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									The last quarter has certainly been a busy one for me. After competing and winning
the Mrs. Maine title I started travelling throughout Maine promoting Breathe Maga-
zine, Healthy Living, music education, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation (http://, as well as educating married women, mothers, and care-givers to
find balance in their lives.
I first decided to compete for Mrs. Maine-America because I noticed there are
many people from Maine who are not going to a doctor regularly. In fact some peo-
ple tell me that they remember doctors as "scary, gruff, and demanding". I want to
show the people of Maine that today's experience with their physician is a
friendly, TEAM APPROACH. Through a very simple exam, doctors provide information
for their patients so that they are able to make their own informed decisions about
personal healthcare needs. When you know your blood pressure, blood sugar
(glucose), cholesterol levels, pap smear and mammogram results for example, and
what the possible complications are, then informed decisions can be made to what
kind of treatment will be the best fit for you, based on your risk and desires and at
any age.
Maybe it is diet and lifestyle changes (some very simple changes can be extremely
beneficial!) Or maybe there is a nutritional supplement such as fish oil or a B vitamin
which could help or cure the issue you have. Sometimes medication, osteopathic
manipulation, a power walk or acupuncture is the right choice, but whatever the di-
agnosis or condition, your knowledge and involvement is crucial.
 Visiting a doctor regularly is vital to prevent and treat chronic pain, illnesses, and to
prevent long term diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney failure, or
heart disease. Don't be the one who suddenly falls sick, develops a chronic or terminal illness or dies, leaving family and friends behind
saying, "I don't understand how this could happen, he/she seemed fine"...VISIT A FRIENDLY DOCTOR-PREVENTION IS KEY! Find out
your risks and what simple life changing choices you can do to live a long healthy life FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILY.
The summer is filled with appearances like the Yarmouth Clam Festival, 6th Annual Vegetarian & Vegan Food Festival on June 26 in
Portland, Junior Olympics and many more charitable events. Breathe will be at the Vegetarian Festival handing out information and
providing a few services like a blood pressure clinic, diabetes screening and demonstrations. Please come by to see us. Visit my page at to read my medical page and email us if you have questions or would like to see a specific educational hand out on
the site. Join us on Facebook at Breathe Magazine and Mainers Finding Fitness for more exercise and health tips! Also, coming soon
will be a fun talk show starring yours truly, produced by Breathe TV. I will be interviewing guests in the health, fitness, lifestyle, and
nutrition fields to bring you yet more great information in an entertaining setting...stay tuned!

                                                                                                       Breathe Magazine Disclaimer
  Congratulations to Dr. Christine Blake for being crowned                     To our readers: Breathe and, its associates, contributors, advertis-
  Mrs. Maine America 2010. Follow her on our site as she                       ers and owners are not a substitute for professional medical prevention, diagnosis,
                                                                               or treatment. Articles are for informational and self-help purposes only and often
  competes for Mrs. America in Arizona this September. If                      the opinion of the authors. This magazine should not be treated as a substitute for
                                                                               medical, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral healthcare advice, or as a substi-
   you would like Dr. Blake to make an appearance at your                      tute for consultation with a qualified professional. Please consult your physician,
                                                                               pharmacist, health educator, personal trainer or healthcare providers before begin-
 function or to be a guest speaker, she and all our contribu-                  ning any type of fitness or lifestyle change, taking any supplements or following any
                                                                               treatment suggested by anyone in this magazine or on our website. Only your
     tors can be reached at                           healthcare provider, personal physician, or pharmacist can provide you with advice
                                                                               on what is safe and effective for your unique needs or diagnose your particular
                                                                               medical history.
Editors Note

                         Dear Readers,
                         We have such an exciting issue for you this quarter
                         starting with our Breathe spokesperson, Dr. Chris-
                         tine Blake who was crowned Mrs. Maine-America
                         2010 on Mother’s Day! Whether in a white coat or
                         crown, she is always on the go. Read more about
                         her adventures left.
                          Looking back over generations and talking with our
                          parents and grandparents we learn many interest-        Articles                     Contributors                           Page
ing things. I always love to listen to my grandmother tell stories of her
childhood and picture her as a young woman being courted by my grandfa-
                                                                                  Healthy Living      Going for the Green          Mary Moskowitz, M.Ed.      4
ther. They worked so hard to raise a large family of nine children. These
                                                                                  Exercise            Warming Up to Cooling Down   Mandy Greene              14
were just stories when I was a child but now I think back over the lessons I
                                                                                  Wellness            Osteoporosis                 Dr. Christine Blake       15
have learned for their experiences. This is the subject of the summer issue.
                                                                                  Chiropractic Wellness Care                       Dr. Ellie Rolnick         12
Generations. Following our gut feelings on what is best for us works, no
second guessing, even if others think we are a little insane. That is certainly   Visualizing Wellness                             Caryn Sabes Hacker         6
true for our two astonishing feature stories this month. These two people         Financial Fit 101                                Jamie Loeser               7
have committed their lives to healthy living and service.                         Ready Set Go Healthy
                                                                                  Strategies for Healthy Living                    Cheryl Farley             18
First, our cover model, Maria Beale Fletcher, Miss America 1962 and a for-        Raising Cain        Strawberry Season            Deb Landry                 5
mer Rockette. This lady resonates positive energy when she walks into a
room. Royalty American style, with class, eloquence and charm, she has
traveled the world entertaining our military. Her life, past, present and fu-
                                                                                  Cover Stories
ture is filled with positive energy.                                              Maria Beale Fletcher, Rockette Power             Deb Landry                 8
                                                                                  The Grandfather of Fitness                       Deb Landry                10
Our feature story is on a legend in the fitness field. Who doesn’t know Jack      Causes,
LaLanne? Well according to my children, no one knows. This really showed          Signs & Symptoms of Aspiration                   Amy McGeachey Bond        17
my age. I guess if you are under 40 you may not remember this icon. When          A Weighty Program
I told my children that he is the Jillian Michaels of my time, they then un-      Looking back on Childhood Obesity                Dr. Conner Moore          16
derstood my excitement. Generations apart gave me the opportunity to
tell them my memories!
I remember watching The Jack LaLanne Show as a child of ten. Getting out          Contributing Photographers
a chair, my dog Trigger would lie on the rug next to me, as Happy did with
Jack, as I followed his lead for exercising. No special effects, just a kitchen   ♦ Darrin Landry Photogenex
chair and with stage curtain hanging in the background on a black and
white TV.                                                                         ♦ KLM photography

