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									XXV International Conference of Physics Students
August 17th to August 23rd , 2010 in Graz, Austria

Arrival Instructions

Dear ICPS participant,

Arriving in a new city is always very exciting, but it may also be confusing. These arrival instructions
should give you the necessary information to find your way in Graz.

We are looking forward to having a great time with you!

Best regards,
ICPS Organizing Committee


1 Registration                                                                                        2

2 How to get to Graz                                                                                  3

3 Local Information                                                                                   4

4 Map                                                                                                 7

5 Nations Party / Costume Party                                                                       8

6 Sports Tournament                                                                                   8

7 IAPS General Meeting                                                                                8

8 Packing Checklist                                                                                   9

9 Information for Presenting Authors                                                                 10

10 Lecture Timetables                                                                                11
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                               1 Registration

1 Registration

The registration will take place in the one of the two dormitories (dormitory E). You should go there just
after your arrival in Graz. There you’ll get the key to your room, your conference badge (you’ll need it for
the meals and parties), the Welcome Package (with a map of Graz and a seven-day ticket for the public
transport) and the ICPS 2010 Conference Handbook.

On the arrival day the registration desk will be open from 07:30 Aug 17 until 02:00 Aug 18.

If you plan to arrive later please inform us about this.

Address Dormitory E:
Elisabethstrasse 93
8010 Graz

If you get lost (or are in any other serious trouble) call +43 680 145 11 97, an ICPS 2010 crew member will
help you 24/7.

The registration will be open as follows:
 Day                     Time
 Tuesday, Aug 17         07:30 – 02:00
 Wednesday, Aug 18       07:30 – 02:00
 Thursday, Aug 19        07:30 – 02:00
 Friday, Aug 20          06:00 – 09:00 and 19:00 – 02:00
 Saturday, Aug 21        07:30 – 02:00
 Sunday, Aug 22          07:30 – 02:00
 Monday, Aug 23          07:30 – 00:00

If you arrive before Aug 17

For those of you who have booked additional accommodation prior to Aug 17, please go to dormitory S
(address below) and check in at the reception desk. Don’t forget to mention the ICPS 2010, they should
have your names listed. Then have a great time in Graz. On Aug 17 the ICPS 2010 begins, so register in
dormitory E to get your Welcome Package and the Conference Handbook.

Address Dormitory S:
Schönbrunnheim / Hotel Academia
Untere Schönbrunngasse 7-11
8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316 323 5580
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                       2 How to get to Graz

2 How to get to Graz

By Plane

Graz Airport

Graz Airport (GRZ) is a rather small airport which offers just a limited amount of connections. Among
others, the following airlines offer regular flights to Graz: Austrian, Lufthansa, Ryanair.

To get to the dormitory and the registration desk take bus 630 to Jakominiplatz and there hop on the tram
line 7 (direction Graz St. Leonhard/LKH) to Graz Odilien-Institut. The single ride will cost you EUR 1,90
(you’ll get a seven-day-ticket for the public transport at the registration). Alternatively, take bus 631 or
train S5 to Graz Hauptbahnhof. Proceed from there as explained below in section By Train.

Vienna International Airport

Many of you will probably arrive at Vienna International Airport (VIE), which offers many international

To get from there to Graz we recommend to take the Airport Bus (Vienna Airport Lines) to the train
station Wien-Meidling. It leaves directly in front of the arrival hall and is headed for Wien Westbahnhof.
Get off at the first stop in Wien-Meidling. The ticket will cost you 6 EUR (11 EUR return) and can be
purchased at the driver directly.

Another option is to choose the S-Bahn line 7 in direction Wien Floridsdorf. Get off at Wien Rennweg and
head on line 15 (direction Wien Hütteldorf) to Wien-Meidling.

Alternatively, the rather pricey City Airport Train (CAT) will bring you to the center of Vienna.

During daytime trains leave Vienna form Wien-Meidling for Graz every other hour. Note that Wien Süd-
bahnhof (Vienna South Train Station) is currently reconstructed and trains can not be accessed from there.
You can purchase tickets at the vending machines at the train station. A single ride to Graz currently costs
35 EUR. During daytime trains leave Vienna for Graz every other hour.

The train trip from Vienna to Graz will take you 2 to 3 hours and it allows you to travel a historic rail-
way track over the Semmering. It was built more than 150 years ago and is said to be an engineering

Other airports

Alternatively, you can go to Klagenfurt, Maribor, Bratislava or other airports in the vicinity and continue
your journey by train.

