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                                                                                        Solicitation Number               0964VW
                                                        Invitation                              Date Issued               05/20/2009
                                                                                        Procurement Officer               Vicki Williams
                                                          for Bid                                     Phone               (843) 349-2912
                                                                                                        Fax               (843) 349-2184
                                                      AMENDMENT                             E-Mail Address      
   DESCRIPTION: Furnish, Deliver and Install Mattresses for Residence Halls

                                       The Term "Offer" Means Your "Bid" or "Proposal".

SUBMIT OFFER BY (Opening Date/Time): June 8, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. See provision entitled "Deadline for Submission of

         NUMBER OF COPIES TO BE SUBMITTED: One (1) original
QUESTIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BYJune 3, 2009                               See provision entitled "Questions from Offerors"

                          MAILING ADDRESS:                                           PHYSICAL ADDRESS:
                        Coastal Carolina University                                 Coastal Carolina University
                              Procurement                                                 Procurement
                              Vicki Williams                                             Atlantic Avenue
                            P.O. Box 261954                                            642 Century Circle
                           Conway, SC 29528                                            Conway, SC 29526
   Offers must be submitted in a sealed package. Solicitation Number & Opening Date must appear on package exterior.
   Conference Type: None scheduled                                     Location: Not Applicable
   Date & Time:

   AWARD &               Award will be posted on 02/05/2009 The award, this solicitation, any amendments, and any related
   AMENDMENTS            notices will be posted at the following web address:

   You must submit a signed copy of this form with Your Offer. By submitting a bid or proposal, You agree to be bound by the
   terms of the Solicitation. You agree to hold Your Offer open for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days after the Opening Date.
   NAME OF OFFEROR                  (Full legal name of business submitting the offer)           OFFEROR'S TYPE OF ENTITY:
                                                                                                            (Check one)
                                                                                             Sole Proprietorship
   AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE                                                                      Partnership
                                                                                             Corporation (tax exempt)
   (Person signing must be authorized to submit binding offer to enter contract on behalf of
   Offeror named above.)
                                                                                             Corporate entity (not tax-exempt)
   TITLE                                    (Business title of person signing above)         Government entity (federal, state, or local)
                                                                                             Other _________________________
   PRINTED NAME            (Printed name of person signing above) DATE
                                                                                                   (See provision entitled "Signing Your Offer".)

   Instructions regarding Offeror's name: Any award issued will be issued to, and the contract will be formed with, the entity
   identified as the offeror above. An offer may be submitted by only one legal entity. The entity named as the offeror must be a
   single and distinct legal entity. Do not use the name of a branch office or a division of a larger entity if the branch or division is
   not a separate legal entity, i.e., a separate corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.
   STATE OF INCORPORATION                                     (If offeror is a corporation, identify the state of Incorporation.)

   Taxpayer Identification No.                                               (See provision entitled Taxpayer Identification Number)

                                                                PAGE TWO
                                                       (Return Page Two with Your Offer)

HOME OFFICE ADDRESS (Address for offeror's home office / NOTICE ADDRESS (Address to which all procurement and
principal place of business)                                               contract related notices should be sent.) (See "Notice" clause)

                                                                           Area              Number         Extension     Facsimile

                                                                           E-mail Address

PAYMENT ADDRESS (Address to which payments will be sent.) ORDER ADDRESS (Address to which purchase orders will be
(See "Payment" clause)                                                     sent) (See "Purchase Orders” and "Contract Documents" clauses)

   Payment Address same as Home Office Address                                   Order Address same as Home Office Address
   Payment Address same as Notice Address (check only one)                       Order Address same as Notice Address (check only one)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT                      Amendment    Amendment     Amendment       Amendment       Amendment    Amendment      Amendment         Amendment
                                       No.        Issue Date      No.           Issue Date        No.        Issue Date       No.             Issue Date

Offerors acknowledges receipt
of amendments by indicating
amendment number and its
date of issue.

