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                Composite Deck Screws From PAM Fastening Now Available In
                350 and 1,750
                Composite Deck Screws Available In Bulk

                07.15.2009 – CHARLOTTE, NC        " PAM Fastening Technology, Inc. of Charlotte, N. C.
                now offers its composite decking screws in bulk packages of 350 or 1,750 screws            Twitter Pitc
                for jobs where a PAM Autofeed Screw Driver System is not practical such as                 You can now
                                                                                                           Composite De
                assembling deck railings. Besides decking, composite decking screws can also be
                used for railing, fencing and other applications.

                                                                                                           News Facts
                The PAMDrive® Composite Decking Screws from PAM Fastening have a unique                      Bulk packag
                dual thread design that helps pull the deck board and joist together and a head              for jobs wh
                design that eliminates “mushrooming”. The result is a clean, flush finish                    Driver Syste
                countersunk to the desired depth. Unlike many composite decking screws, the                  assembling

                PAMDrive® screw does not require pre-drilling for most applications which saves              The PAMDri
                                                                                                             Screws fro
                time. The screw also reduces driving torque by over 23% versus comparable
                                                                                                             unique dual
                                                                                                             pull the deck
                                                                                                             Available in l
                Available in lengths of 2.5 in. or 3.0 in., the PAMDrive® screws come in a brown,
                                                                                                             PAM Fasteni
                gray, tan, red Magni coating or stainless steel. The Magni coated finish is resistant to     screw gun t
                treatment chemicals used in framing lumber treated for above ground applications.            PAM’s tools
                                                                                                             industries in
                The 350 quantity bulk screw packages are available in case lots of 10 packages to a          and remodel

                case, 160 cases to a pallet. The 1,750 quantity packages are available in case lots          assembly, m
                                                                                                             industrial pa
                of 48 buckets to a pallet. Each of the 350 and 1,750 count
                packages include a driver bit. Discounts are available for case and pallet orders.
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                Discounts are available for case and pallet orders.
                About PAM Fastening                                                                        Screws, Con

                With over 25 years of experience, PAM Fastening is a leader in autofeed screw gun          PAM, Stark
                technologies with corporate and research offices located in Charlotte, NC and
                Bremen, Germany. PAM’s tools are used in a variety of industries including home
                construction and remodeling, cabinet and furniture assembly, manufactured
                housing and industrial packaging. The company also has a broad line of frame
                assembly equipment and accessories for the framing and hobby industries as well
                as a full line of industrial quality glue stick guns and adhesives.

                For more information on the Bulk Composite Decking Screws or other tools and
                accessories, contact PAM Fastening at
                2120 Gateway Blvd.
                Charlotte, NC 28208,
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