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					                                              JIM ZIMMERMAN
      Carbondale, Illinois                         618-534-2102                  jim@thedotworldgroup.com


    Project director and chief product architect on numerous software, multimedia, and Web design projects
    Senior management for multi-year product deployments with tight specifications and budgets
    Proficient in blending product design considerations with client requirements, and market realities
    Served as primary author and strategist for numerous award winning business plans
    Served as founder for a number of business start-ups with top-level responsibilities in strategic planning,
     organizational development, product positioning, and capital formation
    Provided top-level corporate financial planning, management, and fund raising; raised over 2.5 million dollars
     for four companies using equity, royalty, debt, and government funding methods
    Strong written and oral communications skills; highly proficient in developing comprehensive presentations
    Seasoned and successful in one-on-one, small and large group presentations


Dot World Group - www.communitylink.com                                                December 2006 – Present
President and Founder of the Dot World Group, an Illinois Internet and business consulting firm providing Web
solutions based on leveraging existing Web applications and developing comprehensive business and marketing
strategies and plans.

    Developed concept of using existing Web applications and platforms to build professional and cost effective Web
    Responsible for strategies and writing business and marketing plans and grants for a diverse client base.
    Responsible for sales activities, client relationship management, and customer support.

CommunityLink - www.communitylink.com                                               January 2008 – March 2009
Community and Economic Development Market Specialist for the CommunityLink, a national community
publishing and design firm headquartered in Southern Illinois.

    Participated as a primary team member in developing an Internet-based community video portal with a market
     focus on chambers of commerce and city governments.
    Lead the development of a community resource assessment, market mapping, and marketing plan consulting
     service for community and economic development clients.
    Provide high-level client and project management on critical community and economic development accounts.
    Responsible for sales to community and economic development clients.

DiscoverPlaces - www.discoversil.com                                                April 2003 – November 2006
President and Co-Founder of DiscoverPlaces, a Champaign, Illinois firm developing and marketing Web portal
systems that provide a single Web entry point for a community or region. DiscoverPlaces is developing a national
network of Community portals to achieve its mission to become a leading brand for Web-based community
information, interaction, commerce, and advertising.
    Chief architect of the Community Web Portal system including defining system requirements, functional
     specifications, and software design.
    Multi-year responsible for managing all aspects of the product creation and deployment including, hiring,
     production, testing, and maintenance.
    Managed the collaborative process of establishing the company’s marketing and business strategies and wrote
     the Company’s award winning business plans (2004 Leo Media’s Best Business Plan Award in Illinois and one
     of three top finalists for the 2006 Innovate Illinois State Business Plan competition).
    Developed and executed marketing campaigns using traditional media (TV, radio, newspaper, outdoor, and
     direct mail) to promote Web-based products and services.
    Conducted most of the Company’s key promotional and sales presentations, resulting in considerable revenue
     generation, formation of strategic alliances, and raising approximately $1,000,000 in investment capital.

Quicksilver and Associates - www.quicksilvernow.com                                      July 2000 – March 2003
Director of New Media for Quicksilver and Associates, a Chicago, Illinois firm specializing in the corporate
communications offering interactive, print, video, and event services. Responsible for enhancing and expanding the
Company’s interactive product offering and expanding its client base for interactive services.

    Project director and chief product architect on numerous software, multimedia, and Web design projects
     utilizing tools such as Visual Basic, SQL, Active Server Pages, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XHTML, and Flash.
    Directly sold major Web and CD-ROM development projects to numerous Chicago-based firms during the
     technology recession of the early 2000’s, resulting in increased sales revenue and an expanding client base.
    Chief architect and software application manger for the design, creation, and licensing of a Web content
     management system called QuickFlex; a comprehensive software system for updating Web content,
     implementing surveys, calendars, and managing contacts.
    Played critical roll in successfully licensing QuickFlex to firms such as United Airlines, Accenture, Deliott and
     Touche, Carnival Cruise Lines, and The Women’s Business Development Center.

