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Unit 7 Spelling Test by wpr1947

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									                               Unit 1 Spelling Test
           (R-controlled Vowels)    or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. Don’t move unless I tell you to!

2. It takes skill to bake a cake.

3. The water bomb exploded on the sidewalk.

4. Everybody was there except me.

5. Please lock the door when you leave.

6. I’ve got three pencils in my pocket.

7. Did your ball smash the window?

8. Is that a trick question?

9. Check your work carefully!

10. What’s the depth of the swimming pool?

11. Wood carving is a skilled craft.

12. I gave her half my sandwich.

13. We raised a grand total of $106 for charity.

14. My story won the essay contest.

15. Help me lift this rock please.

16. Switch off that light!

17. Do you understand the question?

18. That’s a difficult crossword puzzle.
                              Unit 2 Spelling Test
          (R-controlled Vowels)     or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. The whole class sat and listened.

2. Is your work complete?

3. The mosquito larva lives underwater.

4. Bees seek nectar in flowers.

5. One lonely leaf clung to the branch.

6. Sometimes there is extreme heat in summer.

7. The larva changes to a pupa, then a butterfly.

8. The adult butterfly is pretty.

9. How big is each wing scale?

10. Can you provide the answer to the question?

11. The two teams will compete for the prize.

12. Always write a quote in quotation marks

13. May I stoke the cat?

14. Many birds migrate south in winter.

15. She smiled widely at me.

16. Each stage of the process is slow

17. Let’s escape from class!

18. I won first prize!
                              Unit 3 Spelling Test
          (R-controlled Vowels)     or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. You maintain your bike in good condition.

2. Sit between Ari and Ron.

3. The boat’s propeller was rusty.

4. Let’s creep quietly through the woods.

5. Can you explain what you mean?

6. Autumn is the season I like best.

7. Proceed with caution through the campground.

8. Put the cushion on the chair.

9. I took the stray dog home.

10. Press the switch to release the balloons.

11. The freight train whistled loudly.

12. Watch the animals scurry in the light.

13. Did you see the fireworks display?

14. I really enjoy playing baseball.

15. You can ride on a sleigh in winter.

16. Let’s hurry or we’ll be late.

17. Did you weigh the apples?

18. Did the dog bury her bone?
                               Unit 4 Spelling Test
           (R-controlled Vowels)    or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. Do you believe that story?

2. I had toast for breakfast.

3. This bag is very heavy.

4. The temperature is below freezing.

5. Have another piece of cake!

6. I ate a bowl of cereal.

7. Vancouver is on the west coast.

8. There are marble pillars in the hall.

9. Help me unload the car please.

10. Ocean water contains salt.

11. What a relief to find my lost money!

12. The new seeds showed little growth.

13. He had a slight fever.

14. This photo looks just like you!

15. The stars were bright last night.

16. There was a large opening in the fence.

17. Did that movie frighten you?

18. Let’s eat our lunch on the patio.
                               Unit 5 Spelling Test
           (R-controlled Vowels)     or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. What’s a suitable title for the story?

2. He was fooled by my disguise.

3. Did you edit and proofread the story?

4. Draw cartoon of a horse.

5. My little sister is a nuisance!

6. Did you shoot many photos on vacation?

7. I’ll choose pizza for lunch.

8. We can convert defeat into victory.

9. What a juicy orange this is!

10. A groove is like a narrow channel.

11. Slide the letters down the mail chute.

12. You type very fast on that keyboard!

13. A consumer wants value for money.

14. My watch has a digital display.

15. How did you conclude your story?

16. She threw me a fastball.

17. I’m learning to play the flute.

18. I knew I could do it!
                                 Unit 6 Spelling Test
             (R-controlled Vowels)       or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. Everyone laughed except me.

2. My little brother is a nuisance!

3. Do you believe that story?

4. Did the lion escape from the zoo?

5. She knew the answer to the question.

6. We better hurry because we’re late.

7. Dogs don’t frighten me.

8. How much do you weigh?

9. Proceed with care crossing the road.

10. The freight train jumped the tracks

11. The kitten is only eight weeks old.

12. The dog tried to bury its bone.

13. He really likes pizza for lunch.

14. Bees sip nectar from flowers.

15. I ate the whole pie!

16. She threw the ball to me.

17. A sleigh has runners instead of wheels.

18. I’d like to sail across the ocean.

19. The bomb exploded suddenly.

20. Put the letter in the mail chute.
                              Unit 7 Spelling Test
          (R-controlled Vowels)    or our ore ar orbit source ignore chart

