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					                         Weekly Update

                                                       OCTOBER 3, 2010 
                                   Renaissance Outreach Ministry/Bangladesh School of Light 
                                  P. O. Box 506   Litchfield, MI 49252 
NEWS THIS WEEK                          WEEK IN PICTURES                                            SHORTS & PRAYER
Babies & Babies &                                                                              New Mission House begins
                                                                                               The new missionary house will begin
Weddings, Oh My!                                                                               construction next week. It will be
There have been at least four                                                                  ready for occupancy in two months,
                                                                                               according to the contractor.
new babies born in the village
                                                                                                  The house measures 13’x35’ and
of Senerganti Mission since I                                                                  will cost $1765 to complete. It will
left last May, along with a few                                                                feature a single room living/sleeping
more on the way. There also                                                                    area (13’x18’), an office (13’x10’) and a
has been some weddings, plus                                                                   veranda (9’x6’). It will have electricity
                                                                                               but no running water or indoor
two coming up in the next
month.                                                                                            The house will be built on the site
    Senerganti had one death in                                                                of the Bible School overlooking
the village. It was an elderly                                                                 Martha’s Garden. The house will be
man that I had often stopped by                                                                the first permanent residence for Rev.
                                                                                               Jan L. Beaderstadt, who has been
his house and prayed for. He
                                                                                               staying in homes while working in
went home to the Lord during          Devosh Halder was born to Ripon and Padma                Senerganti Mission.
the summer.                           Halder  in  Senerganti  Mission,  Bangladesh  in            The missionary house was one of
     The    girls    are   young,     August.  He  is  one  of  four  babies  born  in  the    many gifts that the ministry received
                                      village  over  the  summer.  The  couple  is             over the course of the summer.
including one who’s about 15          Christian.                                               BARBIE DOLLS WANTED FOR BANGLADESH
that’s getting married. It’s not                                                               The Bangladesh School of Light is training
legal for a girl to marry until 18,                                                            area women in sewing, and one of the
but when there are no records                                                                  projects is to produce Indian/Bangladeshi
                                                                                               style clothing for these 11 ½” fashion
kept, the parents can marry off                                                                dolls. No one had ever seen a “Barbie
in arranged marriages. Most                                                                    Doll” before and all of the women in the
marriages are arranged in this                                                                 village fell in love with it. As most little
                                                                                               girls in village don’t have much in dolls,
part of the world; love                                                                        we would like to make them available to
marriages are something new.                                                                   the girls. We would prefer dark hair dolls
     Over 75 came to receive me                                                                (no one here has blond hair). Send to Barb
                                                                                               Beaderstadt, 207 W. Main St., Turner, MI
when I arrived on Sunday                                                                       48765. We prefer used dolls in good shape.
morning, with more people
coming to visit over the last few
days. I am busy blessings
                                                                                               . RENAISSANCE OUTREACH MINISTRY
babies and families; while                                                                     P. O. Box 506    Litchfield, MI 49252-0305
working on the improvements                                                          
                                                                                                 Rev. Michael Murray, VP of Outreach
to the Bible School buildings.        Sila  Biswas  stands  next  to  the  new                  
                                      refrigerator at the Bangladesh School of Light           All donations are tax-deductible as we are
It’s the end of rainy season with     in Senerganti Mission. One of several gifts re‐          a 501(c)3 ministry
rain daily. Good to be back!          ceived this summer, it will save food costs. 

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