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					                                            High speed trains

Usually high-speed trains running at speeds between 250 km / hour (150 miles / hour) to 300 km / hour
(180 miles / hour). Although the world speed record for wheeled trains solved in 1990 by the French
TGV trains that reach speeds of 515 km / h (320 MPL),

The intended market is still focused on business travel market. But lately sightseeing trip began to
grow. In France many entertainment channels that reach the coast in the Atlantic Ocean and the
Mediterranean, and also a large playground. And, Friday evening is the peak hours for the TGV train
(Metzler, 1992). TGV system has lowered the price to travel long distances in order to compete with air
transport, and as a result the cities with the distance of one hour by TGV has been the choice of
passengers. Side effects of the opening of this railway line is the rapid development of isolated rural
areas. Recently, several fast train line is deliberately planned for this purpose, for example, is Madrid-
Seville in Spain and Amsterdam-Groningen in the Netherlands.

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