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					    OACDP Winter 2004 Conference -- Mt. Bachelor Village, Bend OR January 13-14
                      Round Table Discussion Topics

           Name      County/Organization      Current Projects/Initiatives at Your County                    Information Share Requested

                                           1) Moving all development to Visual Studio .NET
                                           2) Moving servers to Windows NT Server 2003
     Larry Harker Assoc of Oregon Counties 3) Reviewing Information System Security                          1) Security Policies
                                           1) Updating CIS to Websphere
                                           2) New Doc imaging system
    John Koreski                           3) Mandated inmate access to law library provided via
    Clint Branum Department of Corrections Westlaw 4) Measure 30 funding impacts
                                              1) Statewide Consolidation of Networking and Infrastructure
                                              (Data Centers).
                                              2) Sungard Contract for Disaster Recovery, which ORCAP
                                              members can use.
                                              3) Chargeback Software replacement project.
                                              4) Backup Site at Burns, project to replace the software for
   Pete Schoelzel            DAS              all platform usage.
                                              1) Enterprise backup
                                              2) Windows server management/consolidation
                                              3) Groupwise 6.5 upgrade
                                              4) Secure email
       Al Grapoli            DHS              5) Desktop security management                                 1) HIPAA oriented security efforts
  Wallace Rogers             DOR              1) Reorganized and centralized IT at Revenue
 Leonard Higgins
   Julie Pearson
Mahomad Kahlout      Oregon Sec. Of State     Covered in powerpoint presentation
                                              1) SMS roll out done
                                              2) DACMS & Gforge                                              1) Single logon at State (SunONE)
 John Warsinske             Benton            3) IT-logo shirts for field techs for security                 2) Detailed roadmap for DHS systems
                                              1) Zen Deployment
                                              2) Building Permit tracking client / server application        1) OASIS
                                              3) Enhance A&T Application - Appraisal                         2) DACMS
     Lorrie Radu           Clatsop            4) IT Strategic Plan                                           3) Security Policy
                                              1) Central Oregon Public Safety (COPS) - Brings the City of
                                              Bend into the justice information system which includes the
                                              Sheriff, 2 other cities, 2 resort areas, jail, DA, etc.
                                              2) Land based data warehousing - consolidating the data
                                              3) SAN - storage, backup, and recovery                      1) TWIST
                                              4) Several upgrades: Exchange 2000, Citrix Secure           2) Noah Net - particularly, Douglas County's
   Dave Peterson          Deschutes           Gateway                                                     experience
                                             1) CAD/RMS/DA/JAIL Replacement Project - Tiburon
                                             Integrated System
                                             2) Oracle Financials 11i Upgrade
                                             3) Enterprise Backup Installation
                                             4) County Radio/Data/Mobile System Upgrade
                                             5) Exchange 2003 Installation                           1) Budget forcasts, and expected staffing level impacts
      Kevin Potter         Douglas           6) 911 Relocation under I.T.                            2) New Systems being installed
                                             1) Video arraignment system for Sheriff
                                             2) Upgraded network to gigabit switches
        Phil Lind                            3) Server consolidation
       Wolf Dyner            Linn            4) Zenworks installation
  John Margaronis                            1) ZEN Deployment
         Tom Frey                            2) OASIS and DACMS
    Morrie Volkov                            3) Oracle Fianacials
       Allen Davis                           4) Raintree Implementation                              1) Email retention / archiving - public records
     Wendy Guest            Marion           5) Mobile Technology                                    2) CITRIX usage
                                             1) Centralized email services on Exchange 2000
                                             2) Implement ManHunt for intrusion detection            1) An update from those counties who have converted
                                             3) SMS Rollout complete                                 a significant portion of their customer base to thin client
          Lisa Yeo                           4) Enterprise Backup RFP                                desktop applications.
    Rick Jacobson                            5) Applications -- .NET development, Web CMS, & SWIS    2) Twist application update from DHS
       Dick Busby        Multnomah           6) HIPAA Security Assessment complete                   3) A status on web hosting from DAS
                                             1) Animal control system
Murray Giesbreicht           Polk            2) ESRI's new product
    Michael Soots
       Nikki Davis        Tillamook          1) New phone system for Courthouse
                                             1) Oracle Financials 5.9
                                             2) DACMS
                                             3) Document imaging for Sheriff
                                             4) Risk management system implemented
   Ken Sigesmund         Washington          5) Consultant report on BCP and Alternate data center
                                             1) Whole Council meets quarterly -- Tony Black our
                                             representative 2) Business Continuity Planning
                                             3) Asset management/inventory
                                             4) Vulnerabilility assessment RFP out end Jan
     John Koreski    for State CIO Council   5) Base FY05-07 budget on performance measures


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