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									This leaflet is for international students preparing to come to the UK


        section                                                          page

        1          Why you need to plan your finances                    2

        2          Tuition fees                                          2

        3          Bringing money to the UK                              3

        4          Living costs                                          3

        5          Accommodation                                         5

        6          Monthly and annual bills                              5

        7          Food                                                  6

        8          Travel                                                6

        9          Health costs                                          7

        10         Schools and childcare                                 7

        11         Books / Equipment                                     7

        12         Clothing                                              7

        13         Student discounts                                     7

        14         Banking                                               8

        15         Students with disability                              8

        16         National Scholarships                                 8

        17         Queen Mary scholarships                               9

        18         Applying for funding after coming to the UK           10

        19         Other sources of funding in the UK                    10

        20         Further advice                                        11

        21         Contacts                                              11-12

Last updated February 2008

                                                they can give you a receipt. Include this
1. Why you need to plan                         with your visa application.
your finances
                                                There is a 2% discount if you pay your
   •   London is a very expensive city.         tuition fees in full before you enrol at
       You need to plan ahead to                Queen Mary.
       ensure that you will have
       enough money to pay for all of           If you cannot pay your tuition fees in full
       your expenses while you are              in advance, Queen Mary recommends
       studying here.                           most students pay a deposit before
                                                applying for a student visa. If you apply
   •   There is almost no funding for           through a QM office overseas or
       international students when you          through an agent you will get a receipt
       are in the UK.                           for the deposit. You can then include
                                                this with your visa application.
   •   When you come to study in the
       UK, the immigration rules state                •   When you enrol at Queen
       that you need to have enough                       Mary
       money to pay all of your tuition
       fees and living costs for the                  You must pay at least 50% of your
       whole course. When you apply                   annual tuition fees before you can
       for your student visa, you do not              enroll at QM. You enrol at QM a few
       need to show all the money in                  days before you start your course.
       advance, but you do need to
       show evidence that you will                    •   After you enrol at Queen Mary
       receive all the money you need                 If you have not paid your tuition
       during your stay in the UK.                    fees in full when you enrol, you will
For more information on applying for                  need to sign a Direct Debit
permission to come to the UK as a                     agreement at enrolment, to pay the
student, go to our website                            remaining amount of tuition fees in
                                                      instalments. You need to pay your                 tuition fees in full by the January
immigration.                                          after you start your course (or by
                                                      May if you start in January).

                                                Visa refusals
2. Tuition Fees
                                                If you are refused a student visa, QM
Your QM offer letter explains the               will refund any deposit or tuition fees
amount of tuition fees you have to pay.         you have paid in advance. For more
You can also check online at:                   information visit

When should I pay my tuition fees?
                                                Will I pay the ‘Home’ or ‘overseas’
   •   Before you come to the UK                rate of tuition fees?

You can pay all of your annual tuition          If:
fees in advance. Although you do not
need to do this, we recommend that                    •   you have no restrictions on your
you do so if you can. This is because it                  permission to stay in the UK
shows you are committed to starting                       and
your course at Queen Mary, which can
make it easier when you apply for your                •   you have not been in the UK
student visa. Ask QM for a tuition fees                   mainly for education
receipt, or if you applied through a QM                   and
office overseas or through an agent,

    •   you have lived in the UK for the         that issued the card will be able to tell
        three year period before the             you if you can use it in the UK.
        start of your course
                                                 IMPORTANT: New restrictions were
you may be eligible to pay the ‘home’            introduced in 2007 on the amount of
rate of tuition fees. If a member of your        money that you can bring into the UK. If
family is an EEA (European Economic              you bring more than the equivalent of
Area), Swiss or Turkish national, you            10,000 Euros into the UK, you must
might also be eligible to pay ‘home’             declare this at the airport. This includes
fees. For more information on the rules          bankers drafts and travellers cheques.
go to                                            You will have to complete a form to
                                                 declare the information. If you don't do
                                                 this, you may be fined up to £5,000. For
and click on ‘Tuition fees: will I pay the       more information go to:
home or overseas rate?’                

