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									                             API OF PEORIA
          Attachment Parenting International, Peoria IL Chapter
                                        January 2004

”What is Attachment Parenting?”                  “What is API of Peoria?”

Attachment parenting is a philosophy             API of Peoria is a parenting group dedicated
based in the practice of nurturing               to providing support, encouragement and
parenting methods that create strong             education to parents in the spirit of
emotional bonds, also known as secure            attachment. We encourage parents of all
attachment, between the infant and               parenting philosophies to join us at our
parent(s). This style of parenting               functions.
encourages responsiveness to the infant
or child's emotional needs, and develops         You can learn about API of Peoria’s parent
trust that their emotional needs will be         organization, Attachment Parenting
met. As a result, this strong attachment         International and view the Ideals of
helps the child develop secure, empathic,        Attachment Parenting and of Attachment
peaceful, and enduring relationships.            Parenting the School Aged Child at:

“How can I get involved?”
Just pick whatever parts of API of Peoria that you'd benefit from and do them! We have
monthly meetings in Peoria, playdates, mom’s night outs, family events and much more. Many
of our parents also find our internet discussion group to be an invaluable source of 24/7
support, advice and friendship. Check the "Calendar of Events" section or our website for
activities scheduled for this month. Also see “Join API / API of Peoria on p.13.

                   INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                      For more information

Calendar of events              2    API Mentor Program          7         about our group or
Natural Consequences            3    Join API of Peoria / API 7 - 8        any of this
Ten Guidelines for Raising           Meals for Moms                8       newsletter’s content,
A Well-Behaved Child            3    API of Peoria E-Group       8         contact our API of
Consequences Training          4     Meeting Ground Rules        9         Peoria group leaders
Parenting Resolutions        4-5     API of Peoria Library       9
                                                                           at our shared e-mail
Parenting Poetry             5-6     Fundraiser                  9
Sweet Moments                  6     API of Peoria Website       9
Birth Plans                  6-7     Classifieds           10 - 12         APIofPeoria@yahoo.c

       JANUARY                                                  FEBRUARY
      CALENDAR of                                              CALENDAR of
        EVENTS                                                   EVENTS
*Saturday, January 10th, 10 – 11:30 a.m.                 *Saturday, February 14th, 9:30 a.m.
API of Peoria Monthly Meeting –
“Natural Consequences”                                   API of Peoria Committee Meeting
Join us for a discussion of one of the key
                                                         Anyone who would like to help API of
components      of    positive    discipline     –
                                                         Peoria become all that it can be or who has
enforcing    limits   and     boundaries       and
                                                         an interest in where we are going is
teaching    self-discipline      with   natural
                                                         welcome to attend our committee meetings.
consequences. We will use real parenting
                                                         We hope to see you there!
scenarios supplied by our group members.
(Please see Meeting Ground Rules, page 9 )
                                                         *Saturday, February 14th, 10 – 11:30 a.m.
*Tuesday, January 13th, Noon
Pizza Luncheon                                           API of Peoria Monthly Meeting –
Join us for lunch at Monical’s Pizza on                  “Maintaining Balance”
Knoxville in Peoria. See you there!
                                                         Start your Valentine’s Day with us! Bring
                                                         your sweetheart and the little ones and join
                                                         us for a fun an enlightening discussion
*Monday, January 26 at 10 a.m.
Jennifer Cross has graciously offered to                 about the keeping balance in our lives as
host a playdate at her house! Please let her             parents.
know if you’ll be coming, 691-5841. Jennifer
and Adara live at 5906 N Frostwood Pkwy in               Would you like to host a playdate in
Peoria (North Frostwood is one block west
                                                         February? Where would you like to go for
of Sam's Club off of War Memorial, you can
only turn left.), just past the Mark Bills               our February Mom’s Night Out? Let us
Middle School, on the left side of the road.             know at

*Wednesday, January 28th, 6 p.m.
*Mom's Night Out*

This month, we’ll be dining at The
Rhythm Kitchen Music Café in the
Riverfront Arts Center at 305 SW Water
Street, 309.676.9668
View the dinner menu at:
pdf Your seat is reserved! Please join us!

