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									                            UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                JULY 20, 2004
                         CROWN PLAZA UNION STATION
                                          INDIANAPOLIS, IN

These minutes are not final until confirmed by the Group in writing or by vote at a subsequent meeting.
Information herein does not constitute a communication or recommendation from the Group and shall
not be considered as such by any agency.


        The meeting was called to order by Ed Engelhard. A quorum was established
        (minimum 5 members were present).

        SSC Members Present:
        Mark Brown, Suncoast Heat Treat                   Jay McMurray, Metal Improvement Inc
        Jerry Cedrone, ALCOA Howmet Castings              David Michaud, Fountain Plating
        Ed Engelhard, Owego Heat Treat                    David Mitchell, Mitchell Labs
        Richard Kana, PTI Industries                      Cindy Roth, Cooperheat-MQS, Cincinnati
        Johanna Lisa, Continental Heat Treating/          Jerry Wahlin, AAA Plating
                      Quality Heat Treating

        Other Participants/Members:
        Reha Aktas, Helicomb International                Bill Lodwick, Praxair Surface Technologies
        Lloyd Barker, ALCOA, Inc.                         Anita Loseth, Anodic Inc
        Mel Barnell, Sherry Labs                          Don Lowman, Continental Heat Treating
        Lisa Barnes, ALCOA-Howmet Castings                Steven Mackenzie, Applied Thermal Technologies
        Bill Bauer, Metal Improvement Inc                 Mike Marchio, Co-Operative Plating
        Dawne Bland, Co-Operative Plating                 David Markgraf, Metal Improvement Inc
        Miloud Boutmaj, Heroux-Devtek                     Francois Martel, Heroux-Devtek
        Cecil Burnett, Sherry Labs                        Ed Mayer, Meyer Tool Inc
        Susan Centea, Allen Aircraft                      Jennifer McPeak, Suncoast Heat Treat
        Cindy Crass, Cincinnati Thermal Spray             Gil Monos, Sherry Labs
        Tom Croucher, Croucher Associates                 Walt Moorhead, Product Evaluation Systems
        Susan Cummings, American Brazing-Ohio             Bob Muto, American Brazing-Ohio
        Jim Cummings, Metal Finishing Co., Inc.           Ronn Nelson, Howmet Castings
        Robert Custer, AAA Plating                        Greg Newton, Newton Heat Treating
        Eric Dirats, Dirats Labs                          Drew Nosti, N Tec
        Paul Evans, NDT Inspection & Testing LTD          Gary O'Neill, Parker Hannifin
        Tom Flanagan, Ladish                              Mike Park, Stack Metallurgical
        Richard French, Alcoa Fastening Systems           Larry Phipps, Alcoa Fastening Systems
        Debbie Frick, Sherry Labs                         John Riddel, St Bernard Composites
        Jim Gang, Product Evaluation Systems              Elena Ritoli, Metallurgical Processing
        Mark Girassi, Carpenter Technology                Gordon Ritter, Metal Improvement Inc
        Niko Gjaja, The M&P Lab                           Dale Roberts, Praxair
        Dale Harmon, Cincinnati Thermal Spray             Victor Schonberger, Israel Aircraft Industries
        Gerald Harvey, Chem-Fab, A Triumph Co.            Stuart Sherman, Metallurgical Processing
        Jonathan Hebben, Alcoa Fastening Systems          Ryan Soule, ALCOA-Howmet
        Jim Hill, Carpenter Technology                    John Steltenpohl, Paulo-Kansas City
        Richard Hill, Praxair Surface Technologies        James Stewart, Hi-Shear Corp

      Other Participants/Members (Cont’d):
      Dave Isenberg, Parker Hannifin                     Sandra Tomblin, XRI Testing
      Dave Kimber, ATK Composites                        Christian Tyroll, Impact Finishers
      John Kunkle, ALCOA-Howmet Castings                 Michael Walker, Praxair
      Serge Labbe, Heroux-Devtek                         David Yates, Alcoa Fastening Systems
      Bob Lehnen, Bodycote

      Primes Present
      Steve Bauer, Northrop Grumman                      Frank Lennert, Boeing
      Pierre Beceulieu, Bell-Helicopter                  Lance Loeks, Boeing
      John Blanco, Northrop Grumman                      Brian Nantista, Northrop Grumman
      Russ Cole, Northrop Grumman                        Teresa O'Leary, Cessna Aircraft Co
      Michael Davis, GE Transportation                   Jay Park, Northrop Grumman
      Chris Diepenbrock, Boeing                          Julio Perez, AIRBUS
      Jim Doherty, GE Aircraft Engines                   Eddy Pham, Northrop Grumman
      Doug French, Vought Aircraft                       Chatt Rhodes, Cessna Aircraft Co
      Debra Harrison, DCMA                               John Sattler, Raytheon Aircraft
      Andy Iesalnieks, Rolls-Royce                       Mike Stolze, Northrop Grumman
      Earl Koechig, Boeing                               Camille Valmy, AIRBUS
      Robert Kowkol, Honeywell

      PRI Staff:
      Jim Borczyk                                        Arshad Hafeez
      Don Buehler                                        David Luoni
      Michael Arthur Forman                              Mike Ploucha
      Michael Graham                                     Seema Saleem
      Glenn Shultz                                       Bill Wagner

2.0   Meeting Minutes
      2.1    January 20, 2004 meeting minutes were approved as written.
      2.2    April 20, 2004 meeting minutes (information only) approved as written.

