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									April 3, 2003
    Welcome Parents
Central Park Middle School
Parent Orientation
    to 6th Grade
 Dr. Tebbano, Principal
Mr. DeLorenzo, Asst. Principal
Mrs. Dalrymple, Counselor (A - K)
Mrs. Hall, Counselor (L - Z)
Megan and Garrett - 6th grade students at CPMS
Mr. Kosiur, Co-President PTO
         Spring 2002
     Transition Activities
CPMS Newsletters                     Volume 3, Issue 7                                                              C
                                                                                                                      entral P ool
are sent to Elementary                                                                                              Middle
                                                                      March 2003

                                                                                                Message from the Principal

Classes each month.                                                                        Central Park Families:

                                                                                               Well, it’s March and we are still look-
                                                                                            ing at mounds of snow. We ask ourselves

                          “CLIM BING T HE HI LL T O A HIG HE R E DUCATIO N ”
                                                                                            when the weather will make a change.

                                                                                            Even the skiers among us are wishing for
                                                                                            an end to the sub zero temperatures and
                                                                                            bone chilling winds. The weather teaches
                                                                                            us that we can’t always predict and plan
                                                                                            what is around the corner and we must
                                                                                            adapt and overcome obstacle.
                                                                                               In school and at home we teach the
                                                                                            skill of overcoming obstacles. Learning
                                                                                            to problem solve is becoming a more nec-      $3.00 in the library.) Locker use also
                                                                                            essary skill with each passing year. In the   teaches organizational skills. (note: If
                                                                                            past, the assembly line provided jobs for     your child loses a lock, it needs to be re-
                                                                                            many people and if you learned your job       placed. We rent locks for $5.00 or per-
                                                                                            and did it well you earned a good living.     sonal locks can be used.) Teachers ex-
                                                                                            Today, robots and machines have re-           pect honesty and integrity in every aspect
                                                                                            placed humans on many assembly lines          of school. In the age of computer “copy
                                                                                            and the skills necessary to be successful     and paste,” integrity is a quality is easily
                                                                                            require workers to be able to communi-        tested. Teamwork, interpersonal skills,
                                                                                            cate, solve problems, and be adaptable.       analytic skills, and communication are
                                                                                            Just as we need to plan for changes in the    used in many classes. We always look

                                                                               NEW          weather, we need to teach our children the
                                                                                            skills necessary to survive and thrive in
                                                                                            the 21st century.
                                                                                               The New York State Learning Stan-
                                                                                                                                          for ways to stretch students’ abilities in
                                                                                                                                          these areas.
                                                                                                                                             Talk with your child about these
                                                                                                                                          qualities and how he/she can work to
                                                                                            dards and the challenging courses that        develop the qualities mentioned above.
                                                                                            your children take at Central Park are        They are keys to success in middle
                                                                                            designed to help them develop the skills      school and in life. We remain committed
                                                                                            that eventual employers want in their em-     to helping our students develop the skills
                                                                                            ployees. These are the same skills that       and qualities that will ensure their
                                                                                            will allow them to be successful school       success. Their success is our success!
                                                                                            now. We constantly work to develop
                                                                                            organizational skills in our students. The
                                                                                            student “Agenda Planner” is an organiza-
                                                                                            tional tool. (note: if your child needs a
                                                                                            replacement agenda, they are available for
     Principal Breakfast
In January, the principals of
 our elementary schools
 were invited to a breakfast
 meeting with the CP
 principal and assistant
 principal. We had an
 opportunity to share ideas
 and talk about ways to
 make the transition to
 middle school smoother.
      Welcome Letter

Current 6th graders write
 friendly letters to 5th grade
 students and describe our
 school and what it is like to
 be in 6th grade.
   Intake Sheets
Student informational intake
 sheets are completed by 5 th

 grade teachers and reviewed by
 guidance counselors, teachers,
 and administrators at Central
Conversations Continue
Informal email and telephone
 questions between CPMS and
 teachers/administrators occur
 throughout the spring.
5 th   -   6 th   Grade Teacher Meeting
 On April 14th, 5th grade teachers from
  all of our elementary schools and 6th
  grade teachers from the three middle
  schools will participate in a
  planning/best practice workshop.
  This event is being sponsored by the
  GE Fund Middle School Extension
    Getting Comfortable
    with Middle School
Day long visitation
to CPMS. Each
student gets a 6th
grade “buddy” for
the day. Students
attended classes
and see the middle
school up close and
personal!             Students at Lunch!
Enjoying a Visit to CPMS!
More Happy Visitors
After a Visit we Re-Group!
Hey, we have
Everyday Math
  Here too!
                Do we have
                 to leave?
  Central Park Awarded
 NYS School of Excellence
  In October 1999,
     Central Park
    Middle School
 was recognized as a
  New York State
Blue Ribbon School
   of Excellence
Program of Study
  5 Core Subjects
   (Taught Every Day)

