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Checklist for building your real estate marketing and lead generation processes.

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									ReTechulous Real Estate Marketing & Lead Generation Protocol...

         ReTechulous Real Estate Marketing & Lead
         Generation Protocol
                   Identify A Niche Focus
                          Property Search Based Niches
                                Weekly Pre-Foreclosure & Bank Owned List
                                New Construction Listings
                                Eco Friendly Listings
                                Multi Family Listings
                                Properties Priced Below A Certain Number (First time Buyer/Investor)
                                Properties Priced Over A Certain Number (Luxury)
                                 Recent Price Reductions (Indicative of Motivated Seller)
                                 Lease Purchase Homes
                                 Seller Financed Properties
                          Buyer Type Niches
                                 For Doctors
                                 For Teachers
                                 For Police
                                 For Military
                                 For (Any Company) Employees
                                 First Time Buyers
                                 For Move Up Buyers
                                 For Move Down Buyers
                                 For College Students
                                 Investors (Tax Shelter)
                          Seller Niches
                                 Monthly Transaction List, Market Reports
                                 Multi Family / Investment Specialist
                                 Commercial - Land/Restaurants/Storefornts
                                 Gas Stations
                                 Not Thinking About Selling, But Should

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ReTechulous Real Estate Marketing & Lead Generation Protocol...

                                 Short Sale / Facing Foreclosure
                   Build Something Of Value To Offer Prospects Who Might Be Interested In This Niche
                           For Property Search Niches-- Use your idx or Realbird property search to generate
                        links to each of the following. Then email a current link as promised on a regular basis.
                        These are the quickest/easiest "Something's Of Value" you can create.
                           For Buyer type - Offer A Free Report Or Even Better A Video Related To the
                        WHY/HOW of The Type of Move They Might Be Making
                           For Seller Type -- Offer Market Updates, Or Report/Video Related to What They
                        Might Be Trying To Do
                   Create "Capture Points" That Deliver Your Something Of Value
                           Use the ReTechulous "Capture Engine" To Build A Squeeze Page Delivering The
                        "Something Of Value"
                           Use the Retechulous "Fan Page System" to build a "Like Capture" Fan Page to
                        Instantly Deliver The Something Of Value
                           Use the ReTechulous "Mobile Marketing" page and HomeCellers integration to build a
                        text based code that delivers your content
                           If your follow up content will be delivered by regular follow up videos, use the
                        Retechulous "Real Estate Vlogger" Video marketing system to fire up a VLOG that
                        automatically displays your latest Youtube videos, captures visitor info and automatically
                        delivers your latest videos by email
                   Drive Traffic To Your Capture Points
                           Use the Retechulous Buyer Leads By Tonight System trainings to leverage Craigslist,
                        Backpage, and other platforms as sources of traffic.
                           Use the Facebook Ads tutorials in the Fan Page System to get an almost immediate
                        stream of visitors to your Capture traps
                           Use the traffic generation tutorials in the Real Estate Vlogger system to optimize your
                        videos for SEO and get more views that direct visitors to your Capture points
                           Use the ReTechulous "Google Business Listings Secrets" System to Create A Google
                        Places Business Listing around the Niche Offer in order to garner some organic search
                           Run Google/Bing/Yahoo Pay per click ads to your various capture points.
                           Use offline postcards, direct mail, and print advertising to send visitors to your Mobile
                        Capture offers.
                           Use your main "Awesome Real Estate Website" as a hub. Use a facebook like box,
                        banner ads and blog posts to direct traffic to your capture points. Also, don't forget to
                        include your QR Codes and Mobile offers. A certain percentage of visitors will interact

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ReTechulous Real Estate Marketing & Lead Generation Protocol...

                        with these, allowing you to capture live phone numbers.
                   Tweak Capture Points Until They Are Reliably Generating Leads
                           Use Google Analytics or a tool like GetClicky which allows you to watch what visitors
                        to your site do in Real Time.
                           Schedule a recurring daily or weekly appointment with yourself to study the analytics
                        and guage the effectiveness of the time and money your spending to drive traffic
                           Make changes to your Capture Points. If you want help, use the ReTechulous support
                        area at ReTechsupport.Com to get our opinion and guidance.
                           Honor your recurring "tweak" appointments. They'll prove themselves to be very
                        profitable as your database and marketing budgets grow.
                   Incubate The Leads You Have By Providing Fresh Relevant Content On A Recurring
                           Add your follow up content to your ReTechulous "Awesome Real Estate Website" in
                        the form of pages and blog posts.
                           Make sure your videos are set to autofeed to your site
                           Make sure your new content is set to syndicate to your Facebook fan page
                           Use a CRM or (more efficiently) an E-Newsletter delivery service such as
                        GetResponse, Aweber, or Icontact to send links to your latest content to the list you're
                        building. This can be done automatically by telling these services to tap an RSS feed, or
                        manually by you creating a quick broadcast with relevant links included

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