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    Hong Kong Collection
             gift from
Hong Kong (China). Innovation and
      Technology Commission.


Index of Funded Companies by Technological Areas

Index of Funded Companies by Alphabetical Order

Detailed Information of Funded Companies

         This second edition .of the SERAP Directory 2001 for the Small
Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme (SERAP) provides detailed
information on the companies which have received funding support from this
programme. Potential investors, potential funding applicants and anybody wishing
to know more about these companies will find this directory useful.

          SERAP is a technopreneur fund launched by the Innovation and Technology
Commission (the Commission) of the Government under the $5 billion Innovation
and Technology Fund in 1999. This funding programme provides pre-venture
capital funding for technology based and entrepreneur driven projects with reasonable
commercial potential. The funding under this programme is limited to HK$2
million to be allocated in two phases.

          Applications are not only critically assessed by the staff of the Commission
with commercial experience in high-tech businesses, but also by external assessment
panels whose members are drawn from a pool of assessors with strong background
and expertise in research, business development, and technology project funding and
management (including venture capital firms). Projects completing the first phase
are critically re-assessed by the Commission and the assessment panels before we
decide whether funding should continue to be provided for the second phase.

         All projects are closely monitored by the Commission against the originally
agreed milestones. Regular progress reports are submitted by the companies and the
Commission visit these companies once every 3 months to check progress and to
provide any coaching advice, particularly from the commercial angle, to the funded
companies. At present, one of the funded companies is considering a listing plan in
early 2002 and quite a number of the funded companies have already got follow-on
investments. This proves the high quality of the funded companies.

          All companies given funding for the second stage and some companies
given funding for the first stage are potential candidates for further investment by
angel investors and venture capital firms. If you wish to have more details about the
companies, please contact the companies direct with the information provided in this
directory. You may also contact the Commission at 2737 2409 by phone, at

21997004 by fax, email to                  or   visit   the   website for more information.

          Please note that all information about the funded companies in this directory
is provided by the companies concerned. The Commission is not to be held liable to
any factual errors and views that may be expressed.

Innovation and Technology Commission
November 2001

            Index of Funded Companies by Technological Areas

Company Name                     Brief Project Description

Information Technology - Internet Enabling

DINASTech (HK) Ltd               Interactive video on demand technology          41                   Chinese web content conversion and text to      95
                                 voice technologies

SinoCDN Ltd                      Streaming content delivery technologies         139

Vcast Ltd                        Interactive video broadcasting network          163

Internet application & content

Cybapolis Ltd.                   Data        communication        middleware     31

Delta Innovative Software Ltd    IT framework and product suite for the          33
                                 insurance industry

DiffmcLtd                        Web-based platform for multi-point real-        37
                                 time multimedia communications

InfoInOne Technology Ltd         Online account aggregation service platform     79

News Power International Media Ltd Internet news monitoring service., news       117
                                 indexing service and content republication
                                 licensing service
Nexcel Limited                   Regional trading platform for travel agencies   121
                                 and the hotel suppliers

Suntek Computer Systems Ltd      Development of Asian Search Engine              145

Virtual Light Ltd                Object oriented web content management          167

Company Name                     Brief Project Description                     Page No.


C5 Solutions (HK) Ltd            Personalized recommendation optimizer for       21
                                 mobile communications

Go-CDMA Ltd                      Mobile bandwidth enhancement technology         63

InterQoS Systems Ltd             Developer of 320Gbps router chip set            91

Mobile commerce

BIDS Solutions (HK) Ltd          Unique authentication solution for mobile       53

Infomaster   Holdings Ltd        Trusted EDI trade system and m-certificate      83

Radica System Ltd.               Personalization system for mobile Internet      133

Sinosky Technology Development   Streaming and on line stock transaction         141
Ltd                              technologies for mobile Internet


Asia VisionTechnology Ltd        VECON-VIS car license plate recognition
                                 system for the China market

Conven Corporation Ltd           e-Factoring Solution                            27

Lifewood Interactive Ltd         Datamining and eCRM                             105

LinkPOWERTechnology Co Ltd       Provider of digital asset management system     109

ProgressiveTechnology Ltd        Provider of MPF and employee benefit            129

TradeCity Cybersoft (HK) Ltd     JAVA development tools and server applets       157

Company Name                        Brief Project Description

WincasTech                          Correspondence control & job despatching       175


Earth-Link Technology Enterprises   Converter of scrap tyres to rubber soil        49

Kingsford Environmental (HK) Ltd    Next generation of sequencing batch reactor    101

Waste & Environmental               Plastic timber made from plastic wastes        171
Technologies Ltd

Advanced Materials

Convergence Technologies Limited Thermal management technologies for high          29
                                 performance electronics

RSM Technologies Limited            Smart materials for sound insulation           135


Advanced Interconnect               Fabrication of lead-free bumps for Flip-Chip    1
Technology Ltd

ASIC Technology Ltd                 Development of internet dial-up ASIC            11

ChatHay I.Technology Ltd            3-in-l ASIC Chip                                23

Saning Electronic Ltd               Multi-state mask ROM                            13'


Asia Pacific Information Network    GPRS dual-band PDA-phone                        5

Company Name                   Brief Project Description                    Page No.

Avantwave Ltd                  Bluetooth access points                         13

Best Tech (Hong Kong) Ltd.     Personal digital assistant (PDA)               17

E.Energy Technology Ltd        Dimmable electronic ballasts, electronics      45
                               ballasts, light dimmers

Emsoft Ltd                     Embedded Linux and Bluetooth developer         57

Frontier Labs Ltd              Advanced MP3 players                           59

i.Technologies Ltd             Universal storage system using Bluetooth       75

Idea Expert Technology Ltd     Pocket size mobile storage device for          77
                               memory cards

Innovi Technologies Ltd        Mobile accessories and Bluetooth headsets      87

Integrated Microdisplays Ltd   Portable instant photo printer for digital     89

Key Technology System Ltd      GPS fleet management system                    97

Lucky Technology Ltd           Fingerprint-based biometrics & contactless     111
                               smart card

MoneyCheck International Ltd   Security thread sensor for bank notes (RMB     113
                               & EURO) authentication

Team Creation Asia Ltd         Research and development of digital camera     149

Company Name                    Brief Project Description

Unisen Ltd                      Original design manufacturing of IP phones


Gene Tech (HK) Co Ltd           Immune-chip for reliable, high throughput
                                Hepatitis diagnosis

Grant Technology (HK) Co Ltd.   Small-scale   production    plant     for
                                manufacturing of 'Ready-to-use' culture
                                medium for medical and industrial use

Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd         DNA chip utilizing a unique combination of
                                DNA hybridization & detection technologies

PharmacoGenetics Ltd            SNP database of the Chinese population

Tech Dragon Ltd                 Liver stem cells

Pedorthic Technology Ltd.       CAD/CAM system to custom-make footwear
                                according to morphology, biomechanics and
                                health conditions of human feet

TPC (HK) Ltd                    3D/2D automatic pattern generation software

        Index of Funded Companies by Alphabetical Order

Advanced Interconnect Technology Limited                    1
Asia Pacific Information Network Limited                    5
Asia Vision Technology Limited                              7
ASIC Technology Limited                                    11
AvantWave Limited                                          13
Best Tech (Hong Kong) Limited                              17
C5 Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited                           21
ChatHay Group Limited                                      23
Conven Corporation Limited                                 27
Convergence Technologies Limited                           29
Cybapolis Limited                                          31
Delta Innovative Software Limited                          33
Diffinc Limited                                            37
DINASTech (HK) Limited                                     41
e.Energy Technology Limited                                45
Earth-Link Technology Enterprises Limited                  49
BIDS Solutions (HK) Limited                                53
Emsoft Limited                                             57
Frontier Labs Limited                                      59
Gene Tech (HK) Company Limited                             61
Go-CDMA Limited                                            63
Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd                             67
Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited                                71
i. Technologies Limited                                    75
Idea Expert Technology Limited                             77
InfoInOne Technology Limited                               79
Infomaster Holdings Limited                                83
Innovi Technologies Limited                                87
Integrated Microdisplays Limited                           89
InterQoS Systems Limited                                   91 Limited                                         95
Key Technology System Limited                              97
Kingsford Environmental (H.K.) Limited                    101

Lifewood Interactive Limited                 105
LinkPower Technology Co Limited              109
Lucky Technology Limited                     Ill
MoneyCheck International Limited             113
News Power International Media Limited       117
Nexcel Limited                               121
Pedorthic Technology Limited                 123
PhaxmacoGenetics Limited                     125
Progressive Technology Limited               129
Radica Systems Limited                       133
RSM Technologies Limited                     135
Saning Electronic Limited                    137
SinoCDN Limited                              139
SinoSky Technology Development Limited       141
Suntek Computer Systems Limited              145
Team Creation Asia Limited                   149
Tech Dragon Limited                          151
TPC (HK) Limited                             153
TradeCity Cybersoft (HK) Limited             157
Unisen Limited                               161
VCAST Limited                                163
Virtual Light Limited                        167
Waste & Environmental Technologies Limited   171
Wincas Technology Limited                    175
   Lead-Free       If Jff < W                           TECHNOLOGY
  Solder Bump                                          LTD
          for Flip-Chip Electronic Packaging Applications

Company Background:
Advanced Interconnect Technology (AIT) was founded in Hong Kong in 1995 to provide
a commercial service for wafer bumping to the semiconductor integrated circuit (1C)
fabrication and electronic chip assembly and packaging industries worldwide. The
technology of wafer bumping consists of adding small raised metal contacts called
"bumps" onto the electrical connection pads of a completed semiconductor chip which
can then be assembled and packaged in an inverted configuration (or "flip-chip" bonded)
without the use of conventional wire bonds or leads (Fig. 1)

  Encapsulant          Wire loop       Underfill              Solder ball     TAB            Encapsulant

                                                                                        1C    \

                Wirebond                             Flip-Chip                        TAB

                                                   Fig. 1

Recent trends in the electronic packaging and interconnection of computers, automotive,
and battery-operated portables, wireless, and telecommunication products point towards
the increased utilizing of flip-chip assembly technologies which have been predicted to
grow at a CAGR of over 150% over the next decade. AIT currently provides a service for
rapid prototyping and volume wafer bumping for gold, lead-tin solder, electroless
nickel/gold, copper, and indium bumps. The company also licenses bump fabrication
technologies for customers who wish to bump their own wafers. Target markets for gold
wafer bumping consist of flip-chip-on-glass (FCOG) and flip-chip-on-flex (FCOF)
applications for the packaging of liquid crystal displays used in mobile phones, pagers,

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To leam more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
and personal digital assistants (PDAs) and target markets for solder wafer bumping
services are primarily flip-chip-in-package (FCIP) applications for ball-gnd-array (EGA)
and chip-scale-packages (CSP) widely used in computers, telecoms, hand-held portables,
and automotive electronics as well as Smart Cards.

Project Summary:
        A ban on the use of lead-containing solders in electronic products is currently
under consideration since it is believed that the lead from such products, which are
typically disposed of in landfills, have the potential to leach out and contaminate the
drinking water system. The electronics industry has been targeted to go "lead-free" and
laws banning the use of lead in electronics products are due to be enacted in the European
Community (in January 2008) with similar legislation to restrict the use of lead pending
in the United States and in Japan.

        Efforts to identify suitable lead-free finishes for electronic components have thus
far been focused mainly on printed circuit boards, leadframe packages, and in the
selection of solder pastes. Little attention has being paid to the fabrication of lead-free
bump interconnections which are required when packaging integrated circuits (ICs) by
flip-chip bonding despite industry predictions that 2.5% of all ICs manufactured in the
year 2004, approximately 2.4 billion ICs, will have to be bumped and packaged using
flip-chip (Fig. 2).

        Approx total usage = 490 million chips                 Approx total usage = 2,400 million cf
                                                                     (-2.5% of total worldwide 1C production)

                        Telecom Consumer
                          2%       1%                                        Consumer Medical


                               1997                                                     2004
                                        (Source: TechSearch International Inc., 1998)

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund
To learn more about SERAP, please visit www mfo gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
                                                       Fig. 2.
In anticipation of a worldwide ban on lead in electronic products, AIT has selected four
different types of lead-free alloy bump materials consisting of pure tin, tin-bismuth,
eutectic tin-copper, and eutectic tin-silver. These alloys, with tin constituting a major
fraction of the solder, were selected on the basis of:                  i)   worldwide resources and
availability of tin; ii) the comparable cost of the lead-free alloys to lead-tin solder; iii)
the bumps can be fabricated using low-cost electroplating techniques;                               iv) the
compatibility of tin-based solders with current reflow processes, materials, and surface
mount equipment, and; v) the familiarity of the electronics manufacturing and assembly
industry in handling tin alloys. Examples of the four different types of lead-free bumps
which the company has developed and filed for US and worldwide patents, are shown in
Fig. 3.

          As-plated pure-tin bumps                                Re-flowed pure-tin bumps

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
   As-plated tin-bismuth solder bumps                      Re-flowed tin-bismuth solder bumps

    As-plated tin-copper solder bumps                       Re-flowed tin-copper solder bumps

    As-plated tin-silver solder bumps                        Re-flowed tin-silver solder bumps
                                                Fig. 3.

Specific project deliverables for the Small Entrepeneur Resarch Assistance Program
(SERAP) grant include the fabrication and characterization of the four types of lead-free
bump technologies, establishment of the process parameters for bump fabrication (by
electroplating), an assessment of the reliability of the lead-free bumps in comparison to
lead-tin bumps, their compatibility with solder paste materials and reflow processes for
attachment onto substrates and commercialization of the bumping technologies.

