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					                 “ZERO IN ON ZERO WASTE: Don’t let your bottom line go to waste”
                       First Annual Orange County Zero Waste Business Conference
                                        Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
                                             Thursday, June 8, 2006

                               Showcased Companies & Organizations
Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Algalita Marine Research Foundation (AMRF) is a Long Beach, California based non-profit environmental
organization. AMRF is dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment. With the help of its chartered
research vessel, The Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV) Alguita, AMRF is actively engaged in innovative
research, education and restoration of the marine environment.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Honda opened its first U.S. plant in 1979 and has evolved into a company that directly employs more than 25,000
Americans. Honda is a manufacturer of Honda and Acura automobiles, Powersports, Power Equipment, Marine
and Engines. More than 100,000 workers are employed at authorized Honda automobile, motorcycle and power-
equipment dealerships in the United States. Tens of thousands of additional Americans are employed by more
than nearly 600 U.S. suppliers from which Honda purchases parts and materials.

Bank of America
More than 175,000 Bank of America associates provide financial products, services, ideas and solutions to
customers and clients in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Bank of America‟s Global Corporate and
Investment Banking group has offices in 31 countries serving clients in more than 150 countries, with associates in
major business centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its consumer and commercial banking operations serve
more than one in four households in the United States, transacting with more than 150 customers per second.

California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB)
The California Integrated Waste Management Board is the designated State agency to oversee and manage
California‟s 76 million tons of wasted resources generated each year. CIWMB promotes a sustainable environment
where resources are not wasted but can be reused or recycled through measurable and innovative programs in a
partnership with all of California. The Board provides grants and loans in order to help California cities, counties,
businesses and organizations meet the State‟s reduction, reuse and recycling goals. In addition to the many
programs and incentives, the Board promotes the use of new and innovative technologies for the practice of
diverting California‟s resources away from landfills.

Orange County Stormwater Program (Sponsor)
               The Orange County Stormwater Program is a countywide partnership between the County of
              Orange, the 34 incorporated cities and the Orange County Flood Control District. The Program
              was developed in response to municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
              (NPDES) stormwater permits, which require the elimination of most discharges not associated
              with rain events and the implementation of best management practices to reduce pollutants
                                           Earth Resource Foundation
     230 E. 17th Street, Suite #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone: (949) 645-5163. Fax: (949) 645-5173.
                 “ZERO IN ON ZERO WASTE: Don’t let your bottom line go to waste”
                        First Annual Orange County Zero Waste Business Conference
                                         Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
                                              Thursday, June 8, 2006

coming out of the storm drain system. The Program has developed and implemented a comprehensive approach
to water quality improvement, which addresses new development planning and construction, pollutants form
existing developed areas, illicit connection and illegal discharge investigation, public education, and the assessment
of water quality conditions.

Earth Resource Foundation
Earth Resource Foundation is empowering the public with the resources they need to make environmentally
sustainable choices and changes. Founded in 1999, Earth Resource Foundation (ERF) is an environmental
educational non-profit organization developed to empower the general public with the resources needed to make
environmentally sustainable choices and changes. Its mission statement is to preserve, conserve, and restore the
Earth to a healthy and sustainable state by redirecting available human, technological, monetary and academic
resources. It is the belief of ERF that people want to act responsibly but are either unaware of their negative
impact on the environment or are hindered by barriers that prohibit them from acting responsibly. Its programs
are targeted at three primary audiences: youth, communities and businesses. Its goal is to help each of these groups
determine their environmental issues and provide the resources to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

Gary Liss & Associates
Gary Liss & Associates (GLA) helps public and private sector clients on strategic solid waste and recycling policy
and program analyses; develops public and private Zero Waste Plans; evaluates and develops Resource Recovery
Parks; designs Incentive-based solid waste and recycling systems; drafts RFPs and contracts for municipal solid
waste and recycling services; and develops proposals and joint ventures among innovative reuse; recycling and
composting companies.