By Train

Graz main station (Hauptbahnhof) has frequent connections to Vienna with direct trains every hour.
Connections to Salzburg, most other Austrian cities and Munich are reasonably frequent. Night trains
serve destinations as far as Zurich, and there are two direct day services each day to Zagreb. See ÖBB
(Austrian Federal Railway) for timetables.

If you arrive at Graz main station (Graz Hauptbahnhof) you will have to catch tram 7 (direction Graz St.
Leonhard/LKH) to Graz Odilien-Institut to get to the dormitory E where the registration desk will be set
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                    3 Local Information

From 07:30 to 19:30 on Aug 17 there will be ICPS 2010 crew members at the train station to help you out
and hand out tickets for trams and buses.

By Car

Graz is situated on the intersection of the motorway A9 which runs from north to south and the motorway
A2 (from Vienna) which runs east-west. Coming from east on A2 take the exit Graz-Ost, from North take
Graz-Nord, from west and south take Graz-West.

Note that Austrian motorways are toll roads. A so-called Vignette can be purchased at any fuel station
(10-days validity: € 7.90 / 2-month validity: € 22.90 for cars < 3.5 tons ).

If you inform us in advance about you coming by car, we may be able to arrange a parking lot.

By Bus

Eurolines operates from Graz main station (see section By Train) and offers reasonable cheap tickets to
many destinations throughout Europe.

3 Local Information

Important telephone numbers
   • emergency: 121
   • police: 122
   • fire brigade: 133
   • ambulance: 144
   • ICPS 2010 crew: +43 680 145 11 97
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                         3 Local Information


Graz is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, so it can get fairly hot in August, with temperatures up
to 35 °C. But also extensive amounts of rain and thunderstorms are possible, which results in much lower
temperatures. In higher alpine regions snowfall must be expected even in August.

Health care

People from the European Union, Norway and Switzerland have access to local health care services when
showing their European Health Insurance Card. Persons from other countries need a travel insurance or
similar documents. In absence of such an insurance the medical treatment must be paid directly.


The currency in Austria is the Euro (EUR), as in many other nations in Europe. One
side of the coins is Austria-specific, but all other Euro coins are valid as are Austria’s
across Europe. 1 EUR = 100 cents.

There are many cash-machines throughout the city. The accept credit cards as well as many bank/cash
cards. The machines are called Bankomat in Austria and are available everywhere the sign is displayed.

Power supply

AC 230V, 50Hz, a typical socket is depicted. Please bring an adapter.

Public Transport

Tram and Bus: In Graz there are six tramway lines (1,3,4,5,6,7) and numerous bus lines. The central
point of transport is Jakominiplatz where all tramways and most buses stop. Tramway line 7 has a station
close to dormitory E (Odilien-Institut). Alternatively you can take Tramway line 1 to the station Tegetthof-

There are tickets valid for one hour (€1.90), 24 hours (€4.10) and seven days (€10.60). Tickets can be
purchased at any kiosk or directly at the driver (in some trams there are ticket vending machines in the
middle section of the train too). Don’t forget to validate your ticket inside the bus or tram at the stamping

A ticket for seven days is included in the Welcome Package, you’ll get it at the registration desk. If you
arrive at the main station (Hauptbahnhof) there’ll be two members of the ICPS 2010 Crew, who have a
ticket for you.

Taxi: There is a variety of taxi companies in Graz. You may call a taxi using one of the following
numbers: 878, 889, 222, 444, 555, 2801.

If you are out in the city, just grab a taxi passing by. A ride from the center to the dormitory is about €7.
There are also taxis at the station and the airport, the charges are listed below.

station – dormitory    ∼ €8
airport – dormitory    ∼ €15 (depending on the traffic)

Metro: If you find one, please be so kind to tell us. We’ve been searching for years ;-).
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                        3 Local Information


You don’t have to worry. Graz is quite secure at any time of the day.

Telephone calls

The international calling code for Austria is +43, the local code of Graz is 0316. When using the interna-
tional code, the zero is omitted: +43 316 ... To call from Austrian landlines to international phones, dial
00, then the country code, then the local code. There’ll be public telephones in the dormitories.


Central European summer time (CEST), GMT+2h. It is common to use the 24h notation for indicating
times in Austria (e.g. 14.00 = 2pm).
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions   4 Map

4 Map
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                          5 Nations Party / Costume Party

5 Nations Party / Costume Party

The Nations Party is an excellent opportunity to get to know all the participants and the traditions of
their home country. Your are invited to present your own country by bringing national dishes and special
drinks. There will also be the opportunity to give a little presentation, like a traditional song, dance or
anything you can think of on stage.