Natural Consequences                            By Carrie Kerr

 I awoke the other morning to my three year old whispering quite sweetly, or so I thought, that the sun was up.
 The sun was indeed up. It was 7:30 on Saturday morning, pretty late for anyone to be sleeping in our home! My
  husband had a different view on this very small morning announcement. He was woken up! As a result--no hot
chocolate this morning! Well, now a morning that began with a little whisper turned into a morning of great stress
for everyone. Daddy was upset he was awoken, our little girl was upset that Daddy was mad and that she couldn't
 have hot chocolate, Mommy was upset that Daddy reacted so harshly, and now big sister was up as a result of all
    of the commotion. My main objection was that the consequence of no hot chocolate was not related to the
      disruptive, if it was disruptive, behavior of waking up one's parents. It was not a natural consequence.

Natural Consequences: This is a buzzword heard quite often in our AP circle. As a parent, we always must think on
 our toes to achieve positive discipline. The November meeting was great because we focused on the critical needs
of children that underlie their behavior. In short, we examined a child's behavior and tried to understand why the
                                           child was behaving in such a way.

Our January meeting examines the next step in evaluating and reacting to a child's behavior. We will consider what
 a natural consequence would be to certain behaviors. Incidentally, they will be the same behaviors we reviewed at
                                              the November meeting.

 So, what would be a natural consequence to waking up one's parents in the morning? I knew you'd ask that! You
   think about it, and we'll talk about it on Saturday morning at 10:00, UU church in Peoria. See you there!
                                                 Peaceful parenting,
                                                     Carrie Kerr

   •   Whenever possible, teach rather than punish. The goal of discipline is to teach children acceptable behavior. Hitting
       children does not teach acceptable behavior. It teaches children that "might makes right" and hitting is a way to solve
   •   View children’s misbehavior as a mistake in judgment. It will be easier to think of ways to teach more acceptable
   •   Whenever possible, make consequences relate to misbehavior. If a child makes a mess, he/she should clean it up.
   •   Have behavior rules but make sure they are few in number, reasonable, and appropriate to the child’s age and
   •   Make sure that consequences for misbehavior are reasonable and clear.
   •   Don’t argue or nag children about rules. If a rule is broken, remind the child of the rule and the consequence for not
       following the rule. When you give a command, speak in a firm voice and repeat the command.
   •   If your child has many behaviors which concern you, don’t try to change all of them at once. Choose one behavior of
       concern. Explain why the behavior is a problem, provide consequences for misbehavior and praise the behavior opposite
       of the misbehavior when your child demonstrates it.
   •   Distract infants and toddlers when they are doing something you don’t like or remove them from the situation. Infants and
       toddlers do not understand right and wrong and should not be hit or shaken.
   •   Use good manners when talking to children about their behavior. Be sure to use "I’m sorry", "May I?" and "Excuse me"
       when they are appropriate. Be a good model for your children in your speech and actions.
   •   Catch your child being good! Your praise will increase appropriate behavior. A hug, smile and soft words can also show

   Center for Effective Discipline;155 W. Main St. #1603;Columbus, Ohio 43215;Tel: (614) 221-8829 Fax: (614) 221-2110

             Training in Positive Discipline / Consequences
  While researching for our upcoming Natural Consequences Meeting, I came across a website that kind of
blew by socks off. It’s includes a simple, straightforward lesson on using consequences in positive discipline.
 I strongly encourage everyone to visit this site and do the lesson on consequences. It’s very quick (took me
   about 5 minutes) and really clarifies the choices that we as parents can make along this amazing road!
                                                   – Jen Scoby


