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a compact solution for specialist practice

  Electrosurgical   ES120 is an electrosurgical device which uses    Applications in dermatology:
          device    high-frequency current flow to cut and coag-     • teleangiectasiae
                    ulate skin lesions.                              • unnecessary hair removal
                                                                     • viral, seborrhoeic, flat verrucae
    Versatile use   The device is perfectly suited for dermatol-     • molluscum contagiosum
                    ogy, cosmetic procedures and dermatosurgi-       • spider naevi
                    cal procedures.                                  • fibromas
                                                                     • atheromas
  Comfort of use    Small size of the device and its aesthetic ap-   • miliums
                    pearance, combined with reliability and ease     • sample taking for tests
                    of use ensure the highest comfort of work.       • other skin lesions

          Safety    The internal test of the device and connected    Advantages of the ES120 device:
                    accessories, as well as the neutral electrode    • aesthetic design and small size
                    connection control system guarantee maxi-        • effective and rapid operation
                    mum safety for the user and the patient.         • precision
                                                                     • low costs of use
accessories for ES120 device
dermatology equipment

                                    R-214-1   Ball electrode, 2 mm, straight

                                    R-212-2   Wire loop electrode, 10 mm

                                                                                           180-700    Handle for epilation needles, Ø 1.25 mm, F-type,
                                                                                                      separate cable 1.5 m, 4 mm plug
                                    R-290     Microdissection tungsten needle electrode
                                              0.25 mm × 4 mm

                                    R-290-5   Microdissection tungsten needle electrode
                                              flexible angled 45°, 0.25 mm × 4 mm          070-525    Epilation needle, insulated, F-type
                                                                                                      for 1.25 mm handle (10pcs.)
                                                                                           070-526    Epilation needle, non-insulated, F-type
                                                                                                      for 1.25 mm handle (10pcs.)
                                                                                           070-527    Epilation needle, gold-plated, F-type
                                    322-145   Monopolar electrode handle 4 mm                         for 1.25 mm handle (10pcs.)
                                              Cable 4 m

                                                                                           80-310-04 „Handy” neutral electrode
                                    100-016   Monopolar electrode handle 4 mm
                                              Cable 3 m

                                    605-014   Forcepts angled (TIP C), 160 mm

                                                                                           294-030    Disposable neutral electrode cable
                                                                                                      length 3m

                                                                                                              176 mm
                                    351-031   Bipolar cable 2-pin
                                              29 mm plug
                                                                                          122 mm

                                    100-103   Single foot switch
                                              for ES120 generator

                                                                                           1280       Disposable neutral electrode TWINSAFE
                                                                                                      50 pcs./carton, surface: 110 cm2

Full list of accessories can be found in our catalog.

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