He was a visionary and pioneer, after exercising he would demonstrate
                                                                                  ♦ Judy Beedle Photography
how to make healthy drinks in the blender, which he soon became famous
for. They never sounded very appetizing to me, but I was engrossed in his
philosophy. Now, a fruit smoothie is my substitute for an ice cream sundae
and a daily part of my diet.
We would like to welcome our new writers to the Breathe team, Jamie
Loeser, who will be keeping us financially fit, Pediatrician Dr. Connor
Moore, Dr. Ellie Rolnick and Amy McGeachey Bond.
Enjoy our summer issue will healthy recipes, motivating stories and practi-
cal wellness advice. We hope you will join us in eating fresh, local, clean
and organic during the warm summer months.
                                           In good health,
Spring is a time of cleansing. It is the time of year that many of   time you go to the grocery store or even better, the local
us begin to focus more on eating lighter, losing weight for the      farmer's market, pick up a new green to try. Soon you’ll find
upcoming summer season and getting more exercise as the              your favorite greens and crave them over less nourish-
                                                                     ing foods that don't serve you as well.
weather becomes warmer. The best way to accomplish this is
by including more greens in our diet. Lighter veggies are har-                                Shiitake and Kale
vested in the late spring/early summer including sprouts,            Prep Time: 2 min. Cooking Time: 10 min. Yield: 4 servings
spinach, kale, Swiss chard, green beans, mustard greens and
asparagus. All of these greens have anti-mucus and low-fat
qualities that your body naturally craves. Many of us produce        1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms
excess mucus in the spring after a long, dry winter, causing         1 tablespoons olive oil
colds, coughs, allergies, and asthma. Nature will help prevent       1-2 cloves crushed garlic
these symptoms if we focus on getting more greens into our
                                                                     1 bunch kale, chopped
diet and eating what nature harvests at this time of year.
                                                                     pinch of salt
Leafy greens are some of the easiest and most beneficial vege-
tables to incorporate into your daily routine. Densely packed
with energy and nutrients, they grow upward to the sky, ab-          1. Warm oil in pan on medium heat with minced garlic until
sorbing the sun’s light while producing oxygen. Learning to eat         aromas of garlic are released, about 2-3 minutes.
and cook greens is essential in creating optimal health. By
                                                                     2. Add chopped shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry for 5 minutes.
nourishing yourself with these amazing, nutrient- rich foods,
you will naturally crowd out the not so good foods that tend to      3. Add chopped kale, stir-fry for a couple of minutes.
make you sick and depressed.                                         4. Add a splash of water and pinch of salt to pan, cover and let
How do greens benefit our bodies? They are very high in cal-             steam for 4 minutes.

                                                                     Kale, pictured below, has more calcium than cow’s milk
                                                                     and more Vitamin C than an orange. It is high in Vitamin
                                                                     K-A-and C. This super food with only 36 calories per cup
                                                                     is beneficial for many diseases including many types of
                                                                     cancer. For the full benefits and description and nutri-
                                                                     tional value of Kale visit: and for your
                                                                     free sticker visit:

cium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and zinc, and
are a powerhouse for vitamins A, C, E and K. They are
crammed full of fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and many other
micronutrients and phytochemicals. Their color is associated
with spring, which is a time of renewal and refreshing vital
energy. In traditional Asian medicine, the color green is related
to the liver, emotional stability and creativity. Greens aid in
purifying the blood, strengthening the immune system, im-
                                                                     Mary Moskowitz, MS holds a master’s in Adult Education
proving liver, gall bladder and kidney function, fighting de-
                                                                     from the University of So. Maine and is a Health Counselor
pression, clearing congestion, improving circulation and keep-
                                                                     specializing in combining the knowledge of traditional
ing your skin clear and blemish free.                                philosophies with modern concepts designed by the Insti-
Leafy greens are the vegetables most missing from the Ameri-         tute for Integrative Nutrition.
can diet, and many of us never learned how to prepare them
correctly. Start with the very simple recipe below. Then each
By the end of June, fresh grown Maine strawberries will be available for the pick-
ing. There is nothing like fresh strawberries straight from the patch. This always
inspires me to buy some rhubarb at the farmers market, make plans with my kids
to go strawberry picking and dig out the pie and jam recipes.
Each year we pack up the kids and camera to gather fresh fruit at a reasonable       the risk of developing the disease by 36%. Risk reduction was not directly linked
price and make some family memories. The kids usually eat more than they pick,       to consumption of vegetables, antioxidants and vitamins, but to the consumption
but picking goes fast, especially if the strawberries are plump.                     of whole fruits: the optimal level, according to the study, is three servings a day,
                                                                                     which can be easily reached by sprinkling strawberries on your morning cereal,
On a recent trip to Northern California, we drove by a roadside stand selling fresh
                                                                                     making a strawberry fruit smoothie or dressing up s salad.
strawberries. They were so big that it only took a few to fill a pint. The rich deep
color and the size made my mouth water. I couldn’t wait to bite into one. It re-     From giant California berries to the wild Maine pea size strawberries, nothing is
minded me of June in Maine as I sunk my teeth into a strawberry half the size of     sweeter than and as good for you as this juicy fruit. For a farm near you, log on to
my palm. However, it tasted nothing like the sweet small New England treats. The site is by state and details options for organic fruits
                                                                                     and vegetables.

                                                                                                                          Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
                                                                                       1 double pie shell (see recipe below)
                                                                                       4 cups fresh rhubarb, sliced into small pieces
                                                                                       1 cup honey
                                                                                       6 tablespoons arrowroot
                                                                                       2 cups thickly sliced fresh ripe strawberries
                                                                                       1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
                                                                                       2 tablespoons unbleached white flour
                                                                                       Preheat oven to 350F.
                                                                                       Fit bottom crust into a 10-inch pie plate.
                                                                                       Put sliced rhubarb into a colander with a bowl underneath. Pour honey over rhu-
                                                                                       barb and allow to drain 1 hour. In a saucepan, mix arrowroot with half of the
                                                                                       drained honey. Heat until thickened over low heat, then add the rest of the
                                                                                       honey. Mix rhubarb and strawberries together in bowl. Add honey mixture along
                                                                                       with cinnamon and flour. Gently toss to mix. Pour into prepared pie shell and top
                                                                                       with second pie crust. Join crusts by fluting edges. Pierce the top so steam can
                                                                                       Bake one hour in preheated oven. Allow to cool before serving. Serves 8-10