For further information on the SERAP project please contact:
Dr. Zaheed S. Karim (Technology Director)
1901 Sunley Centre
9 Wing Yin Street
Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: (852)2719-5440
Fax: (852)2358-4766
The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
I. Company Profile
Asia Pacific Information Network Limited (APIN Ltd.),
a leading solution provider headquartered in Hong Kong,
specializes in designing and developing the cost-effective
mobile handheld computing devices, its application
software     and     communication         system      solutions     for
OEM/ODM manufacturers, system integrators and even
wireless carrier operators. APIN is focusing in delivering
turnkey hardware design solutions,                 mobile      platform
software products and             consultant services to our
customers in order to rapidly offer and deploy mobile
handheld devices, information networks, M-Commerce
and M-Entertainment applications for the convergence
markets of mobile computing, Internet access and wireless

II. Management Team
Steve Cheng
Mr. Cheng is the Chairman of APIN Ltd. He also serves as the Managing Director of
Telefield Ltd., a leading ODM/OEM electronics manufacturer headquartered in Hong
Kong with manufacturing sites located in Mainland China. He also leads a couple of
Hi-tech companies in Hong Kong as well. Mr. Cheng has over 25 years of experience
in both technical and business management in the electronics industry. Mr. Cheng
graduated from University of Waterloo of Canada, majoring in Computer Science and
Statistics, and from Hong Kong Polytechnic (now Hong Kong Polytechnic University) in
Electronic Engineering.

Andy Yung
Dr. Yung, the founder of APIN Ltd., serves as the Director and General Manager of
APIN Ltd., where he leads corporate strategy, operation and technology development.
He brings over 10 years of experience in the high-tech driven R&D and product
development to APIN. Prior to APIN, he held position of senior manager at BroadMax
Technology Ltd. He was in charge of the Internet Appliance group. Before BroadMax,
he held as R&D manager with one of the leading OEM manufacturers in the computer
and telecommunication industries. He also served as a technical staff with National
Semiconductor in the areas of telecommunication and digital voice processing. Dr.
Yung received the Bachelor degree with 1st class Honors in Electronic

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Engineering and his Doctor of Philosophy degree from City University of Hong Kong in
1990 and 1993 respectively. He has published over 10 technical papers in international
journals and conference proceedings in the areas of the real-time digital signal
processing and DSP processor based systems.

III. Products/Services
To be a leading solution provider for the 2.5G and future 3G emerging wireless data
communication markets, APIN's focus is to license our products and technologies to
our customers and strategic partners. APIN's development teams are specialized in
PDA, Internet and GSM/GPRS related technologies. We offer easy-to-use, the most
market-oriented, cost-effective and one-stop-shop total solutions on mobile handheld
computing devices, mobile platform application software and system solutions for
OEM/ODM manufacturers, vertical market clients and wireless telecom operators. Our
state-of-art product portfolio includes PDA and PDA-phone, PocketPC and Palm O/S
based mobile platform software, and server-based platform system solutions. For
detailed information, please surf our website at or send your enquiry to

IV. About the SERAP project

APIN honorably received the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) from the
Innovation and Technology Commission of the Government of the Hong Kong Special
Administrative Region (HKSAR) on August 2001.

V. Contacts

Contact                 Angel Lau (Executive, Marketing and Communications)
Address                 Unit 1103, 11/F, Enterprise Square, Tower I,
                        9 Sheung Yuet Road, KowloonBay, Kowloon,
                        Hong Kong
Tel.                    (852)31059066
Fax                     (852)31059291

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Asia Vision Technology Limited

Company Background
Established in 1997, Asia Vision Technology Ltd. (AVT) is dedicated to enhancing efficiency
and increasing productivity through the development of the latest Computer Vision
technology applications.

Dr. John C.M. Lee, founder and CEO of AVT, invented the VECON technology in 1993 at the
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), and with his former student, Mr.
Ken Wong, co-founder and technical director of the company, they acquired the IP rights of
VECON from HKUST and sough to develop and commercialize this technology through

Product Introduction
VECON technology is a Video Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that can locate
and identijfy printed alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters, colors, patterns, object
size and motion in either gray-'level or color source images. Rust, mud, peeling paint, or
fading colors may distort the characters3 image; and uneven lighting may make them difficult
to discern. However, VECON has been well developed and trained to handle these differing
conditions. Since 1997, VECON systems have been installed and have performed
successfully at many sites, including private, commercial and government sites.

Products developed using the VECON technology include the established VECON-VIS and
VECON-CON; and the new Robo-Eye, VECON-CON Quay Crane, Container Damage
Inspection (GDI) System and Mobile Detective.

VECON-CON, VECON-CON Quay Crane, VECON-VIS and Robo-Eye are automatic, real-
time recognition systems for both stationary and moving container numbers, ISO codes and
license plate numbers.

The systems are able to generate a database each of all container/vehicle images and
container/vehicle license plate numbers, interfacing seamlessly with our clients' information

The SERAP Project
A two-phase project that helped to launch the pilot of VECON-VIS in China. The first phase
involved developing the VECON-VIS system to read Guangzhou license plate numbers, and
ensure an accuracy rate of over ninety percent was achieved.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Phase two involved locating suitable sites in which to install a trial version and full versions
of VECON-VIS. The chosen sites were Guangzhou |ft'Jt[, Yantai MX, DaLian ^H,
Shanghai _L$i and Beijing 4LJH and many others. However, rather than installing all the
systems in all these sites ourselves, AVT trained its Systems Integrators (SI) in the installation
procedures, thus enabling the SI to provide these services while AVT concentrates on its core

Shanghai City Government Building                               Beijing World Trade Center

The trials were successful as the graphics below show:

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
The VECON technology generic version was used in these installations. The successful
operations of the systems indicated that launching similar systems throughout most of the
country's provinces would also be successful. However, in order to achieve such success and
efficiency, the VECON technology needed to be able to recognize the LPN of a Chinese/*
vehicle with an accuracy rate of not less than 95.00% in real-time in an external, uncontrolled
environment.                                                                              ~

The recognition of Chinese vehicle LPNs was the first phase of non-alphanumeric license
plate number recognition. The VECON system has since been developed to recognize license
plate numbers from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and many more countries.

Industry Analysis & AVT's Position
The Industry
Computer Vision is a very fast growing field in the computer software industry. Using
artificial intelligence is the critical consideration when enhancing the efficiency and accuracy
of various industries, for example, transport and container port industries. AVT's evolving
VECON technology is flexible and multi-faceted, enabling it to be applied to the in/out gates
and cranes of container terminals, entry to and exit from commercial and private car parks,
border check points, traffic monitoring, fleet management, enforcement area of electronic
road pricing systems, and many other areas which involve containers and vehicles.

AVT's Position
AVT is one of the world's leading companies in this industry. Its VECON-CON and VECON-
VIS system have undergone real environment testing and were reported to have an accuracy
rate above 98%. AVT is still receiving similar reports, which note an increase in the
recognition accuracy rate. Other similar systems, however, are still in the pilot stage.

One of the entry barriers suppliers of similar systems are facing is that of the setting up trial *
systems for their clients in various locations. AVT does not face that issue because it has
seven years' experience of setting up trial systems in domestic and international sites, from
container ports to car parks to government sites. AVT has expanded its markets to China,
Taiwan Singapore and Korea, with the U.S.A. and Europe and other countries soon to follow.

Competitive Advantage
Intangible Resources

AVT's chairman and CEO, Dr. John C.M. Lee has fifteen years' experience in Computer
Vision R&D; a true edge particular to AVT.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
The developers of VECON are highly qualified, versatile individuals with an abundance of
knowledge and skills in computer programming and have over seven years5 experience in
fine-tuning and upgrading VECON's capabilities for production operations.

VECON Capabilities
U.S-Patented, the technology has been proven on the market through client purchases of the
products and acceptance in many new markets.

VECON's references are its multiple installation sites.

VECON is fast and accurate at extracting and recognizing characters on both high-speed and
stationary vehicles and containers.

Recognition accuracy rate is increased by using multiple image capturing techniques and high
power hardware.

VECON also operates in adverse environments and unstable weather conditions.

The system is capable of reading alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters of most of
the world's license plate numbers.

VECON also reads license plate characters and container numbers even when they are aligned
in multiple horizontal or vertical lines.

VECON can also operate on WinNT/98/2000 and Linux.

The system also easily interfaces with other application software and network through TCP
socket/ActiveX components.

Inexpensive equipment, such as commonly available industrial video cameras can be used to
capture images, thereby minimising costs.

Company Particulars
 Address: Unit 1107-8, Tower HI, Enterprise Square,
           9 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
 Tel. No.: (852)2319-2648
 Fax No.: (852)2319-2665

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                  AS 1C Technology Ltd.

I. Company Profile

ASIC Technology LTD. is an electronics development house based in Hong Kong for more
than 10 years. We are providing low cost and high added value solutions on various electronic
products for manufacturers, especially for telecommunication and consumer products.

H.    Team

Our team is made up of Mr. Stephen Tin, Mr. Alex Wong and Mr. Carl Lee.

Mr. Stephen Tin is taking care of research and development related to signals
Mr. Alex Wong is taking care of the development on telecommunication products, and
marketing of the company.
Mr. Carl Lee is taking care of the development on consumer products.

HI. Products/Services

We are launching the smallest Modern in the world with Internet protocol embedded. We have
made it for very low power consumption, small in size and low cost, that is most suitable for
small and portable product with Internet enabled function. Based on the Modem, we are
developing the email phone/PAD and the WAP phone/PAD.

Generally, we bring Internet to home user without the need of computer.

IV. About the SERAP project

The SERAP funded project is the Internet Engine as described above.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                  ASIC Technology Ltd.

V.    Contacts

Contact Person : Mr. Wong Siu Ling, Alex or Mr. Tin Wai Kuen, Stephen
Address        : 2609 Peninsula Tower, 538 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.

Tel.              : 852-24235688
Fax               : 852-24235707
Email             :
Website           :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
I.       The Company
The company was founded in January 2000 with office in Hong Kong. AvantWave is dedicated to
developing innovative wireless connectivity solutions for the mobile computing industry, At present, the
company focuses on applying Bluetooth™ technology to consumer products and is, at the forefront of
developing the technology in China, capable of providing complete and cost effective Bluetooth™ solutions
including modules, access points, headsets, and PC dongles.

AvantWave has become an Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) since
November 2000.

In October 2000, the company demonstrated its Bluetooth™ technology applied for Internet connection
sharing among multiple Bluetooth-enabled PCs.

II.      The Team
AvantWave Limited brings together a management and technology development team comprised of
seasoned professionals in business development, software engineering, computer networking, antenna
design, and high frequency electronics:
Mr. Jonathan Lee, Chief Executive Officer, co-founder of AvantWave. Jonathan has a background in high-
frequency electronics and business development. His blend of skills allows him to understand the product
development process from both the technical/manufacturing perspective and the business/marketing
perspective. During the past ten years, Jonathan held various technical positions in the industry such as ST
Microelectronics and Hong Kong Telecom CSL. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in
Electronic Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong, and a Master of Philosophy degree in
Electronic Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently completing his PhD
degree, majoring in wireless communication technologies.
Dr, Tim Shum, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of AvantWave, He holds a PhD degree in
Electronic Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong. Prior to founding AvantWave, he was the
R&D director of Iconic Holdings Ltd., a start-up company which specializes in the design and development
of advanced digital video surveillance and security systems. From 1987 to 1993, Dr, Shum held various
product development positions in several electronic firms including Video Technology Ltd. He has
successfully developed a broad range of innovative products including a 915MHz broadband spread
spectrum cordless phone, a PDA with Internet mail capability, a Databank with FAX sending capability, a
notebook PC, and an automatic printed circuit board tester. He has also published one book chapter, nine
international referenced journal papers and seven conference papers on high frequency antennas.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Dr. Jacky Chak, Chief Scientific Officer, is a founding partner of AvantWave. Prior to founding AvantWave,
he was the senior research engineer of R&D Department of ASM Assembly Automation Ltd and responsible
for control system research and design, Dr. Chak obtained a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from the
University of New South Wales in Australia and has held research position in the Department of Electrical
and Electronic Engineering, the University of Melbourne in Australia. As a research fellow with the University
of Melbourne, he gained solid research and development experience. Dr. Chak also worked for computer
industry in a number of positions for more than six years ranging from programmer, system analyst and
system consultant.
Mr. Anthony Wong, non-executive director of the Company, is a professional accountant (CPA), a member
of the Hong Kong Society of Accountants. Mr. Wong is also the executive director of ATO group for over 10
years that specializes in consumer electronic products, and is responsible for R&D and corporate
development functions. Before joining ATO group, Mr. Wong had been working at Price Waterhouse for 11
years as senior manager, his work included provision of audit and corporate advisory services.

IH.      Products
Bluetooth Module - BlueEngine™
Bluetooth™ will revolutionize the way people communicate and connect digital devices. One of the key
factors for electronic product manufacturers to succeed will be to integrate Bluetooth technology into
existing and future products, Implementing such a sophisticated communication standard requires broad
engineering expertise and an extended period of development
AvantWave presents a miniaturized Bluetooth module - BlueEngine™ by utilizing design methodology
based on a decade of research. The module is targeted at the OEM-manufacturers of Bluetooth products.

