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					                                                                                          Arapahoe County Colorado

Obtaining Family Benefits
•	 Apply	for	stipends	and	educational	benefits	
   for spouses of severely disabled veterans
• Apply for monthly pensions for widows
   and widowers of veterans who die while
   receiving disability compensation

Don’t go it alone
“Without the help of CVSO, I would still be up
to my eyeballs in confusing paperwork and
forms. A Service Officer helped me find and fill
out all the documents to prove my disability to
receive the benefits I deserve. I wouldn’t have
made it through the process without them.
Thank you so much.”
                    – Jeff G. USMC 1996-2000
                                                                                                     Your service to the
Call 303-738-8045 for an appointment. Hours of
                                                                                                     nation entitles you
                                                   1690 West Littleton Blvd., Suite 103
                                                   Community Resources Department

operation vary.
                                                   County Veterans Service Office

  County Veterans Service Office
                                                                                                    to valuable benefits
  1690 West Littleton Blvd., Suite 103
                                                                                                           and services.
                                                   Littleton, CO 80120

  Littleton, CO 80120

                                                                                                  Community Resources Department
                                                                                                     Administrative Services Division
                                                                                                      County Veterans Service Office
                                                                                                 1690 West Littleton Blvd., Suite 103
                                                                                                                  Littleton, CO 80120
                                                                                            303-738-8045 |
Veterans Service Office                                                     – ASSiSting VeteRAnS AnD theiR fAmiLieS
The	Arapahoe	County	Veterans	Service	Office	       Insurance –                    • In certain situations, tax-free disability pay
(CVSO) assists veterans and their families,        •	 Life	insurance	benefits	for	those	continuing	      is awarded.
at	no	cost,	in	obtaining	federal	benefits	and	        insurance from service.                          • Veterans with severe problems may receive
services.                                                                                                rehabilitation, vocational training and
                                                   VA Pension                                            stipends for spouses and children.
Veteran Benefits                                   • Low-income wartime veterans at least 65
These	benefits	are	available	to	all	veteran	men	     years old or disabled from non-service
and women. Having served during wartime              disabilities may be eligible for annual           We can help
is only required to receive VA Pension and           payments of up to $11,181.                        Applying	for	veteran	benefits	can	be	difficult,	
Veterans Preference.                               • Widows of wartime veterans may also be            frustrating and time-consuming. Let our trained
                                                     eligible for up to $7,498.                        service	officers	assist	you	with	the	following:
Health Care – benefits include:
• Medical, dental, pharmacy and prosthetic         Veterans Preference                                 Completing Applications
  services                                         •	 Wartime	veterans	receive	priority	in	filling	    •	 File	applications	for	VA	disability	benefits
• Housing, nursing home and community-                federal civil service jobs.                      • Obtain necessary evidence and other
  based residential care                                                                                  supporting documents
• Counseling and alcohol and drug treatment        Burial Benefits                                     • Replace proof of service (DD-214)
• Specialized health care for women and            • Headstones and marker, presidential               • Correct military records
  rehabilitation for the homeless                    memorial	certificates,	burial	flags	and	burial	   • Replace medals and awards
• Medical evaluation for disorders associated        in a VA national cemetery                         • Improve or upgrade less than “honorable”
  with military service                            • $2,000 burial allowance for veterans who             discharges to increase access to VA
                                                     die of service-related causes. Others                benefits	and	employment	opportunities
Education –                        may receive $300 for burial and funeral
• New GI Bill (post 9/11) pays tuition, books/       expenses and $300 for a burial plot.              Advocacy
  supplies, housing and relocation expenses                                                            • Offer free representation by State Veterans
• The Montgomery GI Bill funds college,            Disability                                             Service	Officers	in	formal	VA	hearings
  vocational classes and job training for up to    • Free medical care for veterans who                •	 Identify	other	benefits	available	to	you	and	
  36 months for those enrolled in the service        sustained injuries while on active duty.             help you access them
                                                     Injuries may be physical or psychological.        • Provide referrals to other agencies and
GI Home Loans –                                                                      programs
• No money down and low interest rates