An other special party is the so called Costume Party, and guess what, you’re invited to come in a cos-
tume! So dress up, because there’s going to be a little prize for the craziest one!

6 Sports Tournament

On Saturday Aug 21 there will be an international sports tournament at the university’s sports ground,
where you can play football and volleyball. It’s going to be a fun event with great prizes! Bring your
sportswear (please use football shoes without studs) and show your skills!

Additionally there’s going to be a spectacular competition next to the football field, "The Can Effect",
where you are invited to open a Red Bull can in a most innovative way.

7 IAPS General Meeting

If you are a delegate of an IAPS National or Local Committee remember to bring a confirmation of having
paid the IAPS membership fee. Also you will need to proof that you are speaking for your committee.
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                     8 Packing Checklist

8 Packing Checklist

The most important thing besides your passport and toothbrush is probably a proper outfit according
your choice of excursion. Nobody will be allowed on the glacier with flip-flops. This trip and the gorge
trip require appropriate footwear. Of course, you should also bring your poster and lecture if you chose
to participate actively in the conference. You can find a packing checklist here:

                   Travel tickets
                   Money/Credit card
                   European Health Insurance Card, travel insurance
                   national food for “Nations Party”
                   performance for “Nations Party”
                   fancy costume for “Costume Party”
                   device for “The Can Effect”
                   shoes (+ hiking boots for “Gorge/Dachstein”)
                   football shoes (without studs) for ”The Sports Tournament”
                   toothbrush + paste
                   soap + shampoo + antiperspirant
                   bathing suit + bath towel (for “Stubenbergsee”)
                   facial tissues
                   camera + charging unit
                   mobile phone + charging unit
                   travel adapter (see section power supply)
                   network cable for laptop
                   reading material
                   writing utensils
                   confirmation of payment of IAPS membership fee
                   optional: poster/presentation
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                     9 Information for Presenting Authors

9 Information for Presenting Authors

First of all, thank you for your contribution to the success of the conference. Please keep in mind, that
the audience consists of physics students ranging from undergraduate to PhD level. Step back and think
about what this particular audience might like to learn from your work. Thus it might be better to present
a more general introduction to the topic and not your latest top-notch research findings. Keep it simple -
remember, less is more.


The lectures will be held in parallel sessions whereupon each participant is given 15 minutes for his
presentation followed by 3 minutes of questions by the audience. There will be a 2 minute time span to
allow transitions between lecture halls. We do ask you to keep your talk strictly limited to 15 minutes in
order to avoid any delays and keep the lectures synchronous.

All lecture halls are provided with laptops and projectors for the presentations, overhead projectors,
and microphones. Your presentation should either be prepared in PowerPoint or PDF. However, to
avoid difficulties with fonts and other PowerPoint issues we recommend to use PDF presentations. Fur-
thermore, you should hand in your presentation in advance – either by e-mail before the conference
(registration.icps2010@tugraz.at) or on an USB-stick, CD or DVD at the registration desk. At
the same time we strongly recommend to bring a backup version of your presentation to your talk.


Posters should be approximately A0 in size, preferably in portrait format. You have to bring your printed
poster to the conference and you will be able to put it up well in advance of the poster session. Mounting
material will be provided by us. You should be prepared to answer questions about your poster during
the poster session.

Posters should be designed for clear viewing from the distance so that they can be viewed by a number of
people at the same time. To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum
of text.
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                                     10 Lecture Timetables

10 Lecture Timetables

Lecture Session 1, Wednesday, August 18th , 11:20 – 13:00

          Lecture Hall A                        Lecture Hall B                          Lecture Hall C
          Albert Christopher                    Taibah Reem                             Chong You Quan
  11:20   Why do we notice movies running       Bose-Einstein condensate                2D Ising Model with Stochastic
          backwards?                                                                    Boundaries
          Magro Alessio                         Stancu Radu Florin                      Bodnár Jozef
  11:40   Real-Time GPU-Based       Transient   Photonic crystal devices and circuits   Foam in Computers
          Kalyoncu Yemliha Bilal                Mantsevich Vladimir                     Malkhasyan Vahan
  12:00   How far away is Proxima Centauri      Spatial distribution of local tunnel-   Influence of heterogeneous radi-
                                                ing conductivity in vicinity of impu-   cal stages on oscillation mode of
                                                rity on semiconductors                  methane oxidation
          Coelho Flavio                         Schwenke Konrad                         Kravets Yevgen
  12:20   Black Holes and the Golden Ratio      Polymer Networks from Binary 4-         Quantum Entanglement in multi-
                                                Arm-Star Polymer Solutions: A           particle systems
                                                Monte Carlo Study
          Marques Miguel                        Sars Matthias                           Godziszewski Michal Tomasz
  12:40   Acoustic Black Holes And Superra-     Noncommutative Geometry          and    Quantum Non-locality and Coun-
          diant Mechanisms                      SU(5) Grand Unification                  terfactual Calculus