That is why I like to feed my family local and seasonal harvest. In a recent study,
strawberry cultivars were analyzed for their overall antioxidant capacity, among                                              Pie Crust Recipe
other things. Findings revealed that all of the cultivars have proven to signifi-
                                                                                       3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
cantly reduce the rate of reproduction of cancerous liver cells in different magni-    1 teaspoon salt
tudes depending on the specific strawberry cultivar. The antioxidants and the          ¾ cup soy margarine
rate of reduction in cancerous liver cells reproduction rate, is linked to possible    5 to 6 tablespoons cold water
proof that strawberries contain several other anti-cancer abilities.                   Directions: In a medium bowl with fork, lightly stir together flour and salt.
                                                                                       With pastry blender cut in margarine until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
Another study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology involving 110,000             Sprinkle in cold water, a tablespoon at a time, until pastry just holds together.
subjects of both sexes evaluated the effects of consuming fruits, vegetables, anti-    With hands, divide pastry into 2 pieces, one slightly larger, and then gently shape
oxidant vitamins such as A, C and E and carotenoids on the risk of developing Age      each piece into a ball for rolling. Roll with flour and place in pie pan.
-Related Macular Degeneration, the primary cause of sight loss in adults. The          For more recipes, visit our website:
study found that by eating at least 1.5 servings of fruits daily, one could reduce
                                                                                 What to do:
                                                                                 •     Set your Time Parameters and Goal.
                                                                                 •    Determine what time frame you would like to ‘envision’. 1 – 3 months
                                                                                      works well.
                                                                                 •    Then decide what personal aspect you would like to work on: Health,
                                                                                      Wealth, Career, Love or a Generalized Vision Board. Ask yourself:
                                                                                      What you would like to have happen in the next 2 months. Be specific,
                                                                                      optimistic and realistic. Successfully navigating life is a process.
                                                                                 •     While focused on your goal look through the magazines and tear or cut
By Caryn Sabes Hacker, DCSW, ACSW                                                     out any pictures or words that seem to relate to your chosen focal point.
                                                                                      Try not to over-think this aspect. Use your spirit, heart or subconscious
                                                                                      mind instead of your intellect. You may not understand all of your
                                                                                      choices. That’s OK. When you have approximately 30 pieces – stop.
Pick up almost any magazine read by the ‘enlightened’ and you will certainly •        Arrange the pieces (pictures and/or words) in a collage-like creation on
come across an article regarding visualization and vision boards. ‘Manifest           the paper, cutting and trimming as necessary. Just do what feels right.
your destiny!’ the headline declares; ‘Bring your heart’s desire to you.’ It          The pieces can overlap, be separate, at angles or even upside-down.
tugs at the strings connected to the very organ of which it refers! I am im-          Don’t judge your own creativity. It’s perfect as it is. Glue into place.
mediately drawn in by the magical concept and then bewildered by the lack             Then, take a ‘mind’s eye step away and look at your Vision Board, as if
of accompanying ‘how-to’ instructions. Ultimately I feel un-empowered, a bit          seeing it for the first time. Note the theme, the content and your de-
silly and generally naive.                                                            sires. They have just been communicated to the cosmos!
                                                                                  •   Place it in a prominent location, one that will bring the concepts and im-
Relaxed Visualization (or the process of taking slow deeps breaths for at
                                                                                      ages to your mind often. Think of your creative desires periodically
least 8 minutes, closing your eyes and ‘seeing’ yourself in the future in your
                                                                                      throughout the day, both in casual and meditative moments.
preferred healthy state) not only assists your mental fortitude in maintaining
a healthy lifestyle, it also begins to positively alter the vibrating energy that •   Offer positive energy to your goal. See your explicit changes happen-
you emit, which effects what you draw (or attract) to you. We are all wonder-         ing. Feel the energy coming to you. Create a plan to assist your de-
ful compilations of pulsing, moving molecules of energy. In the simplest of           sires. Maybe you need to create a new food plan, revise an exercise
terms, this is the essence of The Law of Attraction. We attract back to us,           regimen or update a resume. See the necessary steps and take action.
what we emit. Better, therefore, that it should be quickly vibrating energy of        It’s not magic, but it is energy moving forward.
positive vibes, moments of gratitude and creative images of health and well- •        Review your goals and your vision at the end of your time frame and
being. Send that out to the universe and let that come back!                          create a new one. Be optimistic throughout and say nice things to your-
                                                                                      self. Be your own best friend.
Vision Boards are a powerful tool for connecting the brain, body and spirit in
a harmonizing force for positive change. This technique is fun and easy and Naples, Florida Health and Fitness Professional, Robert Baucam, NASM,
incorporates Shakti Gawain’s, author of Creative Visualization, four impor-    CPT, supports the use of visualization during workouts with clients. “The
tant basic steps.                                                              connection between the body and brain in everything”, he offers. “Thoughts
                                                                               (and their energy) are the beginning of the journey. They control the body.”
                                                                               Baucam encourages exercisers to “…’see’ the body part that you are work-
                                                                               ing on. Send your internal army to that place for battle. Your focus and re-
                                                                               sults will increase substantially.”

                                                                                 Caryn Sabes Hacker is a psychotherapist, author
                                                                                 and lifelong proponent of health and fitness. She
                                                                                 lives in Naples, Florida. Ms. Hacker is a graduate
                                                                                 of the University of Kentucky and earned her Mas-
                                                                                 ters Degree from the University of Louisville. A
                                                                                 contributing writer for the Naples Daily News, Ms.
                                                                                 Hacker’s work has also appeared in The Kansas
                                                                                 City Parent magazine along with Kids, Kidz and
                                                                                 Twins Magazines. Ms. Hacker’s book is available
                                                                                 at Bryson Taylor Publishing, on her website or at
                                                                                 any major bookstore.
Am I in shape? How’s my diet and exercise? What can I do to live a
healthier, happier life? This concern resonates with most of us, and
through emotion we eventually develop a “fitness” program to en-
able us to get in shape. The same is true about our finances. Emo-
tions play an enormous role in how we handle our money; some run
and hide at the suggestion of reviewing the family budget, while
others relish in balancing the checkbook to the penny. Regardless of
your attitude towards income and expenses, developing and main-
taining a plan for “financial fitness” reduces stress, increases wealth,
and helps you live a healthier, happier life.
Your exercise program for financial fitness is not black and white,           Develop good habits
and it’s not all about numbers. It more aptly should reflect the colors
                                                                              For example, saving money can be difficult, but do you think in-
of your rainbow, as your goals and objectives will vary from others
                                                                                  vestment contributions made on a consistent basis is a good
around you. One person may require sophisticated estate planning,
                                                                                  idea? It is. The consistent contribution to savings is more im-
while another may desire a savings plan that mitigates risk in a vola-
                                                                                  portant than chasing rates of return.
tile market. Evaluate your situation, determine your financial de-
sires, and develop your methods for financial organization. The one           Protect against risk
constant is change, so we have to adapt, especially when it comes to
finances and unforeseen events. Another constant should be a plan             Are your life, disability and long term care insurances up to date?
that consistently and positively impacts your “financial fitness”.               Is your portfolio risk managed? Do you have a will and
Some important focus areas are:                                                  trusts? Be sure the guardians for children, beneficiaries, and
                                                                                 trustees are current.

        •   Envision your financial                                           Ask for help

            goals                                                             If “financial fitness” is eluding you, consult someone who has the
                                                                                   expertise who you feel can help you become financially fit.
        •   Develop good habits                                                    Such a partnership can be extremely rewarding.
                                                                           There are always barriers that paralyze us, but remember, you don’t
        •   Protect against risk                                           have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.

