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Small business marketing success has been large profits for some online business owners. The
convenience of working from home appeals to many families. Small business marketing is a daunting
task for anyone without the proper training. Perseverance and time are required because the skills can
be easily taught. The small business marketing strategy is a set of ideas encompassing each other.

Locating niches that have potential is the first thing to do. Driving traffic to a certain page is often
accomplished with locating a good niche. A good niche will not have too much competition on the web.
There is a certain threshold of popularity the niche should be above to become profitable. Assessment
of online business ideas is an important process before the final decision is made.

Clear your mind and make a list of possible online business ideas you are interested in. Now turn the list
into keywords customers might use to find the product. A broad audience usually means more
competition, so go for a limited niche. Do not use the word "fashion accessories" as you will have too
many options. "Handbags", "necklaces", or even "shoes" is a more specific niche.

There are good online tools to help one find profitable niches such as NicheBotClassic. Statistics on
searches is a valuable feature of online keyword tools. List certain topics and check out all the
suggestions and statistics that result.

Research your small business marketing strategy thoroughly before moving on. Pick one online strategy
and then pick closely related keywords to dominate the search engines.

Once the niche is chosen, you are ready to start marketing. But it is too indepth to cover here. Suffice it
to say that you will need to start writing articles around your keywords. And they will need to be at
least three hundred words, sometimes more. You will use them as part of your marketing strategy.