Lecture Session 2, Thursday, August 19th , 14:30 – 16:30

          Lecture Hall A                        Lecture Hall B                          Lecture Hall C
          Dragan Agata                          Stanley Jessica                         Florica Camelia-Florina
  14:30   Acoustic events under the breaking    Physical investigation of bistable      Electrical and photoelectrical prop-
          sea waves and associated dynamical    perception                              erties of heterojunctions based on
          phenomena                                                                     CdTe nanowire array and organ
          Migdal Piotr                          Lenssen Ralph                           Vrucinic Milan
  14:50   A mathematical model of the mafia      Changes in CXCR4 localisation , ag-     Overview of Ti:sapphire lasers with
          game                                  gregation and mobility in living 3T3    emphasis on the application in di-
                                                mouse fibroblast cells upon              rect laser writing
          Gluchko Sergei                        Glass Daniel                            Kovalchuk Andrii
  15:10   Cold Convection                       Size Control of Ferroelastomeric Mi-    Non-radiative  energy   transfer
                                                croparticles                            in composite material of nano-
                                                                                        CdS/PVA during photo aging of
          Fuchs Josh                            Mortazavi Hamed                         Kolmychek Irina
  15:30   Statistical Analysis of Optical and   Bending Rigidity of Microtubule         Nonlinear refraction and absorption
          Radio Variability of MWC349A          Structures                              in Core (Shell) Fe2 O3 (Au) nanopar-
          Banuši´ Marko                         Goh Boon Chong                          Kubacka Teresa
  15:50   Precipitation in lower atmosphere:    An insight in the mechanism of beta     Disorder from order - solid solutions
          Is Noah’s flood possible?              sheet formation                         of organic crystals
          Duarte Javier                         Naydenova Elina                         Kooiman Marleen
  16:10   Non-standard Neutrino Oscillations    Electronic transport in DNA             Quantum features of ratchets
          in Double Chooz
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                                      10 Lecture Timetables

Lecture Session 3, Thursday, August 19th , 17:00 – 18:00

          Lecture Hall A                          Lecture Hall B                         Lecture Hall C
          Feigl Simon                             Khotenko Olena                         Ferro Leonardo
  17:00   Does antimatter fall upwards? The       SAW-filers in Modern Communica-         Geometry and Quantum Mechanics
          AEgIS experiment at CERN.               tion Systems
          Rainer Minixhofer                       Dymerska Barbara
  17:20   Nanoanalytics and Nanotechnol-          Investigation of the nanoperforated
          ogy: A users perspective I              ZrO2 membrane and Fe-Co ultrafine
                                                  particles with TEM
          Rainer Minixhofer                       Schütt Ole
  17:40   Nanoanalytics and Nanotechnol-          Parallel Computing in Physics
          ogy: A users perspective II

Lecture Session 4, Saturday, August 21st , 9:00 – 11:00

          Lecture Hall A                          Lecture Hall B                         Lecture Hall C
          Saw Vee-Liem                            Kong Lingjie                           de Almeida Dias Flavia
  09:00   A Fundamental Discussion on Black       Physics and God                        NLO Monte Carlo Techniques in
          Hole Power Plants                                                              HEP
          Preval Simon                            Wang Shengtao                          Castillo Felisola Oscar
  09:20   Quantum Gravity: The Basics             An improved diagnostic for NWP         Aspects of Fermion localisation on
                                                  verification ZrO2 membrane and Fe-      thick D-branes
                                                  Co ultrafine particles with TEM
          Chowdhury Lily                          Smolander Tuomo                        István Szécsényi
  09:40   How do animals use waves for cal-       Determining snow covered area          Self-consistent treatment of the
          culating distances and catching their   during spring using satellite radar    propagators in an effective QCD
          prey                                                                           model
          Andrzejewska, I˙ ykowska                Hansen Ragnhild Schrøder               Burenkov Ivan
  10:00   Skin cells under the influence of UV     Constraints on observations of TGF     Two-atom quantum entanglement
          radiation                               from high altitude aircraft            in a strong classical field
          Jakubowska Julia                                 c
                                                  Mijatovi´ Antonija                     Banka Przemyslaw
  10:20   The application of electroporation in   Cars of the future - the cars WE are   On the diffractive physics at the
          electrochemotherapy and gene ther-      going to drive                         LHC
          Ferdinandy Bence                              c
                                                  Šonji´ Mislav                          Panayotov Ivaylo
  10:40   Collective landing of flocks             Karst                                  Utilization of the Research Reactor
                                                                                         IRT-Sofia for NCT Application
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                                         10 Lecture Timetables

