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					 September 2005                                  ASK-IT Project Newsletter, No2             Full Project Name:
                                                                                            Ambient Intelligence
                                              SIXTH FRAMEWORK                               System of Agents
                                                 PROGRAMME                                  for Knowledge-
                                           PRIORITY IST-2002-                       based and
                                                  eInclusion                                Integrated Services
                                                                                            for Mobility
                                                                                            Impaired users

                                                                                            Project Number:

                                                                                             Upcoming event:

                                                                                        > 1st Pan-European
                                                                                          Workshop on info-
Introducing ASK-IT
                                                                                          mobility services
    We welcome you to the second          that addresses the Strategic Objec-             for people with
 issue of the ASK-IT Newsletter           tive e-Inclusion in the IST Thematic            disabilities in
 which focuses on the progress            Area of the 6th Framework Pro-                  Stuttgart
 made by the various sub-projects         gramme (6FP).                                   (13th October 2005)
 (SPs), and the forthcoming work-
                                            Please note, that for more info
 shop and user forum (13-14 October
                                          about the 6th FP, the IST and the e-
 2005). This newsletter will also be
                                          Inclusion, you can visit the website,
 available in both pdf and accessible
 html format, from the project web-
    The ASK-IT project stands for             ASK-IT is a co-financed project
 “Ambient Intelligence System of              by EU IST FP6 (contract no. IST-
 Agents for Knowledge-based and               2003-511298).
 Integrated Services for Mobility Im-         The project started on 1/10/2004
 paired users” and is the largest re-         and will end on 30/9/2008.
 search project that the European
 Commission currently co-funds, and            More info about the ASK-IT
                                               project, can be found at

Prospects & synergies in ASK-IT
   ASK-IT research activities started    establishment of this project, lead-
 last October 2004 and they will last    ing mobile phones manufacturers,
 four years, until September 2008.       software companies, telecommuni-
 The project consortium consists of      cation companies and operators,                Inside this issue:
 42 partners, from 13 different Euro-    research institutes and universities
 pean countries, which represent         are gathered together along with         Progress in ASK-IT
 main and prominent actors from the      Elderly & Disabled organisations, in     Sub-Projects
                                                                                                         p. 2
 industrial and the research / aca-      order to develop integrated services
                                                                                  1st Pan-European
 demic sectors as well as from the       that advance independent living                                 p. 4
 elderly & disabled communities and      and quality of life for people with
                                                                                  User Forum             p. 5
 end-users. As part of the industry-     special needs.
 research synergy achieved with the                                               Join us                p. 6
ASK-IT Project Website:
    Page 2                    ASK-IT Newsletter

Progress in ASK-IT Sub-Projects
Subproject 1: Content for All

   During the last 6 months, this SP has focused on the      Mobility Impaired (MI) People: People with activity
collection of content specifications and requirements        limitation that prohibits their free movement. In the
which people with Mobility Impairments would like to         context of ASK-IT the following sub-divisions give
have access to while travelling by ship, train, boat, car,   some indication of the wide context of mobility
or when establishing a meeting, etc. This information will   impairments:
be used in order for Mobility Impaired people to benefit     • blind/partially sighted people;
from ASK-IT services during their daily lives, in order to   • deaf and people with hearing problems;
                                                             • people unable to walk, i.e., wheelchair users,
travel/use public transport, organise their leisure time
                                                               people who have difficulty in walking and bending
and to take part in educational, economic and social ac-       limbs,
tivities.                                                      people who have medical problems affecting
The input was provided by the various partners, who with       balance and stamina;
assistance of end-users, collected and validated the vari-   • people with cognitive impairments/ learning
ous content requirements.                                       difficulties;
                                                             • people who are illiterate.

Subproject 2: Tools for All

Subproject 3: Ambient Intelligence Framework

ASK-IT Project Website:
 Page 3                                                                             ASK-IT Project

Subproject 4: Accessible Europe

Subproject 5: Horizontal Activities                         (SIEMENS).
 Dissemination activities and gender issues                  User awareness and acceptance (RNIB)
  In the course of the last months, ASK-IT has been suc- Ethical and legal issues (COAT)
cessfully introduced at a number of events such as the
                                                              System Architecture and interoperability is-
2nd International OSSATE Workshop on "Accessible
                                                             sues (ICCS).
Tourism" which took place on 8-9th September 2005 at
the Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece. The OSSATE Evaluation Framework (UNEW).
project aims to implement a prototype multi-platform,
                                                              Standardisation and policy issues (UTL).
multi-lingual digital information service providing national
and regional content on Accessible Tourist Venues, Sites
and Accommodation, initially from 2 EU Member States:
Greece and the UK.
  ASK-IT received very positive feedback from partici-
pants, while closer cooperation between ASK-IT and OS-
SATE is envisaged because of the complementary as-
pects, namely OSSATE offering the content on accessi-
ble tourism information for hotels, etc. More information
can be found on
  Under the lead of e-ISOTIS, a large number of press
releases were also spread through various online press
channels such as ClickPress, PR LEAP, PR Web, MB
Publishing, ArriveNet, Pressbase, and was taken over by
various news websites, as well as mailinglists
(BlindNews, …), and was syndicated through Google
News search.
 Training (ATCRom)
 Exploitation activities and socio-economic impact
ASK-IT Project Website:
    Page 4                    ASK-IT Newsletter

 Welcome to the 1st ASK-IT Pan-European Workshop
  A pan-European Workshop on infomobility services for people with special needs is scheduled for 13th
 October 2005 in Stuttgart. The objective of this workshop is to widely disseminate ASK-IT concepts and
 diffuse preliminary findings from SP1 and SP2/SP3 workplans. It will be an occasion to obtain feedback and
 discuss ASK-IT from the experts’ and users’ community, before the main development phase. In the first
 day, a press conference will be given with regard to the ASK-IT pilot sites and expectations, and also an
 exhibition of the related to ASK-IT services and products will be held. A preliminary agenda is shown next,
 while formal invitations and final agenda will be sent around May 2005.