 BlueEngine™ is a fully integrated Bluetooth module. The module consists of an integrated bandpass filter,
 an antenna switch, LNA, balun, a tiny Bluetooth single chip, flash memory, plus other essential hardware
 components needed to support Bluetooth applications. The module provides multiple physical application
 interfaces such as UART, PCM, and USB. Apart from an external antenna or a host controller, the module
 provides users with simplest solution in Bluetooth development and applications without the need of other

 BlueWave™ InfoAccess Point - employs Bluetooth™ technology to deliver local information and
 Internet access service to mobile computing devices.

 The desire of wireless information access is growing quickly. It is expected that 830 million of users will
 access the Internet wirelessly by 2005. Our strategy is to provide a solution to fulfill the market needs.
 BlueWave™ InfoAccess Point is a freestanding platform that communicates with its clients through
 Bluetooth™ technology, which enables users to gain access to information through their mobile phone, PDA,
 notebooks or other mobile device anytime, anywhere. On the back end, BlueWave™ InfoAccess Point can
 be connected to corporate LAN or Internet directly.

 The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
 learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
        Information Server BlueWave Manager


The three main market segments for the BlueWave™ InfoAccess Points are:

    •   Homes,
    •   Offices.
    •   Public Areas include as retail shops, stores, shopping malls, restaurants, bars & cafe, financial
        center, airports, railway stations, hotels & conference centers, libraries and schools.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409
Our competitive advantages

Unique Position

    •    As the only Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in Hong Kong, AvantWave
         can have early access to and develop the future Bluetooth specifications.
    •    AvantWave has adopted a business strategy to position herself in the forefront of the Bluetooth™
         technology as the only company in Hong Kong of providing Bluetooth™ Module and information
         Access Point solutions,

Research Achievement

    •    AvantWave is one of the pioneers in Bluetooth™ technology and has gained decade of research
         experience and fruitful reward in wireless technology, Our web of intellectual property built around
         the Bluetooth™ technology protects both the core design and the method of manufacture.


    •    Our management team has decade of experience in electronics industry, good alliances with the
         industry, thorough understanding of customer's needs and has established sales channels
    •    In contrast to companies in the U.S. and Europe, the manufacturing cost for AvantWave in
          Mainland China is lower.

IV.      About the SERAP project
The project applies Bluetooth™ Technology to provide a wireless connectivity solution that enable sharing
of a single Internet connection among multiple users.

in this cyber-age, Internet access is essential in everyday life, The product lowers regular Internet expenses
by allowing multiple computers to share a single Internet connection. Wireless connectivity eliminates
cabling cost and allows flexible, and simple installation of local networks. The product is a standalone
platform, which connects to the Internet, and shares the connection to other computers through Bluetooth
connections. The product is targeted at homes and small offices.

V. Contacts
Contact Person: Mr. Jonathan Lee, CEO
Address:          Rm, 106,110,114, 1/F, Tech Centre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong,
Hong Kong.
Telephone:        852-26489887
Fax:              852-26463713

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fond. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
  The Company - Best Tech (Hong Kong) Limited
Executive Summary
Best Tech (Hong Kong) Limited ("Best Tech") is a newly formed technology firm based in Hong
Kong. We specialize in design and developing handheld computing devices, wireless
communication accessories and corresponding software applications. As personal digital
assistant ("PDA") has been widely accepted by the general public, the specialized applications of
PDA are becoming a hot topic in US and Europe. Best Tech has put together a list of staff and
engineers who are a few of the best developers in this region. In view of this trend and demand,
Best Tech will develop in the vertical market of PDA by means of specializing in the
development of PDA which provides specific solution to the users with own design hardware and
software. Best Tech positions itself as the pioneer in development of specialized applications of
PDA in the region. This paper will elaborate our expertise and skills in our organization, and our
visions on the coming technology trend, especially on the Multi-media PDA product.

The Market Trend
As we all know the world economy has been rapidly changing into an information and
technology based economy, the maturity of the telecommunication networks and the information
models eliminates the distance and time barriers between different locations. People are more
mobilized than ever before. A whole new concept is forming, people view the Internet, telephone
network, mobile phone network, etc. as the means for transmitting and receiving information.
The ends of these means have continuously evolved from computers, PDA, to WAP phone, etc.
The industry terms these devices as Information Appliances ("LA"). It believes that every
household and everyone will have dozens of these IA products. The mobile IA will be a vital part
of the IA concept.

As IA products become very popular in the western world, the Pacific Asia Rim will catch up in
this trend and the demand in Chinese language LA products will increase in folds as indicated by
market research from the PDA markets. As Bluetooth technology getting more attention, more
mobile phones will include this as their features. Bluetooth peripherals will become in demand
when Bluetooth enabled mobile phones gain the popularity.

The Company and The Team
Realizing that the handheld computer and wireless communication will be viable to survive in the
coming future, Best Tech has assembled a list of experienced staff and engineers with expertise in
PDA and RF application development. The engineering team is formed by a group of engineers
who formerly worked for a regional famous handheld electronics product company. The group
has extensive experience in developing electronics organizers and PDA products, especially in
Chinese user interface products. The Best Tech team members are addicted to electronics
gadgets and technologies that always spark new concepts and ideas on possible projects and
products. Combining with a strong management with international project experience, Best Tech
represents a very unique and eminent technology firm amongst the local companies.

Best Tech will have three core functions: Marketing, Research & Development ("R&D"), and
Production. The marketing and R&D arms will be run in-house while production will be
partnered with strategic manufacturing partners.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
The Philosophy
We believe that by smartly applying the right technology with both hardware and software in an
innovative way, along with the strong market sense, Best Tech can produce unique and appealing
IA products. We also think that customized IA products for individual corporations, and
specialized IA products will become popular in the coming days. Software applications will be
the major competitive advantage over the rival competition. In Best Tech, we have both the
handheld product development and regional information system ("IS") project experience, this
combination will ensure Best Tech in handling the needs of the corporate IS solutions.

The Strategy
We think flexibility is crucial in today's product development. To be flexible, Best Tech will
maintain small teams and a flat structure for easy communication. We will tightly monitor the
progress of projects with assessment model. To be focused, Best Tech will concentrate on the
areas that we are expert in like the product definition and implementation. To fill the gaps
between different processes in the life cycle of the project, we will form strategic alliances with
the suitable business partners like manufacturers and vendors. We also encourage our team
members to develop their own ideas and support them to form their own teams. In this way, Best
Tech will duplicate itself and grow without losing its flexibility.

The Project - Develop Multimedia PDA Platform
Best Tech will develop an embedded hardware platform using Cirrus Logic EP7212 and EP73xx
family, and software platform will be based on Linux 2.2 Kernel. This embedded system will be
used for Multi-media PDA with colour display which has MP3 player built-in by the end of year
2000. Based on the platform developed, Best Tech will develop the next model with Bluetooth
and an build-in Digital Signal Processor ("DSP") to compress the video data such that
applications like videoconferencing and mobile video-on-demand can be developed on the

The IA Market
Best Tech focuses on design and developing IA products with the main focus on PDA, especially
Linux based PDA. As Palm Pilot defined the first generation PDA, PDA users demand more
powerful device in the next generation of PDA. As Linux is an Open OS and many developers
will be developing powerful application once the platform is ready, therefore, Linux PDA will
play a crucial role in the coming PDA markets. PDA Applications are in demand and have
expand from personal information management to corporations that use PDA as front-end device
of the mobile computing solution. Linux will be a preferable platform for these applications
Because of all these factors, our services, products and Best Tech itself will definitely be in
demand in the very near future.

Video on PDA Application
Best Tech has obtained financial sponsorship from the Innovation Technology Fund to develop a
DSP solution to handle the video data transfer between mobile devices using Bluetooth
technology. This product will definitely be a successful project for its fast data transmission rate
and expandability for commercial use for many mobile-computing applications can be developed
on this product. Best Tech will invite universities to develop the algorithm and the software and
then cooperate with 1C manufacturer to develop and manufacture the DSP chips.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Key Technology - Bluetooth
The Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to make effortless, wireless and instant
connections between various communication devices, such as mobile phones and desktop and
notebook computers. Since it uses radio transmission, transfer of both voice and data is in real-
time. The sophisticated mode of transmission adopted in the Bluetooth specification ensures
protection from interference and security of data.

The Bluetooth radio is built into a small microchip and operates in a globally available frequency
band ensuring communication compatibility worldwide. The Bluetooth specification has two
power levels defined; a lower power level that covers the shorter personal area within a room, and
a higher power level that can cover a medium range, such as within a home. Software controls
and identity coding built into each microchip ensure that only those units preset by their owners
can communicate.

The Bluetooth wireless technology supports both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint
connections. With the current specification, up to seven 'slave1 devices can be set to communicate
with a 'master' radio in one device. Several of these 'piconets' can be established and linked
together in ad hoc "scatternets" to allow . communication among continually flexible
configurations. All devices in the same piconet have priority synchronization, but other devices
can be set to enter at any time. The topology can best be described as a flexible, multiple piconet

Success Factors
Best Tech has experienced members in the embedded system development projects and focuses
on the IA projects with strong project management skills. Best Tech founding members have
visions on the IA product development trend and are familiar with the markets. Best Tech has
closed relationship with the manufacturers and components vendors such that it can foresee the
roadmap of both the suppliers and clients.

Many electronics manufacturers want to transform but lack the R&D capabilities in the region
plus the demand of the PDA applications, for examples: many corporations and government
departments want to implement PDA solutions in their organisation IT infrastructure. In view of
this trend, Best Tech grabs the opportunity and takes the chance to develop a platform and the
communication foundation for the future IA products.

Best Tech has gather a group of experienced team in the embedded system development projects
with strong international partners and experts in technology. The objective of Best Tech in the
coming two years is to facilitate local electronics manufacturers to transform their business to
high value products and provide one-stop solution to the client and ensure them will be able to
put the project into production

Strategic Partners
One of the competitive edges for Best Tech is its strategic partners. Cirrus Logic provides its
ARM-7 core CPU series EP7212 and EP73xx and technical support to Best Tech in developing
the PDA platform. Phillips provides a developing colour display and technical support to the
project. Lestina International Limited provides components sourcing support to Best Tech.
Emsoft Limited ported the Linux Kernel and desktop application onto the platform. Telecom

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Technology Centre will provide the bluetooth technology and technical support for the Video on
PDA project. Best Tech is supported by many strategic manufacturing partners, for example
Tomorrow International Holdings Limited.

Based on enquiry and feedback from our clients, it finds that no competitors in our business
within the region. In Hong Kong, there are no local competitors in IA design house business.
Client indicates that the companies in PRC lack of project management skills and global market
sense. Taiwanese companies only develop for their own products and will not serve other
companies., embedded system design company is not popular there. Korean companies are
expensive and have communication problems. Singaporean companies are expensive and the
distant support to the manufacturers causes problems. European and US companies are extremely
expensive and poor support to the manufacturers. In view of all these competitors, Best Tech
finds itself having very strong competitive edge in the industry.

Contact DetaUs
Please contact Mr. Enzo Lai for any enquiry regarding to our Company, products and services:
Unit 1904, King Centre
23 Dundas Street
Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2626 9751 Fax: (852) 2626 9351

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
               C5 Solutions Inc.

L Company Profile

C5 Solutions Inc. is a Wireless eBusiness company headquartered in Hong Kong with the
vision of putting an intelligent mobile device in every hand. C5 is set to revolutionize the
wireless marketing industry by introducing the C5.SYNERGY Mobile Marketing Platform that
is intelligent, personal and powerful.

Through the intelligent - PIRO engine, C5 enables a new marketing eco-system that allows
Advertisers to launch effective, measurable marketing campaigns that are welcomed by
consumers. PIRO actually learns and evolves, generating a holistic platform that allows for the
intelligent brokering of marketing campaigns to mobile subscribers that are timely, location
specific and personalized.

H.    Team

Originated in Hong Kong, C5 has an international management and staff with experience
ranging from Mobile Technology Research and Development, e-Comtnerce Consulting,
Internet Startups, Software Development, Management Consulting, Investment Banking,
Retail Marketing, and Telecommunications Marketing. The teams experience originate from
global companies such as Hewlett Packard, Andersen Consulting, Lehman Brothers, Nortel
Telecom, C&W HKT, IBM, Batey Ads & McCami-Erickson.

HI. Products/Services

Mobile operators are all searching for the same answers. They face tremendous competitive
pressure from all directions: from finding ways to minimize churn by maintaining high levels of
satisfaction and value for money, to generating significant new revenue opportunities that will
satisfy investors.

Against these needs C5 Solutions has developed Hie PIRO intelligent engine. -PIRO is at the
core of the C5.SYNERGY Mobile Marketing Platform, PIRO (Personal Intelligent
Recommendation Optimizer) delivers relevance and personalization to mobile data content of
all kinds. In this way mobile customers can enjoy an easy and productive way of accessing                       .   R   -
useful, personalized information wherever and whenever they want it.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
              CS Solutions Inc.