Gensler (Sponsor)
                              Gensler is a global architecture, design, planning, and strategic consulting firm that
                              specializes in a wide range of building and facilities owned or used by businesses,
                              institutions, and public agencies. Our services engage the full building cycle from
initial planning through design, implementation, and management. We focus on our clients, understand their goals
and strategies, and seek to add substantial value to their enterprise through our work and services. Gensler was
founded in San Francisco in 1965. To ensure close interaction with its clients, the firm has grown from one office
to a broad-based organization with 28 offices and a professional resource in excess of 2,200 people. Fast Company
magazine has called Gensler „one of America‟s most influential design firms.‟ For over two consecutive decades,
Gensler has been recognized in independent surveys as the nation‟s largest architectural firm (Building Design &
Construction magazine) and largest interior design firm (Interior Design magazine). World Architecture magazine
has named Gensler one of the world‟s top five architectural firms. Gensler ranked number one in Interiors
magazine‟s “Top 40 Multinational Design Firms” survey. Gensler received the Year 2000 Architecture Firm
Award, the AIA‟s highest honor to a firm that has consistently produced distinguished architecture. Michael J.
Stanton, FAIA, President of the AIA, said in his announcement, “Gensler is America‟s foremost collaborative
practice. The firm exemplifies how the creative mix of disciplines, all with „place‟ as their focus, adds richness and
                                             Earth Resource Foundation
       230 E. 17th Street, Suite #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone: (949) 645-5163. Fax: (949) 645-5173.
                “ZERO IN ON ZERO WASTE: Don’t let your bottom line go to waste”
                      First Annual Orange County Zero Waste Business Conference
                                      Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
                                           Thursday, June 8, 2006

value to buildings and their settings... Year 2000 is an appropriate time to honor a firm that has consistently
pushed the boundaries of architecture.”

Huls Environmental Services (Sponsor)
                Huls Environmental is a consulting firm that effectively integrates all aspects of environmental
                management including air, water, residuals, energy, and resource conservation. Our vision is of
                a sustainable world comprised of communities balanced in ecological and economical
                harmony. Our mission is to help clients reap the benefits of a sustainable earth; complying with
                and improving upon environmental laws, while generating profits and growth. Our clients
range from Fortune 500 companies to very small municipalities of less than 1,000 residents to nonprofit

Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (nonprofit, public-benefit corporations),
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation), and the Permanente Medical Groups (for-
profit professional organizations). Kaiser Permanente is the largest nonprofit health plan in the United States,
serving 8.2 million members in 9 states and the District of Columbia. As a nonprofit health plan, Kaiser
Permanente is driven by the needs of its members rather than the needs of shareholders. Moreover, Kaiser
Permanente believes that it has a responsibility to serve the communities in which it operates.

Kean Coffee
Kean Coffee is the newest coffeehouse concept created by coffeehouse pioneer Martin Diedrich. Kean coffee
breaks the mold of the ordinary chain coffeehouse. It is an exciting, cutting edge, innovative and fun new
community gathering place which takes coffeehouse culture to the next level.

L.A. SHARES is a non-profit program that takes tax-deductible donations of reusable goods and materials from
the local business community. L.A. SHARES redistributes these items free of charge to non-profit agencies and
schools throughout Los Angeles. Since its inception in 1991, L.A. SHARES has provided over $75,000,000.00 in
desperately needed goods and materials to more than 2,500 non-profit agencies and schools in Los Angeles
County. The local L.A. business community's generosity has made LA SHARES the single, largest donor of goods
and materials to the Los Angeles Unified School District as well as Los Angeles County's arts community, after
school programs, parks and recreation programs, theater community and alcohol/drug recovery agencies.

Professional Supply, Inc.

                                         Earth Resource Foundation
     230 E. 17th Street, Suite #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone: (949) 645-5163. Fax: (949) 645-5173.
                 “ZERO IN ON ZERO WASTE: Don’t let your bottom line go to waste”
                       First Annual Orange County Zero Waste Business Conference
                                        Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
                                             Thursday, June 8, 2006

Professional Supply, Inc. is an industrial heating, ventilating, and air conditioning energy consultant firm founded
in 1979 by Thomas Kiser. PSI‟s patented HVAC technology has generated significant energy savings relating to
electric, gas, water, coal, steam, and compressed air usage for many industrial clients. PSI has also generated
significant maintenance savings by reducing the amount of units required on the roof and eliminating air
distribution ductwork. PSI provides a system for controlling desired building conditions through its ten patents,
software copyrights, and twenty trade secrets. PSI has become one of America‟s industry leaders in the successful
shutdown of industrial powerhouses. Recently, it has idled the boilers in the powerhouse and decentralized the
production of compressed air, enabling heat recovery into the HVAC technology. The concept behind the
technology is that “energy needed should be equal to or greater than energy purchased.” PSI‟s innovative HVAC
systems can be felt in the world outside the buildings through their positive environmental impact. PSI‟s system
also focuses on improving the environment inside the plant in order to achieve enhanced productivity.