3.0   Brief Introduction to Supplier Support Committee
      3.1      Dave Michaud reviewed the SSC Mission Statement and purpose. The importance of keeping
               meeting discussion within the stated purpose and scope of the SSC was re-iterated. See
               attached copy of the mission statement.

4.0   Nadcap Program Status Report

      3.1     Arshad Hafez presented information regarding Nadcap performance, new Task Groups, audit
              numbers, new initiatives and the future direction of Nadcap. Arshad pointed out that audits
              scheduled for Europe and Americas have exceeded 2004 projections. See attached presentation
              for details.

5.0   SSC Initiatives Derived from Supplier Survey

      5.1     Ed Engelhard presented the status of actions relating to the 2003 Supplier Survey. Prime audit
              question 14 is being actively worked and a discussion panel is planned for question 15
              regarding Nadcap business improvement. See attached presentation for details.

6.0   Supplier Communications Sub-committee

      6.1     Johanna Lisa reviewed methods of improved communication for the supplier base. A list of
              improvements that have been made to the PRI website and eAuditNet were reviewed, and
              additional suggestions were made. See attached presentation for complete report. Action:
              Supplier volunteers needed to assist with implementation of the new SSC Newsletter.

7.0   Nadcap Pre-assessment Program (Gap Analysis Proposal)

      7.1     Jerry Whalin, AAA Plating, requested that the SSC endorse his proposal that recommends re-
              instituting Nadcap Pre-assessment Audits for new suppliers who desire one. Much discussion
              accompanied this topic and a motion was made and seconded that Jerry’s proposal (as
              modified during the meeting and documented in the presentation) be submitted to the NMC
              for consideration. Motion passed. See attached presentation for details. Action: SSC to
              submit proposal/presentation to the NMC for review.

8.0   NDTSSC Nadcap Team Chartering Proposal

      8.1     Ryan Soule, Alcoa Howmet Castings requested SSC assistance in chartering an NDT Supplier
              Support team that would improve supplier input to the NDT Task Group. See the attached
              presentation for the complete proposal. After much discussion, it was decided that since the
              sub-team would be involved with technical issues associated with the NDT process, such a
              team should be constituted as a sub-team of the NDT Task Group rather than a sub-team of the
              SSC. It was further stated that this would be the best course of action since current NOPs
              allow the formation of Task Group sub-teams along with necessary resources to support their
              mission. Action: Ryan Soule to request approval from the NDT Task Group Chair to
              create an NDT Supplier Sub-team that will accomplish the objectives described in his

9.0    NMC Update

       Chet Date, incoming NMC Chairman, gave an update of NMC actions/initiatives including issues
       regarding suppliers performance and PRI Board feedback. See the attached presentation for additional
       details. During the question and answer session, it was asked if accreditation requirements were the
       same for all suppliers worldwide? The answer was a definite “yes”.

10.0   New Business

       10.1     The NMC has asked the SSC for assistance in collecting supplier cost data related to
                Nadcap implementation, i.e. costs beyond normal PRI accreditation fees. Further information
                regarding this request to be communicated at the next quarterly meeting in Pittsburgh.

       10.2     The NMC has asked the SSC to publish a “whitepaper” describing the creation, use and future
                direction of the supplier survey that was conducted in 2003. Further information to be
                communicated at the next quarterly meeting in Pittsburgh.

11.0   Open Discussion

       11.1    Supplier Agreements – Is there a problem in Europe with acceptance of supplier agreements by
               Nadcap? Answer: No.

       11.2    The Supplier Survey conducted in 2003 is being reviewed/revised in preparation for its
               implementation again in 2004. If anyone is interested in participating in the review of the
               survey, contact one of the SSC officers or PRI.

       11.3    With the organization changes at PRI, have the published training schedules been impacted?
               Answer: No

       11.4    Point of information - Root cause training on the PRI web-site is free. On-site and public
               training symposiums are not. Contact PRI for associated costs.

       11.5    The RCCA training offered at the quarterly meetings conflicts with the Task Group meetings.
               Can it be offered at a different time? Action: Arshad Hafeez to investigate.

12.0   Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 pm.

       Minutes prepared by: Jerry Cedrone, Alcoa Howmet Castings


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