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									Body Care in Egypt to 2014 (Skincare) has this special report, which sources information of This databook provides key
data and information on the Body Care in Egypt (Skincare).

This report is a comprehensive resource for market, category and segment level data including
value, volume, distribution share and company & brand share. This report also provides
expenditure and consumption data for the historic and forecast periods.


*Market,category and segment level information on value, volume, and expenditure &
consumption, with historic (2003-2008) and forecast (2009-2013) data
*Category level company and brand share as well as distribution share information for 2007 and


*The body care category was valued at EGP176.8m ($32.5m) in 2009, representing a CAGR of
16.4% since 2004.
*By the end of 2014, the body care category will be worth EGP292.9m ($53.9m), with an
expected CAGR of 10.6% between 2009 and 2014.
*The body care market volume totaled 8.8 million units in 2009, representing a CAGR of 14.2%
since 2004.
*By the end of 2014, the body care market will total 14.1 million units, with an expected CAGR of
9.9% between 2009 and 2014.
*The body care market was led by mass body care (representing 82.7% of the total value), with
premium body care accounting for the remaining 17.3% share.
*Beiersdorf AG is the market leader with a 29.3% share of the market.

Reasons to Purchase

*Design effective marketing and sales strategies by identifying key market categories and
*Identify key players within the market to plan lucrative M&A, partnerships and agreements


Chapter 1 Executive Summary 2
Summary category level: body care 2
Chapter 2 Definition 3
Chapter 3 Category Analysis: Body Care 9
Value analysis (Egyptian Pound), 2004-09 9
Value analysis (Egyptian Pound), 2009-14 10
Value analysis (US dollars), 2004-09 12
Value analysis (US dollars), 2009-14 12
Volume analysis, 2004-09 14
Volume analysis, 2009-14 15
Company and brand share analysis 17
Distribution analysis 20
Expenditure and consumption per capita 22
Chapter 4 Macroeconomic Profile 25
Macroeconomic Indicators 25
Chapter 5 Research Methodology 30
Methodology overview 30
Secondary research 31
Market modeling 32
Creating an initial data model 32
Revising the initial data model 32
Creating a final estimate 33
Creating demographic value splits 33
Primary research 33
Data finalization 34
Ongoing research 34

Figure 1: Body care, Egypt, value by segment (EGPm), 2004-14 11
Figure 2: Body care, Egypt, category growth comparison, by value, 2004-14 13
Figure 3: Body care, Egypt, volume by segment (units, million), 2004-14 16
Figure 4: Body care, Egypt, category growth comparison, by volume, 2004-14 16
Figure 5: Body care, Egypt, company share by value (%), 2008-09 18
Figure 6: Body care, Egypt, distribution channels by value (%), 2008-09 21
Figure 7: Annual data review process 31

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