        •   Ask for help
                                                                                                     Jamie Loeser is a Certified Financial Plan-
                                                                                                     ner® with the Bulfinch Group, with offices
   Envision your financial goals                                                                     in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachu-
                                                                                                     setts. With over 20 years of experience,
   Write them down! These might be short or long term, buying a                                      Jamie works closely with his clients in the
      home or vacation property, distribution of income vs. assets                                   creation and preservation of wealth, to
      during retirement, transferring a business, reducing income                                    help provide financial security for their
      or estate taxes, or legacy planning.                                                           future.
                        When she was only nine years old, young         available to
                        Maria watched What’s My Line on her             help.”Fletcher remi-
                        neighbor’s television with her family. Maria    nisces. “Every Tuesday
                        remembers, “a beautiful, glamorous woman        I taught for 5 hours af-
                        with a foreign accent was The Mystery Guest.    ter school.”
                        The distinguished panel of four, blindfolded
                        celebrities could not guess her identity. She   “When I was 17, I was
                        was a famous European movie star. Jumping up    asked to perform in the Miss Asheville Pageant, not as a contestant
with excitement, I decided that one day I too would be famous, and      but as an entertainer. I debated with myself what to do; I was doing
would appear as the beautifully dressed Mystery Guest on What’s         a lot of toe dancing at the time with The Land of the Sky Civic Ballet;
My Line. The next day after school, as I was practicing my accent in    my mother was the artistic director and she helped me choreograph
the mirror, I was taken by surprise when my eight-year-old sister       a toe dance to one of my favorite tunes, Autumn Leaves. I loved
walked in on me and insisted on knowing what I was doing. When I        performing it as an entertainer! I had no idea of scholarships, state
told her, she wanted to know what I would be famous for. ‘I don’t       pageants or the national Miss America Pageant until the following
know’, I said, ‘all I know is that I’ll be famous and when the time     year when I was 18. At that time the Jaycees asked my parents and
comes to be on the show, I must be ready with my disguise.”             me if this time would I please consider competing as a contestant in
                                                                        the Miss Asheville Pageant. I can remember sitting at our kitchen
Fast-forward ten years. Twenty-four hours after she was crowned
                                                                        table with my parents and two gentlemen from the Jaycees. My fa-
Miss America 1962 in Atlantic City, she appeared on What’s My Line
                                                                        ther asked them why they wanted me to enter their beauty pag-
as The Mystery Guest! “Just before I walked onstage in my evening
                                                                        eant. They responded by telling us that if I would consent to enter
gown with my new Miss America crown on my 19-year-old head, my
                                                                        the contest, I would be their 25TH contestant and that they, the Jay-
traveling companion, Peggy, asked me if I was nervous. ‘No,’ I said.
                                                                        cees, would win a prize for having the largest number of contest-
‘I rehearsed for this appearance ten years ago and I’m ready to go
                                                                        ants in a local pageant leading up to the Miss North Carolina Pag-
out there with my disguise.” She looked stunned!
                                                                        eant. I can remember feeling so embarrassed when my father said,
                          Maria Beale Fletcher was born Fletcher,       ‘So what - so what's in it for the girl?’ At that point, they explained
                          North Carolina to Peggy and Beale             that the winner of the local pageant, Miss Asheville, would receive
                          Fletcher. They met in Montreal in their       $500 cash to use for studies in the school of her choice, and that she
                          early 20's - where they both taught dance.    was then expected to represent Asheville in the Miss North Carolina
                          They married and booked themselves at         Pageant the next July, where she could compete for even more
                          USO shows and night clubs as The Dancing      scholarship money which she could use towards college or the
Fletchers - touring the US and Canada. “I was trained as a dancer by    school of her choice. Whoever won the state pageant would repre-
my parents in their dance school in Asheville, NC, which they                              sent North Carolina in Atlantic City in the Miss
opened when I was 6. My parents and I, along with their best dance                         America Pageant in September.”
students, were always performing around North and South Carolina
in schoolhouses - for charity events - at hospitals - sometimes with                     Maria’s parents were both very strict; she was
the Jaycees or other civic organizations. I loved dancing and was                        shocked when her father said, "Maria, I don't
trained to sing by my mother, had also sung professionally.” Per-                        really care what you decide, the decision is yours
forming and entertaining was a major part of the Fletcher’s lives                        to make. However, I will say this; if you do enter
and their bread and butter.                                                              the pageant, you better make up your mind to
Part of Maria’s job was to help with her three younger siblings,                         win it - or it will be a waste of your time! That
cooking and cleaning, in addition, she taught dancing 8 hours on        $500 cash prize will go a long way to paying for dance lessons in
Saturday in Bryson City, NC. “When I was 16, one of Dad's dance         New York!” (Dance classes were $2 an hour in those days).
teachers had quit when she got pregnant and I was the only one
                                                                                              Headlines for 1962
                                                                                  The New York Yankees won the Baseball World Series Chamionship

                                                                             Marylin Monroe performed "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" at Madison Square
                                                                                             Garden. She also commited suicide that year