Lecture Session 5, Sunday, August 22nd , 9:00 – 11:00

          Lecture Hall A                          Lecture Hall B                            Lecture Hall C
          Fumagalli Mattia                        Voštinar Marija
  09:00   Galaxy Environment and Evolution        Compare analysis of Pb shield char-
          at z=0                                  acteristics for gamma spectrometry
          Arzakantsyan Mikayel                    Rodewald Jonas
  09:20   New prospectives and techniques         Wave nature of large metal clusters:
          for optimization of laser gain media    Experimental setup of an all-optical
                                                  near-field molecular-inter
          Chrapkiewicz Radoslaw                   Palyulin Vladimir
  09:40   Ultrashort light pulses from the ul-    New theoretical approach to calcula-
          trathin piece of glass– how to build    tion of charge correlation free energy
          a femtosecond fiber laser?               for flexible polyelectroly
          Philbey David                           Bienias Przemysław
  10:00   How to Survive A Nuclear Blast          Statistical properties of an interacti-
                                                  ng bosonic gas at nonzero tempera-
          Stanescu-Bellu Madalina                 Szwarc Sebastian
  10:20   The ILC, its forward region and the     Restoring low-res peptid structure
          Beamstrahlung effect. High ener-        from SAXS data by ab initio algo-
          getic electron reconstruction.          rithms
          Devi´ Ivan                              Burkart Anya
  10:40   Electric guitars                        Elasticity determination of bone
                                                  cells via static and dynamic stretch-

Lecture Session 6, Sunday, August 22nd , 11:20 – 13:00

          Lecture Hall A                          Lecture Hall B                            Lecture Hall C
          Ana Proykova                            Evlashin Stanislav
  11:20   Computational challenges at the         Si wires synthesis using the mag-
          nano scale                              netron sputtering method for solar
                                                  cell application
          Ana Proykova                            Odavic Jovan
  11:40   EPS: The European Physical Society      Kundt’s tube
          and its activites
          Bobrowski Lindsey                       Krotkus Simonas
  12:00   Could you be the next Incredible        GaN for high power optoelectronics
          Lovrekovic Iva                          Puškarov Tatjana
  12:20   Sterile neutrinos as dark matter can-   Determining the temperature coef-
          didates                                 ficient of electric resistance using
                                                  Wheatstone bridge
          Calligaris Luigi                        Mantsevich Sergey
  12:40   Quarkonia measures at LHC               Light modulation at          collinear
                                                  acousto-optic interaction
ICPS 2010 Arrival Instructions                                                                       10 Lecture Timetables

Lecture Session 7, Sunday, August 22nd , 14:30 – 16:10

          Lecture Hall A                          Lecture Hall B                          Lecture Hall C
           ´ c
          Celi´ Nevena                            Strach Michal
  14:30   Optical applications of liquid crys-    Producing silica aerogels
          tals in displays
          Strzalka Radoslaw                       Kapcia Konrad
  14:50   The difficult world of quasicrystals     Phase separation and superconduc-
                                                  tivity in the atomic limit of the ex-
                                                  tended Hubbard model
          Ku´ Magdalena                           Smolenski Tomasz
  15:10   Singing sand                            Theoretical model of excitonic states
                                                  in CdTe/ZnTe quantum dots
          P˛ drak Paweł                           Vázquez Besteiro Lucas
  15:30   Archimedes’ Sandbox                     n-type doping via avoidance of the
                                                  stabilization of DX centers in InP
                                                  quantum dots
          Domingos Sérgio                         Farnudi Ali
  15:50   Ultrafast glance on the jigglings and   Evaporation in porous media
          wigglings of atoms unveils dynam-
          ics of molecular systems

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