Your fee status will be decided by the
Admissions Office at QM, based on the
rules. To make a decision they will
                                                 4. Living costs
need evidence of your situation and you          It is difficult to estimate how much
may have to fill out a form.                     money you need to live in the UK as it
                                                 depends on your lifestyle. You need to
If you have been told to pay ‘overseas’
                                                 show that you have sufficient funds to
tuition fees and you think you should
                                                 cover your living costs for the whole
pay ‘home’ tuition fees, contact the
                                                 course when you apply for a student
Advice and Counselling Service at
                                                 visa at the British Embassy and any
Queen Mary as early as possible. A
                                                 time that you have to extend your stay
Welfare Adviser can check your
                                                 in the UK.
eligibility and contact the Admissions
Office for you if necessary.                     Most students rely on money from a
                                                 ‘sponsor’ to pay their living costs.
                                                 Usually this is their parents or other
3. Bringing money to the UK                      family members. Sometimes students
                                                 have their own savings or have
Your home country may have laws or               sponsorship from an organization in
regulations about international money            their own country or an international
transactions, and you may need to                scholarship agency.
apply for permission to transfer funds           London is an expensive city but if you
out. The different methods of money              are careful, you can find ways of living
transfer include a bankers draft, an             more cheaply. You can find out more
international money order, an electronic         about budgeting and living cheaply in
transfer, and a telegraphic transfer.            London at the Queen Mary International
                                                 Students Welcome Programme which
It will take some time for funds to clear        runs before the start of the academic
through a UK bank account after you              year. This leaflet gives you details on
open it. This means you need to bring            what to expect to pay in London. For
enough money in British pounds or                information on costs and other aspects
travellers cheques to cover your                 of living in the UK, you can also visit the
immediate expenses when you arrive in            UK Student Life website which is
the UK. We suggest you bring enough              specially designed for international
money to pay for your living costs for at        students in the UK
least two weeks; £500 should be
enough. If you plan to use your cash   
card or credit card, the most widely
accepted are Visa, Mastercard and                With care, you can reduce your living
American Express. You may be able to             costs and there are many cultural,
use your credit card to withdraw money           musical, and theatrical events which
from cash machines (ATMs). The bank              are free as well as most of the
                                                 museums and galleries. You can also
collect our leaflet Free London or               Food                   £200
download this from our website.                  (mostly cooking at home but
                                                 occasionally eating at college or in
Some of the costs that you will need to          cheap cafes or restaurants)
budget for are:                                  Mobile phone           £30
                                                 (basic monthly contract)
Annual costs                                     Other costs                   £60

•   tuition fees                                 Annual costs
•   travel to and from the UK                    Books, stationery, photocopying, IT
•   books and equipment (£300-£600)              costs                   £500
    (see page 7)                                 (using the library very often)
•   UK TV licence (£135.50)                      UK TV licence           £135.50
•   Gifts and special occasions                  Clothing                £400
•   Visa application fee (£295) if you           (occasionally buying clothes or shoes
    need to extend your stay in the UK           from cheaper shops or markets)
                                                 Travel outside London (for example
Monthly costs                                    going on a HOST visit to meet a UK
                                                 family or occasionally visiting cities
•   accommodation for you and any                outside London)         £300
    dependants (£80-£108 a week for a            Other one-off costs £1000
    single student - see page 5)
                                                 Total for 12 months £ 11,363.94
•   travel in London (£15-£25 a week -
    see page 6)
•   food and other daily living expenses
                                                 Example two: very low budget
    for you and any dependants
    including going out (£50 a week for
                                                 This is a budget for someone living
    a single student - see page 5)
                                                 extremely cheaply. This would mean
•   health costs (insurance for short            sharing a room in shared
    term students or prescription                accommodation, almost never going
    charges from the doctor - see page           out, cooking all food at home, rarely
    6)                                           travelling to central London and never
•   childcare (see page 7)                       travelling outside London. Very few
•   clothing (see page 7)                        students can live like this, but this guide
•   household bills (£40)                        might be useful if you are on a very
•   social events and entertainment              limited budget.