“My Dad continued to say, ‘Ever since she was 14, Maria has                               President of the United States was J.F. Kennedy
wanted to be a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.                                   The Cuba Crisis happened
She saw them perform when she was 16 and just graduated from                       The No. 1 Hit was: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" by Neil Sedaka,
high school in 3 years instead of 4 - going to summer school - so that         Maria Fletcher from Asheville, North Carolina, became Miss America.
                                                                         The Beatles performed their famous The Star Club concert in Hamburg, Germany.
she can travel next month (September) and not have to wait an-
other year before she auditions. She's scheduled to go on the train 3
weeks after your contest. If she should enter and win, she won't be
available to make appearances as Miss Asheville until it's time to      lesson that has always followed me: "Don't let so called 'logic' stand
prepare for the state pageant!"                                         between you and the reality you choose to create". Well-meaning
                                                                        friends asked why I was going to NYC if I didn't even have an audi-
                      A few weeks later, the Jaycees won a prize for    tion lined up! If I had listened to my boyfriend in New York, I never
                      having the largest number of contestants (25) in would have taken the leave of absence to compete in the Miss NC
                      a local preliminary pageant and Maria won $500 Pageant; he told me my mathematical odds of winning the state
                      for being crowned Miss Asheville 1960.            pageant were next to none. I had broken my metatarsal arches in
                                                                        each foot pounding out the dance routines as a Rockette (four times
                      Two weeks later, her parents put her on a train a day - 5 during the holidays - 7 days a week, for 5 weeks before I
                      for NYC to audition for the Radio City Music Hall had my first week 'off' - only to begin all over again) and was out of
                      Rockettes. Ironically, one of the Rockettes got   work for several weeks - before I could go back to tapping and kick-
sick and Maria was her size! Six weeks after arriving in NYC, Maria     ing, with pancake makeup covering the white bandages on my feet!
passed the private audition and performed as a Rockette in the          He told me I was wasting my time to return to NC. I told him that I
Christmas show, Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. After seven              had made a commitment to the Asheville Jaycees which had noth-
months, Maria took a leave of absence to compete in the Miss            ing to do with whether or not I thought I could win! I had already
North Carolina Pageant. At her surprise farewell party, the Rock-       spent $250 on dance lessons (the Pepsi Cola bottler never did come
ettes crowned her Miss America 1962 four months before she com- up with the remaining $250 to equal the $500 I was promised!) and
peted for the title in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Maria said, “The sig- now it was my turn to honor my commitment and compete as Miss
nificance of that moment allowed me to pretend I was already Miss Asheville in the state pageant. He also reminded me that an 'ex cho-
America when Bert Parks introduced me as Miss North Carolina,           rus girl' with a high school education didn't stand a chance in a pag-
and every time I had to compete on stage.”                              eant pushing the importance of college; I agreed. Needless to say,
Maria singing and dancing to Somebody Loves Me, was crowned             what I learned was invaluable: stay focused on your dream, imagine
Miss America 1962, and will be honored in 2012 at her 50 anniver- already owning it and don't let so-called 'logic' or so-called 'common
                                                                        sense' infiltrate your thinking!”
sary. When asked what some of her most memorable times were,
Maria said, “During my year as Miss America, I traveled 250,000
                                                                                    Maria now lives in North Carolina and has a son,
miles entertaining and visited the troops in Germany, France and
                                                                                    daughter and four grandchildren.
England. I attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with my
$10,000 scholarship, where I studied French and Philosophy for 5                    Pictures compliments of Ms. Fletcher includng a
years, which included 9 months at Aix-en-Provence, France and I                     shot of her parents on the opposite page.
graduated from college in 1967. During that time, I continued work-                 To view her crowning moment as Miss America,
ing as a former Miss America, got married and put my husband        visit the Generations page at:
through medical school!”

Her "ah ha" moment? “When I was a very young girl, I remember a
                                                                         and I absorbed everything that would help me to improve myself.
                                                                         Gray’s Anatomy was my bible. During college, I studied pre-med to
                                                                         become a medical doctor and I also went to Chiropractic College and
                                                                         graduated; however, I was more interested in helping people by con-
                                                                         vincing them to take preventative measures, before they became ill.”
                                                                         Resolving to help others find the secrets to health and fitness, LaLanne
                                                                         opened the nation’s first modern health studio in 1936 on the third
                                                                         floor of an old office building in Oakland, California, paying $45 per
                                                                         month for rent. Jack was a mere 21 years old. “I was 40 years ahead of
                                                                         my time,” he said, “but by then I knew more about the workings of the
                                                                         muscles in my body than most doctors. People thought I was a charla-
                                                                         tan and a nut,” Jack explains, “The doctors were against me – they
                                                                         said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks
                                                                         and they would lose their sex drive. Women would look like men and
                                                                         even varsity coaches predicted that their athletes would get muscle
                                                                         bound and banned them from lifting weights. I had to give these ath-
                                                                         letes keys so they could come in at night and work out in my gym.
                                                                         Time has proven that what I was doing was scientifically correct; start-
                                                                         ing with a healthy diet followed by systematic exercise and today eve-
                                                                         ryone knows it. All world class athletes now work out with weights, as
                                                                         do many members of the general public, both male and female.”
                                                                          Over time, Jack began to formulate a basic approach to physical fit-
                                                                          ness and nutrition. His methods would be scientifically sound as he
                                                                          developed the first prototypes of exercise equipment presently avail-
                                                                          able in contemporary health spas. His inventions include: the first leg
Jack LaLanne turns 96 on September 26, 2010, and that is hard to be-
                                                                          extension machine, the first pulley machines using cables and the first
lieve. He certainly doesn’t look it! In public, young people flock to him
                                                                          weight selectors. He was the first to have women work out with
and older people feel Jack has found the Fountain of Youth.
                                                                          weights and he also encouraged the disabled and elderly to exercise
Often called the “Godfather of Fitness”, Jack LaLanne is and will al-     for health. “There are 640 muscles in the human body,” Jack explains,
ways be America’s Number 1 Physical Fitness Expert and Guru. La-          “and I take every one of them into account as I plan each exercise rou-
Lanne admits it was not always this way. “As a kid,” he flatly states, “I tine.”
was a sugarholic and a junk food junkie! It made me weak and it made
                                                                          Jack’s reputation began to spread and by the early 1950’s, he was
me mean. It made me so sick I had boils, pimples and suffered from
                                                                          given the opportunity to utilize the new medium of television to reach
nearsightedness. Little girls used to beat me up. My mom prayed… the
                                                                          even more people. Ever the innovator, Jack used television to reach
Church prayed.” It was at the age of 15, when he heard pioneer nutri-
                                                                          out to millions of Americans everywhere with his gospel message of
tionist Paul Bragg speak at the Oakland City Women’s Club in San
                                                                          get out of your chair, work out and feel better. He was magnetic and
Francisco Bay Area. Jack then realized that he was addicted to sugar.
                                                                          the public responded! His motivational message spread across the
Bragg promised Jack if he would exercise and eat a proper diet he
                                                                          country like wildfire and his show was an instant nationwide hit!
could regain good health. Listening attentively, he was fiercely deter-
mined to walk away from that lecture ready to build a totally new Jack Jack LaLanne believes in daily, vigorous, systematic exercise and
LaLanne.                                                                  proper diet. “My top priority in life is my workout each day.” Jack La-
                                                                          Lanne lives by what he says to others, and he has been doing it for
He discovered that the Berkeley YMCA had a set of weights and began
                                                                          over 75 years. Much of what Jack LaLanne has advocated through his
experimenting with them and before long, Jack was able to attain the
                                                                          teaching and beliefs has become common knowledge today.
muscular, healthy body of his dreams. “I became a voracious reader
Jack has millions of fans all over the world who have followed his        together with his wife around the world lecturing and inspiring peo-
philosophy and have benefited from his teachings. His latest book,        ple to greater heights through exercise and nutrition. When asked
LIVE YOUNG FOREVER- has been critically acclaimed as his best             about the difference between then and now, Jack laughs and replies
book to date! It contains an overview of his life and how he lives it.    with a gleam in his eye, “It is most gratifying for me to see that eve-
There are never before seen photos of every aspect of his career          rything that I was preaching and advocating for over 75 years has
and even tips on juicing. Another one of Jack’s books is Revitalize       come to fruition. Then I was a crackpot and a charlatan, today I am
Your Life and it’s geared toward improving your looks, health and         an authority… and believe me I can’t die, it would ruin my image.”
overall wellbeing. Jack also recently completed a cookbook entitled       For more information on Mr. LaLanne’s books, videos, and his in-
Cooking With Jack - Eat Right and You Can’t Go Wrong, which has           credible Power Juicer, visit his website at
recipes and descriptions of the foods Jack has eaten throughout his
life. He then co-authored a financial planning guide wherein he
stresses that “your health account should be as strong as your bank
account to live a long and fruitful life.”
Today with the advent of the video and digital technology, Jack also
has videos and DVD’s available that are designed for results. Digitally
re mastered shows that have not been seen since the 60’s have just
been released on DVD. The Jack LaLanne Show Collectors Edition