IV. Contacts

Contact Person : Mr. Victor Yeung (CEO)
Address        : Unit 1207 Stanhope House,
                 738 King's Road,
                 Quarry Bay
                 Hong Kong
Tel.           : (852) 2561 7298
Fax            : (852) 2561 1227
Email           :
Website         :

                                                                                                              P I R C

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technoprenenur fund To
learn more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
                              ChatHay Group Ltd.
                            Units 2315-2316, 23/F., Metropole Square, 2 On Yiu Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
CHATHAY GROUP              Tel: (852) 2632 7822      Fax:(852)26327720         Web Page: www chathavcom

  I.     Company Profile

  • ChatHay Group is one of the leading distributor of Semi-Conductors, Electronic
    Components and Computer Peripheral products in the Hong Kong and China regions.
  • ChatHay was founded in 1967 under the trading name of "Chat Hay Trading Company
    Limited" which was then changed to "Chat Hay Inter-United Limited".
  • ChatHay has established a long term and trustworthy relationship with her suppliers and
    customers, and developed a total-solution for operation and logistic system in the

  II. Team

  Mr. Gary H. C. Ng is the founder and the Managing Director of Chat Hay Inter-United
  Limited. With over 30 years experience in the electronics industry in Hong Kong and China,
  Mr. Ng has initiated from the small trading business to becoming a major distributor in Hong
  Kong and China with about 20 business operations in Mainland China. His leadership has
  created a strong foundation for the company through huge waves and crises over the past 30

  Mr. Joseph T.C. Ng is the C.E.O. of ChatHay Group and son of Mr. Gary Ng. Mr. Joseph Ng
  is responsible fore the Group's overall strategic planning, management and operations. He is
  co-currently a Director and General Manager position in Chat Hay Inter-United Limited.
  Joseph holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science (Civil Engineering) from the University
  of British Columbia, Canada. He has over 10 years management experience and sales
  experience in the electronic industry.

  Mr. Terry W. L. Nam is the C.E.O. of ChatHay Group's subsidiary companies, ChatHay I-
  Technology Limited. He is responsible for the Company's overall strategic planning,
  formulation of corporate strategy in the Sales and Marketing Divisions. He has over 20 years
  experience in the electronic industry. Before joining the Company, he has previously held a
  Sales Director position in SONY SCMK. His expertise and network in the electronic

  The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To learn more
  about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
                    ChatHay Group Ltd.
 industry has been valuable in the industry.

  Mr. Eric C. W. Fung is the Sales Director of ChatHay I-Technology Limited.                 He is
  responsible for the formulation of corporate strategy of the Sales and Marketing Division,
  He has 20 years experience in the area of sales and marketing. He has 10 years networking
  experience in the electronic industry. Before joining the Company, he has previously held a
  senior management position with SONY SCMK.

  Mr. Tan Yin Jin is the Engineering Director of ChatHay I-Technology Limited.               He is
  responsible for overall technical support, research, development and design of the innovative
  products in both hardware and software development. He has over 10 years R&D experience
  in the electronic industry.

  III.    Products / Services

   ChatHay is the Agent of major suppliers including SONY, MITSUMI and NIPPON CHEMI-

   ChatHay provides Total-Solution for the customers in the following aspects

         1)     Strong Sales Network
                •   With over 30 years trading record with major manufacturers in the electronics
                    and computer products, ChatHay has established a reliable, historical,
                    trustworthy relationship with her customers.
                •   With a variety of products enable ChatHay to establish a strong customer data
                    base covering all over China and Hong Kong
                •    Experienced staff capable of handling all kind of sales transactions.
                •   Experience sales team who have professional product knowledge and service

         2)     R&D Support
                •   Experience engineers including software engineers, hardware engineers and
                    technical support specializing in total solution design.
                •   Existing projects including MP3/CD discman and MP3/CD boombox.
                •   Projects on progress including 3-in-l ASIC chip for CD applications.

   The above information is provided by the SERAP company. To learn more about SERAP, please call
   (852)27372409 or visit
                    ChatHay Group Ltd.

       3)     Logistic and Operation Service
              •   Comprehensive delivery service throughout China by our inland logistic system
              •   Cross-border services between Hong Kong and China
              •   Air, Trucking, Sea, Rail service within mainland China

              Customs Brokerage
              • Import/Export Customs declaration
              • YA.T. arrangement / Insurance arrangement
              • Import licenses applications, documentation and sales contract preparation.

       4)     Customer Service Support
              • Customer service depot and offices located in all over Mainland China
              • Trained staff to cater for customer needs.
              • Door to door service achievable and available
              • Effective and efficient system of services for special needs of customers.

       5)     OEM Service
              • Well equipped OEM factories located in Guangdong Province.
              • Capable of complete or semi-complete assembly.
              • Cost saving and Tax saving

       6)    Other Value-added service
             • Well organized, safe and spacious warehouse throughout Mainland China.
             • Assist in payment collection and expedition.
             • Assist in legal service advise.

 IV.        Major Customers:

            China Customers                       Hong Kong Customers
            •   Legend                             • NgaiLik
            •   Founder                            • Alco
            •   Start                              • Starlite
            •   Haier                              • Tonic

 The above information is provided by the SERAP company. To learn more about SERAP, please call
 (852)27372409 or visit
                   ChatHay Group Ltd.
                Hisense                              Musical

 V.      Offices & Warehouses Locations

          Existing Offices & Warehouses        PI an D i nig tQ E s t ab lish
               Shenyang                              Guiyang
              Beijing                                Kunming
              Wuhan                                  Zhengzhou
              Nanjing                                Changsha
               Shanghai                              Nanchang
               Chengdu                               Fuzhou
               Chongqing                             Manning
               Guangzhou                             Ununqi

  VI.    Contact Information

  ChatHay Group Limited                         Chat Hay Inter-United Limited
  Units 2315-2316, 23/E                         Units 5-8,10/F.
  Metropole Square                              Fotan Industrial Centre
  2 On Yiu Street                               26-28 Au Pui Wan Street
  Shatin, N.T.                                  Fotan, N.T.
  Hong Kong                                     Hong Kong
  Tel: (852) 2632-7822                          Tel: (852)2699-2133
  Fax: (852) 2632-7720                          Fax: (852) 2687-0053
  Email: chit@.chathav. com                     Email:


  File/serap/company intro/20072001

  The above information is provided by the SERAP company. To learn more about SERAP, please call
  (852)27372409 or visit
 I   *»i/ii
 \J                                                                 Conven Corporation Limited

I. Company Profile

Conven Corporation Limited is a new start up software company registered in Hong Kong.
The company has a focus in trade finance system design, internet and XML application
development; and provides professional services for the banking and financial institutions.

H.    Team

Dr. Rudy Law - Chief Executive Officer
Rudy has a substantial marketing and project implementation experience in Hong Kong,
Taiwan and Singapore, particularly for many banking customers in their trade finance
applications. He was previously general manager for TA Consultants Limited and UNI-Tech
in Hong Kong. Rudy was also acting general manager for TA&I (an IBM joint venture in
Taiwan) and the Taiwan operations for Midas-Kapiti International Limited, an international
banking software company. Rudy has a MSc. degree in operational research from Warwick
University, and a DBA degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Winnie Ho - Head of Operations
Before joining Conven, Winnie built her experience during her years of career at Midas-
Kapiti International Limited. She managed the operations providing project management,
implementation consultancy, application development and maintenance support services to
banking customers in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Philippines and Taiwan. She has a BSc.
(Hons) degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Manchester University in

III. Products/Services

FEI Products

FEI is a trade finance solution provided by Conven for banking and financial institutions. It
enables trade efficiency to financial institutions and facilitates the trade community for
advanced electronic document exchange.

The modules of FEI are :
    • Trade Finance & Remittance
    • e-Factoring
    • Internet Banking (e-form solution)
    • XML Message Manager

FEI is built on a three-tier architecture; supporting browser based thin client, UNIX and
Windows platforms. It provides multi-languages user-interface using Unicode and ISO 10646
Chinese standards. FEI design is based on SWIFT and EDIFACT message standards.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                  Conven Corporation Limited

Professional Services
Conven provides professional services as a supplement to the FBI trade finance products.
    * Project Management
    • System Installation & Implementation Consultancy
    • Customer Service Centre & Maintenance Support
    * Data Conversion, Tools Design and Consultancy

IV.      About the SERAP project

SERAP is funding the development of "e-Factoring" application of the FEI products. This is
an automated solution, with straight through processing to streamline the receivable financing
business for financial institutions.

e-Factoring application includes functions and features such as:
     •     Buyers' credit checking
     •     Online capture of invoices and shipment details
     •     Factor financing, interest and fees calculation
     •     Credit control and payment tracking
     •     Program Application Interfaces with the customer's external systems
     •      Enabling virtual intranet environment with overseas factor agents

V.        Contacts

Contact Person :        Dr. Rudy Law, CEO
Address        :        Unit 130,1/F Tech Centre
                        72 Tat Chee Avenue
                        Kowloon Tong
                        Hong Kong
Tel.                    (852)2777-8681
Fax                     (852) 2777-8687
Website        (under construction)

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                Convergence Technologies Limited
                                    9th Floor, CNAC Group Building
                                  10 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

I. Company Profile
   In a May 1st 2001 AWSJ article, Pat Gelsinger, Intel CTO, said: "Heat represents the
biggest obstacle facing Intel." Indeed, the current electronics have reached the limits of
today's cooling technologies, and as a result, OEM's are currently managing the
thermal problem through short-term solutions such as reducing circuit sizes, changing
materials and implementing a clock-down procedure when the chip gets too hot.
   Convergence Technologies Limited, a fabless Hong Kong corporation, has 3 patent-
pending cooling technologies (Cooltek, Vaportek and Flextek) that can deliver heat-fins
with 5x the performance-to-cost ratio of what can be delivered with existing cooling
technologies. Through these disruptive, leadership products, the company seeks to
assume a leadership position in a 3-Billion-USD market, and to form strategic
relationships with subcontractors, distributors, and component/system manufacturers.

n.    Team
  Currently, our team consists of 4 full-time employees and 12 part-timers. The
management team consists of 2 Ph.D.'s, and 2 senior managers of Nasdaq listed public
companies. The founder was previously the President & CEO of the Hong Kong
subsidiary of a silicon-valley based high-tech startup.

HI. Products/Services
  The key to increasing the performance of an electronic cooling system is by
removing the last-inch problem imposed by current heatsinks. By leveraging on our
core technologies, we are able to produce Coolfin. which is a heatsink with drastically
improved internal heat-distribution. The exact dimensions, cost, design and production
process of Coolfin have already been determined and bench-marked computer
simulations confirmed that it is capable of delivering 5x the cooling ability of existing
heatsinks, while maintaining a comparable cost structure. Leveraging on the efficiency
of Coolfin. a second product called Polarpak will also be developed. Polarpak is
essentially a package enclosure, whereby the enclosed chip can reach a temperature of
down to -150 C. As a result, the Polarpak is expected to play a critical role in enabling
superconducting electronics. By offering the Coolfin to meet the OEM's immediate
problems and the Polarpak to enable future electronics, we collectively refer to these
products as the Total Thermal Management Solution. This is a marketing message
that we will continually emphasize and particularly as we shift into the mezzanine
round when we will seek to introduce custom-tailor 7/24 customer services.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                  Convergence Technologies Limited

                                      9th Floor, CNAC Group Building
                                    10 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

IV. About the SERAP project

  In Phase 1 of the project, which will last 3 months, a feasibility prototype will be constructed.
In Phase 2 of the project, which will last a further 9 months, the prototype will be market
sample ready.

V,    Contacts

Contact Person   : Dr. Wilfred Siu, VP & CTO
Address          : 9th Floor, CNAC Building, 10 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Tel.             : 9274-1172
Fax               : 9044-2849
Email            :
Website          :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

    1) Company Profile

    Cybapolis Ltd is a technology provider and enabler of online entertainment in
    Asia. The Company's mission is to build a virtual community for online
    entertainment industries. Currently, Cybapolis developing an innovative product
    "CYPO" primarily for game players and game developers. "CYPO" enhances
    the values of gaming industry by linking the online gaming world to the
    commercial world. In the future, Cybapolis will extend "CYPO" to other
    communities in other online entertainmnet industies such as music and sports.

    2) Team

    Cybapolis Ltd. has a well experience and energetic team to develop "CYPO". Mr.
    Wellington Fung, the Founder and Managing Director of Cybapolis, leads the
    management team. Mr. Fung is a successful movie entrepreneur with track record
    of distributing and marketing of movies worldwide in Hong Kong over twenty
    years. With his in-depth experience and wide connections in entertainment
    industry, Mr. Fung is responsible for formulating strategic directions to meet the
    Company goals. Mr. Fung is a graduate of the Executive MBA program of the
    HKCU and holds a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts and a Bachelor Degree of
    Science in Medical Technology.

    Mr. Calson Cheung, the CTO of Cybapolis, leads the technical team. Mr. Cheung
    has solid professional background in various industries including
    telecommunications, tools and utilities. Prior to Cybapolis, Mr. Cheung was an
    Application Integration Architect of Motorola Inc. responsible for hardware
    clustering design, architectural layout and middleware implementation over 10
    countries. Mr. Cheung holds a Bachelor Degree of Engineer, Computer Science in
    the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

    Mr. Tony Tang, the Marketing Director of Cybapolis, leads the business team. Mr.
    Tang has in-depth experience in both online and offline marketing in various
    fields. Prior to Cybapolis, Mr. Tang held senior business roles in several MNCs
    including Seagram,, and SmarTone. Mr. Tang received his MBA
    degree in Macquarie University, Australia.

    3) Products/Services
    "CYPO" is a middleware communication infrastructure which has a cross-
    platform capacity. It's engine supports multiple accesses from different devices
    such as PCs and servers. It also supports wireless connection via mobile phones

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                                  . . LIMITED

    and PDAs. Since it adopts a LAN concept, UCYPO" can serve as a global
    information bus and allow large volume data interchange between servers.