   New Year’s Parenting
                                                                   I want to find some activity that provides for the
   Resolutions                                                     exercise I need, flexible enough to accommodate
                                                                   my erratic schedule. *sigh* I hate exercise.
   January is a traditional time to review the previous            Make dinner every night i.e., cook even when I
   year and renew or create new short and long-term                don't feel like it. The nutrition I want for my
   goals for the future. Some of our parents have                  family can't be found outside my kitchen, so I
   shared what they hope to achieve in 2004.                       need to get my act together in order to let my
                                                                   family eat well.
          Spend more time with God.                                Find a way to play with my 5 year old with the
          Spend less time on the computer.                         same energy and delight as I do with my 1-1/2
          Try to put myself in my child's place and look at        year old.
          the situation from their point of view.
          Get more organized so I am not running behind            Develop a better bed-time routine for my kids
          or stressed at the last minute and take it out on        that will:
          my family.                                                    a) get them in bed earlier (before they are
          Try to be more respectful & considerate when I                    overtired),
          get angry (with hubby, kids, parents etc).                    b) ensure that their teeth get brushed every
          Enjoy being in the moment with my children                        night,
          and not worry about what I think I should be                  c) stagger kids bedtimes to allow for more
          doing instead.                                                    one-on-one with my older child after the
          Play more.                                                        little one is down,
          Be the example I expect my children to follow.                d) get both kids in bed early enough that
          Fix more nutritious meals (and actually eat                       mommy and daddy can have a little
          them!).                                                           alone time at night.
          Read more to my children.                                Use Natural Family Planning to get pregnant this
          My main goal is to truly enjoy my family each            summer!
          and every day to the fullest & have a grateful           Find a good routine for housework to minimize
          heart!                                                   clutter and maximize everyone’s good mood.
          Praise more.                                             Learn how to freezer-cook for the health,
          Apologize more.                                          money-budget and time-budget of my family.
          I want to spend more time teaching my boys,              Take our dog to doggie-school and get the whole
          and less time researching what to teach them.            family involved for a more happy and
          For me, looking for great books and reading              harmonious relationship with him for all of us.
          booklists and curricula reviews is more fun than         Get on a regular exercise schedule for my
          actually getting in there and getting ideas across       mental health!
          to my wiggly, negotiation-prone children.

New Year’s Parenting                                     I don't have a new years parenting resolution
                                                         yet, but thought I would share what we have
Resolutions continued…                                   done in the past. Our anniversary is the 28th of
                                                         December so we try to have a yearly evaluation
                                                         of our marriage and how we are doing. We
 Just this morning as I was checking email, I told       figure in every other job outside the home you
 myself that this year I will drastically cut down       are expected to have a yearly
 my daily amount of "in a minutes." For                  why not at home? There's always room for
 example, mom typing away, Hope wanting to               improvement.
 give mommy some "tea" to drink in one of the            We try to work on our personal evaluations
 shiny pink cups in her new tea set she got for          alone first and write them out official. Things
 Christmas... And mommy says "just a minute"             we include are a list of things we think we have
 without looking up from the keyboard. Yuk! I            done well this year and where we would like to
 know we all need to do this often, Mommy has            improve ourselves. Then we think of ways the
 lots to do and balance is good. But there are           other person can support us in our self-
 many other times when what I am doing doesn't           improvement. Then we come together and
 NEED to be first. And since Hope is my                  share. We don't really tell the other person what
 number one priority on this earth, Why is she           we think they have done poorly, that is more of a
 constantly hearing "just a minute." Mommy can           personal thing that you need to decide about
 instead take a sip, praise her generosity, and          yourself and this way we don't go away with
 continue on my merry cyber way while she goes           negative feelings, just feel like we have a
 back for more with a huge grin on her face.             support to improve over the next 12 months.
 Gives a different message, doesn't it? I know           We usually type up the final analysis and post it
 it’s a tiny thing, but the little things add up.        where we can look at it often (above the
                                                         dresser). I want my marriage till death and this
                                                         is one way we feel we are divorce proofing our

                                                            She can latch on in a storm,
         You Can Breastfeed                                        on the farm:
                                                                 that's her charm.
             Anywhere                                       She can latch on in a train,
                     by Laurie Coker                                on a plane,
                                                                   without pain.
              You may breastfeed in a store,               They can latch on to a rhyme.
                        on the floor,                       They can latch on any time.
                          in a roar.
               You may breastfeed in a jam,                 You can nurse Jane or Joe.
             eating fried green eggs and ham.              You can nurse Clyde or Moe.
             You may breastfeed on the stair.              You can nurse Betty or Sallie.
              You may breastfeed anywhere!                You can nurse at a political rally.
                                                         You can nurse any time, anywhere.
            Your baby can latch on in a swing,             You can nurse clothed or bare.
                      on the wing,                        You can nurse unshaved of hair.
                        in a ring.
                He can latch on in a car,                You can nurse Tim, Tony or Tom.
                     where you are,                        Who can nurse? Any mom!
                      at the barre.