Volumes One, Two, Three and Four- DVDs which each contain five
complete Jack LaLanne Shows from the early 1960’s.
Other Jack LaLanne videos include Full Body Audio, The Jack La-
Lanne Way and The Jack LaLanne Show Commemorative Special ,
Jack LaLanne’s Forever Young: Exercise at Any Age, Back to Basics:
Chair Exercises. The Fountain of Youth: Hydronastics Exercise Video
- Face-A-Tonics and Jack’s wife, Elaine four books which including
Dynastride, Fitness After 50 and Fitness After 50 Workout, as well
as a juicing book called Total Juicing.
Jack has been blessed with a fantastic singing voice and has made a
record singing with Connie Haines. Currently, Jack is recognized
around the world for his amazing Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. He
makes numerous commercials and infomercials promoting this qual-
ity product and continues to reach people through recent television
appearances and on the videos previously mentioned. In 1998 Jack
was honored with his very own Star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame commemorating his lifelong achievements. In addition, travels
By Dr. Ellie Rolnick

                                            Imagine a 3 year old girl not walking or talking and the doctors say there is ‘no known cause’,
                                            a teenage athlete suffering from migraines which interfere with his ability to perform, the of-
                                            fice worker with severe bouts of indigestion and heartburn and finally, the grandmother diag-
                                            nosed with spinal stenosis causing severe pain in her legs and told that she has to learn to live
                                            with it. What do these 4 individuals have in common? They are examples of the many people
                                            I’ve seen in my practice over the past 30 years and they all had significant or complete resolu-
                                            tion of their symptoms without the use of drugs or surgery. Wait, I didn’t say anything about
                                            back pain or neck pain – yes, we help people with those problems too. Sure – but there’s so
                                            much more.

                                             I’m going to share with you the basic premise of Chiropractic and hopefully not only will the
                                            above examples make sense, but you’ll understand how important it is that Chiropractic care
                                            be considered as part of everyone’s basic wellness care program. 1) Our bodies are self-
                                            healing and self-regulating (if we get cut, out body heals it; if we exercise - our heart rate goes
                                            up; rest and it comes down). 2) The brain and nervous system control every cell, tissue and
                                            organ in the body (this comes from Gray’s Anatomy – the book, not the TV show!). 3) Any
                                            interference between the brain and the cells, tissues and organs it communicates with causes
                                            disease in the body, creating an inability of the body to self-heal and self-regulate. 4) My job
                                            as a chiropractor is to find that interference (it’s like static on a phone) and alleviate it using
                                            gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and nervous system to release your
                                            body’s innate healing ability to take care of itself. 5) As a wellness Chiropractor, my other job
                                            is to help you figure you out how to prevent it from happening. It’s as simple as that!

                                               Pictured: Dr. Ellie Rolnick

  So, how important is it to have a well functioning
nervous system? Is it important in infants? Is it im-
 portant in the elderly? How about everyone in be-
tween? Dr. Ellie, as she is known by her patients and
 in the community, thinks it’s vitally important and
 she has 30 years of experience helping people of all
ages reach their health potential. For more informa-
    tion check out Rolnick Chiropractic’s website, or join them for one of
their free Wellness Workshops – Check the schedule
 on the website then call and reserve your space to-
                                                                           A cool-down is also an
                                                                           important component of
                                                                           a great workout. It pro-
                                                                           vides the body with a
                                                                           smooth transition from
                                                                           exercise back to a normal
Time and time again, I see gym-goers rush in off the streets from a busy, heart rate. To properly
stressful day and jump on the treadmill or hit the free weights full speed cool-down, you should
ahead. They rush through their workouts and before I know it, they are
                                                                           slowly decrease the in-
on the way out the door without cooling down or stretching. Do they re-
                                                                           tensity of your activity to
alize how much havoc these careless behaviors are placing on their bod-
                                                                           below 50% of your maxi-
ies? Sending overactive muscles directly into force can have a negative
effect on the overall function and performance of our bodies. This in-     mum heart rate for ap-
creases the chance of future injuries and could lead to adverse effects of proximately 5-10 minutes. Stopping an intense workout too quickly could
                                                  dizziness or even faint- allow the blood in your body to pool to your lower extremities. It could also
                                                  ing. A proper warm-up leave you feeling dizzy or faint. An efficient cool-down can improve flexibil-
                                                  and cool-down is im-     ity, decrease muscle soreness, avoid dizzi-
                                                  perative to the body and ness or fainting, and provide you with
                                                  mind and should not be emotional balance after exercise.
                                                  overlooked.              So next time you rush out of the gym or
                                                  A warm-up should pre-        jump on the treadmill at 8.0, take the
                                                  pare the body for physi-     time to listen and prepare your body for
                                                  cal activity, and can be     the task it has at hand. Think of it this
                                                  specific or general in na-   way... Would you go out in a winter bliz-
                                                  ture. A specific warm-up     zard without dusting off and warming up
                                                                               your car? Adding a warm-up and cool-
                                                                               down to your workout might take a little
mimics the activity that is about to
                                                                               extra time, but that time could have a
take place, such as performing
                                                                               significant impact on your overall health.
standing knee lifts to prepare for a
5K run. A general warm-up has no
specific movements relating to the
activity. Your warm-up should last
approximately 10 minutes at a low
to moderate intensity. Some great
examples of general warm-ups in-
clude foam rolling, static stretches                                           Mandy Greene is a Certified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor at For-
and walking at a slow speed on the                                             ever Fit in Biddeford and has been in the Fitness Industry since 2000. She has
treadmill. A good warm-up will                                                 completed her full Pilates certification from The PhysicalMind Institute ,
gradually increase your heart rate                                             Mat and Apparatus, and is a certified Zumba instructor and has completed
and body temperature. It will also                                             her level I & II in willPower & grace barefoot training. Mandy is also a Level I
prepare you psychologically before                                             & II Reiki Practitioner. For more information or to sign up for a class, contact
you exercise. You should never feel                                            Mandy at: 116 Main Street Biddeford (207)
fatigued at the end of your warm-                                              282-6262 or sign up for Zumba classes at Biddeford Rec. Department.
up, instead you should feel more
motivated for your workout.
Osteoporosis or “porous bone” is a disease in which the bones become              and/or medications depending on the severity of
weakened and more likely to break. Because of its painless progres-               the disease and what your fracture risk is. The
sion, often people are unaware that they have the disease until a frac-           medicines come in pill forms which can be a once
ture occurs. Sometimes these fractures happen even without an injury              per day, once per week, or once per month dos-
involved. They can occur in any bone, but some fractures can be more              ing. They are also available in monthly or yearly
severe, can require hospitalization or surgery, or can lead to perma-             intravenous form (injected into a vein in your
nent impairment of mobility, loss of height, and even death.                      arm by a professional) or by home injection
                                                                                  which can be self administered or injected by a
Bone is constantly being formed, reabsorbed, and remodeled. Bone
forms much more rapidly in childhood and adolescence, then it reab-
sorbs and reaches its peak density or mass at about the age of 20. After          Contact your healthcare provider to determine if
that, bone does continue to form but at a much slower rate, and bone              you need a bone density screening and to talk
reabsorbtion can begin to speed up depending on many risk factors.                about how you can prevent the disease.
Over time, one’s bones may exhibit “osteopenia” (a lesser degree of
                                                                                   Prevention measures depend on your age and
thinning than osteoporosis) and osteoporosis.
                                                                                  risk factors.
             Risk factors for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

