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TO:            Honorable Mayor and City Council

FROM:          Richard Gestrich, City Manager

DATE:          October 6, 2008

SUBJECT:       Resolution No. 1876-08, Authorizing the Disposal of Surplus Property via
               Public Auction (Fire Station Mobile Home and Awning)

Introduction: This is a request for the City Council to authorize the surplus and sale of a mobile
home and carport-awning currently utilized as a temporary fire station.

Background: City of Oviedo Policy No.14 on Inventory & Fixed Assets outlines the procedure
for the disposal of obsolete, old, surplus, or scrap property. The temporary mobile home fire
station located at 1930 E CR 419 will soon be vacated as the Fire and Emergency Medical
Services relocate into the permanent fire station facility at 1930 E CR 419.

The temporary mobile home fire station was installed in 2002 to be utilized until such time as a
permanent fire station could be constructed. Bentley Architects and Engineers were awarded the
architectural contract to design the new fire station and fire administration building. The 2006
city election provided for voter approval to secure funding for the fire station and administration
building capital project. In April 2008, City Council awarded Bid No.1816-08 to M.W. Mitchell
Construction & Development, Inc., to build the new fire station and administration building.
Completion of this public safety capital project is scheduled for early 2009.

The Purchasing Coordinator will coordinate the auction of the mobile home and awning-carport
in accordance with established city policy. The successful purchaser will not be permitted to
obtain ownership of the inventory until the relocation of the fire station has been completed. The
purchaser will be financially responsible for dismantle and removal costs and a specific time
frame will be established. Additionally, the awning-carport will be offered for sale as a separate

Discussion: The following property will be sold at public auction:

       Skyline Corporation 2003 Single Wide Mobile Home Model C457CT, VIN No.
        8D610218R, 2 BR/2BA, 15’06” Width, 60’Length, 868 Sq Ft.

       Pre-Engineered Aluminum Awning-Carport, 15’ Height, 57’ Length

Budget Impact: Revenues from the sale of the surplus property will be deposited to the General

Recommendation: It is recommended that City Council approve Resolution No. 1876-08
authorizing the surplus and sale of the temporary mobile home fire station and awning-carport.

Prepared by:   Lars D. White, Fire Chief