                                                 Monthly costs
Examples of the costs of two                     Rent per month           £200
different lifestyles in London over              (sharing a small room in a shared flat)
12 months:                                       Bills                    £20
                                                 (bills are cheaper because they are
Example one: low budget                          divided between more people)
                                                 Travel                   £20
This student lives quite inexpensively.          (if the student walks to university,
They are very careful with money but             travels only when necessary, by bus,
they do allow for occasional social              and rarely goes into central London)
activities and extra spending.                   Food                     £100
                                                 (cooking at home with flatmates and
Monthly costs                                    bringing lunch to college every day.
Rent per month          £400                     Never eating out)
(staying in a QM residence, bills                Mobile phone             £10
included )                                       (Using pay-as-you-go, limited use)
Travel                  £62.37                   Other                    £50
(you can walk to university, but travel          (It is not possible to spend nothing in
into central London to experience what           London! Even occasionally you will
the city has to offer. This is the cost of a     want to buy a cup of coffee or
one month travel card with 30% student
something to eat at college or go to the        telephone, food and other daily living
cinema, or go out with friends)                 expenses. You usually need to pay at
                                                least one month’s rent in advance when
Annual costs                                    you agree to rent a flat or house, and at
Books, stationery, photocopying, IT             least one month’s rent as a deposit
costs                   £300                    against damage.
(using the library as often as possible)
UK TV licence           £135.50                 Temporary accommodation
Clothing                £200                    If you need to stay in a temporary hotel
(if you buy only essential clothes or           or hostel when you first arrive in the
shoes from cheaper shops and                    UK, expect to pay at least £50 per night
markets)                                        per person for a room.
Other one-off costs £600
                                                For more information on QM
Total for 12 months £6,035.50                   residences, renting accommodation in
                                                London, hostels and hotels:

5. Accommodation
                                                For information on hostels in London:
Accommodation is likely to be your    
biggest cost in London.
                                                For information on staying at
There are no shared rooms in Queen              International Students House (a cultural
Mary residences: rooms can only be              centre for international students in
rented by individual students. If you           London):
want to reduce your costs by sharing a
room, you will need to look for privately
rented accommodation.
                                                6. Monthly and annual bills
Accommodation in self catered
residences at Queen Mary varies from            If you live in rented accommodation,
around £80 to £108 per week for a               you usually have to pay for gas,
single room. You will also have to pay a        electricity, telephone and water on top
deposit of £200 when you accept a               of your rent. You will also receive a bill
room in QM residences (this is                  for council tax which is a local
refunded at the end of the year if you          government tax. Full time students do
have paid all of your rent and you leave        not usually have to pay council tax, but
your room in good condition). The               you have to give your local council
information that you receive from the           evidence that you are a full time
Residences Office will confirm the exact        student. For more information read our
price of each residence. Residence              leaflet Council Tax, which you can
fees are paid in advance for each               download from our website:
semester. The rent includes the cost of
gas and electricity and cleaning.               html

Privately rented accommodation for              UK TV licence
one person renting a room in a shared           If you own a TV in the UK, you must
property is likely to cost from £75 to          pay for a TV licence. The annual fee is
£100 a week. Renting a flat with one or         £135.50. You can pay this in monthly
two bedrooms will be around £150 to             instalments. If you only live in the UK
£200 a week. Living in east London is           during the academic year and leave
slightly cheaper than other areas of            during the summer vacation, you will
London. Many students save money by             only have to pay for nine months.
sharing rooms in rented
accommodation. You should check the
number of tenants you are allowed in
one flat with your landlord. You usually
have to pay for heating, lighting,

7. Food                                        month or so of your stay, you will have
                                               to pay full travel fares.
Food in the UK is more expensive than          It is cheaper to only travel by bus but
in many other countries. It can be             journeys take longer:
expensive to eat in restaurants in
London although you should talk to             •   One week bus travel card (all
students when you get here to find out             London) £9.80 (this is with 30%
about cheaper places where students                discount)
An average shopping bill for one person        •   One week travel card for bus and
for food and other household items is              tube in zones 1 and 2 in Central
around £50 per week. This will be more             London £16.24 (this is with 30%
if you are bringing your family with you.          discount)

If you eat out or buy take away or             If you don’t travel regularly and don’t
prepared food, your weekly food bill will      buy a travel card, you can use the pre-
be higher than this. You will need             pay system where you keep a balance
around £15 per week to cover the cost          on an ‘Oyster card’. Paying cash for
of buying lunch, snacks and drinks             individual tickets is very expensive. You
during the day at College if you don’t         can find out about travel in London at
bring your own packed lunch.                   the QM International Student Welcome
                                               programme in September.
To get an idea of UK prices, look at the       For more information on travel in
Asda website. This one of the cheaper          London visit
supermarkets in the UK and you can
get there easily from Mile End by bus:         Travel outside London                                 You can buy a Young Person's
                                               Railcard, which will give you a discount
Lidl is also very cheap and has weekly         of 30% on rail fares on the national rail
special offers:                 network. The railcard costs £20 a year.
                                               There are some restrictions about when
Other large supermarkets                       you can travel. Application forms and
                                               more information are available at                                  railway station ticket offices, or go to

