VILLAGE OF MILLSTADT
                                     VILLAGE HALL
                                      MAY 31, 2011
                                        7:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by Weldon Harber, with the following trustees answering to roll
call: Ralph Bowley, Ray Famula, Mike French, Al Lehr, Linda Lehr, and Mike Todd.

COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS: Ralph Bowley stated the interest rate at the Bank of
Springfield is 1.04% which is why the TIF money is being moved. Ralph talked with the banks
in the Village and none can compare to that rate. Linda Lehr asked if the Village Board should
have talked about it before it was moved. Mayor Harber stated the treasurer can move the
money where they believe it will fit best.

        STREETS, ALLEYS AND SIDEWALKS: Mike Todd stated there were eight bids that
came in for the West Oak Street storm sewer project. It would be between Monroe Street and
Main Street on the side by the Columbus Club. H&M Backhoe had the lowest bid at $42,075.
Don Traiteur explained the type of pipes they were going to use. They are going to use DR25
which is approved by IDOT and Randy Burk agreed was more than adequate but is also $10 per
foot cheaper. The project engineer, Dana, had some concerns about it. Don stated she’s being
very thorough but it will hold up. Mike Todd asked if anyone had any problems using the
cheaper pipe. Linda Lehr answered that as long as the engineer is satisfied then there shouldn’t
be a problem. The Village was awarded a $30,000 grant for the project so by using the cheaper
but good quality pipe the cost to the Village won’t be as much. Linda asked if the structure of
the grant has the Village paying and getting reimbursed or if the grant money is awarded up
front. Mayor Harber stated the Village would be reimbursed.
        Mike Todd made a motion to award the bid to H&M Backhoe for the Oak Street storm
sewer project for the amount of $42,075. Ralph Bowley seconded the motion. The motion
carried unanimously. Mayor Harber stated he would contact Dana tomorrow to let her know
they will use the DR25 pipes.

ADJOURNMENT: Ralph Bowley made a motion to adjourn the general Village Board meeting
and was seconded by Ray Famula. The motion carried unanimously.

________________________________                    ________________________________
Crissy Wegescheide, Clerk                           Weldon Harber, Mayor


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