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					                                   George Washingtom is an 18th century Virginia gentleman. He marries Martha
                                   Dandridge Custis and he devotes himself to a busy and happy life.
                                   They say of him: “First in war, first in peace, first in the heart of his countrymen.”

George Washington is the First President and lives mainly in
New York. John Adams lives in the White House in
Washington .

 President John Adams:    “I must       study politics and war, that my sons may
have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history,
and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give
their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary,
tapestry and porcelain.”
 He was born on April 13th 1743 in a well off family, third of ten children in Virginia. He
 studied at the College of William and Mary and worked as a lawyer afterwards. He                  Thomas Jefferson was the
 became Ambassador to France and represented Virginia in the Continental Congress
 when he was Governor of the State. At age 33 he drafted the Declaration of                        third US President from
 Independence. In 1790 he was Secretary of State when George Washington was the
                                                                                                   1801 to 1809
 His favourite foods were ice cream, pancakes, spoon bread and vegetables and fruit.
 When he ate a tomato in public it was a stir because people thought tomatoes were            Thomas Jefferson was a very brilliant man. He was an
 poisonous and only ornamental plants. He didn’t eat much meat but gave one pound of          architect and therefore constructed his mountain top
 salt pork every week to adult slaves. He loved wine and gourmet food so wine and             home Monticello. In his will the house was left to the
 copper pots came from France and pasta and parmesan from Italy. During a trip to Italy       United States to be used as a school for orphans of
 he filled his pocket with rice to grow it in the US.                                         navy officers.
 He enjoyed fishing, riding and walking. He played the violin. Horticulture was his           He read a lot and Palladio’s books influenced him a
 favourite hobby. He travelled by horse and carriage. He had many horses,                     lot. He had a great collection of books which he sold to
 Peacemaker, Powhatan, Eagle, Castor among others.                                            the US government in the last years of his life to form
 Even if he was a poor public speaker he was a man of strong conviction and emotional         the nucleus of the Library of Congress. As an author
 temperament. He was a very informal person and received people at the White House            Jefferson learnt Gaelic to translate Ossian.
 in his robe and slippers.                                                                    His inventions were very useful. He made the first
 He was used to writing letters. He wrote more than twenty thousand letters.                  swivel chair and the revolving bookstand.
 He had mockingbirds as pets. Dick was the name of his mockingbird.                           In 1819 he realized the dream to build a high place of
                                                                                              learning and was the Founder of the University of
                                                                                              Virginia. This campus is considered the most
                                                                                              significant work of architecture in America.
                                                                                              In 1809 he signed a bill abolishing slavery.
                                                                                               The most important events of his presidency were the
                                                                                              Louisiana purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition
                                                                                              to the northwest.
                                                                                              He was a loving grandfather. His wife died only after
Admirers sent President Jefferson a                                                           ten years of marriage so his daughter Martha was the
1,235-pound block of cheese, with a                                                           “First Lady” at the White House. He taught chess to
note: "The greatest cheese in America                                                         his granddaughter Ellen, he bought an English guitar
                                                                                              for Virginia and shared garden delights with Anne.
for the greatest man in America."
                                                                                              Ellen considered a great event of her life a letter from
                                                                                              her grandfather.
                                                                                              He died on July 4th 1826, just a few hours earlier than
                                                                                              his friend John Adams. He wrote his own epitaph: here
                                                                                              was buried Thomas Jefferson author of the declaration
                                                                                              of American Independence of the statute of Virginia
                                                                                              and father of the University of Virginia.
James Madison was the fourth President of
USA 1809-1817 and one of the founding
fathers of the country. He was born on March
16th 1751 in Virginia and both his parents
were owners of slaves and prosperous tobacco
planters. He belonged to the Church of
England. He died on June 28th, 1836. Madison
was known as The Great Legislator and left
behind a rich legacy with many towns,
institutions, cities and rivers being named after

 His wife Dolley Payne Todd Madison was                Party: democratic- Republican
 comely and attractive. She was her husband’s
 political ally and adviser and the toast of        He is the only one who can say” While I am in
 Washington. They had no children.                  office two Vice Presidents die!!”

He was the shortest and lightest President
with a height of 5’4” and a weight of 100 Lbs.
26th President- Republican party- in office: 1901-1909
Theodore Roosevelt
(October 27, 1858– January 6, 1919)
Theodore Roosevelt is a small and weak boy as a child.
To overcome asthma he practices sports. He swims, he
lifts weights, wresting, judo, boxing and horseback
riding. His eyesight is very bad too. When he is ill in bed
he reads a lot and he becomes a well read person. He
studies at Harvard. He leaves New York and goes to
North Dakota and he becomes a rancher. He hires
people to teach him about cattle. As a rancher he works
beside his cowboys. He is honest and expects others to
be honest too. He marries twice and has got six children
who keep many animals. When he runs for President
someone shoots him but even wounded he delivers his
speech. He is concerned about natural resources and
decides to protect 150 million acres of wilderness land.
He is a naturalist, an explorer, a writer, a soldier, a
hunter, an author and his motto is “ Speak softly and
carry a big stick”. He is the first American citizen who
receives the Nobel Prize for Peace.
35th President- Democratic party- in office 1961-1963
John Fitzgerald Kenneedy
(May 29, 1917-November 22, 1963)
JFK is one of eight children. His father Joseph is President of a bank at the age of 25.
“JacK” studies at Harvard and Stanford and then he enlists in the US navy. During
World War II he is wounded in battle. He is Catholic of Irish descent. He writes a book
“Profiles in courage” and wins the Pulitzer Prize. He is 29 when he is elected in the
House of Representatives. In 1952 he becomes Senator and in 1953 he marries
Jacqueline Bouvier. She becomes so popular that women dress like her. They have
got two children: Caroline and John John. In 1960 he defeats Richard Nixon and
becomes the youngest President to be elected.
At his inauguration he says “Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you
can do for your country”. His political program includes the New Frontier to help poor
people. He starts the Peace Corps to help young people and becomes a champion of
civil rights reforms. He launches the space program. The Kennedy years open the
White House to many social events and people still remember Marylin Monroe singing
”Happy birthday Mr President”.
 While on a motorcade during his visit in Dallas Lee Harvey Osvald kills him.
His widow lights an eternal flame that burns over his grave in Arlington Cemetery.
Barack Obama is a biracial President. His birthday is on August 4th. He was born in
His father is from Kenya and is on a scholarship in the USA when he meets Ann
Dunham, a white woman from Kansas. They are students at the University of Hawaii.
When Barack is two years old his parents divorce and his dad goes back to Kenya. He
dies there in 1982 in a car accident. Because his mother has cancer and dies young
Barack lives with his grandparents in Hawaii. He studies law at Harvard and then he
moves to Chicago where he works as a civil lawyer. In 1992 he marries Michelle
Robison. She is also a lawyer. They have two girls Malia Anne (1998) and Sasha
(2001). Barack Obama’s beloved grandmother dies the day before he becomes the first
Afro– American President of the United States in the 2008 elections. He receives the
Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009. On May 1st 2011 especially trained soldiers caught and
killed Osama Bin Laden in a mission in Pakistan and a few days later the President met
family members of the 9/11 victims in Ground Zero.