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                                      CALIFORNIA HALL OF FAME ARTIFACTS
Listed below are the artifacts that will be on display in the 2008 California Hall of Fame
exhibition, which opens to the public on Tuesday, December 16th.

  • Gold album for Time Out
  • Vintage album covers
  • The artistic TIME magazine featuring Brubeck from 1964
  • Cattle brand from the Brubeck’s family ranch near Ione, California
  • A Fats Waller album, the first album he ever bought, at age 14
  • Various posters for shows throughout the world
  • Concert programs, including one from his appearance in the USSR
  • Reel to reel tape of his performance at the White House in 1964
  • His iconic eyeglasses from the early 1960s
  • Original sheet music
  There also will be a piano keyboard (not an artifact) to touch that will allow visitors to
  select famous tunes to play by pressing on different keys.

  • Her Oscars for her performances in Klute (1972) and Coming Home (1978)
  • The pantsuit she wore to accept her Oscar in 1972
  • Her Emmy for her performance in The Dollmaker (1984)
  • Movie posters for Klute, 9 to 5 (1980), and On Golden Pond (1981)
  • Magazine cover for Life and Ladies Home Journal dating back to Fonda’s modeling days
  • A print of the 1982 painting by Andy Warhol of Fonda

  • Five “unorthodox taxidermy” heads: a Sawfish, the Mulberry Street Unicorn, the
     Andulovian Grackler, a Kangaroo Bird and a Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast
  • Ten framed lithographs, including “Star Belly Friends,” “Cat in Hat,” “Turtle Tower,” and
     “Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon”
  There will be well-loved Seuss classics to read and seating in the “Dr. Seuss” reading room.
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  • Three maquettes of public monuments: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in
     Washington, D.C., the Olympic ceremonial gateway for the Los Angeles Memorial
     Coliseum, and the Great Bronze Doors of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
  • Three small bronze sculptures
  • 12 drawings

  • Platinum album for Thriller
  • His Garfield High School letter jacket
  • The sheet music for “We Are the World,” signed by all artists
  • Albums: We Are the World, the soundtracks for The Color Purple and Roots, Quincy Jones
     Back on the Block, Sinatra at the Sands, and Thriller
  • The original artwork for the Mellow Madness LP
  There also will be a listening station where Museum guests can listen to Jones’ classic hits.

  • Two cameras
  • A silver bracelet Lange frequently wore in photographs
  • Photographs, which include Lange’s historic Migrant Mother series

   • The handcuffs worn on the famous Alcatraz swim
   • Jumpsuit and aerobic slippers
   • Hand-stand work-out equipment
   • The Glamour Stretcher and other original exercise devices
   • Album of an exercise routine instructed by LaLanne
   • Video reels of his 1950s television show
   • LaLanne brand vitamins
   • A Jack LaLanne Power Juicer
   Guests will be able to watch LaLanne’s television show in a media presentation.

   • Her drafting table
   • Commencement hood from UC Berkeley
   • Working model of Hearst Castle
   • Reproductions of drawings for Hearst Castle, Wyntoon, YWCA and others
   • Certificate to practice architecture
   • Originally designed tiles
   • Mosaic replica of Hearst Castle pool tiles
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   • His Oscars for performances in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Terms of
     Endearment (1983) and As Good as it Gets (1997)
   • Costumes from Batman (1989), The Witches of Eastwick, and The Departed (2006)
   • Scripts for The Shining (1980) and The Witches of Eastwick (1987) with Nicholson’s notes
     and drawings
   • Movie posters for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Hoffa (1992)
   • His 2nd grade report card
   • His Manasquan High School yearbook
   • The Lakers championship ring

   • Three molecular models designed and used by Pauling
   • Two family-owned Nobel Prize replicas
   • A 1961 Henney Kilowatt Electric Car
   • Anti-war button collection
   • The 1958 anti-nuclear petition sent to the United Nations, signed by more than 11,000
   • The first edition of his famous 1937 textbook
   • Notebooks, letters, notes, and calculations
   • Pauling brand Vitamin C bottle
   • The 2008 Linus Pauling commemorative postal stamp artwork

   • The Golden Spike, marking the connection between the Transcontinental Railroad
   • Telegraph key used to send message of completion of Transcontinental Railroad
   • Horse-drawn carriage used while Governor
   • Commemorative trowel used in laying cornerstone of Stanford University
   • Stonecutters tools used in building Stanford University
   • His sword cane
   • The official Thanksgiving Proclamation issued by Stanford in 1863
   • Appointment to the US Senate in 1885

   • Mortar and pestle
   • Glassware with Chez Panisse logo
   • Chez Panisse special event menus
   • Chez Panisse posters
   • Cookbooks
   Display also will include wheelbarrow of faux produce in Edible Schoolyard garden setting.

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