CommunityLink Inc. - www.communitylink.com                                                 April 1999 – July 2000
Director of New Media for CommunityLink, Inc., an Illinois company specializing in print and interactive
publications for chambers of commerce. Responsible for all aspects of developing an interactive product-line offered
by CommunityLink.

    Created the first interactive department for the Company, including hiring staff, developing the product-line,
     and establishing an intern program with Southern Illinois University.
    Pioneered and managed the design, creation, and launch of an interactive community portal capable of
     displaying dynamic content from the Web side-by-side with rich-media such as video running from the CD.

EMAC Inc. - www.emacinc.com                                                              March 1998 – April 1999
Director of Marketing and Sales for EMAC, Inc., a Southern Illinois company specializing in the design,
manufacture, and marketing of embedded computer systems. Responsible for all aspects of expanding EMAC's clients,
revenues, and profits.

    Analyzed EMAC's markets and revenue sources to better target the best sales opportunities for long-term
     revenue and profitability, resulting in the creation of a sales program aimed at consulting firms in the embedded
     systems market.
    Enhanced the sales process including planning and coordinating EMAC's first major trade shows.
    Developed EMAC’s capitalization strategy, wrote the Company’s business plan, and succeeded in raising
     approximately than $500,000 through a combination of equity funding, royalty notes, and an SBA loan.

Mills/James Productions - www.mjp.com                                            December 1994 – January 1998

Director of New Media for Mills/James Productions, located in Columbus, Ohio, one of the largest video and film
production companies in the Midwest. Responsible for organizing the Company’s new media department, including,
hiring, budgeting, strategic, and sales planning.

    Primary sales agent for numerous multimedia production projects to major corporate accounts. Projects
     included a multi-year contract with Lucent Technologies to develop CD-ROM-based multimedia training
     programs, an interactive shopping service for the Big Bear regional grocery store chain, and an interactive
     training program for Huntington Bancshares, a large international banking group.
    Responsible for the design concept of a software development tool-set called the vRAD Developer, used for the
     production of IS-oriented Internet applications. Designed and wrote the initial software using Visual Basic, and
     later managed a team of software engineers to complete the system. The vRAD Developer was licensed to many
     organizations such as: Lucent Technologies, Community Mutual Insurance, NCR, and The Ohio State
    Created and managed a joint venture with Mills/ James to develop and sell to over 200 public libraries an
     interactive system for librarians to catalog Websites much like they do print materials; The Library Channel.

Huntington Bancshares - www.huntington.com                                    February 1992 – November 1994
Full-Time Internal Consultant for Huntington Bancshares, an international, multi-billion dollar banking group
headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Primary focus was to help the Bank integrate "New Media" into its operation to
better deliver financial services.

    Developed the user-interface for Huntington's Personal Touch System, a groundbreaking ATM that let
     customers interact with a live teller through two-way interactive digital video.
    Designed and programmed the Banks first laptop computer system used to sell financial services to its business
     clients. Developed the training program enabling banking personnel to use the laptop sales systems.
    Produced interactive presentations for the Bank's top executives including major financial presentations for the
     Chairman of the Board and critical presentations to federal banking regulators.

VisionLink, Inc.                                                              February 1986 – January 1992
Co-founder and President of VisionLink, Inc., a company specializing in the development of interactive
community-based information services. VisionLink’s product concept combined early PC technology, with new
Rockwell modem architecture, and cutting edge NTSC video compression, into a black box for the delivery of on-line
information through the phone network displayed on people’s televisions.

    Directed all aspects of the VisionLink functional and software architecture to include the development of the
     entire concept and hiring the engineering, marketing, and business teams.
    Worked with these teams to develop and document the Company’s community-based services and marketing
     strategy and wrote the Company’s business, marketing, and technical plans.
    Developed a national network of strategic alliances for the rollout of the Company’s product offering that
     included major communications and media firms such as AT&A and Lee Enterprises.
    Lead the effort to successfully raise approximately $1,000,000 in equity and local operator joint venture
     investment capital.

B.S. in Microelectronic Design, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


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