Fabric Awnings and Canopies

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					                                  Fabric Awnings and Canopies

Part 1-General

1.1- References
        A.      ASTM B221- standard specifications for aluminum, aluminum-alloy and extruded
                bar, rods wire, profiles and tube
        B.      ASTM E-84-03-standard specifications for flame spread and smoke density for
        C.      NFPA 701-99- national test standards for fabric flame retardancy
        D.      CS-191-53- California state requirements for normal flammability of fabric
        E.      ASTM C001/C954- standard specification for steel self-piercing tapping screws
                for the application of gypsum panel products or metal plaster bases to wood
                studs or steel studs

       A.      See Section 013310-Submittal Procedures
       B.      Shop drawings: Submit shop drawings for fabric awning(s). Include anchoring
               data, erection drawings and detail drawings for all members. Indicate shop
               welds by standard AWS welding symbols in accordance with AWS standards.
               When shop drawings are marked “Approved as Noted,” promptly resubmit copies
               of corrected shop drawings for formal approval and record.
       C.      Product Data: Manufacturer’s catalogue data, detail sheets, and specifications
       D.      Structural Design Calculations: Complete structural design calculations stamped
               by design engineer.
       E.      Samples: Color and texture selection samples of fabric from manufacturer’s
       F.      Qualifications: Letter certifying specified qualifications

1.3 Quality Assurance:
       A.       Single Source Responsibility: Manufacturer shall have single source
                responsibility for design, engineering, fabrications, delivery, preparation,
                installation and adjusting of the awning(s) and meet the following criteria.
                          1.      Design Engineer Qualifications: Structural engineer registered to
                                  practice in the specified contract locality.
                          2.      Manufacturer’s qualifications: A minimum of eight (8) years
                                  experience in design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of
                                  the awning(s).
                          3.      Installer Qualifications: A minimum of two (2) years experience in
                                  erecting awnings.

1.4 Delivery, Storage and Handling
        A.       Delivery: Deliver materials to site in perfect condition.
        B.       Storage: Store materials in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Store
                 materials in a clean, dry and well ventilated area. Store materials above ground
                 on blocking. Do not allow materials to become wet, stained, or dirty.
        C.       Handling: Protect materials, coatings, and finishes during handling and
                 installation to prevent damage or staining. Handle fabric in accordance with
                 manufacturer’s instructions. Use care in handling fabric to avoid damage to
                 fabric material and coating.

1.5 Schedule and Progress Report
       A.      The Contractor will develop a schedule and a progress report method acceptable
               to the Architect for submission at the pre-construction conference.

1.6 Workmanship
        A.      All workmanship shall be of the best quality, suitable for the purpose specified
                and shall comply with local city code and the appropriate National Standards or
                Codes of Practice, where such exists, unless otherwise required.

Parts 2-Materials

2.1 Qualified Manufacturer
       A.       The Chism Company
                8310 Broadway
                San Antonio, TX 78209
                tel: 210-824-6315, fax: 210-824-6379

2.2 Fabric Awnings
        A.      General:
                1.      Description: sewn or welded fabric panels laced or stapled to a welded
                        aluminum frame fixed to the structure per production drawings
                2.      Configuration: As indicated on the drawings
                3.      Construction: Prefabricated components ready for installation
        B.      Fabric/Shade Material
                1.      Raw Material: Sunbrella woven acrylic solution dyed fibers with
                        flurocarbon finish, or accepted equal
                2.       Finished Coated Weight: approximately 10.25 oz. per sq/yd
                3.      Adhesion: stappled into crossweb of extruded aluminum or laced to
                        frame with through zinc coated brass grommets with polyesther diamond
                        braded rope.
                4.      Flame retardancy: NFPA 701-99/ASTM E-84-03 for Sunbrella Firesist
                5.      Light transmission: to be determined by fabric selection
                6.      Seams: Welded by Triad machine or Kabar radio frequency wedge
                7.      Color: to be determined
        C.      Structural Support
                1.      Extruded aluminum tubing: ASTM B221
                2.      Structural steel if post supported canopy is specified
                3.      Wall and frame screws: ASTM C001/C954
                4.      Shop Welding: AWS
                5.      Coating: as specified by design
                6.      Color: to be determined

Part 3-Execution

3.1 Installation
         A.      The awning frame(s) shall be fixed to the structure per production drawings.

3.2 Adjusting
        A.      Make final adjustments to product required for structural integrity.

3.3 Cleaning
        A.      Clean product in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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