 Low Calcium or Vitamin D intake Eating disorders

 Smoking                           Rheumatoid Arthritis

 Menopause                         Medications such as steroids/anticonvulsants

 Early menopause                   Small body frame

 Low hormones in men               Asian decent

 Lack of weight bearing exercise   Family history of osteoporosis

 Heavy alcohol consumption         Lack of or irregular menstrual cycles

 The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends a bone den-
                            sity test
  ( a painless x-ray test to determine the density of your bones)

 You’ve had multiple fractures, or sustain a fractures with very little or no

 You're a woman age 65 or older

 You're a postmenopausal woman under age 65 with one or more risk fac-

 You're a man age 70 or older

 You're a man between age 50 and 70 with one or more risk factors for os-

 You're older than age 50 and you've experienced a broken bone

 You're a postmenopausal woman and you've stopped taking estrogen ther-
 apy or hormone therapy

It is best to start prevention and treatment of osteoporosis early in life.
Adequate calcium and vitamin D intake are essential. Vitamin D defi-
ciency can have no symptoms associated with it and your vitamin D
level is testable by blood. 40% of Americans are vitamin D deficient
and as many as 85% living in the northern states are deficient. Avoid-
ing or treating the risk factors for bone thinning are also important.
Osteopenia and osteoporosis are treatable with vitamin supplements,
                                                                              ers and strokes. A strong link exists between obesity, asthma and mental
                                                                              health disorders such as depression. Overweight children are subject to
                                                                              discrimination in academics, sports and social situations – and later with
                                                                              dating and jobs. They are frequently bullied. Low self esteem is common.
Amidst the publicity surrounding our national obesity epidemic, I think      If this trend of increasing obesity continues, there will not be sufficient
back fifty decades and wonder why I saw only a few overweight grade          numbers of medical personnel to provide treatment to those overweight.
school and high school classmates. Perhaps a snapshot taken in 1955          That sounds harsh but I believe it to be true. If the numbers of annual
might reveal some answers.                                                   premature deaths caused by obesity were instead blamed on industrial
The good old days were not always good. Smoking and alcohol were teen accidents or plane crashes, the national outcry would be deafening. We
and adult problems. Many diseases did not have vaccines; a classmate         are becoming numb to the issue. I no longer wince when viewing the 150
died of polio. Without seat belts, passengers were often crash-ejected.      pound third-grader.

Nevertheless, kids were leaner and, I think, more fit. In junior high, I was Motivational and leadership experts suggest spending 5% of total time
a cafeteria cashier- a silent observer of school lunches. They were often a and effort defining a problem, then 95% of your energy FIXING it. I will
bit bland but healthy – meat, chicken or fish with a few veggies. NO piz- mention a few ideas to fight obesity A full range of ideas can be found on
zas (not yet concocted), cheeseburgers, fried chicken nuggets, or soft       many web sites – such as
drinks came past my cash register. I would estimate each tray held no      At the national level, the President and Congresspersons can feature their
more than five or six hundred calories.                                    own healthy lifestyles. Any money spent or redirected now to support
We biked or walked to school, perhaps two miles. Today I see children at better school lunches and fitness programs, will reduce the cost of later
the bus stop still waiting inside the family van – even in nice weather.   health care. If we can prevent the lifetime expense of caring for millions
School physical education was mandatory. No excuses or notes from          of overweight patients with type II diabetes, tens of billions of dollar will
home. We were not superior to today’s students; they seem to be smarter be saved.
and more involved in community service. But, as Walter Cronkite offered, The states can aid in similar fashion. Abandoned rail and road beds can
“ that’s the way it was.”                                                  be converted to walking and biking trails. Awards from tobacco lawsuits
Fast food was not easily available and could be risky; White Castle was    should be used to promote anti-smoking activities ( which can include
the only such restaurant in the county. I was always leery of snack food   fitness projects ) – rather than dumped into general state coffers. States
after my friend Steve, who later became a lawyer, bit into a small Granny can also support programs that foster healthy school lunches and exer-
X’s single-serving cherry pie and found a bright green ball of mold in the cise programs. A number of states have adopted mandatory classroom
center. Snacks were for special occasions –not for daily consumption. A anti-bullying curricula. Locally, much can be accomplished. Go online to
small fast food soft drink of today contains FOUR times the amount of a    see how Appleton, Wisconsin has altered its school lunch menu to foster
1955 Coke. Stay-at-home moms, smiling from behind clean white aprons, quieter and more focused students. Many inner city children have gone
served cooked meals on demand.                                             before local school boards - pleading, “Will you please get the high fat,
                                                                           high calorie, and salty junk foods OUT of OUR cafeteria?” Students will
 When not in school, we still biked everywhere. It was a short trip to our adapt. Several teachers in my city have told me of the calming effect seen
small downtown. There you could buy everything from screws for your        in teens when recently-added school vending machines were removed.
model railroad to 45 RMP records- no five mile car trip to the big box     Many towns are actively involved in creating walking and biking trails –
store. Prolonged viewing of black and white TV, featuring a grainy and     some designing safe venues to and from school.
jumpy picture, would lead to boredom or headache or both.
                                                                           Parents need to set examples. Their children will NOT buy into healthy
I recall these scenes only to document the changes that have contributed eating and life styles unless the whole family is on board. For reasons
to today’s obesity epidemic. A perfect storm of processed foods, working that are unclear to me, shared custody often leads to sabotaged nutrition.
moms, readily available fast foods, decentralized shopping zones, high     Families that eat dinner together will have leaner kids. Obesity rises in
tech video screens, lack of safe walking and biking trails, and unhealthy  direct proportion to TV or computer time. Just as I remember the duck
school lunches have placed both children and adults at risk for life-      and cover nuclear attack instructions from my youth, parents and chil-
threatening health consequences. Any blame should be shared - though       dren need to heed to 5-2-1-0 mantra to defend against obesity. (If you
that b-word is not often helpful.                                          need help with 5210, ask your children) More suggestions for parents are
 Twelve million American children, one in three, are either overweight or listed on
obese; two thirds of adults fail the fat test. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is   If we had a free drug or vaccine that would make you feel better, become
rough estimate of body fat. To obtain BMI values for children or adults,      slimmer, and prevent a host of chronic diseases, citizens would be break-
you can go online, get a physical, or, if lucky, your school may send the     ing down pharmacy doors to obtain this wonder cure. Healthy eating and
dreaded two digit number home- via lunchbox or post card. Kids are            exercise can provide these benefits now. These changes in lifestyle may
overweight if their BMI is over the 85th percentile, obese if over 95th.      be initially inconvenient and a bit time consuming. But failure to act now
Older teens and adults get plain numbers but the same meaning 25 and          may well lead to consequences more serious than even global warming
30. As the BMI rises, risk for medical problems will follow like a shadow.    or terrorism.
 This silent epidemic of obesity has the potential for crippling our already Dr. Moore is a retired pediatrician who practiced in the Saco-Biddeford area.
fragile health care system; the siren will sound loudly when young adults He is the author of, Black Bag to Blackberry scheduled to be released in October
suddenly develop type II diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, fatty liv-   2010. For more information on Dr. Moore, visit
Problems Swallowing?                                                      “Dysphagia’ is the medical term for swallowing difficulty. People
                                                                          who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be at