Remedy Environmental Services/Adam’s Steel (Sponsor)
                                                            Remedy Environmental Services, LLC, provides a
                                                            complete range of services for industrial and municipal
                                                            customers needing to recycle hazardous and non-
hazardous wastes. With three sales, services, treatment and recycling facilities, Remedy Environmental Services,
LLC, has locations convenient to most industrial facilities throughout the state of California. Remedy and our
affiliate companies, Adams Steel, Macoy Resource Corporation, Commercial Filter Recycling, and others provide
industrial demolition, scrap metal recycling, oil filter processing, hazardous waste management and water treatment
- the full spectrum of environmental services.
Environmental sustainability is a key initiative both here in the US and globally. Remedy Environmental is a leader
in industrial and municipal waste recovery and recycling. Please take you time and look through their web site to
gather more background on Remedy and how Remedy may be able to save you money and provide a quick turn
key service.

Richard Anthony Associates
Richard Anthony Associates provides resource conservation and recovery services specializing in developing zero
waste programs for residential, commercial and industrial discards and wastewater. Its goal is to design and
produce zero waste programs that create jobs from discards.

Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (Sponsor)
                             Ricoh electronics is one of 395 domestic and overseas companies which comprise the
                             $14.7 billion global corporation Ricoh Company, Ltd. Ricoh Electronics is a leading
                             supplier of advanced office automation equipment, which produces highly-advanced
                             digital copiers, peripherals, printed circuit boards, SecureFax™ machines, eCabinets,
                             thermal media, toner, parts, remanufactured toner cartridges, and customer-
configured products. Facilities are located in Orange County, California; Lawrenceville, Georgia; and Toluca,
Mexico. Ricoh has been a leader in its industry in environmental conservation due to company philosophy and
                                           Earth Resource Foundation
     230 E. 17th Street, Suite #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone: (949) 645-5163. Fax: (949) 645-5173.
                 “ZERO IN ON ZERO WASTE: Don’t let your bottom line go to waste”
                       First Annual Orange County Zero Waste Business Conference
                                        Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA
                                             Thursday, June 8, 2006

the company‟s strong sense of mission as a citizen of the Earth. Ricoh understands that conservation is not only a
social issue, but a critical part of management and is fundamental to the success of their business. Ricoh has been
recognized by local and state governments for its efficient use of resources, its watchful stewardship of the
environment, and Ricoh‟s achievement of ISO 14000.

The Wireless Alliance, LLC (Sponsor)
                  The Wireless Alliance is a cellular phone recycling company and your source for new and used
                  cellular equipment. We constantly strive to bring integrity, reliability, and great customer
                  service to the wireless phone recycling industry. The Wireless Alliance works with
                  manufacturers, wireless carriers, recyclers and non-profit organizations to collect, resell and
                  recycle cellular equipment. All equipment is repurposed in a zero waste, environmentally-
                  conscious manner. Since 2001, The Wireless Alliance has reclaimed over 500 tons of wireless
                  equipment from landfills, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Vons, a Safeway Company (Sponsor)
                     Charles Von der Ahe opened his 20-foot wide Groceteria on the corner of 7th and Figueroa
                     in downtown L.A. in 1906 with $1200 in savings. It was a neighborhood store that catered to
                     the needs of local families, where Von der Ahe pioneered "cash and carry" as an alternative to
                     "charge and Delivery". His formula proved so successful that by 1928 Vons had expanded to
                     87 stores. Charles Von der Ahe sold his chain the following year, but four years later, despite
                     the Depression, two of his sons, Ted and Wil, re-started Vons. Its growth and innovation
                     over the next 70 years was non-stop. In 1948 the brothers opened their most ambitious store
at the corner of Santa Barbara and Crenshaw. Thanks to the introduction of pre-packaged perishables, they were
able to offer some of the first self-service produce, meat and Deli departments. This milestone marked the advent
of the first true supermarkets as we know them today. The most explosive growth occurred during the 1970's
when Vons branched out to 159 stores with 16,000 employees, making it firmly the #1 grocery retailer in Southern
California. Today the Vons operation, which includes Pavilions stores, is now a part of the Safeway family of
companies. Vons stretches from San Diego to Fresno, from Clark County, Nevada to the Pacific. It's 325 stores
serve millions of Southern Californians and Nevadans.

The Walt Disney Company
Since its founding in 1923, The Walt Disney Company has remained faithful in its commitment to producing
unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional
storytelling. Today, Disney is divided into four major business segments: Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts,
Consumer Products, and Media Networks. Each segment consists of integrated, well-connected businesses that
operate in concert to maximize exposure and growth worldwide.

                                           Earth Resource Foundation
     230 E. 17th Street, Suite #208 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Phone: (949) 645-5163. Fax: (949) 645-5173.