ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY

                           FOR COMPUTER RESOURCES

                              AND INTERNET ACCESS

Monsignor Donovan High School provides computer resources and Internet access to
facilitate legitimate educational purposes. To remain eligible as users, students must
restrict their activities to those which are in support of and consistent with the school’s
philosophy and goals. Access to all forms of technology is a privilege, which entails
responsibility on the part of the user.

 The MDHS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) flows from and complements the “Acceptable
Use Policy for the Schools in the Diocese of Trenton” that appears on the MDHS
webpage. The MDHS AUP is included in the Parent/Student Handbook so that student
users as well as parents/guardians are aware of their responsibilities. The school may
modify these rules at any time.

The Internet is a global network of computers providing a variety and multitude of
information. MDHS acknowledges that our ability to restrict access to any and all
inappropriate information is limited when students are actively encouraged to explore and
manipulate these electronic resources as part of the curriculum. MDHS will provide
Internet access only in supervised environments. In accordance with Children’s Internet
Protection Act (CIPA) requirements, MDHS has taken steps to block objectionable areas, but
potential dangers remain.

MDHS will not be responsible for any damages incurred by the user. The school will not
be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information obtained via the MDHS
network or Internet. Further, the school shall not be responsible for personal property
used to access school computers nor for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from
access to the Internet.

MDHS reserves the right to monitor all network activity and resources.

                               ALL STUDENTS MUST:

Follow teacher rules and guidelines.

Obtain teacher permission and supervision in      order to use computer equipment.

Obtain teacher permission to access e-mail, news, message boards, or chat areas.

Obtain teacher (and parental if necessary) permission before using fee based services.

Access only information that supports educational development within the context of this
   Christian environment.
Maintain computer security.

Ensure that passwords are chosen wisely and kept secret.

Respect all equipment and software

Respect and obey copyright laws.

                                 STUDENTS MAY NOT:

Share passwords or access another user’s account.

Invade, violate, or compromise another user’s privacy.

Change or delete another user’s files.

Post anonymous messages or pose as someone else.

Play computer games.

Plagiarize materials.

Use computers for illegal or immoral activity.

Exceed disk quotas.

Print excessively or unnecessarily.

Install, change, or delete software.

Tamper with hardware or software.

Deface, move, or steal equipment.

Spread computer viruses.

Access, produce, or distribute material that is considered damaging to another’s
   reputation, abusive, obscene, sexually orientated, offensive, threatening,
   inflammatory, discriminatory, harassing, or otherwise illegal or contrary to school

Conduct or solicit business or privately advertise using the MDHS network.

                           STUDENTS WHO HAVE ACCESS

                                TO TABLET PCs MUST:
Bring the Tablet PC to class each day

Re-charge the Tablet PC at home each night

Take proper care of the Tablet PC

Learn the basic skills of computer usage, including accessing the Internet and creating folders

Contact the Technology Office if the Tablet PC should malfunction or break.


    Students who violate the AUP will face disciplinary action. The consequences may include,
but are not limited to reduction of subject grades, computer account suspension or termination,
administrative detention, suspension, dismissal, and/or expulsion.

     Users and their parents/guardians specifically agree to indemnify Monsignor Donovan High
School and the system administrators for any losses, costs, or damages, including
reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by the school relating to, or arising out of any breach
of the AUP.

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