See "Amendments to
Solicitation" Provision

DISCOUNT FOR                         10 Calendar Days (%)        20 Calendar Days (%)            30 Calendar Days (%)       _____Calendar Days (%)

See "Discount for Prompt Payment"

PREFERENCE (June 2005): Section 11-35-1524 provides a PREFERENCE MUST INITIAL HERE.
preference for offerors that qualify as a resident vendor. A resident          .
vendor is an offeror that (a) is authorized to transact business within
South Carolina, (b) maintains an office* in South Carolina, (c) either (1) *ADDRESS AND PHONE OF IN-STATE
maintains a minimum $10,000.00 representative inventory at the time of OFFICE
the solicitation, or (2) is a manufacturer which is headquartered and has at
least a ten million dollar payroll in South Carolina, and the product is
made or processed from raw materials into a finished end-product by such
manufacturer or an affiliate (as defined in section 1563 of the Internal
Revenue Code) of such manufacturer, and (d) has paid all assessed taxes.            In-State Office Address same as Home Office Address
If applicable, preference will be applied as required by law.                        In-State Office Address same as Notice Address
                                                                                                                                 (CHECK ONLY ONE )
PREFERENCES – SC/US END-PRODUCT (June 2005): Section 11-35-1524 provides a                            IF THIS PREFERENCE APPLIES TO
preference to vendors offering South Carolina end-products or US end-products, if those               THIS PROCUREMENT, PART VII
products are made, manufactured, or grown in SC or the US, respectively. An end-product is            (BIDDING    SCHEDULE)    WILL
the item identified for acquisition in this solicitation, including all component parts in final      INCLUDE A PLACE TO CLAIM THE
form and ready for the use intended. The terms “made,” “manufactured,” and “grown” are                PREFERENCE.
defined by Section 11-35-1524(B). By signing your offer and checking the appropriate                  OFFERORS REQUESTING THIS
space(s) provided and identified on the bid schedule, offeror certifies that the end-product(s)       PREFERENCE MUST CHECK THE
is either made, manufactured or grown in South Carolina, or other states of the United States,        APPROPRIATE SPACES ON THE
as applicable. Preference will be applied as required by law.                                         BIDDING SCHEDULE.
  PAGE TWO (JAN. 2008)                                         End of Page Two

                                                    Solicitation Outline
I.        Scope of Solicitation
II.       Instructions to Offerors
          A.        General Instructions
          B.        Special Instructions
III.      Scope of Work / Specifications
IV.       Information for Offerors to Submit
V.        Qualifications
VI.       Award Criteria
VII.      Terms and Conditions
          A.        General
          B.        Special
VIII.     Bidding Schedule / Cost Proposal
IX.       Attachments to Solicitation

AMENDMENTS TO SOLICITATION (JANUARY 2006) (a) The Solicitation may be amended at any time prior to opening. All actual and
prospective Offerors should monitor the following web site for the issuance of Amendments: . (b)
Offerors shall acknowledge receipt of any amendment to this solicitation (1) by signing and returning the amendment, (2) by identifying the
amendment number and date in the space provided for this purpose on Page Two, (3) by letter, or (4) by submitting a bid that indicates in
some way that the bidder received the amendment. (c) If this solicitation is amended, then all terms and conditions which are not modified
remain unchanged.

The following specifications for standard mattresses with springs have been added.

Finished sizes and coil counts
36” x 80” (208 coils)

Spring Units
Bonnell style coils, 5” high 5 turn 13 gauge tempered steel spring wire with 6 gauge clipped border wires. Knotted-coil
construction with 18 gauge helical spring wires.

Each side of the spring unit shall be covered with 2 oz. per square foot fiber pads which overlap the edges of the spring unit
by at least 1 ½’ inches. On top of each fiber pad is placed a 1 ¼” combustion modified 1.2 lb. density, 34 lb. ILD. Poly-
urethane foam pad which should also overlap the spring unit edges by at least 1 ½”. A fire barrier consisting of modacrylic /
fiberglass / and polyester in a tubular 1 x 1 rib knit with a weight of no less than 6.6 ounces but not greater than 7.3 ounces
per liner yard will fully encapsulate the entire padding materials. Core spun yarns are unacceptable.

The mattress cover shall be SoFlux Ox. The mattress ticking fabric must have a yarn size of no less than 190 but not greater
than 250 denier. The polyurethane coating on the fabric will impart the qualities of water-proof-ness, anti-bacterial, anti-
fungal, and have a moisture vapor transmission rate of less than 350 but greater than 150 grams per meter squared over a
24 hour period. PVC coatings are unacceptable. The mattress ticking meets the flammability requirements of NFPA 701
(small scale) and Cal. 117. The mattress will be manufactured with the nylon side of the ticking facing outwards for student

Both side panels will be fully flanged and hog-ringed so as to properly attach the cover and upholstery materials securely in

The boxing or border will be vertically stitched and made of matching SoFlux ticking. It shall be 1pc. pre-built construction for
uniformity and consistence.

Bagged in a 3 mil. Poly bag for shipping and storage.

Passes the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Department of Commerce ( CCF4-72 and DOC FF4-72 ) as
amended part 1632 Flammability Standard for mattresses – cigarette ignition test for mattresses.


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