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Weakness & Stress
                  Prafulla T. Pathade
                  32 Years
                  140, Guruwar Peth
                  Opp.Namledar Kacherz
                  Pune-411 042

Since my childhood I was very weak and my
weight at this age was only 48 kg.

Also I had problem of stress and constipation. This
was due to my nine years working atmosphere in
the factory and due to heavy work schedule, I
used to be very tired.

Mr. Bishwajit Deb introduced me the fruit Juice
Noni and after taking Noni 10 ml twice a day a
drastic change happened to me.

I feel fresh and healthy always and my weight
now increased to 58 kg and my constipation
problem was also solved.

Thank you Indian Noni you are great.
Circulatory Problem,
   and Giddiness
                    Dr. Jagan Mohan Goud
                    62 Years
                    Uppal Dist., R.R. Dist.
                    Andhra Pradesh

I am an Ayurvedic doctor, suffering from
Circulatory problem, constipation, giddiness,
acidity and burning feet syndrome.

The above mentioned body conditions were
pestering me for almost 2 years.

Through my friend Mr. Keshavachary, I got
introduced to Indian Noni. Now I am totally free
from constipation and my giddiness has reduced.

My circulatory system has improved. My overall
health condition has improved drastically.

Indian Noni is like an amirtham.

It works effectively for all.
Constipation, Acidity,
 Backache & Piles
                  Sanjay Chango Patil
                  N-42, CA3/816
                  Shivshakti Nagar
                  4th Scheme,Cidco, Nasik

I, Mr. Sanjay chango Patil, Cidco, Nasik, for the
last few years was suffering from acidity,
constipation, backache and piles.

Due to this problem I was having burning
sensation in the chest.

I could not sit in one place due to indigestion and

After understanding Noni through Mr. Girish
Mahajan, I started taking Noni for 2 months.

In 20 days I found myself fresh and energetic.

Backache and knee pain are gone. Acidity
problem is solved.

Due to good digestion my appetite has increased.
So I would recommend this food supplement to
     Poor Vision
                  B.B. Belsare
                  Rokadiya Hanuman
                  Colony, Aurangabad

I am suffering from constipation and Poor vision.
There are 4 doctors in our family but no result.

Dr.R.B.Bharaswadkar introduced me Indian Noni.
I trusted him and started taking Noni.

My constipation problem is totally solved in
15 days. My eye sight is also clear.

I am very much impressed with Indian Noni and
my health is very good.

Everybody should take Indian Noni. I have
started propaganda face to face about Indian
   Bleeding Piles
                  G. Murali Dhar
                  53 Years
                  Sri Sai Traders
                  Apne Yard
                  Hagari Bommanahalli

I was suffering from Piles bleeding pain since
8 years. Also I have Chronic constipation problem
and Joint pain. I started taking Indian Noni by
the advice of Sri Ramesh Kinnal, Hospet.
My wife and myself were travelling by train to
Hubli for my wife’s medical check up. Till then
we know nothing about Noni. We met Ramesh
Kinnal who was a co-traveller going to Belgaum.
In our conversation he told me about Noni. We
asked everything about Indian Noni and clarified
all our doubts. Soon after we purchased 3 bottles
of Noni in our place Bommanahatti.
For the past 2 months we are taking Noni twice
daily and all our health problems have solved.
We are now very happy.
We thank Mr. Ramesh Kinnal and Indian Noni.
Constipation, Diabetes, Knee
  Pain, Tension, Headache
                    S.G. Savadatti
                    50 Years
                    34, Vishalaxi Unkal
                    Shree Nagar, Hubli Eng.
                    College, Hubli

I was suffering from diabetes, knee pain,
tension,headache and constipation.

Mr.Suresh S.Kammar introduced me Indian Noni.

After consuming Indian Noni regularly I am free
from tension, headache, knee pain. In short
I would like to say.

To break a bad habit

To love an enemy

To suffer without complaint is as difficult as to serve
without looking for praise and that is Noni.

This Amrutha called Indian Noni.
  Constipation &
    Back Pain
                   K. Vasundhara
                   35 Years
                   Plot No.109, Dilsukh Nagar
                   Andhra Pradesh

I am Vasundhara, a housewife from Hyderabad.
For the last three years, I have been suffering with
back pain, constipation and general weakness in
my body.

One day, Mr. K. Keshava Chary introduced Indian
Noni to me and asked me to try it to get free
from the above ailment.

I drank Indian Noni and after four and a half
months I noticed that I was free from my back
pain by 60 % and my constipation had gone. My
general weakness has improved too.

Once boiling hot ‘rasam’ fell on my stomach and
I immediately applied Indian Noni on the burn. I
found that there was no burning sensation, no
bubbles and no scars !

Thanks to Indian Noni. My physical fitness has
improved a lot with Indian Noni.
  Constipation &
   Skin Allergy
                 Farooque Munir Khan
                 38 Years
                 267, Mahavir Darshan
                 Complex, Shop 38
                 Timber Market,

For the last three years I was suffering from
Constipation, Skin allergy and Hypertension.

When I used to travel on road due to pollution
my skin used to have boils and also I used to
have hard motions.

One day my friend Jaffer K Khan introduced me
to Indian Noni.

After taking Indian Noni for fifteen days, I was
surprised that my skin problem had gone and
my constipation problem was also solved and I
was energetic and peaceful for the whole day.

Thank you Indian Noni.
Constipation, Allergy
  & Restlessness
                  Chaya Raj
                  52 Years
                  Hiriyur - 572143

One decade had gone by and still all the
medication I had tried hadn’t relieved me from
my skin allergy. I was allergic to the rays of the
sun, oil, and other weather conditions.

These would cause discolouration of my skin. PMS
also was causing me stress, body ache, joint pain,
and heaviness of body.

I was gastric and had constipation. I had no
appetite and was mentally restless as I was also
an insomniac. This made me physically very tired.

Our family friend Dr. H.L. Nagaraj introduced me
to Indian Noni health enhancer and dietary
supplement to improve the immune power of my
body cells in order to gradually get rid of my
problems and to enjoy a normal healthy life.

After a month of drinking Indian Noni, I have
observed that the dryness in my mouth and
burning sensation of my throat have reduced.
I have no constipation.

I have free bowel movement. I feel relaxed as
my tiredness & restlessness has reduced. I get
good sleep and I feel much better. Indian Noni is
a divine health fruit juice.

I thank my creator whole heartedly for healing
me of my suffering through Indian Noni.

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