   "CYPO" has a very broad application capability. It's platform is netural and
   compatible for all major game engines. In the gaming world, it links game players
   to different online games and hence facilities Game-to-Game (G2G) transactions.
   To further enhance the values of gaming activities, "CYPO" has the capability to
   integrate the gaming world with the commerical world. Business sponsors will
   be able to communicate with game users in the virtual world through the virtual
   gateway in "CYPO". This linkage allows game players and business sponsors to
   run Game-to~Business (G2B) and Business-to-Game (B2G) transactions through

   4) About the SERAP
   Cybapolis participates the SERAP to design and deploy a hardware and software
   communication middleware infrastructure for online entertainment community. It
   is expected that it will take one year to complete the project.

   5) Contacts

            a) For technical enquiry:
               Mr. Calson Cheung, Chief Technology and Architect Officier
               Tel: 2827-0320

            b) For business enquiry:
               Mr. Tony Tang, Marketing Director
               Tel: 2827-0318

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
   Delta innovative Software Limited

I. Company Profile

      Delta Innovative Software Limited was founded in 2000 with major focus in software for
      the insurance industry. We believe that the insurance sector has a large market potential
      for IT and our mission is to become the market leader of IT in this industry.

      Although young, our experience can be traced back to eight years ago, when the
      predecessor of Delta produced the first insurance brokerage software, later named
      InsureSoft. By now, InsureSoft has largest market share in insurance brokerage

      With this advantage, we are rapidly emerging into other segments of insurance industry,
      for instance, the life insurance sector. Our strategy is make use of the current network
      and extend it to the next, and the next, so that finally we cover each segment of
      insurance industry.

      We also believe in a balanced business philosophy. Therefore, not only is Delta sound in
      technical innovations, we are also excel in business connections, marketing strategies,
      financial management and also human resources management.

EL Team

      Both directors of Delta, Mr. Tommy Choi and Mr. Simon Kwan are veterans in the
      software industries. Both educated in the 80s and acquired concrete software
      engineering skills in the early 90s, they both have exposed to many sizable software
      projects in many industries, especially the finance industry.

      Besides technical skills, they are also strong in marketing, management and finance.

      We also have some other directors that hold minority shares that have excellent
      connections within the insurance industry.

      Delta also has a sound team of programmers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
   Delta innovative software Limited

m. Products/Services

The main product of Delta is InsureSoft 2000: a complete suite of product and
services, targeting different players of insurance industry, including insurance
principles, brokers, individual agents and eventually, customers.

     Its core components can be summaried by the following table;

      Product            Description                                               Insurance Party
       [nsureSoft        The flagship product of Delta and receive wide          Ensurance intermediaries
                         acceptance from the insurance brokerage industry. It is
                         an integrated insurance brokerage and accounting
                         system that addresses all the needs of an insurance
                         broker. It has more than 40 customers.

                         Further development of InsureSoft is the International
                         Edition which implies naturalization tools for
                         InsureSoft to cover needs in different countries.

       InsureSoft      IEC is to use the Internet, which is a low cost medium Principles and
       Exchange Centre to streamline the business information exchange        intermediaries
       (IEC)           between the insurance players (e.g. principles and
                       intermediaries). In short, it is a B2B e-commerce
       InsureSoft /      This version of InsureSoft is based on the features    Individual agents
       Palm              already appear in the traditional of InsureSoft, plus
                         related conduits for users to upload/download
                         information from their respective insurance principles
                         or intermediaries.       A web site that holds information about individual        Individual agents and
                         agents and provides tools for their facilitation in       customers
                         communication and selling.

       InsureSoft / Web A web version of InsureSoft, used by smaller               Insurance intermediaries
                        intermediaries. Easier to deploy and maintain.

      The main idea of the product suite is completeness and integration. Each player in the
      insurance industry has some specific needs of their own. For instance, insurance brokers
      need insurance brokerage software, where individual agents require mobile solutions,
      and do not forget, there are interaction between them.

      What we are trying to achieve is: "when you come to Delta, we have solution for you"

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learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
   Delta innovative software Limited

      Our Competitive Edge
      Product completeness
      Due the completeness of the product suite, we address the pain of the insurance parties
      in a complete manner, instead of solving it one by one. In fact most of the problem
      involves more than one party to solve and hardly one alone can solve the problem alone
      (e.g. data exchange problem)

      Knowledge and experience of both the insurance industry and IT
      We have a good balance of knowledge between the insurance industry practice and
      culture as well of IT. IT for insurance industry, like other financial industries such as banks
      and investment houses, is not easy to enter. The decision-makers of the insurance
      parties require you to have a skilled insurance knowledge before a conversation can be
      established. After all, we have been in this area for more than 10 years.

      Business connection
      With the introduction of our two new directors, who are very renowned persons in the
      industry, we are provided of good connections to public relations and prospective
      customers. This is an invaluable asset to the company.

IV. About the SERAP project

      Project Title: InsureSoft 2000: An IT Framework and Product Suite for the Insurance

      This project is aimed at improving the IT infrastructure of the insurance industry.
      InsureSoft 2000 is a completed suite of product and services, targeting different players
      of insurance industry, including insurance principles, brokers and company agents,
      individual agents and eventually, customers.

      The keyword to this project is Integration, Electronic Data Interchange and Mobile
      Computing, and the key technology employed include XML, web programming, Palm
      computing and Bluetooth.

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learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
     Delta innovative Software Limited

V.   Contacts

     Contact Person:          Mr. Simon Kwan, Marketing Director
     Address:                 603 Champion Building,
                              287-291 Des Voeux Road Central,
                              Hong Kong
     Tel:                    2581 1182
     Fax:                    2581 1180

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.

                                           n   n   o   v   a   t   i   o   n

I.   Company Profile

      Operating since August 1999, Diffinc is an innovative software
      development company focusing on communication technologies. We
      aim to harness the convergence of audio, video and data conferencing,
      to extend beyond basic capabilities to meet the specific needs of Asia-
      centric businesses. This aim is achieved through in-house proprietary
      technology development as well as through working closely with
      technology and telecommunication industry partners.

II. Team

      Diffinc's executive team combines business and technology experience:
      o Executive Chairman / Co-founder: S. Selwyn Chan
        a chartered engineer trained at Cornell, UNSW, and MIL Selwyn
        founded Masterunion, a projects management practice in 1991
        serving clients (e.g. Wharf Group, Henderson Group, MTRC, PCCW,
        Citibank) and led high-tech facilities construction for Cable TV, New
        T&T and satellite installations of PCCW, before founding Diffinc
        Innovations in 1999.
      o Chief Information Officer: Paul Gresham
        an I.T. expert with experience in Europe and Asia, Paul is well versed in
        Enterprise Java, C, Visual Basic, Python, amongst many languages;
        and is familiar with multiple platforms including Windows, VAX, Linux
        and Solans. A specialist in banking and finance systems, he was
        employed at financial institutions (e.g. Barclays, Bankers Trust, Nippon
        Credit, and Banque Paribas) before founding MediaVisual (a custom
        design software practice acquired by Diffinc).

      o Chief Technology Officer/ Co-founder: Adrian Chan Ming Hon
         an Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management graduate
         from HKUST, Adrian's design of an Internet Virtual Layout System was
         awarded Most Innovative Project by the HKIIE . He also worked on e-

          Commerce / Internet aspects of a HK Government sponsored B2B

The above information is provided by the SERA? company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
           market place project, and a major project upgrading logistics and
           licensing for the Traffic Police operations in Singapore.

     o      Vice President for Sales & Marketing: Connie Lung
            an MBA (University of Hull) with 15 years in Customer Relationship
            Management, Sales and Marketing, especially with new product
            launches, Connie spearheaded development of A.S. Watson's
            automated CRM system linking sales administration, customer services
            and marketing. She was Regional CS Manager for STAR TV, pioneering
            Sales and Marketing teams for Asia and the Middle East.

III. Products/Services

      Diffinc's value proposition is that
                          our customers keep ahead through
                        Responding to Critical Situations with Needed Solutions
                               always in good time and at much lower cost
      Our target markets are: (1) Asian enterprises with overseas partners,
      vendors and customers; and, (2) Asia-focused e-commerce, electronic
      exchange portals and telecommunication service providers.
     r~                                                "1 Our customers and partners
          Customer/j^                       Customer's    include:        Enterprise     /
          in Paris .ife-Sl                    NYCHQ
                                                          Manufacturing companies such
                                                          as Chung Nam Group, Oasis
                                                          Development, and TexWatch;
                                                          Transportation / Supply Chain
                                                          solution providers such as: CSC
                                                          and      SembCorp;     Education
                                                          providers such as MIT, Best e-
                 Factory in PRC                           Solutions, HKUST; and Technology
                                            /    Communication      Service
      providers such as Elephant Talk Network Solutions,, CUSeeMe,
      and JOS.

      Our core technology - nx2U (pronounced
      "next to           you11)    is   a   thin    client-server
                                                                                         Let's meet on-line
      application for online collaboration. This
      application provides data tools for online collaboration (e.g. viewing
      documents, co-browsing websites, annotating over documents or

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
     websites, editing annotations, whiteboarding, using multiple annotation
     layers, chat and poll, print and save, etc...), and a Web wizard (e.g.
     Setting-up and scheduling sessions with auto-email notification; and
     Setting-up, informing participants and starting sessions right away). 3
     provisional U.S. patents pending for integrating automatic language
     translation, editable annotations, and telephony applications. The basic
     version has been launched and is in use. For more information, please visit
     us at www.nx2u.corr

     Although first movers in online collaboration such as WebEx have proven
     very successful since launching commercially in 2000 (experiencing over
     30% growth in revenues quarter-on-quarter to US$14.8 million and up by
     24% on repeat subscribers and 68% improvement on net results for 1st
     Quarter 2001), they are primarily US-centric focusing on large global
     corporations. nx2U is focused on Asia Pacific businesses with unique
     features such as auto-language translation (in chat), Chinese versions,
     VoIP tele-conferencing, video-conferencing, and application sharing. By
     integrating nx2U and its advanced capabilities with services such as
     messaging, paging, mobile telephony, industry specific online services,
     etc... in conjunction with Asia-focused partners, we harness the ready-
      market who need online collaboration according to the Asian way of
      doing business.

IV. About the SERAP project

      Under the SERAP project, nx2U can accelerate the completion of Asia-

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit v^ or call (852) 27372409.
     focused unique capabilities for nx2U in 3 phases.

     In Phase 1 (July through December 2001), items are:
     a Localized software for China market: the application is available in
         versions designed specially for China market
     a      Auto-language translation:parf/c/panfs can view chat dialogue
         instantly translated into their preferred language
     a Tele-conferencing: participants can arrange and use
          teleconferencing on-line during meetings in-proqress

     In Phase 2 (March through May 2002), items are:
     a      Video-conferencing: participants can arrange and use
          videoconferencing and streaming on-line during meetings /n-progress
     a      Laser Pointer capability:
          participants can use coloured laser pointers to highlight discussions during

     In Phase 3 (September 2002):
     a Applications Sharing: participants control one another's file remotely

V.   Contacts

     For information, please feel free to visit our websites at
     and or contact us as follows:

      Contact Person : Connie Lung (VP - Sales & Marketing)

     Address            :      8/flr., Progress Commercial Building
                                9 Irving Street, Causeway Bay
                                Hong Kong

     Tel.              :       (852) 2581 9979

      Fax              :       (852) 2581 9887

      Email             :      connie.lung@diffinc.cQm

      Website              :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                        Streaming the World

I. Company Profile

DINASTech (HK) Limited delivers worldwide patent pending state-of the-art DINA™
technology in massive data delivery to mass audiences. While this technology is widely
adaptable to many applications, a very typical usage of this technology can be Video-On-
Demand (VOD).

n.    Team

CEO - Mr. John Tse
Mr. Tse On Kin is the Chief Executive Officer of DINASTech Holdings Limited, the holding
company of DINASTech (HK) Limited. Mr. Tse is also Chief Executive Officer of Great Wall
Cybertech Limited, and is responsible for the overall management of the Company. He is also
Managing Director of JW Strategic, and is responsible for the investment decision of the
company. He is also an advisor of various Hong Kong listed companies. He was the Managing
Director of TCL International Holdings Ltd., and was responsible for the listing of the company
in 1999 and the formation and implementation of corporate and financial strategy. He was
previously a director of another Hong Kong listed company. He has over 13 years of experience
in corporate planning, operation, human resources and new markets development.

COO - Mr. Michael Chan
Mr. Chan is the Chief Operating Officer of DINASTech Holdings Limited. Mr. Chan received
his education in Computer Science from Cornell University and was a Ph.D. student at Duke
University. His research area was in parallel computer architecture and algorithms. He came
back to Hong Kong in 1987 and worked as Director of Engineering in an electronics company.
Since then he has held board level managerial position in various companies, propelling these
companies to international levels. He sat in the Electronics Committee of the Federation of
Hong Kong Industry from 1991-1993. He is also an inventor to two pending patents.

CTO - Mr. Raymond Chan
Mr. Chan Kwong Wing is a Founder, Director and the Chief Technology Officer of DINASTech
Holdings Limited. Mr. Chan received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer
Engineering and Master of Philosophy degree in Computer Science and Engineering from The
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). In 1999, he started his Ph.D. study at the same
University on a part-time basis, continuing his research on multi-media communication and
compression technologies.

Upon receiving his Master degree, he joined Integrated Networking Laboratories (ML), CUHK.
He was a Project Engineer responsible for research and development of a Video on LAN
system, "VIOLA". Mr. Chan was further promoted to be the Project Manager, managing the
research project on development of a large-scale Video-on-Demand system, DINA™ .