1. Does the moon orbit the earth?

2. There’s a new department store downtown.

3. His eyes were sparkling with fun.

4. My throw missed the target.

5. Where’s the source of this river?

6. Let’s explore this cave.

7. The formula for water is H2O.

8. He’s as big as a giant!

9. I can hardly wait for summer.

10. Pin this chart on the wall.

11. Bike safety is important to remember.

12. Ask yourself this question.

13. Don’t ignore what she says!

14. Can you transform water into pop?

15. A sponge will absorb liquids.

16. I’m looking forward to Saturday.

17. The dwarf rabbit was tiny.

18. I came fourth in the race.
                              Unit 8 Spelling Test
              (R-controlled Vowels) er ir ur ear alert dirty urgent heard

1. The river valley has fertile soil.

2. Your birthday is the date of your birth.

3. This message is urgent!

4. Canals linked the three lakes.

5. Do you smell something burning?

6. Wash that dirty shirt please.

7. I heard her shouting.

8. Water is necessary to make tea.

9. Help conserve our natural resources!

10. Farmers must irrigate dry fields.

11. Be alert when crossing the road.

12. He’s an expert with rollerblades.

13. That’s certainly the answer.

14. We drew patterns in the sand.

15. We held a surprise party for her.

16. That picture looks blurred.

17. There were swirls of sand in the air.

18. The truck carried a burden of wood.
                             Unit 9 Spelling Test
               (Other Vowels) oi oy ou ow moist annoyed foul drowned

1. My brother was annoyed with me.

2. The bug drowned in the watering can.

3. The face cloth was moist.

4. Please join me for lunch!

5. The giraffes are towering over the lions.

6. She’s employed as a lifeguard.

7. Avoid walking in the puddles.

8. That car has a powerful engine.

9. Poison ivy makes you itch.

10. No doubt you’re right!

11. You have the choice of two desserts.

12. Are the two pictures different?

13. There’s a wicked villain in the movie.

14. The disguise changed his appearance.

15. The garbage had a foul smell.

16. Crouch down and hide in the corner.

17. I like reading adventure stories.

18. That was an enjoyable show!
                           Unit 10 Spelling Test
                           (Compound Words)

1. She smiled with satisfaction.

2. Good teamwork helped us win!

3. The infield made three double plays.

4. The show was a great success.

5. Let’s go to the baseball game.

6. They’re champions of the league.

7. Someday I’ll be rich!

8. You play shortstop today.

9. Our team has a good attitude.

10. My mom is a hockey coach.

11. The scoreboard showed that we’d won.

12. All team members must co-operate to win.

13. The announcement came over the loudspeaker.

14. The highland fling is a Scottish dance.

15. The team built a new clubhouse.

16. The students were happy and carefree.

17. Put more paper in your clipboard.

18. A positive outlook helps you succeed.
                            Unit 11 Spelling Test

1. Of course I’m correct!

2. The pumpkin weighed two kilos.

3. I ran because I was late.

4. Coal is a fossil fuel.

5. I like cereal for breakfast.

6. They had to wade through the river.

7. Apples can vary in colour.

8. She missed the bus.

9. Go straight home from school.

10. The principle of the theory was clear.

11. He would like to be an astronaut.

12. Coarse salt is put on icy sidewalks.

13. The TV serial finishes tonight.

14. Gather some wood for the fire.

15. Take the note to the principal.

16. A strait joins two larger bodies of water.

17. There was mist over the lake.

18. I’m very glad to be here!
                           Unit 12 Spelling Test

1. Doing homework is important!
2. I was fourth in line.
3. It’s certainly cold out today.
4. What a surprise to win the contest!
5. They heard strange noises in the dark.
6. Is it necessary to speak so loudly?
7. Farmers must irrigate dry land
8. Some plants can poison you.
9. Do you doubt my word?
10. Let’s take a different route.
11. Co-operate with the other group members.
12. Our team has a winning attitude.
13. We’re champions of the league.
14. My speech was a great success.
15. You have the choice of tuna or pizza.
16. I like math because it’s fun!
17. That’s a very good drawing.
18. You can do that yourself.
19. The TV picture was blurred.
20. They smiled with satisfaction.
                          Unit 13 Spelling Test
                     (Plurals) letters glasses cities

1. Alphabets contain either letters or symbols.

2. There were lots of people at the show.

3. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet.