                                               Bus (coach) travel is often the
8. Travel                                      cheapest option for travel outside
                                               London. As a full time student, you can
Travel in London                               buy a Student NX2 Card. It costs £10 a
If you live and study at the Mile End          year, or £19 for three years, and it will
campus, you can walk to classes                save you up to 30% on many National
(Medicine, Dentistry and postgraduate          Express coach journeys. For more
law courses are not at Mile End). If you       information visit:
live off campus, travel costs to QM vary
according to where you are living. On
average, travel costs are between £15          You can also travel very cheaply when
and £25 a week for one person.                 travelling with Megabus:
London transport tickets and fares are
stored on an ‘Oyster’ smart card. You
can apply for a London Transport
                                               QM organizes day trips for international
student Oyster card after you enroll at
                                               students each year. See our website for
QM. You can collect an application form
                                               more information. ISH Travel Club also
from the Students Union. This gives
                                               have very discounted trips around the
you a 30% discount on your travel
                                               UK and in Europe:
around London. Applications can take
several weeks to process so for the first

9. Health costs                                11. Books and equipment

If you are studying in the UK for longer       These costs will vary depending on
than six months you can use the                your course. Some students save
National Health Service (NHS) free of          money by buying all their basic
charge. You can see a doctor free of           stationery in their own country. You
charge and you pay only for                    can also minimise your costs by making
                                               good use of the library and other
prescriptions (around £6.85 per item). If      resources, but it is likely that you will
you regularly take medicine, it may            still need to budget for around £300 to
save money to bring a stock with you.          £600 per year on books and equipment.
                                               Contact your academic department for
If you are studying in the UK for six          an estimate of how much you will need
months or less you cannot use the              to spend. You can buy second hand
National Health Service except in an           books from Amazon at
emergency. You will need to arrange  
health insurance for your time in the
UK. Many students do this from home
or you can do this in the UK. One
insurance company, Endsleigh, has a            12. Clothing
policy specifically for international
students:                                      You may need to buy new clothes or
                                               shoes that are suitable for the climate in                            the UK. Expect to spend between £150
                                               and £400. Prices for clothes and shoes
All students can use the QM Student            can vary considerably, and we advise
Health Service while they are on               that you talk to other students when you
campus and if you live in the Mile End         arrive here to find out about cheap
area you can register there:                   places to shop. Lots of students go to
                                               the many markets in London for                              cheaper options:
For advice on what you need to know
about health before leaving home go to         There are also cheaper clothes stores
the Advice and Counselling website.            such as Primark, Matalan, H+M and
                                               Top Shop.

10. Schools and Childcare            
Children between the ages of 5 and 16
years old who are in the UK as your
dependants may attend state primary
and secondary schools free of charge.
You will usually need to pay for child         13. Student discounts
care for younger children. Costs for pre-
school childcare vary considerably, but        There are special discounts for
are usually around £80 to £200 per             students at many shops, theatres,
week, per child.                               cinemas, museums and galleries.
                                               When you are at QM, you can find out
For more information read our leaflet          about student discounts at the
Childcare on the Advice and                    Students’ Union. You can also apply
Counselling website, or collect a copy         for a NUS (National Union of Students)
from our reception.                            Extra Card. This costs £10 a year and
                                               you can use this to get many discounts:

You can also access various websites             You should do this as early as possible
which compare costs in the UK. This              (see page 11 for their contact details).
can save you a lot of money. A useful
website for comparing costs and for tips         Queen Mary usually pays for education
on saving money is                               arrangements and you will have to pay
                                                 for personal needs. For example, if you                        normally need a personal assistant to
                                                 help you look after yourself, you will
                                                 need to pay for this. If you need
                                                 somebody to take notes for you in class
14. Banking                                      and help you to use the library, Queen
                                                 Mary will normally meet these costs.
There are many banks in the UK that
offer bank accounts to international
students. Many students open a basic             16. National scholarships
bank account. A basic account gives
you a card that you can use to withdraw          There are very few scholarships for
money from cash machines but you                 international students to study in the UK
cannot use this card to buy things in            and competition is very strong. You
shops or on the internet.                        should apply for any scholarship at
                                                 least one year before you hope to start
Check with your bank at home to find             your course.
out if it has a special relationship with a
bank in the UK, as this may help you to          British Council
open a UK bank account when you
arrive in London. It can also be useful          The main British Council scheme is the
to bring a letter of introduction from           Chevening Scholarship for
your bank at home and your three most            postgraduate study in the UK. This runs
recent bank statements. If you know              in 150 countries and Queen Mary has
your address in the UK, you could also           about 20 Chevening scholars each
ask your bank to send the bank                   year.
statements to you in the UK.
When you enrol at QM, you can also               The British Council in your country may
collect a letter from the admissions             have more information on funding. To
office which most banks ask for when             look at the database of scholarships for
you open an account.                             international students visit