When he was still studying, he already received various information technology-related awards.
In 1999, the mobile phone positioning technology developed by Mr. Chan and his Ph.D.
schoolmate were awarded the Golden Prize (Open Category) at the Mobile Multi-media
Communication Designs Competition, organized by the Hong Kong Society of Engineers with
Hong Kong Special Administration Region as the co-organizer. And they were invited to be the
Technology Ambassadors of a Finland Visit. Later, he established Limited
to commercialized this technology, which was financially supported by the Hong

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                      Streaming the World

Kong Small Entrepreneur Program. Mr. Chan has won many awards in open competitions
related to the field of Computer Science.

Mr. Chan has published over ten academic and technical papers in local and international
journals, covering multi-media video transmission and compression technology, cellular phone
positioning technology, Video-on-Demand system, software applications, etc. Mr. Chan is also
the inventor to two pending patents.

Business Development Manager - Mr. Lau Chun
Mr. Lau is the Manager for Business Development of DINASTech. He graduated from the
Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1994 with a Bachelor degree in engineering. He also
obtained his Master of Business Administration from the same University in 1999.

Before joining DINASTech, Mr. Lau was the Marketing Manager of New World Telephone
Limited. He was responsible for marketing data communication products for the company.
Major duties included data gathering, analysis, competitor analysis, market segmentation,
packaging, strategic alliances, sales channel management, logistic arrangement, and internal
training. He has over 7 years of experience in the telecommunication industry.

Upon graduation, he immediately joined Hong Kong Telecom Ltd (now Pacific Century Cyber
Works) as trainee engineer where he received formal training in telecommunication technology
and services. He was responsible for the development, planning, and evaluation of the
company's data backbone, including both X.25 and Frame Relay. During his service at HKT,
he evaluated, planned and tested the dedicated backbone network for Hong Kong Jockey
Clubs' Tele-betting system. He also provided expert level support to the Hong Kong Stock
Exchange's Automatic Matching System (AMS).

Armed with the technical experience, he joined Hutchison Telecom Ltd (now Hutchison Global
Crossing), a new licensee to enter the fix network market in Hong Kong as product
development specialist. He rolled-out all the data communication services for the company
including, X.25, leased line, frame relay, and ATM services. His major duties were the
production of specifications, product packaging, and subsequent logistic arrangement to
support service rollout.

Technology Adviser - Professor K.W. Cheung
Dr. Kwok-wai Cheung is Founder and Director of Dinastech Holding Limited. Dr. Cheung
received his M.S. degree from Yale University and Ph.D. degree from California Institute of
Technology. He joined Telcordia Technologies (formerly the Bell Communications Research)
in New Jersey in 1987, and had participated in many research areas in broadband
communications including network protocols, local distribution networks, optical networks,
WDM technologies and devices. He is best known about his research contributions in all
optical network and wavelength routing network, being the only oversea participant invited to
the All Optical Network Workshop sponsored by NSF, USA (1993) and has closely
collaborated with the Center For Telecommunications Research, Columbia University, USA.
He returned to Hong Kong in 1993 and started a number of technology companies. He is
 currently the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology and a Professor in the
Department of Information Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has
published over a hundred journal and conference papers, holds five U.S. Patents and several
 others pending, and was awarded an Electronics Letters Premium, in 1992.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                        Streaming the World

He has served the Hong Kong general public in the following capacity: Chairman, Telecom
Panel, HKITCC (1995-7); Chairman, Electronic News Media and Publishing Consortium
(1995-7); Member, Electronics Committee, ITDC (1997-9); Member, Information Technology
Committee, ITDC (1998-9); Member, Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee, OFTA
(1997-9); Convenor, Task Force on Technical Standards, EAC, OFTA (1997-8); Member, IT
Project Vetting Committee, ITC (2000-02); SERAP external assessor, ITC (2000-02); Director,
Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association (2001); Director, Breakthrough (a
charitable organization 2001). He was also the Founding Managing Director of the Information
Networking Laboratories Limited (97-01) - a wholly owned subsidiary of the CUHK
Foundation aiming at facilitating technology transfer for the Hong Kong S AR.

In collaboration with Tsinghua University and the Ministries of Post and Telecom, Beijing, and
ITRI of Tsinchu, he has organized three Workshops in Lightwave, Wireless and Networking
Technologies in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tsinchu respectively (1994-6). In this connection, he
has invited over a hundred communication technologies experts from China, US and Europe to
participate. He has also served as a specialist for the China Key Studies Development Project
(FILO) in 1997 in collaboration with Professor Xu Zhang (a fellow of the Chinese Academy of
Science) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and as a visiting professor at the Semiconductor
Institute (Beijing), the Chinese Academy of Science in 1992.

m. Products/Services

Tremendous saving in resources
In a traditional VOD system, network bandwidth is the limiting factor hence we have rarely
seen any massive deployment of such systems. DINA™ differentiates itself from conventional
technology by using an ingenious software and hardware architecture combination to scale
back the usage of network bandwidth, hence the running cost of the system is greatly reduced,
while maintaining full VCR/DVD type controls (Play/Stop/FF/RWD/Jump/Pause/Resume).
Bandwidth savings by DINA™ measures up to 98% when compared to traditional unicast
deliveries and DINA™ also saves up to 90% in system cost.

The comparison below assumes massive deployment in a metropolitan area with 1,500,000
subscribers viewing 1,000 hours of content.

DINASTech's TVOD is the True VOD product that supports instant playback, with full VCR
control (Fast-forward, Rewind, Jump, Pause, and Resume) on the contents. IVOD™ is a subset
of TVOD that only incorporates instant startup with Pause, Resume, and discrete Jumps, yet
saves even more on bandwidth consumption.
                            DINASTech                             Competition
                         TVOD                   IVOD™               Unicast VOD          Multicast NVOD
 Technology           Proprietary             Proprietary
                                                                    Pure Unicast          Pure Multicast
                      Architecture            Architecture
 Network                                        11 Gbps                                       2Gbps
                        ~35Gbps                                      1,350Gbps
 Scalability              High                    High                  Low                    High

                  Scales with amount      Scales with amount     Scales with           Scales with amount
                  of contents.            of contents.           number of users       of contents.

                  Can serve unlimited     Can serve unlimited                          Can serve unlimited
                  number of               number of                                    number of
                  audiences               audiences                                    audiences

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                            Streaming the World

                                DINASTech                                     Competition
                         TVOD              IVOD™                   Unicast VOD          Multicast NVOD
 Functionality    Instant playback   Instant playback           Instant playback      Typical start-up
                                                                                      latency of 30
                 Full VCR control        VCR control with       Full VCR control      minutes.
                                         and discrete jumps                           No VCR control
      iTV                                                               Yes                    No
                          Yes                    Yes
 System cost                                                          High
                    Low-Moderate                Low                                          Low
                   US$1 0-25 million       US$3-10 million                               US$1-3 million
 System                                                                High                    Low
                         High                  Medium

If we compare DINA™ and traditional unicast VOD, it is obvious that DINA™ beats unicast
deployment hands down without any reservation, both in system cost, bandwidth utilization,
and most important of all, scalability that translates into a fixed system cost for service
providers when he expands his customer base.

Highly adaptable to other applications
DINA™'s technology is not just confined to massive delivery of video to the mass audience. It
is adaptable to other information delivery to the mass such as software delivery. For example,
software will be rented over the Internet in the future and DINA™ IVOD™ can be used to
stream the software to the users instantly and efficiently.

A music company can certainly put their entire library of music onto a DINA™ platform
efficiently, hence allowing their subscribers instant access to this library of music at home,
through their hi-fi, or instant access through their wireless MP3 players, or even their mobile
phones. All of these with a meager consumption on bandwidth.

These are only some highly probable solutions utilizing DINA™ and we have yet to exploit the
full potential of this technology.

IV. About the SERAP project

SERAP has provided support to the development of our DINA™ technology. Prototypes have
been built to test the feasibility of the design and trials have been carried out with support from
other major telecommunications providers.

V.    Contacts

Contact Person       Mr. Michael G. Chan, COO
Address              4th Floor, Well Tech Centre
                     9 Pat Tat Street, San Po Kong
Tel.                 2350-8488
Fax                  2350-3338

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

  e Energy Technology Limited
 -an Associate Company of CityU Enterprises Ltd.
                                                                                                          • ><

        "We are an Environmental-friendly Company55

1. Company Summary
   e.Energy Technology Ltd. is an associated company of CityU Enterprises
Limited, the business arm wholly owned by the City University of Hong Kong.
Dedicated to advance research and development, its founders consist of 2 top
research academics in power electronics namely Professor Ron Hui and Dr.
Henry Chung. Both of them are Associate Editors of the IEEE Transactions.
Leading an engineering team of the company is a technical director Dr. Allen
Tang who has over 10 years' experience in advanced engineering gained in a
large international corporation. 40% of the current engineering team of
e.Energy have registered for postgraduate research programme.

   e.Energy Technology Ltd. provides high-level expertise in electronic design,
power electronic conversion, power quality in building, energy-saving
technology and product upgrade, "e" in the company name stands for
"environmental-friendly or energy-saving55. We focus on high-tech energy
saving electronic products and services. e.Energy is committed to providing
unique/tailor-made high performance energy-saving products. Most of its
products are invented locally and patented worldwide.
The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
   The business of e.Energy focuses mainly on high-tech energy saving
technology; electronic lighting and systems; domestic, commercial and
industrial energy saving systems in the buildings; provision of consultancy
advice in electronic products and designs. We also offer a wide range of
consultancy in electrical and electronic engineering such as energy management
in buildings, expert investigation for legal firms and performance evaluation of
high-tech products. The Company will focus initially on 3 areas:

    • Developing new 2-wired Triac Dimmable Electronic Ballasts for tubular
      and compact fluorescent lamps for the global markets.
    • Developing high-frequency electronic ballasts for High-Intensity-
      Discharge (HID) lamps.
    • Providing customized electronic designs for international clients.

As the Company grows, it will expand its electronic product range with unique
features and competitive prices. It will also focus on its consultancy on energy-
saving business in buildings and internet-based energy-saving initiatives.

2. Energy-saving Products

          2-Wired Dimmable Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps
                    (Dimming range: 100% to about 5%)

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
    (1) Electronic Ballasts for Tubular Fluorescent Lamps

        • A triac-dimmer controlled 2-wired electronic ballast with dimmable
          range from 100% to about 5%.
        • Real energy-saving, high-tech products
        • Ready to replace non-dimmable ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps
        • No need for re-wiring the electrical network in buildings
        • Long lamp life
        • No flickering effects
        • Product cost can be recovered from energy saving quickly
        • Remote-control version available
        • Patent pending

    (2) Electronic Ballasts for Compact Fluorescent Lamps

        • Similar to (1)
        • Ready to replace incandescent lamps (light bulbs) with dimmer

                                Electronic Ballast for HID Lamps

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
    (3) Electronic Ballasts for High-Intensity-Discharge (HID) Lamps

        •    No acoustic resonance problems
        •    Open and short-circuit protection
        •    High Power Factor and Low EMI
        •    High Energy Efficiency
        •     High power density and compactness
        •    Rapid start
        •    Low cost
        •    Patent pending

3. Contacts

Contact:   Prof Ron Hui, Director
Address:   Room 4119 Cheng Yick Chi Building
           City University of Hong Kong
           83 Tat Chee Avenue,
Telephone: 27889853
Fax:       27889119

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To
learn more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
                                                    Enterprises Ltd.
                Every year, there are almost 1 billion scrap tires discarded in the world. About
          100 millions of these non-biodegradable residues are generated in mainland China &
          Hong Kong annually. Energy conversion process of TDF and incineration are currently
          treating nearly 40% of the scrap tires, however, they are not environmental friendly
          treatment due to the emission of Sulfur and Zinc into air and creating ash disposal
          problem. Small portion of the scrap tires are being recycled by mean of rubber
          extraction but the contribution is insignificant to the issue due to its limited applications.
          Currently, over 35 percent of this scrap is ended up in overcrowded landfills. Millions
          more are left in empty lots and illegal tire dumps. These dumps are also potentially
          causing acute hygienic and environmental problems that alarm the world.

                In view of the scrap tire problems to our living environment, we, the company has
          been putting huge R&D effort in the development of Rubber Soil Technology to convert
          the scrap tires into an useful civil and geotechnical material which is not only an
          outstanding geo-construction material replacing the conventional fill or backfill
          material, it will be a truly massive and permanent solution to the global scrap tires
          problem and to be a business of multi-billion US dollars profit venture.

          OUR MISSION        "Bringing the world into a better living environment through
          development and implementation of state-of-the-art Geo-Environmental
          Technologies leading to sustainable and effective utilization of solid wastes"

                                                    Rubber Soil ^ is a high-tech construction material
                                                    which can significantly improve the performance of
                                                    Geotechnical structures through the development of
                                                    "Rubberised Lightweight Filling Block" technology for
                                                    applications in the areas of road-fills, embankment,
                                                    retaining walls, slopes and reclamation works etc. This
                                             mm     technology will provide active and environmentally
                                                    sustainable solutions to handle the global scrap rubber
                                                    tire problems in a massive and economically viable

                                                    Major Behaviors (contra to conventional geomaterial)*
                                                    Light Weight, Free Drainage, High Strength, High
                                                    Interface Friction, Excellent Dynamic Properties,
                                                    Extremely Low Ko Value, etc.

