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					                                                                                                                     Web Site: []

                                                                                                                            All Sales Enquirys to
                                                    Trackman Price List                                                     [028 90825875]
                                                        Last updated [1/10/2009]
                                                 *Bulk pricing applies to quantities of 5 or more units

                                                                                                                              Retail Price Bulk Price
 Product Number                   Name                                                    Description
                                                                                                                               Per Unit     Per Unit

TR001             AT100 Vehicle Tracker                    Tracking Unit with GPS Antennae + cables ***                           £250.00       £320.00
TR002             Enfora Mini MT                           Tracking Unit with + cables ***                                        £350.00       £300.00

SW001             Trackman Software                        Vehicle Tracking/Reporting Software *** # %                            £200.00
SW002             MaxTrack Online Tracking                 Vehicle Tracking Software *** # %                                      £200.00
SW003             MaxTrack PDA Tracking                    Vehicle Tracking Software *** # %                                      £200.00

SW004             On Site Support + Travel                 Software Setup plus demonstration 1/2 day *                            £150.00
SW005             Travel                                   Location Dependant                                                    £30/Hour
SW006             Support Standard                         Telephone Support - Free
SW007             Support Corporate                        On Site Support / Year                                                 £200.00
SW008             Customisation of Software                Programming £100 per day
                  Tracker Unit in-vehicle Installation +   Tracker Unit wiring and installation. Ignition input + other
                  Travel                                   inputs available **                                                     £35.00
                                                           Arranged through Network Provider eg O2 £5/month
SIM001            Data Sim Card (1 per Tracker Unit)
                                                           contract, or suitable PAYG sim card

                                                           * software setup not necessary for advanced users
                                                           ** local qualified electrical engineer maybe preferred
                                                           *** minimum requirement, tracking units maybe mixed on system
                                                           % 1 licence per installation computer
                                                           # not including licenced copy of mappoint 2006