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Casement _ Awning


     Awning              windows

      Casement & Awning windows provide not only a
      great look but versatility with stylish and functional
      hardware for safe and trouble-free cleaning. Stop
      uncomfortable drafts from entering your home with
      our Casement & Awning windows which have one
      of the industry’s lowest air infiltration rates, because
      they feature three continuous seals of weather                                                                                                                    These two openings feature an
      stripping.                                                                    Features & Benefits…                                                              Awning window combined with a
                                                                                                                                                          Picture window. Vanguard’s Awning windows
                                                                                    • Air-tight performance with triple weatherstripping seals                feature two locks and a low profile full flip
                                                                                    • Low profile, single-lever locking handle controls up to three         nesting handle. SmartTrim™ 2 ½ ” Painters
                         Our full flip nesting handle is standard                                                                                                                White Colonial Casing.
                         on all Casements and Awnings, and its                        locking points for added security
                         geared to operate with 33% less effort                     • Squareness ensured through adjustable hinge system
                         than other models.
                                                                                    • Beveled exterior design
                                                                                    • Easy operation with functional hardware for trouble-free cleaning

                                                                    Vanguard’s Casement and Awning
                                                                    windows all feature three seals of
                                                                    continuous weatherstrip, two on the
                                                                    frame and a third on the sash.         Charming spaces never go out of style.
Casement & Awning | 12
Vanguard Casement windows open            These Operating Casement windows come standard
up to a full 90 degree angle, allowing    with our low profile full flip nesting handle and three
the outside pane of glass to be cleaned   point security locking system. The windows are shown
from inside the home. SmartTrim™ 2 ½”     in Provincial Oak Woodgrain with matching two tone
Provincial Oak Colonial Casing.           contoured grids between the panes of glass.

                                                            Casement & Awning | 13

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