You can find out about opening a bank  
account at the International Students            funding-your-studies.html
Welcome programme in September.
                                                 The Overseas Research Student
You can also read our leaflet Banking:
                                                 Awards Scheme (ORSAS)
a guide for International and EU
students, which you can download from            ORSAS is funded by the UK
our website.                                     government. The award is for research
                                                 students (PhD) and pays the difference
                                                 between the home and the overseas
15. Students with a                              tuition fee rates. Around ten students a
disability                                       year at Queen Mary obtain ORSAS

If you have a disability or a long term          ips/ORSAS.html
medical condition, Queen Mary will
make reasonable arrangements to
enable you to access the course.                 Marshall Scholarships (US students)
Students need to contact the Disability
and Dyslexia Service to organize this.           There are around 40 Marshall
                                                 scholarships each year for students
from the USA to study in the UK.               award; you do not need to make a
Funding is mostly for postgraduate             separate application. Most scholarships
study but a few students obtain funding        pay £2,000 of the annual tuition fee. For
for undergraduate study.                       more information go to          

Queen Mary Marshall Scholarships               Centre for Business Management
Queen Mary recently linked to the
Marshall scholarships programme. For           There are five awards of £2,000 each
more information and contact details at        year for students applying for the MA
Queen Mary go to                               International Management course.
                                               When you apply to Queen Mary, you         will automatically be considered for an
ips/index.html#marshall                        award. For more information go to

Fullbright Scholarships              
Fullbright scholarships fund tuition fees
and living costs for up to eleven              LLM Scholarships
students a year in the UK. The
scholarship funds the first year of            There are 5 scholarships for
postgraduate study in any subject in the       international students applying to the
UK.                                            department for Commercial Law
                                               Studies. Preference is given to students                  from war zones. You must apply
                                               separately before end May 2008. For
Funding for US students:                       more information and an application go
                                               to the department website:
There are many US websites where
you can search for funding:                                     Queen Mary University of London
                                               Research Studentships
                                               There are a number studentships each
                                               year for students doing PhD research.
                                               This funds tuition fees and living costs           for three years. When you apply to
aid.html                                       Queen Mary, you will automatically be
                                               considered for an award.
For US students planning to study at
Queen Mary on a short study abroad             Queen Mary Bursaries and Westfield
programme go to                                Trust Fund         Academic departments at Queen Mary
ad/feesfinance                                 can offer one or two bursaries each
                                               year to students on taught postgraduate
                                               courses. Students pay tuition fees for
                                               the course and then receive the
17. Queen Mary                                 equivalent amount of ‘home’ tuition fees
Scholarships                                   in the form of a bursary. You are
                                               automatically considered for a bursary
Science and Engineering                        when you apply and there is no
Scholarships                                   separate application form. To check
                                               decision times for bursaries, you should
Students from certain countries                contact your academic department.
applying for a course in a science and
engineering subject are eligible for a
Queen Mary scholarship. Queen Mary             Queen Mary Departmental Bursaries
will automatically assess you for an           and Scholarships
Some academic departments at Queen               When you are in the UK it is extremely
Mary may also have scholarships for              difficult to get any funding from external
international students. Contact the              trusts and charities. In general, help is
academic department where you intend             limited to final year students in severe
to study for more information and look           financial hardship, payments are small
at their website for information on              (often £100 to £500) and many trusts
funding for specific subjects.                   do not help with tuition fees at all.