            Rubber Soil
         The Earth-Link Technology Enterprises Ltd. is a high-tech company founded in
         the early 2000 by a group of engineering professionals in geotechnical and environmental
         technologies. The company is combining the strength of individual team members with
         over 20 years of intensive research and development experiences. The company

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                               arth-Lin                                  Enterprises Ltd.

          announced early this year its latest success in the development of the patent pending
          Rubber Soil Technology. This breakthrough technology is leading to the development of
          Rubber SOU, which is a high performance geo-construction material for application as fill
          or backfill in earth structures. Behind this ingenious technology is the invention of a
          homogenous rubberized bonding technology, which can provide a high strength and
          economic bonding mechanism for rubber tire crumbs with cementitious material into a
          genius lightweight and porous structure.

                            Water Flow-in = Water Flow-Out

        Magnified view of the Rubber-Soil's structure

        Rubber Soil offers breakthrough properties in geo-engineering application in the following

                                                                     Porous internal matrix with three-
                                                                     dimensional drainage capability that
                                                                     allows high flow rate and eliminates
                                                                     pore water pressure build-up
                                                                     Self-standing      and      interlocking
                                                                     structure significantly reduces lateral
                                                                     earth pressure on retaining structures
                                                                     Excellent geotechnical engineering
                                                                     performance under static and dynamic
                                                                     Light-weight block reduces structural
                                                                      Reduces construction time through
                                                                     "pre-formed structural blocks" and
                                                                     allows "clean construction process"

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please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                 arth-Lin                                                 Enterprises Ltd.

MAJOR ENGINEERING                            PERFORMANCE

          Light weight                                                 Free drainage
          The unit weight of Rubber Soil is only                      The permeability of Rubber Soil is
          about 1/3 of gravel or granular fill                        similar to that of gravel
                                                                                .^V« ..Jignififanlfy rec&w* lateral $trt$* on retairnng
                            rgfobd sfabiltry «nd reduces se^emen!
                                          "' M^i^SiSJps               •••PWHWBiBwr
                                                                       ••': •   W£   - ' ' •: ,"'   '.-A

            - 1///
          11(4-                       f:;;; "•?
          •'•'.""•-   :'•           fiSS ***fl v*/

          High Strength                                                Extremely low Ko value
          The compressive strength and stiffness of                   The coefficient of earth pressure at rest,
          Rubber Soil are significantly higher                        Ko of Rubber Soil is as low as 0.05
          than that of compacted backfill

                The Rubber Soil has many outstanding applications with excellent cost saving factor
          from 20-70%. As a revolutionised geo-material and geo-construction method, Rubber
          Soil significantly enhances geotechnical performance of earth structures and dramatically
          reduces overhead costs in site construction, supervision and monitoring as compared with
          conventional methods.

                The Rubber Soil construction only requires semi-skilled labour to install pre-cast
          blocks (Rubber Soil BlOCkS) under supervision of trained engineering staff, a more cost-
          effective way of constructing backfill, much less heavy earth-moving equipment.
          Furthermore, the construction technology can result in much less noise and air polluted
          working site.

                 The Rubber Soil will contribute to cost & construction timesavings of over 20-
          40% depending on the scale of construction project. On the other hands, hundred of
          millions of non-biodegradable and environmentally hazardous scrap tires can be fully
          utilised and leaving more green space for people to live.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about SERAP,
please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                                      Enterprises Ltd,
          Some examples of Rubber Soils applications: -

                     Note: R C Material = Rubberized Lightweight Construction Material
                                         Fill Slope

          Our technology undoubtedly can resolve the worldwide scrap rubber tire problems in the
          most sustainable and cost effective way. At the same time, we are making business
          opportunities to treat scrap rubber tires, which is producing globally at a rate of 1,000
          millions per annum, into multi-billion US dollars profit ventures. The Rubber Soil
          Technology can produce a low cost and high performance geo-construction material at a
          profit margin of approximately US$2 per scraped tire. This win-win technology can also
          extend to Government officials and construction companies to ensure substantial saving
          in landfill management and construction costs respectively.

                Commitment on Research and Development is the key to the success of any high-
          tech company, we will continue allocate substantial resources on the development of
          Rubber Soil technology and to lead the company to be an international leading
          organization in providing scrap rubber tires recycling technologies and implementing
          advanced geo-construction solutions.

          Contact Person: Mr. Louis Lui
          Title         : Executive Director
          Tel           : (852) 2545-1728                   Fax     :(852) 2915-1198
          Email         : Web site:
          Address          Unit 313, 3/F, Tech Centre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

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                           EIDS SOLUTIONS (HK) LTD.

BIDS Solutions (HK) Ltd, is a Hong Kong based company, dedicated to provide
AUTHENTICATION security solutions in both wired and wireless markets.

Eugene Zhang, Co-founder & CEO
Mr. Zhang is the inventor of iDS and Echo technologies. Before establishing elDS, Mr. Zhang
was the founding shareholder of Top Solution (HK) Ltd., a regional software development house
and T & E Consulting Co. Ltd., a regional ERP consulting firm for Epicor and Ross System. He
served as a Regional Consulting Manager of Platinum Software Corporation of USA. Prior to that,
he was the General Manager of Wong & Ouyang Consulting (IT consulting division).

Jason Wong, Co-founder & Executive Director
Before establishing eDDS, Mr. Wong was the founding shareholder of Top Solution (HK) Ltd., a
regional software development house and Sino Power Watch Manufacturing Ltd. He had served
as a Financial Consultant for Transpac Capital Ltd., one of the largest and oldest venture capital
funds in Asia. He also served for Ernst & Young CPA in Hong Kong and Clay & Co. in the
States. He is a certified public accountant in Hong Kong and in the States.
Cheong Chung Chin, Chairman of the Advisory Board                                           •
Mr. Cheong is the President in Asia Pacific of Oberthur Card Systems/De La Rue Plc.? the
world largest smart card manufacturer. He has many years of experience in the smart card
industry with extensive involvement in the development of GSM SIM card and EMV credit card.
He was one the founding members of Gemplus in Singapore.

Fritz Louie, Independent Director
Mr. Louie is the Co-Founder of Great Honest Finance Co. Ltd. He was an Executive Director of
Okasan International (Asia) Ltd. and Marusan Securities (Asia) Ltd., Director of Citicorp,
Scrimgeour Vickers (H.K.) Ltd. and Vice President of Nomura International Hong Kong Ltd. He
is a member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute.

Jonathan Chee, Independent Director
Mr. Chee is the Managing Director of Standard Chartered Bank Private Equity of Singapore.
Prior to that he was the deputy MD of NIF Management Singapore Pte Ltd. He served as a
committee member of the Singapore Venture Capital Association in 2000.

Two patent-pending technologies, Interactive Dynamic Signature (iDS) and ECHO form a unique
one-time password to screen out illegal users to access the systems and effectively prevent frauds
in Internet.

Interactive Dynamic Signature (iDS) is an algorithm designed to generate and match a one-time
password. ECHO is a unique firewall system working interactively with iDS, dedicated to
eliminate any unauthorized access attempt. Together they serve an unbreakable lock in the e-
infrastructure and work perfectly well with other backend solutions in different application areas,
which deliver a one-stop end-to-end security solution to mobile and Internet users.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
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                         BIDS SOLUTIONS (HK) LTD.

Comparisons of IDS and common authentication methods

                                             Challenge-                               Interactive Dynamic
                             PKI           Response Card           Biometrics           Signature (IDS)
  Level                     High                 High                  High                    High
  Ease of
  Deployment                Hard                  Easy                 Hard                    Easy
  Ease of
  Use                       Hard                  Hard                 Hard                 Very Easy
  and                        Hard                 Easy                 Hard                    Easy

  Interoperability          High                  Poor                 Poor                    High

  Portability                High                 Poor                 Poor                    High
  Size                      Large                Large                 Large                   Small

  Cost                   High              High               High               Low
Note: All the above authentication solutions are not available in mobile environment except

Being effective, iDS takes less than a few seconds to process the authentication and most of the
steps except the provision of application PIN, are folly automated and behind the scene, which
reduce the risk of intrusion. Since iDS does not rely on encryption technologies, the program size
is relatively small and it takes a small processing power, leaving sufficient spaces for other
backend applications. In addition, the interface of iDS is user-friendly and users do not require to
change much of their habits to fit the our authentication process, which is as simply as drawing
money from automated teller machines (ATMs).

Being reliable, iDS ensures that an unique one-time password is generated for each individual
USB key, SIM card, and iDS-enabled handheld device in every session of authentication, which
no duplication is possible. Besides, the entire session is protected by ECHO, which interactively
works with iDS to eliminate any unauthorized access attempt.

IDS delivers a superior value to enterprises and end-users by enabling trust in the e-marketplace.
In such, the end-user of our technologies can enjoy the benefits of privacy, assurance, and
convenience, all at a lower cost. The enterprise can gain the edge of flexibility, investment
protection, and time to market.

         •      Privacy - A string of self generated numbers free of personal information
         •      Assurance - A one-time and non duplicated password
         •      Convenience - Available in a USB key, a Java-based SIM card (with or without
                built-in browser), and an IDS-enabled handheld devices
         •      Economy - Low replacement and maintenance cost

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                   EIDS SOLUTIONS (HK) LTD.
          •       Flexibility - Incorporate to most protocols without a major change of the basic e-
                  infrastructure. It compliments with PKI and common encryption standards
          •        Investment Protection - Save past investment on hardware
                  Time to Market - A production-ready solution to market

Our technologies can be embedded in Universal Series Bus (USB) key, Java-based Subscriber
Identification Module (SIM) card (with or without mini-browser), and computing devices (e.g.,
Compaq's iPAQ) which provide users maximum portability and allow function in multi-
platforms (e.g., Window CE 3.0+, Windows 9x) . Users can simply plug and play to activate the
dynamic one-time password and process the authentication, which ties up to the application via
current security protocols (e.g., SSL, PKI). The client side is connected to the remote trusted
server by either dial-up or broadband Internet access.

Currently iDS and ECHO can be applied to different applications (e-Banking, Web-based
transactions, supply chain management, remote access control, and accounts management) and
some other modules of interested are under active consideration.

Application                Scope of Usage

Online Payment Visa 3-D                     B2C                    e-Commerce                    m-Commerce

e-Payment                 Bill Payment      Subscription           Procurement                   Tendering «

m-Payment                 Bill Payment      COD Purchase           Royalty program Phone-a-drink

VPN                        Knowledge base   Customer               Vendor                        Point to Point
                           access           information            Information                   Communication

Internet                  User login        SM-based ATM           Credit Card                   Stock / Securities
    Banking                                 card

User's Account BIOS                         Network Resources      Digital Cable                 Royalty program
   Management                               Allocation             TV

ID Cards                  Driver license    Library card           Club house pass Staff ID cards

Our major source of revenue is coming from licensing the technologies.

elDS is cooperating with several world-scale players in their respective industries to develop and
market our solutions. IDS and ECHO have been highly referred by our partners.

    Card Systems ?
    lite 1s^ Sba ait apon wotirf
                                         COMPAQ.                          Sell lab innoYstJons

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                  EIDS SOLUTIONS (HK) LTD.

  •       4VK>9«*i^Jl>>Mii*i
          iJ^X»lT' 8«»PSf«??- 4


Champion Technology Holding Ltd. and Digital Hong Kong both are listed companies m
Hong Kong. A press conference was held m May 2001 to announce cooperation.

iDS and ECHO can have a very wide applications in both wired and wireless environments,
which we can authenticate every transaction and payment via fixed computers and mobile phones
with the Internet capabilities. Specifically, our solutions can be used in stock trading, e-banking,
bill payment, and ticketing. Apart from that, iDS can be applied in accounts management, which
defines and controls the user's access privileges. Upon activate iDS-enabled USB key, SIM card,
and handheld device and register with the designated merchants, technologies of us are under
your disposal.

Awarded The Innovation and Technology Fund (SERAP Program) of the Hong Kong
Government in May 2001.

For information, please contact:

Mr. David Poon (COO)

EIDS Solutions (Holdings) Ltd.
707, Billion Trade Centre
31 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong,
Hong Kong
Phone: (852)2763-6775
Fax:       (852)2763-6163
URL"      www eids-solutions com

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To
learn more about SERAP, please visit www mfo gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
Emsoft (www.emsoftltd com) is an Asian innovator in software solutions for consumer
electronic manufacturers. Based in Hong Kong and funded, in part, by the Hong Kong
Government's Innovation and Technology Fund, Emsoft develops proprietary software
solutions in two emerging areas: 1) Linux-based embedded software for Internet
Appliance products, and 2) Bluetooth wireless software solutions. Emsoft's mission is
to provide very small, fast, stable, and affordable customized software solutions for
manufacturers the world over.

Richard Tseng, Founder and Director of Engineering
Provides overall direction for the company. Richard is a software veteran with over 20
years' experience in software development in Silicon Valley and in HK. He has held
various software engineering and management positions at Sun Microsystems Inc,
Applied Materials Inc, and Unisys Corp. He holds MS and MBA degrees from the
University of California, Berkeley.

Donald O'Kieffe, Director of Marketing
Joins the management team from Venture Capital firm, HanStar Asia Capital, to focus
on overall expansion strategy. With a corporate finance background, he will concentrate
on strategic alliance formation, joint venture development and funding initiatives. Don
has been involved with several early stage technology-related investments in both Hong
Kong and the PRC and formerly worked for the Economist Group Asia Pacific.

Andy Bell, Software Architect
Provides overall architecture and guidance for the development of new solutions. Andy
has 12 years' experience in software development. He has held positions at IBM,
Microsoft and Sony, and worked on the development of OS/2, Windows NT and
Windows '95. Andy holds an MA degree from the University of St Andrews and an MPhil
degree from Cambridge University.