     Causes, Signs and                                                    increased risk of Dysphagia due to weakened swallowing muscula-
                                                                          ture. People with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s dis-
                                                                          ease, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and

      Symptoms of                                                         Dementia are at an increased risk.
                                                                          Advanced age alone may also increase the risk of swallowing diffi-
                                                                          culties. As we age, the muscles responsible for swallowing may

                                                                          weaken, which increases the risk of aspiration.
                                                                          One major sign that you have aspirated is a cough. Other “soft” signs
                                                                          of aspiration may include persistent runny nose and/or runny eyes
                                                                          during meals. The frequent urge to clear your throat throughout a
                                                                          meal, or wet vocal quality may also be signs of aspiration. Unex-
                                                                          plained weight loss, difficulty initiating a swallow, and feeling of
                                                                          food sticking in your throat may also be cause for concern.
by: Amy McGeachey Bond MS CCC SLP                                         Swallowing and the problems associated with swallowing are very
                                                                          complex. If you are concerned about your swallow, please contact
                                                                          your health care professional.
We have all had it happen at one time or another, food or liquid
“going down the wrong pipe”. Usually we cough, turn red in the face,
feel a bit silly, but come out of the experience unscathed. When does
the occasional choking episode raise greater concern?
What might be called “going down the wrong pipe” is termed aspira-
tion in the medical community. Aspiration is defined as food or liq-
uid particles passing through the vocal cords and entering the lungs.
The body’s natural defense system to clear the lungs of foreign ma-
terials is the cough reflex. A healthy, robust cough will rid the lungs
of the aspirated material. If the lungs are not successful in expelling
the aspirated material, that material can sit in the lungs, breed bac-
teria and increase the risk of developing respiratory issues and

       People with Dysphagia usually have symptoms

        of choking or coughing and report an abnormal

       sensation of their food sticking to the back of the

         throat or upper chest when trying to swallow

As mentioned earlier, everyone aspirates from time to time. It is
how our own body handles the aspiration that will determine
whether we will develop aspiration pneumonia. A healthy body is
more readily able to rid the lungs of the aspirated material. People
who have diseases that affect the lungs, such as Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease (COPD) may have a more difficult time moving
aspirated material out of their lungs.
Certain medical conditions may also increase the risk of swallowing
When it comes to having an ideal role model for maintain-
ing a healthy and fit lifestyle, the first person that comes to
my mind is Jack LaLanne. I have always thought of him as
"the Godfather of Fitness". I was privileged to have met him
personally, as my Dad managed his health clubs for many years in California. As a small child, I
remember my mother tuning in to his half hour, black and white television show for her daily
work out.
Walking the walk, LaLanne was (and still is) a powerhouse who exemplified the principles he
taught. His mission is simple. To help people to help themselves feel better, look better, and live
longer. LaLanne has motivated millions throughout his 70-year career to improve lives by im-
proving health. He used to say, "It's not the years in your life, but the life in your years" and he
has lived a long and active life, turning 96 this September.
As an expert on exercise and nutrition, Jack LaLanne promotes living long through healthy life-
style habits. He has been quoted as saying, "Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, put them to-
gether and you have a kingdom!" How is it for you? Are you living your life, not only to experi-
ence good health personally, but also to be a good role model for your children and grandchil-
dren? If your answer is no, then consider this commitment today and begin making better
choices. What is the secret to longevity and a quality of life that gives you the benefit of better
health? I believe it can be summed up in one word: "lifestyle".
For the last 9 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching a weekly water aerobics class to a group
of primarily senior citizens. What I admire in them most is their commitment to regular exer-
cise. It is their daily breakfast, their routine, their “lifestyle”. It warms my heart to see the life in
others, especially when I am greeted by one gentleman who is 94 years young. He is such a
                                                         charmer, is always smiling, and has a won-
                                                         derful sense of humor, vital medicine for
                                                         good health.
                                                      One last thought: as we age our metabolism
                                                      changes. The body that once burned calories
                                                      more effectively during the first 30 years of our
                                                      life begins to slow down. We actually require
                                                      less calories as we age and we could survive (in
                                                      our senior years) on two substantial meals a day
                                                      instead of three. If you must eat that third meal,
                                                      try your best not to eat anything after 6:00 pm       Eat a whole plant based diet
                                                      and make that meal the smallest of the day, fuel-     Exercise Daily
                                                      ling up in the earlier part of the day. Our body
                                                      operates best on a circadian rhythm. At night, it     Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day
                                                      is winding down and preparing for rest. Re-           Adequate sun each day for Vitamin D
                                                      member, there is only one you! Your health is
                                                      like a treasure and cannot be replaced. Don’t         Fresh air daily
                                                      take it for granted. Until next time, let’s get       Avoid alcohol, tobacco and other rec-
                                                      Cheryl is a health and fitness education with a focus   reational substances
                                                      on preventing disease rather than simply treating it. Get adequate rest with regularity of
                                                      She is an instructor for “Reversing Diabetes Semi-       bedtime each night
                                                      nars” and is the host of the television show, “Ready  Trust in God or your higher power
                                                      Set, Go Healthy. ( Seg-       (spirituality brings true happiness
                                                      ments of Ready Set Go Healthy will air soon on           and peace).
                                                      Breathe TV at at Breathe,

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