4. Write the words beside the pictures.

5. I borrow books from the school and public libraries.

6. Cities are bigger than towns.

7. Other writing systems differ from English.

8. We used codes to write secret messages.

9. There are three beaches round the lake.

10. Have you made changes in your story?

11. Our local library has three branches.

12. Cyclists must obey all road signs.

13. I can’t see without my glasses!

14. Thousands of kids were at the concert.

15. Are these Internet addresses correct?

16. I need more shelves for my books.

17. They kept the secret to themselves.

18. Ten centuries add up to a thousand years.
                         Unit 14 Spelling Test
       (Contractions and Possessives) you’re student’s players’

1. He doesn’t like cheese.

2. You’re standing on my foot!

3. He scored three penalty points.

4. There are ten teams in the league.

5. They’ve finished the game already.

6. The players’ boots were filthy.

7. The student’s lockers are a mess!

8. I’ve got a referee’s whistle.

9. Which football team do you support?

10. I play soccer twice a week.

11. The goalie’s job is very hard.

12. The player suffered a slight injury.

13. He shouldn’t have left so early.

14. What is the new student’s name?

15. He’d better not be late!

16. The player’s arm was broken.

17. It hasn’t rained for days.

The opponent’s goal was disallowed.
                           Unit 15 Spelling Test
                            Consonant Sound

1. What’s the distance from Toronto to Vancouver?

2. Rollerblades were a great invention.

3. Be patient and wait for me.

4. Are you dialling the correct number?

5. All the students presented a speech.

6. I claim ownership of that pen.

7. The conversation was whispered.

8. Are you going to the computer exhibition?

9. I spoke to her by telephone.

10. What action did you take?

11. Canada is a multicultural nation.

12. She wouldn’t carry my books for me.

13. Education only begins in school.

14. That’s an official Bluejay baseball.

15. Origami is the ancient art of paper folding.

16. What shall I do next?.

17. I have a very busy social life.

  18. They shouted with happiness.
                           Unit 16 Spelling Test

1. Be careful crossing the road.

2. Close the lid gently.

3. What a beautiful day!

4. That was a forceful speech.

5. The TV broadcast starts at 10a.m.\

6. Our media centre has three computers.

7. That’s a friendly puppy.

8. We had a lovely time at the midway.

9. The advertisement was in every newspaper.

10. The dog was quite harmless.

11. He’s a hopeless comic!

12. Her voice was full of softness.

13. The joke caused great amusement.

14. The monster was a picture of ugliness.

15. Winter seemed endless this year.

16. Awareness of road safety is important.

17. Settle your argument quickly!

18. Luckily, I know the answer.
                         Unit 17 Spelling Test
                       Base Words and Endings

1. The chairs were arranged in rows.

2. He pitied the starving dog.

3. I like studying science.

4. Our class published a newspaper.

5. She copied down the question.

6. The students divided into two groups.

7. Crime movies are exciting.

8. That was a satisfying lunch!

9. I illustrated my poem.

10. Do you read comic books?

11. There were three characters in the story.

12. She created a new list of words.

13. We chuckled at the joke.

14. How are books produced?

15. He denied the accusation.

16. I get bored at movies.

17. Dad worried when I was late coming home.

18. Did you read that comic strip?
                          Unit 18 Spelling Test
                         A Review of Units 13-17

1. Tell me your e-mail addresses.

2. How old is ancient?

3. There are four characters in the story.

4. I illustrated my poem.

5. That’s a friendly dog.

6. Let’s go to the computer exhibition.

7. Dad worried when we were late arriving home.

8. Be patient and wait for me!

9. This is an official Team Canada sweater.

10. The boys had an argument about baseball cards.

11. The advertisement offered $10 off T-shirts.

12. It’s a beautiful day today!

13. There were 300 people at the show.

14. The fossil was buried for centuries.

15. Some alphabets are different from English.

16.Our team is top of the league.

17. I can draw pictures of horses.
18.She doesn’t like peanut butter!

19. The road signs warned of danger ahead.

20. The referee’s whistle was loud.
                        Unit 19 Spelling Test
                           Verb Endings

1. The sun isn’t visible at night.

2. Put this film in your camera.

3. Close the shutter on that window.

4. The wind slammed the door shut.

5. We dragged our toboggans up the hill.

6. She preferred skiing to swimming.

7. The image on the TV screen faded.

8. My new jeans fitted perfectly.

9. Let’s hunt for hidden treasure!

10. My camera takes instant photos.

11. What’s the process of making bread?

12. He’s sensitive to bee stings.

13. I tripped over my own feet.

14. We’re beginning a new book today.

15. She’s winning by one point.

16. The dog grabbed my sandwich!

17. Thanks for permitting me to come!

18. He keeps forgetting his homework.
                        Unit 20 Spelling Test
                      Schwa vowels item method

1. There’s only one item on the menu.

2. What method is used to make paper?

3. We’re proud to be Canadian!

4. I admit that I did it.

5. He has a cheerful spirit.

6. She’ll be here presently.

7. How do you manufacture pop?

8. His behaviour was a disgrace.

9. The wedding banquet was delicious!

10. Do you like sugarless tea?

11. I’ve collected stamps for years.

12. That’s a delicious cake.

13. Never panic in an emergency.

14. How recent is that video?

15. I lave maple syrup on pancakes.

16.The American flag is red, white, and blue.

