Itinerary for the Southern Caribbean Cruise CARNIVAL MIRACLE by zhangyun


									     Itinerary for the Southern Caribbean Cruise
                     Ft. Lauderdale / St. Lucia / St. Kitts / St. Maarten / St. Martin

                               CARNIVAL MIRACLE

Day 1     Prime Time Shuttle will be providing transportation down to Long Beach Airport today. We will meet
          at the Van Nuys Flyaway located at 7610 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406. At the moment
          our airline could be Jet Blue or Virgin America. Both airlines fly non stop to Ft. Lauderdale. Neil will
          notify everyone of the time and flight numbers 30 days before leaving.
Day 2     We arrive in Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) . Our shuttle will transport us to the hotel. It is the Newport Beach-
          side Resort 16701 Collins Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33160 / 305-949-1300. We can eat breakfast
          here or up the beach at McDonald’s. We will offer snorkel lessons and brush up on water safety this
          afternoon. We also have a refresher course on how to use those 2 way radios and they are passed
          out today. Dinner at the Pelican on the pier or Papa Johns across the street! We let everyone decide
          on this one.
Day 3     Breakfast by the beach. We board our shuttle for the Port of Ft. Lauderdale around 11:00 am. We
          check in at 12:00 pm to start the boarding process. Lunch will be served on board. After lunch we
          will take a tour of the ship. We set sail around 4:00 pm. There will be a safety drill that we all must
          participate in before we sail. Big welcome show in the theater tonight and of course all the night clubs
          and the casino will be open. On board there is food available 24/7.
Day 4-9   At sea on board the Miracle. We stop at St. Maarten, N.A. We will all get off the ship as a group.
          On the Island of St. Maarten we dock on the Dutch side of the island but we will head to one of the
          beautiful beaches on the French side of the island. In St. Lucia we will head for Choc Beach. On
          the Island of St. Kitts we again head for one of their beautiful beaches. On board there is the water
          park, slides, casino, night clubs, food and constant entertainment. Remember no one has to go
          swimming in the ocean. You can park yourself in a chase lounge and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Day 10    We sail into Ft. Lauderdale this morning. We fly back to Long Beach or LAX this afternoon. We will
          arrange transportation back up to the San Fernando Valley and get everyone home.
Every evening your tour staff will go over the next days activities that are available on board. That way no one
will miss anything that they may want to participate in. There are all kinds of crazy contests and activities go-
ing on during the day as well as the big shows at night. On the last day at sea there are great sales on board
the ship so you can shop till you drop.

When you board the ship you will be issued a Carnival identification card which you will keep on you at all
times. It is used to get off the ship and back on. When entered into the ships computer data base it provides
a picture of you, your cabin number etc. It is also used to purchase anything you buy on board. When you
check in Carnival will set up an account and you can put as much spending money on the card as you want.
Anything left over will be refunded to you before you get off the ship. No cash is used on board except in the

We recommend $100 to $300 dollars in extra spending money if you want to gamble, use the spa services or
buy souvenirs, but that is optional. Expect to be treated by Neil, Greg, and the crew of the ship with a great
deal of respect. Actually what the crew does is spoil you rotten. If you have any concerns you need to tell us
and we will make every attempt to solve any problems. For your part you need to treat your cabin stewards
and wait staff with the same respect. We have found the Carnival staff to be very professional and friendly
towards our members. They are very eager to make your cruise a fun and enjoyable experience. So far the
only major problem we have had on this cruise is trying to get everyone to go home.

Our cell phones will now work at sea via the ships cell and wifi service. They will be roaming. Check with
your carrier to see how much per min. They will also work while we are San Juan, Puerto Rico and St.
Thomas. Our members can call back home while we are in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami on Neil’s cell phone.
You can also contact us on the phone in the stateroom on board the ship. The phone number is 1-877-225-
7447. You have to have the ships name (Carnival Miracle) and the passengers name. IT COSTS THE
CALLER $9.50 PER MINUTE. That is not a typo. It is $9.50 PER minute!! We suggest texting our cell
phones if you need to get in touch with us. Neil’s phone has Google Voice Mail. When you leave a voice
message it will be translated into text and emailed to the phone so speak clearly. 818-305-4191
You can also email the phone at

                                                                                   Orient Beach, St Martin
                                                                                  French side of the island

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