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					                                   Travis Smith
Hair: Blonde                                                         281 Pearl Ln.
Eyes: Blue                                                           Pickerington, OH 43147
Weight: 185                                                          E-mail:
Height: 6’1                                                          Phone: 718-909-5020
Voice Type: Tenor

Smoke On The Mountain                      Mervin Oglethorpe         Top Hat Productions
Ring of Fire                               Nathan                    Allenberry Playhouse
Junie B Jones                              Crybaby William           Circa ‘21
Ring of Fire                               Nathan                    Circa ‘21
Smoke On The Mountain: Homecoming          Mervin Oglethorpe         Allenberry Playhouse
Old Rugged Cross                           Jim                       Top Hat Productions
Sisters of Swing                           Vic Schoen                Bearcreek Resort
Children of Eden (NYC)                     Story Teller              National AIDS Fund
Ballerina Fanny Elssler (NYC)              Duke                      Showcase
Buddy Holly Story                          MC                        Downtown Cabaret Theatre
                                                                     Dir. Richard Sabellico
Easter Bonnet/ Broadway Cares (NYC)        Lion King Skit            New Amsterdam Theatre
Beauty and the Beast (NYC)                 Trevor                    Victory Theatricals
Witness for the Prosecution                Mr. Meyers                Otterbein Summer Theatre
Pirates of Penzance                        Sergeant of Police        Weathervane Playhouse
The Fantasticks                            Mute                      Weathervane Playhouse
Waiting for Godot                          Lucky                     Otterbein Theatre
Napoleon                                   Fouche                    Battelle Fine Arts Center
(Amateur World Premiere)
Little Night Music                         Frid                      Otterbein Theatre
The Scarlet Pimpernel                      Percy (Scarlet Pimpernel) Otterbein Theatre
BA Degree from Otterbein College in Theatre and Music (Vocal Performance)
Acting Training: Chris Kirk, Dennis Romer, Ed Vaughan, John Stefano
Voice Lessons: Stephen Monroe, Rebecca Lively
Dance: Jazz, Stella Kane; Ballet, Stella Kane; Tap, Sue Saurer; Broadway Dance Center

Special Skills
Musical Direction, Artistic Direction, Working With Children, Piano, Basic Trumpet, Basic Harmonica,
Basic Banjo, Basic Accordion, Whistling, Juggling, Accents

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