                                                 You cannot rely on getting this kind of
MSc Scholarships in Economics                    financial help when planning to come to
                                                 the UK.
In 2007/8 there are a number of
scholarships of £5,000 and £3,000 for
certain MSc courses in Economics.
                                                 19. Other sources of funding                              in the UK
                                                 Part-time work
18. Applying for funding
after coming to the UK                           When you apply to come to the UK as a
                                                 student, you must show that you have
                                                 enough money to pay for your tuition
As an international student, you need to         fees and living costs. However, you
have a secure source of funding that             might decide to earn a little extra for
will pay for all of your tuition fees and        things like eating out, shopping,
living costs for the whole of your               socializing or traveling in the UK or
course. There is no formal system of             Europe. You should not plan to rely on
grants or loans to international students        part-time work to pay for tuition fees or
at Queen Mary. However, if something             for your essential living costs.
unexpected happens while you are in
the UK which affects your funding,               If you are in the UK for six months or
there are some limited funds at QM that          more and have permission as a
may be able to help (see below).                 student, you will be able to work for 20
Please contact the Advice and                    hours a week during term-time, or full-
Counselling Service if you encounter             time during vacations.
financial difficulties during your studies.
                                                 If you are in the UK for less than six
The University of London Hardship                months, you will not automatically be
Fund                                             granted permission to work when you
                                                 apply for entry clearance to come to the
This is a small fund administered by             UK at the British Embassy. You need to
Queen Mary, to help international                request permission to work. It is
students who experience severe                   important to show that you do not need
financial hardship due to circumstances          to work and that you have adequate
beyond their control. Grants are paid            funding without working. If you arrive in
only once and are normally between               the UK without entry clearance and ask
£500 to £700. The fund most often                to enter the UK as a student, you will be
helps students who are close to                  granted permission as a ‘student visitor’
completing their studies. It cannot pay          and you will not be allowed to work.
for tuition fees.
                                                 For more information about applying to
Dean’s Benevolence Fund                          come to the UK go to
This can help medical and dental       
students in severe financial hardship.           mmigration/visa
The fund most often helps students
who are near the end of their course,            There is a National Minimum Wage in
who have exhausted all other available           the UK which increases every year. On
sources of funding.                              1 October 2007, the National Minimum
                                                 Wage for those aged 18-21 increases
Charities and Trusts in the UK                   from £4.45 to £4.60 per hour. For

those aged 22 and over, it increases            For more information, please read our
from £5.35 to £5.52 per hour. Many              leaflet Part time and vacation work.
jobs pay more than the minimum wage,
but it is illegal for an employer to pay
you less.

20. Further Advice
There are several ways to book an appointment with a Welfare Adviser:

•      Call in to the Advice and Counselling Service reception, ground floor of the
       Geography Building, Mile End site. The reception area is open between 9.30
       and 4.00 Monday to Friday (closed on Wednesdays 12.30pm to 1.30pm).
•      Ring us on 020 7882 5175
•      Email us via our website at

If you have a brief enquiry, you can see a Welfare Adviser at a drop-in session. Your
session will last a maximum of ten minutes. Drop-in sessions are on Wednesdays
2.00pm-4.00pm and Fridays 10.00am -12.00, term-time only.

Our receptionist will help you decide which type of appointment will suit you best.

If you find it difficult to come and visit us in person, ask our receptionist about
alternative arrangements for your advice session. Copies of this information sheet are
available in alternative formats. Please contact the Advice and Counselling Service.

21. A – Z Contacts at QM
Admissions and Recruitment Office
(non-medicine and Dentistry programmes)
CB02 Queens’ Building
020 7882 5511

Admissions Office – Medical and Dental students
020 7882 7611

Dean for Student Affairs, Medical School
Whitechapel campus
020 7882 2126

Disability and Dyslexia Service
2.05a Francis Bancroft Building
020 7882 2756

Fees office (Finance Department)
W117 Queen’s Building
020 7882 3087

International Office
E104 Queens’ Building

020 7882 3066

Medical and Dental School Students Association
Whitechapel campus
020 7882 7640

Residences Office
E01 Queens’ Building
020 7882 5522

Scholarships and Prizes
Peter Smith, Admissions Assistant
CB02 Queens’ Building
020 7882 3657

Student Administration Office
CB05 Queens’ Building
Mile End campus
020 7882 5005

Student Awards Office
CB02 Queens’ Building
020 7882 7610
020 7882 3744

Student Office, Whitechapel campus
020 7882 2230

Students’ Union
Blomeley Centre
020 7882 8030 / 8031

External contacts
British Council

UKCOSA (Council for International Education)


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