Fellowship for vascular surgeons

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Fellowship for vascular surgeons
Communications Staff
January 17, 2001
A $105,000 donation from the founder of Blair Medical Specialties will be used to
support surgeons studying a technique pioneered by Dr. Ken Harris, Chair of Western's
Department of Surgery and Chief of Surgery at London Health Sciences Centre. Bill
Blair, whose company produces implants such as vascular grafts, pacemakers and
heart valves, says the fellowship created by his gift will be named in tribute to his
wife Vicky, an OR nurse and clinical research coordinator who passed away last year
following a stroke. "Vicky and I had talked many times about giving our assets back to
the health care community," says Bill. "We agreed on supporting education and people."
The award will be used to sponsor young surgeons studying an endovascular stent graft
technique developed by Harris, a long-time friend of the Blairs. The technique allows
surgeons to fix an aortic aneurysm (swelling of the artery) without open surgery, using
catheters inserted through a small incision in the groin. Advantages of this technique
for patients include less pain, a shorter recovery period and lower risk of infection. Says
Harris: "Bill's gift means that more patients around the province and across Canada can
benefit from this technique."

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