               Our e-group recently had an interesting discussion on all the places we have nursed a child.
                         This was sent in by a mom on the list, composed by a friend of hers…

                 I have done it on a plane                                     I have latched my baby new
                 I have done it in the rain                                  And then I latched my babies two
                I did letdown at the beach                                      I have breastfed at the show
               I did letdown while I teach                                   Even when they've shouted "NO!"
               I have nursed inside of cars                                       I did breastfeed in a chair
              I have nursed under the stars                                       I did breastfeed on the air
             Breastfed, breastfed on my bed                                    Have I breastfed everywhere?
                  Yes and even 'til I bled

Marita (two and a half months) has begun getting very excited when I get out the sling. When I put it on in front of her,
she kicks her legs, waves her arms, and gets a big smile and sort of laughs. It's like she's saying, "Yea, Mommy! That's

Just this morning, we were waking up and I got ready to nurse. Marita took one look at my breast and a smile and look
crossed her face that I swear said, "What a great idea, mom! This is my FAVORITE breakfast!" It was cute and funny,
and right along these lines. –Amanda (Written in reference to the following:)

         "Frequent night nursing is characteristic of high-need children. It's like going to their favorite restaurant. The
        ambiance is peaceful, the server is familiar, the cuisine is superb, and they love the management. Who can blame
        the all-night gourmet?" from website

The following is a sampling of birth plans from our readers

Lori and Lance Rogers’ Birth Plan                                 First Stage of Labor

Due Date: February 24, 2003                                       •       I would prefer not to be separated from
Birth Attendant: Midwife, Sonia Reeves                                    Lance or Sally at any point during labor or
Doula: Sally Roach                                                        birth. (at least one of them should be
Hospital: OSF St. Francis                                                 present at all time) Under no circumstances
                                                                          should I be left alone, especially during
We have created this birth plan to share our wishes                       transition labor or preparations for a C-
during labor and birth with our health care                               section.
providers. We understand that this is a guide and                 •       I would like to stay mobile as much as
we are willing to be flexible and are open to                             possible.
changes as situations arise.                                      •       I would prefer that internal exams are
We would like to state that our main goal for this                        minimal and only when medically
birth is for Lori to be awake and Lance to be                             necessary.
present for the delivery of our baby. This was not                •       I would like to eat and drink during labor.
possible for the birth our first child because general            •       I do not want pain medication offered to me
anesthetic was needed. Not seeing our child born                          by hospital staff. I’ll request it if needed. If
has been difficult to overcome.                                           my health care provider (Sonia) or Sally
                                                                          feels it will be beneficial then they can
                                                                          discuss it with me.

Lori and Lance Rogers’ Birth Plan                             •         I would like to be offered the use of a mirror
Continued…                                                              during pushing
                                                              •         As long as the baby and I are fine, I would
•      I would like to handle pain the following                        like to be free of time limits pushing.
           o Massage                                          Cesarean Section
           o Relaxation                                       •     I would like Lance and Sally to be present at
           o Breathing techniques                                   all times during the operation, even
           o Distraction, TV and music                              (especially) during any preparations.
           o Shower                                           •     I would like to be conscious.
•      I would like the baby to be monitored                  •     I would like to have as much immediate
       intermittently or at least with a mobile unit.               contact with my baby after delivery as
•      As long as the baby and I are fine I would                   possible. I want to breast feed my baby in
       like to be free of time limits and not have my               recovery.
       labor augmented.
Second Stage of Labor                                         •     I would like to hold and breastfeed my baby
•    I would like to try a variety of positions                     immediately after birth.
     pushing. I do not want to push only on my                •     Lance would like to cut the umbilical cord
     back.                                                    •     I would like all newborn procedures to take
•    I would prefer to push instinctively.                          place in my presence or Lance’s.

