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					Are you familiar with the basic kitchen cooking utensils you'll need in your kitchen.

To be able to efficiently cook in your kitchen you will certainly need some basic cooking equipment essentials such as an oven, a
stove, refrigerator and also a microwave if affordable. I would like to discuss essentials for cooking these meals. I would like to call
these small items. These are used for measuring, mixing, cutting, and also cooking in the oven or on top of the stove and also for
storing food. Below I will discuss these utensils for your kitchen.

You will need utensils for measuring and the most important is a liquid measuring cup. This is usually made of clear glass or plastic,
even stainless steel and have lines on the outside so you can measure an entire cup or portions of a cup. These also come in pint and
quart sizes and make it easier to measure larger quantities of liquids. Some machine prefer to have these liquid measuring cups in
sizes of l/4, l/2, 3/4, etc. I would suggest a dry measuring cup and these are also made of clear plastic or glass, even stainless steel.
These come in nested sets of l/4, l/2, l/2, and l cup sizes and in metric sets of 50, 125 and 250 milliliters. These are used for
measuring flour sugar and shortening, etc. These are filled to the top edge oven and then leveled off with the flat edge of a knife or

You need to have a set of measuring spoons and these come in sets and sometimes are held together by a ring, hung on a rack, or
even nested together. Usually these are made of metal, plastic or stainless steel and the sizes are a tablespoon, teaspoon, l/2
teaspoon, and l/4 teaspoon. Metric measuring spoons have l-,2-,5-,15-, and 25-milliliter sizes.

I would suggest a kitchen scale to be able to weigh ingredients, such as meat. Lots of recipes call for a weight appliances. A timer is

also as you can set the timer to the amount of time the recipe calls for and have an accurate cooking time for each dish.
Thermometers are very useful also to check the internal temperature of meats and poultry, check the temperature of fat when frying
and lots of other uses bags.

You will need mixing equipment such as mixing bowls that come in all sorts of sizes and I much prefer bowls with slanted sides.
Mixing spoons are used to combine ingredients by mixing, beating, or stirring and come in a variety of sizes. A slotted spoon is helpful
especially when frying foods or removing vegetables from liquids.

A wire whisk is useful for beating egg whites and blender foods such as sauces or gravies till smooth. A floor sifter is used to sift flour
and other dry ingredients and also a metal strainer with a small mesh for sifting. A rotary beater is useful for small jobs that don't
require an electric mixer. A rubber scraper or spatula is one of the most helpful of kitchen utensils. I also like to have a metal spatula
for packing ingredients into dry measuring cups and leveling them off and many other uses. A pastry blender is used to blender cut
shortening into flour for making pie crusts or biscuits.

You will also need preparation equipment such as I will discuss. A colander is similar to a strainer and designed for draining food.
Pastry brushes are very useful to "paint" liquids or glazes onto pies, breads, or pastries. I also use a separate basting brush for
applying fat or other liquid to meat and poultry during roasting or broiling. A vegetable brush is used to clean vegetables that have
tough skins. Kitchen shears are just heavy-duty scissors and can be very useful. Tongs are needed to lift hot foods or to turn meats,
etc. A rolling pin usually made of heavy wood burner is used for rolling out dough.

I would also recommend having a food mill and a food juicer to squeeze juice and to puree foods.

Knives are very necessary range and I would think the bare essentials in knives would be a paring knife, a French knife, a bread knife,
a roast slices and also a grapefruit or citrus knife for sectioning citrus fruit. A fork with a long handle and two sharp ends is used for
meats, etc.

A turner is used for turning foods, cooking eggs or pancakes, while they are cooking. A strainer and a masher are also necessary
items. I would also suggest your having a cutting board so you will have a surface for cutting and slicing and also a vegetable parer for
paring the fruit or vegetables surface. A grater/shredder with a variety of cutting edges is most helpful. A can opener is needed for
opening cans.

You will need plates also such as the following pans; round cake pan, square cake pan, rectangular pan, tube cake pan, pie pan,
muffin pan, cookie and a baking sheet. I would also suggest having some casserole dishes in various sizes for those great oven
recipes and some custard cups

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