17. My dentist gave me a toothbrush.

18. We ate Mexican food.
                        Unit 21 Scpelling Test
                      Schwa Vowels vital multiply

1. Bluebeard was a famous pirate.

2. Go to the principal’s office!

3. The purchase price was $10.

4. We’re raising funds for charity.

5. I like history better than geography.

6. Water is vital for life.

7. Multiply two times two.

8. The old necklace was very valuable.

9. I paid for the book with a credit card.

10. This pen’s my personal property.

11. His work standard was not up to standard.

12. She had three coins in her pocket.

13. Let’s exchange lunches today!

14. My mom’s a bank manager.

15. Canadian currency is the dollar.

16. My room is a private place.

17. Balance this book on your head.

18. Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
                         Unit 22 Spelling Test
                Final Unstressed Syllables (awful stolen)

1. I’ve saved a total of $35.

2. Bright light can dazzle your eyes.

3. She has a diamond bracelet.

4. They drank mineral water at lunch.

5. The pop cost a dollar.

6. New coins shine and glitter.

7. That’s an awful noise!

8. I’m not walking any farther!

9. Are there nickel mines in Canada?

10. Crystal looks like ice.

11. Is that an original painting?

12. The sunshine is brilliant today.

13. They dug a tunnel under the river.

14. The diamond is worth two billion dollars.

15. My bicycle was stolen.

16. An emerald is a beautiful shade of green.

17. I’d like a double helping of pizza.

18. Dad lets me polish the car.
                          Unit 23 Spelling Test
           Final Unstressed Syllables (fiercer darken moment)

1. Imagine living without TV!

2. The principal is director of our play.

3. He’s a famous movie actor.

4. The theatre is staging two plays.

5. I’ll be there in an instant.

6. Putty is used to fix glass in windows.

6. I saw a figure in the distance.

7. Your dog is fiercer than mine.

8. She brought six bottles of water.

9. There’s a sunken ship in the lake.

10. My dad grew a beard last summer.

11. There are grey hairs in his mustache.

12. The old man’s face was full of wrinkles.

13. What do you suggest we do next?

14. Put the lid son these containers.

15. In a moment the race will begin!

16. The sky began to darken as night fell.

17.What’s the title of that new movie?
                          Unit 24 Spelling Test
                         A Review of Units 19-23

1. My birthday dinner was a banquet!

2. Here’s the original of that photocopy.

3. His skin is sensitive to the sun.

4. That cake was delicious!

5. That’s an awful noise.

6. The theatre staged two plays last month.

7. The dog’s face was all wrinkles.

8. I’ve saved 40 dollars this year.

9. He has a long, curly mustache.

10. I’ll meet you at the baseball diamond.

11. That’s a brilliant idea!

12. The sea sparkled like crystal.

13. How do they manufacture cars?

14. The ship was visible on the horizon.

15. I’m beginning swimming lessons soon.

16. The gold watch was very valuable.

17. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan.
                       Unit 25 Spelling Test
     Unstressed Endings (ant as in pleasant, ible as in impossible)

1. A carrot is a vegetable.

2. Garment is another word for clothing.

3. That was a pleasant walk.

4. Who is the president of the club?

5. They were ignorant of the danger.

6. Are you capable of running three kilometres?

7. The old painting was a worthless fake.

8. What’s the latest fashion in jeans?

9. The bird’s feathers are bright blue.

10. My new jacket is machine washable.

11. Who is responsible for this mess?

12. A police officer is a public servant.

13. What a comfortable chair this is!

14. Shoes are made in a shoe factory.

15. That was an excellent story!

16. Wealthy people have lots of money.

17. No task is impossible!

18. My mom’s a sergeant in the army.
                      Unit 26 Spelling Test
       Unstressed Endings (ure as in pleasure, ic as in tragic)

1. The plane crash was a tragic event.

2. Were you nervous before your speech?

3. That was a terrific movie!

4. It’s a pleasure to be here>.
5. A deer is a gentle creature.

6. They drove at a furious speed.

7. What a humorous cartoon!

8. The picnic was a failure because it rained!

9. I’m learning to play the piano.

10. We have science lessons every day.

11. A mysterious shadow appeared behind me.

12. Nobody can read my dad’s signature.

13. It’s torture listening to you sing!

14. The play had a dramatic ending.

15. Stop laughing and be serious!

16. Hockey is part of Canadian culture.

17. The cat is a domestic animal.

18. I’m curious to know the answer.

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