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					                          Los Gatos-Saratoga Observation Nursery School
                                      Board Meeting Minutes
                                         October 5, 2010

Board Members (Voting and Non-Voting) Present: Jill Hansen, Jane Dodge
Annalies Ransome, Sherri Ingraffia, Sheila Della Ratta, Cathy Spears, Jean Lattie,
Jane Krejci, Martina Kocianova, Kim Ladin, Kyle Park, Priscilla Amend

Lead Teacher
Marie Imai

Administrative Director
Jane Krejci

   I. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M.
  II. Review and approval of September 7, 2010 minutes.
           A.      Motion to approve Sept 7th minutes made by Kim, 2nd made by Jill; all in

 III. Chair Report (Jill): No Report

 IV. Administrative Director Report (Jane K.):
         A.        Communication for Board and communication in general at the School
                   should be simple and few emails sent out.
         B.        Carpool and Family Partnership Document: We need a few people to
                   review the document appendix of the handbook and include it in the
                   registration enrollment after approval by the Board. Martina, Jane D.
                   Priscilla and Sherri volunteered to look at the document before it is put to
                   the board for a vote.

 V. Lead Teacher Report (Marie): No Report

 VI. Chair Reports:
    Voting Chair:
    a) Secretary (Jean) – No report
    b) Treasurer (Kyle) - Preliminary financial statement for Q1 2010 and last year 2009 Fiscal
        year runs July to June. The year ended on June 2010. Income better than budget by
        over $60,000.
            Auction was $20,000 over budget. $46,000 in for the budget, net of expenses.
            Other fundraising efforts included:
                       i. $700 net gift wrap
                      ii. $2000 net script
                     iii. $5,761 net turkey trot
                     iv. $24,000 Save our School SOS
            $80,000 net income vs. a plan of $2,000
            Balance sheet:
                       i. $235,000 cash
                      ii. $117,000 investments
            For Q1 2010 we are tracking to yearly budget
            There are only 8 families on the monthly tuition plan. (3 of those families
                dropped, and 2 others are having a hard time paying it) There are problems
                with the monthly tuition plan because it is a lot of work administratively. Can
                we consider changing it for next year? Perhaps suggest families pre-write out
                the checks for 6 months in advance so there is no issue with late payment and
                following up.
                    May consider using credit card system for paying tuition through the auction
                     program virtual terminal
       c)   Information (Jane D.) – Bay Area Parent Fair on September 25th went well. Several
            follow up calls already. Will look into having someone put together a suitcase for
            bringing forms, etc. to various fairs for future. January 23 rd is Open House.
       d)   Registration (Priscilla) – All classes are full.
       e)   Fundraising/Auction (Sheila) – Auction Survey was sent out deadline is 10/10. Still
            looking for 3 leads, Procurement lead, Food and Beverage lead, Decorations lead
       f)   Facilities (Cathy) – Workday coming up Wed 2’s, Saturdays 2’s and Saturday
       g)   Programs (Yumi /Sherri) – Sherri reported, concerned about keeping communication
            to a minimum, however they would like to send out a reminder email about mini-
            courses that are coming up. Fall General Meeting will be November 4 th. October 26th
            Race to No Where will be a mini course now that a teacher can attend the meeting.
            General Meeting in the Spring will be with the Dean of Education for Stanford.
       h)   Newsletter (Annelies) – Newsletter is out at Saratoga Springs this week. Created
            google docs to track the history of newsletters from previous years. November 1 st is
            the deadline for next newsletter articles.
       i)   Forms/Correspondence (Sharon) – No report
       j)   Purchasing (Martina) –No report
       k)   Webmistress (Kim): In the process of researching different software packages

       Non-voting Report:
       a) Social (Staci): Jill reported for Staci: We are considering having a theme for Los Gatos
          Holiday Party.
       b) Garden (Cathy) — Cathy reported the Garden is going well
       c) Go Green (Karen) No report
       d) Health (Taffy) No report
       e) School Photos (Anne)— No report
       f) T-shirt sales (Anne Michelle)— No report
       g) Community Service Liaison (Jean) — No report
       h) Workday Coordinator (Jennifer) — No report
       i) Animals (Ashleigh)— Cathy reported Poppy is getting older. Jane will discuss
          handling of chickens at the next Teacher meeting.
       j) Librarian (Julie) – No report
       k) Carpool (Marina)— No report
       l) Grant Writer (Margaret) — No report
       m) Turkey Trot (Katja): Jill reported from Katja’s email: Turkey Trot is still needing signups
       n) Raffle (Liz/Erik) – Jill reported for Erik. Raffle tickets were passed out in class this week.
          Raffle tickets are $2 a piece, we would like families to sell $100 worth of tickets but it is
          not required
       o) Annual Giving (Sangeeta) — No report
       p) Mtn School Parties (Amy) — No report
       q) Script/ecsript (Open) — No report

VIII. New Business

 IX. Adjourn
Meeting Adjourned at 8:26 p.m.
Next meeting: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Van Meter.

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