 English, Reading,
 Math, Science, and
   Social Studies
           Two Encore Classes
Physical Education - all year every other
Music - every other day 1/2 year
Language/Culture Theme - every other
 day 1/2 year

Computer - 20 weeks, every day
Art - 10 Weeks, every day
Home & Careers - 10 Weeks, every day
   Enrichment Activity
        Period (EA)
Students are encouraged to participate in EA clubs.
The activities are sponsored by teachers and staff members.
If students do not choose an activity, they remain in a classroom
 Study Hall
EA Period is a part of the school day 2:05 - 2:40 PM
Music groups meet during EA
              Parent Transition Issues
   All students are randomly assigned       to teams.
 The only exceptions are High Ability English, High Ability
 Math, and        Special Education assignments.

 We are unable to honor requests for        specific teams
or student pairings.
                       District Testing Schedule
           TONYSS Assessment                                Final Exams
                                             District-wide finals exams are cumulative
The district administers this assessment in   and are given in English, Math, Science,
   April - May.                               and Social Studies.
Scores from the Terra Nova assessment are  They count for 20% of a course grade.
   used as a guide for placement in          6th grade is the first time your child will
   accelerated classes for 7th grade.         take a comprehensive final exam.
           Discipline Issues
The role of the Assistant Principal
The “I” List
Mediation Programs
LOJ Programs
Project SAVE Legislation
   Parent Help Necessary
First Time Bus Riders - You will receive
 information from our Transportation Dept.
Attendance - We want your child here every day
 he/she is not ill.
Tardy - you MUST send your child
 with a note when he/she is
 late for school.
Late Bus - Every day at 3:45 PM. This bus does
 not stop at every regular bus stop.
Bus Safety - Riding a bus to school is a
   6th graders’ biggest fear!
   No sharing lockers
   Keep lock combination a secret.
   You may bring your own lock.
   For a $5.00 deposit, students may
    use a school lock. Deposits are
    returned at the end of the year.
   Teachers will teach and review
    locker organization.
  Backpacks are kept in
   lockers and must be small
   enough to fit.
                      Communication Between
                        Home and School
Monthly Newsletter - Ask your child if you don’t see it by the 3rd
 of the month!
Teacher/Parent Phone Calls
Homework Hotline
Guidance Counselors
Agenda Planners
Interim Progress Reports
Report Cards
Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
 Communication and Safety
 The safety of every CPMS
  student is important to us.

 We MUST be able to contact
  you or a relative during the
                                 Beepers Number

 In the event of a 911          Cell Phone Number
  emergency, the paramedics      Let us know when
  will not treat your child
                                  numbers change.
  without your approval and
  consent, at the time of the
             The Student Perspective
Experience With Transition
Expectations in Middle School
Advise for Parents and Students
      Services & Student Recognition

Student Services
Awards Programs and Recognition
Promotion Policy
How To Succeed in Middle School
    After School Program
5 days a week, October- May
2:40 - 5:10 PM
Late Bus available
Homework Help
Contests, Field Trips, and much
Parent Involvement
Parent Groups        Parent
 include: PTO and      Conferences
 Shared Decision
 Making Team.         Please do not believe
                      your child when they
Chaperoning Field
 Trips/Dances, etc.   tell you that we do
                      not want your help,
Attendance at
 school functions     assistance, or that
                      they did all their
School Committees
                      homework in EA.
   Summer Opportunity
Transition Summer Program – funded
 by the GE Middle School Extension
Ms. Ng and Ms. Hartkern
Weeks of July 15th and July 22nd
Three page information sheets will be
 passed out.
One week, ½ day, fun-filled
          Next 6th Grade Orientation

            Tuesday, August 27th
              9:00 - 11:30 AM
Students will get their schedule, meet some teachers, tour the
 building, and become prepared for their first day of 6th grade.
             Parents are welcome to attend but your
                  attendance is not necessary.
        Summer 2002
Summer Reading Assignment
District Mailings
District Calendar
Bus Information
Schedule from C.P.
August Orientation Reminder
Locker Night
  for 6th graders

  Wednesday, August 28th

         6:30 - 7:30 PM

  Students will have an
   opportunity to get their
   assigned hall locker,
   decorate it if they like, and
   put their lock on the locker.
 6th Grade Welcome Dance

Friday, September

     7-9 PM
   Cost - $2.00

6th graders only
 Sponsored by our 8th
  grade class and the
Questions & Answers
    We are happy to
     answer your questions
    If you have questions
     later in the summer,
     please feel free to call
    The school telephone
     number is 370-8250.
Central Park Motto
  “Climbing the Hill
        to a
  High Education!”
Have A Good Evening
 and thank you for
  Refreshments, compliments of our PTO, are
   being served in the front hallway.

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