’t be rushed into making any purchases. Take a few
days to think about it and consider speaking to other
recliner chair companies about their products.

A few                                                 1
                                                            Consider the seat height. People with mobility
                                                            problems usually find that a higher seat is easier
                                                            to get out of. Riser recliner chairs can also be

additional                                                  a good option as these lift you up and make it
                                                            easier to get out of a seat.

buying                                                2
                                                            Think about the seat width. You need the chair
                                                            to be wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably
                                                            but narrow enough to ensure you can use the

tips                                                        armrests. A good guide is that the seat should
                                                            be the width of your hips plus two clenched fists
                                                            on either side.
To find a recliner chair that suits your needs,
                                                            If you have weak hands, consider investing in
use the Express Mobility Compare site to              3
compare recliner chairs.                                    an electric recliner chair with a rocket switch as              these are easier to use.

                                                            An anti-trap feature is a must if children are
                                                            likely to be playing near the chair.

                                                            Find out about call-out services and the warranty
                                                            on your recliner chair. Get the best warranty you
                                                            possibly can.

                                                            Our final piece of advice is never buy a recliner
                                                            chair without first trying it out!