API of Peoria is excited to announce it’s new mentoring program! This program offers direct one-on-one support
for any mom or dad in need. We hope this will be especially nice for new moms with first time babies or for moms
who find that they need consistent help with their current parenting situation. After gaining a little information
about your needs and position, a mentor will be assigned to you. You'll never have to wait a whole month to get
personal support again!

Your mentor will check in with you to see how you are doing through phone calls, emails, and home visits if you
desire. Your mentor will be able to help you with questions about breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, babywearing,
discipline, maintaining family balance, and overall care-taking needs--whatever they may be! If your mentor does
not know personally how to help you, be assured she will find someone who can!

Don't be shy! Sign up to receive a mentor of your very own! Contact Carrie Kerr at for more

~JOIN API of PEORIA / API!~                                   There are two ways to become a “friend” of API of
Anyone may take advantage of API of Peoria's
many events and activities and receive the
                                                              Local Level: You may join API of Peoria on the
newsletter for as long as they like without paying a
                                                              local level for just $15.00 a year. As a friend, you
fee. But as a non-profit group, we really
                                                              will have the reward of knowing that your
need financial support to thrive and continue to
                                                              contribution will be used to help our group grow
reach out to the community.
                                                              and ultimately help more parents become educated
                                                              about Attachment Parenting.
~JOIN API of PEORIA / API!~                                 organization striving to bring attachment parenting
                                                            into the mainstream worldwide and as thanks, you
                                                            will receive the quarterly API news, a wonderful
                                                            attachment parenting publication worth paying
Friends (as financial support for our library) are
                                                            extra for. Please consider making this one of your
also exclusively able to check out books at our
                                                            tax-deductible contributions this year!
monthly meetings for free. and may place ads in the
newsletter for free (all others pay $3 per ad per
                                                            Please ask us how you can become a
                                                            member: Or come see
                                                            us at our monthly meetings!
International Level: Joining API of Peoria through
                                                            Thank you to our newest and renewing members.
Attachment Parenting International for $30 a year
                                                            Your membership and dedication to the group
( will reap all
                                                            continue to help us grow and support one another
of the benefits of joining at the local level (with
                                                            in peaceful parenting practices.
half of your membership fee maintained by our
group), but you will also be supporting an

The early weeks of having a new baby are so special. It is so important to take this time to enjoy and nurture
your baby, as well as rest. We are keeping a list of expectant moms so that we may form a schedule of meal
delivery to you so you have one less thing to worry about and can truly enjoy this time.
Please contact Maureen Leuba at with your name, due date, food
preferences/dislikes, and phone number.

Anyone who may be interested in being on the list to prepare these meals, please let Maureen know with your
name and phone number. She will contact you when we are able to organize a schedule for each mom and see
if you are able to help at that time. THANKS!!

Whether you’re the type of person who is as attached to their computer as they are to their kids or
who checks their e-box only once a month, the Attachment Parenting International of Peoria e-
group can be an invaluable resource. Jump on whenever you have a parenting question and hear
back from like-minded parents around the clock. Stay up-to-date on the latest API of Peoria events
and API happenings and get connected with other attachment parents in our area.

 If you have not received an invitation to this group, visit the above site and click on “Join this
Group”! If high volume is a problem, you can always edit your membership to reduce your e-mail
influx. Having trouble? Please let us know!

API of Peoria Meeting Ground Rules:
If you come to a meeting, please consider the following:

1. While children are welcome at meetings and there are plenty of toys for babies and toddlers, we do not
have hired childcare at this time. We also do not have activities for older children. If you bring your
children to a meeting, be prepared to get up and attend to them regularly. If you bring older children,
bring a quiet activity for them and prepare them to sit quietly during the meeting.

2. No hitting, spanking, or verbal abuse of children at group functions.

3. No gossiping about group members and their situations outside of the group.

4. Please don't come to a meeting, or bring a sick child, within the first three days of the start of a
respiratory illness, or within twenty-four hours of the cessation of diarrhea or vomiting.

5. No group will espouse or maintain a political or religious affiliation.

If you have time:
Will you please consider helping clean up after a meeting? We need to put all the toys back, put the chairs
and tables the way they were, and vacuum the floor. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

APPeoria has a wonderful selection of books (you may view the book/video list at this link: You must join API at least at the local level
(see Join API above), to check out a book. Books may be checked out for one month only. Please plan on
returning your book at the next API of Peoria meeting. Donations of books are welcome and appreciated.
Please check with our librarian, Sharon Heritch if you have a book that you would like to donate.