                                                  ASK-IT Meetings Agenda
                                                  (Stuttgart, 12th-13th Oct 2005)

                      12th October 2005       Technical visit (afternoon) Press release

                      13th October 2005       Pan-European Workshop and exhibition*

                              09:00-10:00 Welcome by local Politician Introduction by Representative from
                                          European Commission and Special Needs Representative
                                          (invited speakers)
                              10:00-10:30 Presentation of ASK-IT: its concepts and objectives, Dr. A.
                                          Bekiaris, CERTH/HIT, ASKIT technical coordinator
                              10:30-11:00 Break
                              11:00- 11:40 Specific needs of MI people: a technical and scientific challenge
                                           (invited speakers)
                              How ASK-IT meets these challenges:
                              11:40-12:00 Content for All
                              12:00- 12:20 Tools for All
                              12:20- 12:40 Ambient Intelligence Framework
                              12:40- 13:00 Accessible Europe
                              13:00-14:00 Lunch
                              14:00-16:00 Parallel Session
                                             • Session 1: ASK-IT for Technical Providers
                                             • Session 2: ASK-IT for Content/Service Providers
                                             • Session 3: ASK-IT for Elderly and Disabled Users
                                            Each session will start with an initial presentation (around 15 min-
                                            utes) to lead to a discussion/feedback from participants.
                              16:00- 17:00 Conclusions and Overview
                              17:00         End of the workshop

ASK-IT Project Website:
 Page 5                                                                                 ASK-IT Project

 ASK-IT Pan-European User Forum
  ASK-IT considers as very important to involve the stakeholders’ community in the
 design, testing and implementation of the ASK-IT services. Its User Forum is specifi-
 cally for stakeholders (content and service providers, Elderly and Disabled user repre-
 sentatives, local authorities, infrastructure and technology providers and telecom op-
 erators, etc). The ASK-IT User Forum aims to bring together all stakeholders in the
 area of the infomobility services and to create a community where ASK-IT concepts
 and developments will be discussed, reviewed and updated.
  Relevant stakeholders will be invited to attend User Forum meetings in order to review and comment on
 the ASK-IT services and approach. The User Forum will be constantly expanding towards interested third
 parties and it will serve as a dynamic pool of resources for the project. As the Forum will bring together all
 the key actors, starting from the local site communities and moving to a Pan-European scale, it will thus dif-
 fuse the ASK-IT concept and create consensus and third party involvement, which is a prerequisite for the
 project’ success and viability. The 1st User Forum meeting will be held on 14th October 2005 in Stuttgart.

                          ASK-IT User Forum Agenda
                               (Stuttgart, 14th Oct 2005)

14th October 2005        Pan-European User Forum

          09:15–09:30 Welcome by ASK-IT Technical Coordinator, A. Bekiaris (CERTH)
          09:30-09:45 Announcement of selected test sites, POLIS
          09:45-10:15 Expectations from the ASK-IT test sites, M. Panou, A. Bekiaris
          10:15-11:15 Ethical and Legal Issues Related to Test Users, COAT
          11:15-11:30 Coffee
          11:30- 12:30 Administration and Financial issues for test sites, POLIS / CERTH
                         • Memorandum of Understanding
                         • Budgets
                         • Accession to the project consortium (contracts)
          12:30-13:30     Lunch
          13:30-14:15 Use case prioritisation, presentation by UTL
                        Question and answer, discussion
          14:15-14:45 Discussion of Design for all and questionnaire, POLIS
          14:45-15:15 Scientific Glossary, UTL
          15:15-15:30 AOB
          15:30         End of meeting

ASK-IT Project Website:
    Page 6                           ASK-IT Newsletter

Join us
  If you would like to join us and receive our news, invitation to our workshops and user forums, continu-
 ous information on the progress of the project, or you just want to contact us, please fill in the contact form
 below and send it to the ASK-IT Communication partner, e-ISOTIS by fax at +30 210 2693775.
 Alternatively, you can complete the online form at (the fields marked with *
are obligatory).

  Title (please select one)             Mr      / Ms    / Mrs      / Dr
  First name*:
  Surname* :
  Your Function or Expertise*:
  Organisation Name:
  Tel. no. (+Int. Code):
  Fax no. (+Int. Code):
  Web Address: http://
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  this website?
  My remark/request is
  Are you a person with special         Yes      No
                                        If yes, please specify:

                                             blind/partially sighted people;
                                             deaf and people with hearing problems;
                                             people unable to walk, i.e., wheelchair users;
                                             people who have difficulty in walking and bending limbs;
                                             people who have medical problems affecting balance and stamina;
                                             people with cognitive impairments/learning difficulties;
                                             people who are illiterate;
                                             Other: ..…………………………………………………………………..

       Ι would like to subscribe to the ASK-IT mailing list and receive further news and updates on the progress of the
 ASK-IT project, as well as invitations to your workshops and the ASK-IT user forum. I understand that I will have no
 obligations whatsoever and every possible participation to the project’s activities will be strictly voluntarily. I can also
 withdraw my participation at any time with a simple e-mail to:

  Project details
  Project Reference: 511298                  Contract Type: Integrated Project                Online sources of the photos in this issue:
  Start Date: 2004-10-01                     End Date: 2008-09-30
  Duration: 48 months                        Project Status: Execution              
  Project Cost: 15.12 million euro           Project Funding: 8.50 million euro     

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