There are still a couple 2003 / 2004 Peoria Dining Tour books ...full of coupons for area restaurants
from pizza and burger joints to Carnegie’s and Chateau on the Lake. A full list of coupons and the
books themselves will be at our meetings until they are gone! Cost is $30, and $10 from each comes
back to our group!! Thank you Amy Thaller for organizing this! Please e-mail us at if you would like a book.

~VISIT OUR WEBSITE! ~ Check frequently to see updates on playgroups, special
events, meetings, attachment parenting information and more.

…are always in demand! If you have quotes, stories, recipes, parenting tips, book reviews, news, events, ads,
etc.) that you would like to share, please send them to Jen Scoby ( Thank you to
everyone for your wonderful additions to this newsletter!

If you would like to receive this free e-newsletter regularly, or if you do not wish to receive future mailings,
please let me know and I’ll take care of it. - Jen

                                     ~ Support our work-at-home parents! ~
 API and APPeoria members (see Join API above) may place a classified ad for free! Non-members may place
           an ad for $3.00 per month, which will be contributed to the API of Peoria group.


  Practice the Attachment Parenting Ideal of Babywearing! There are so many great reasons to use a sling
 whether you have a newborn or a toddler! Please call Carrie Kerr for babywearing support and to get your
               Over the Shoulder Baby Holder…(309) 745-5413. Slings make a great baby gift!

“Where are your precious photos stored? Are they safe for future generations?

Call Jennifer Lane, Creative Memories Consultant, to schedule classes, shows, and workshops or to purchase
supplies! 217-865-3207"
Check out to see the wonderful products that Creative
Memories has to offer.


"It's a rewarding experience when a child opens a book and discovers the magic of reading."
Libbe Dawdy- Independent Consultant, (
Fundraisers, book fairs, read-a-thons.
The new catalogs are in! Lots of new books and super hostess specials for Jan/Feb.
For more information, contact Libbe at or (309) 383-3103.


Have you heard of a taste testing party with Tastefully Simple? Tastefully Simple is small indulgences for busy
lives! Grab some friends and have fun tasting dips, breads, soups and more. What a great Mom's night out;
fun, food and friends!
                                          Call me for more details:
                 Mia Abner Morge: 309-243-5482 or 309-678-3374 and check out the website at,

~CLASSIFIEDS~               continued…


Preparing for a birth and the amazing life-changing experience it should be?
If you or someone close to you is expecting, please feel free to contact doula (labor support person) Shanna
Shipman. Shanna was formally trained through Doulas of North America (DONA) and has gained significant
experience by attending several births to date.
She is passionate about the birth experience and the many ways in which she can nurture, inform, and support
Mom, Child, and Family members through the prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience! Please feel free to
call and discuss your ideas and needs for an ideal birth experience...

                                        Shanna Shipman (309) 353-1226.


Looking for new ways to stimulate learning in your children? Discovery Toys has educational tools to help
your child learn through play.
 Call me today to get the latest catalog or to get free toys for your family.
                  Marcia Mattern 681-4691;


Have you found that the soap you are using dries out your skin? Give my homemade, hand poured soap a try.
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If you are tired of the high cost of diapers, consider CuddleBuns™ cloth diapers. These diapers are nothing
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to cloth, please feel free to call or email me today!

                                               Lilies to Lilacs
                                                 Amy Thaller
                                             685-7098 or 696-9657

~CLASSIFIEDS~               continued…


Sharon Heritch can come to your house and help you figure out what to do with kitchen stuff, hallway closet
stuff, basement stuff, toy organization, and even bedroom closet stuff.

Clear out the clutter and start the holiday season feeling calm and clear. $25 for the first hour, $10 each
additional hour. I take notes of my suggestions for you to keep after our session.

Call me at (309) 263-2346 to make an appointment.


Need to update your cloth diaper collection? Or how about just getting some new colors of Fuzzi Bunz?

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