Dr. Robert Hung, Senior Technologist
Provides internal and external technology transfer. He is a specialist in the field of digital
image processing, machine vision, color and their applications. Robert is currently the
team leader of the company's Bluetooth project and is an active participant in
International Bluetooth SIG events He holds B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering,
M.Sc. degree in Information Engineering and Ph D. degree from City University, London,
United Kingdom.

Nicolas Guyomard, Senior Software Engineer
Nick is an experienced embedded software developer. He is currently the lead engineer
on the Windowing system and applications development for EmLinux. Prior experiences
include TCP/IP for PDA, real-time programming on embedded devices and Ul design.
Nicolas received DESS for real-time systems as well as MS and BS degrees from the
Brest University, France.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technoprenenur ftmd To
learn more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
Linux-based Embedded Systems: Emsoft has successfully developed a Linux-based
suite of software solutions that provide all the necessary tools and value-added layers
needed to make embedded Linux attractive to manufacturers. Our solutions include the
embedded Linux OS, an embedded software development kit, an embedded browser
and all necessary applications and drivers for deployment in a wide range of consumer
Internet Appliance devices: such as PDAs, mobile phones, Internet Radios, and web

Bluetooth Software Solutions: Emsoft's first certified solution for Bluetooth wireless
communications is called "EmBluetooth", Compiled for ARM Processors, EmBluetooth
is a low-cost and low-power solution targeting OEMs. Low cost is achieved by running
the Baseband and Link Manager protocols in the host, while low power is achieved by
using an RF module developed using silicon-germanium technology. This solution is
best suited for hand held devices (e.g. PDA, Digital Camera) where low cost and low
power consumption are important considerations for manufacturers.

Emsoft has entered into strategic partnerships with several US companies to provide
solutions to Asian OEMs. For Internet Appliance solutions, Emsoft has teamed up with
Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ: CRUS), the premier supplier of high-performance analog and
DSP chip solutions for consumer entertainment electronics. Emsoft has chosen Cirrus
Logic's line of Embedded Processors as the reference platform. Cirrus' embedded
processors offer the best combination of functionality, price and power management for
mobile IA products. For Bluetooth, Emsoft has chosen to partner with Conexant
Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT). Previously known as Rockwell, Conexant is a
worldwide leader in providing semiconductor products and systems solutions for
communications electronics.

SERAP Projects
Emsoft currently has two projects funded by SERAP. The first relates to the
development of a Linux-based micro browser for Internet Appliance devices.
The second project is the development of a Bluetooth enabling software solution.
Details of both projects can be seen at

14/F, Lockhart Center, 301 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2802 0283,
Fax: 852 2802 0233
www.emsoftitd .comContact:
Don O'Kieffe

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
About Frontier Labs -

Frontier Labs is a young and energetic company based in Hong Kong. Our
mission is to become a leader in the designing, development, and marketing of
advanced digital audio devices.

Frontier Labs is established in the belief and anticipation of the growing and
expanding market of Internet music and digital music devices, such as MP3
devices. Frontier Labs believes the Internet has created an unparalleled music
distribution system where everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite music,
anywhere and anytime. Frontier Labs was created to take advantage of this great
opportunity and to focus its efforts towards the growth of digital music throughout
the Internet.

Frontier Labs is a'research laboratory specializing in the design and development
of digital electronic devices. Our first product, NEX(TM), is a portable digital
music player that can play back MP3 encoded files. NEX(TM) MP3 Player is
wholly designed and developed by Frontier Labs and is not a solution purchased
from other companies. Therefore, the NEX(TM) is both unique and different from
other MP3 players. Our second product, NEX II™, is also a revolutionary digital
audio player. It is the first digital audio player that took advantage of the IBM ™'s
Microdrive, making the NEX II the smallest MP3 player with the largest memory
capacity. This player has been rated 5 out of 5 by For the full review,
please Visit

We will continue to focus our efforts and energies into researching and
developing revolutionary and state of the art personal digital audio gadgets that
consumers will want. Our NEX brand has already been established within the
growing digital audio devices market as a premium and sort after brand. Our
future products include NEX FireHorse Digital Audio Player, EVA Jukebox and
the NEXbeat Music Anytime and Anywhere Service.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
For more information regarding the NEX players visit Or
send you inquiries to info@frontierlabs.conn.

Eva Leung
Tel:             852-2527 3322              Fax: 852-2528 5277

Address:          Frontier Labs Ltd., Unit 2206-2208 Cyberlncubator, Kodak House II,
                 321 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

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learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                       Gene Tech (HK) Company Limited

I.    Company Profile

Gene Tech (Hong Kong) Company Limited is a biotechnology company focused on research,
development and manufacture of hi-tech biological products including biochips, rapid diagnostic strips,
research and clinical kits. The Company is committed to developing innovative biotech products by
combining state-of-the-art technology and research expertise, with an ultimate aim of improving the
quality of life.

Established in mid-2000, the Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gene Group Holdings Limited -
a holding company principally engaged in biotechnology related business including trading of biotech
research products, biotech R&D, and TCM technology. The group is headquartered at Hong Kong
with allied offices located at ten major cities of China - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang,
Chengdu, Xian, Kunming, Tianjin, Chang Chun and Wuhan, forming a network of satellite stations to
facilitate its operation.

II.   Team

To Cheung PhD.          Dr. Cheung is the R&D Director of the Company. He is also the co-founder of
Gene Group Holdings Limited - the ultimate parent company of Gene Tech. Dr. Cheung has acquired
extensive experience and knowledge in biotechnology research and product marketing in China
through his studies and profession. He started the trading operation of Gene Group Holdings in 1992.
Under his proactive management, the group has been established as one of the major suppliers of
biotech research products in China. Dr. Cheung holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry
and a Doctoral degree from University of Hong Kong.

Deborah Au Mun Yee M.Sc., PhD.           Dr. Au is the project manager of the Company. Prior to joining
Gene Tech, she was a research officer in the University of Hong Kong. She has extensive research
experience on plant and animal proteins, and also molecular genetics. Her works were published and
presented in various international journals and worldwide conferences. During her service at the
University of Hong Kong, she was also appointed as a part-time lecturer in the SPACE to teach
biochemistry subjects.      Deborah received her MSc training in biotechnology at The University of
Durham, UK and PhD training in the Department of Biochemistry, The University of Hong Kong.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                      Gene Tech (HK) Company Limited

HI.    Products/Services

Immuno-chips and rapid diagnostic kits are the key products of the Company. The immune-chip
microarray, which is mainly developed for clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases, offers multi-patient,
multi-target detection on a single chip. This high throughput and miniaturization technology greatly
increases the speed, efficiency, and sensitivity of disease diagnosis. It also results in significant
savings in time, samples and reagents used when compared with conventional methods. In the short
future, development will be extended to prenatal testing, blood screening and tumor marker chips.

The rapid diagnostic strips chiefly target at personal disease diagnosis market as it offers a simple and
convenient means for diseases detection. The strips developed will cater for detection of popular
infectious diseases such as Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, with the major markets at
densely populated countries in Asia where the economic conditions and the public awareness over
health issues are continuously improving.

IV. About the SERAP project

This project is to develop an immuno-chip for Hepatitis Diagnosis - a hybrid of immunoassay and the
in-house developed protein-chip technology. Arrayed with different hepatitis markers, multiple targets
and multiple patient samples can be screened on a single immuno-chip. This high throughput and
miniaturization technology greatly increases the speed, efficiency and sensitivity of diseases diagnosis.

IV. Contacts

 Contact Person         Deborah Au (Project Manager)
 Address                Unit C, 8/F, Shell Industrial Building, 12 Lee Chung Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
 Tel                    (852) 2889-0906
 Fax                    (852)2557-8187

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
I. Company Profile

Go-CDMA Ltd. is a high tech Research and Development (R&D) company pioneering a new
4G technology, called Go-CDMA, for wireless communication systems, based on a nonlinear
code division multiple access approach. Its objective is to significantly increase the capacity
performance of the existing 3G CDMA based wireless communication systems.

The pending patents are the core competence of Go-CDMA systems. They help to retain the
best features of both the current code division multiple access (CDMA) and time division
multiple access (TDMA) technologies, which as a result, would significantly reduce the noise
level in current systems under typical traffic conditions. For the same peak transmitter power,
the innovations translate to a significantly greater network capacity than currently possible.
Alternatively, for the same capacity and quality of service, the proposed enhancements allow
transmission at a lower power than conventional 3G wireless systems. They are fully
compatible with current CDMA systems and broadband 3G wireless standards, thus ensuring a
favourable assimilation path into the global CDMA market.

The first milestone of Go-CDMA Ltd. is to add more than double the value of the company with
its existing intellectual property. Go-CDMA Ltd. has filed for three US Patents on its nonlinear
CDMA innovation. Subsequent patent filings in Europe, Japan and PRC are being pursued. This
paves the way for the future direction of the company, which includes linking in with major
telecommunication vendors such as Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Nokia, Qualcomm,
Samsung and Siemens etc.

On December 2000, Go-CDMA Ltd. has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on the
Go-CDMA technology with Siemens AG, Munich. Possible collaborations with Nokia and
Ericsson have been initiated.

Short Term Objectives:

1. To further research, develop, validate, test and patent the Intellectual Property Rights (DPR)
   of an advanced coding and multiplexing scheme, termed Go-CDMA for commercialisation.
2. Subsequent development of software, and possibly hardware prototypes for the advanced
   Go-CDMA scheme.
3. Assimilation of our technologies into current CDMA standards and hardware platforms.
4. Double the value of the company in the short term by virtue of its research team, mass-
   market product concepts, and its IPR.

Long Term Objectives:

1. Establish strategic alliances with major players in mobile wireless (i.e. Ericsson, Lucent
   Technologies, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm and Siemens AG etc.) through either joint
   ventures or licensing of our DPR.
2. Further R&D into other areas of improving the performance of broadband, wireless
   communication systems, especially on Go-CDMA systems.
3. To position us as a Hong Kong, China company for industry oriented R&D in wireless
   communications and networking solutions in the local and worldwide market.
4. Exploit fully the advantages of the company so as to achieve listing on the Hong Kong
   Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
II.   Team

The founders of Go-CDMA Ltd. are three internationally recognised researchers, Dr. Alfred Tan,
Professor John Moore and Professor Frank Tong. Go-CDMA Ltd. is supported by its "angel"
investors with legal expertise, Mr. Daniel Fung, SC, QC, and financial expertise, Mr. V-Nee Yeh
on the Board of Directors. The Board, which is chaired by Professor Moore, sets the overall
direction and general thrust of Go-CDMA Ltd. with the advices from the company Chief
Executive Officer, Dr. Tan. Dr. Tan is also responsible for the daily decision-making and the
running of the company.

Dr. Tan is the CEO of Go-CDMA Ltd. He is responsible for all aspects of the company
including R&D, sales and marketing, finance, human resources and technical support. Dr. Tan
completed a PhD during 1999 in the area of mobile communications. He has also been a
Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Information Engineering at the Chinese University of
Hong Kong for one-year teaching classes in the area of mobile communications.

Professor Moore is the Senior R&D consultant. Professor Moore is currently a Visiting
Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the Department of Information
Engineering, He is teaching classes and supervising research projects in the area of Signals and
Systems, Information Theory and Wireless Communications. Professor Moore is on leave from
the Australian National University in Canberra, having been Head of the Department of
Systems Engineering prior to 1999. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic
Engineers, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. His industrial
research experience has included working with Fairchild Semiconductor, Boeing Aircraft
Corporation and Broken Hill Property Limited.

Professor Tong is experienced in company formation and attracting capital from participating
investors. He will advise the Board of Directors on the general direction of company growth.
Professor Tong is currently a Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the
Department of Information Engineering. His research area is fiber optics telecommunication.

Mr. Fung, QC, SC, JP is responsible for the development of Go-CDMA's international
intellectual property licensing initiatives. He served as Solicitor General of Hong Kong between
1994 and 1997, when he was further appointed the first Solicitor General of the Hong Kong
Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. He left public office in
1998 to take up appointments as Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School and Visiting Fellow at
Yale Law School. He is involved in an advisory role with several Hong Kong companies and
government authorities. Mr. Fung has recently been appointed as a Director of the Salzburg
Seminar and as Fulbright Visiting Scholar for Hong Kong to the United States.

Mr. Yeh brings his professional business skills and rich experiences in nurturing high
technology startup companies to Go-CDMA Ltd. He is an US Attorney-at-law, graduated from
the School of Law at Columbia University and a member of the California Bar Association. Mr.
Yeh is a co-founder of Value Partners Limited, VP Private Equity and Mandarin Ventures
Partners. He sits on the board of several listed companies including Hysan Development and
Next Media and is a member of the Securities and Futures Commission's Takeover & Mergers
Panel. He is also a member of the Listing Committee of the PRC's China Securities Regulatory

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409,
Professor Lok Tat Ming is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Engineering
at CUHK. He specialises in telecommunication with emphasis in CDMA systems. He has done
research in performance evaluation, multiuser detection, transmitter and receiver design for
CDMA systems, with publications in major international journals and conferences. His projects
on CDMA systems have been supported by RGC/UGC research grants (Earmarked Grant and
Direct Grant).

Our R&D Engineer is a top PhD candidate in the Department of Information Engineering at

in. Products/Services

The global market for mobile communication is expected to grow exponentially in the
foreseeable future. Hundreds of millions of users will be subscribing annually to mobile
services worldwide. Even a fraction of this market will be worth hundreds of million dollars.
Due to the standardisation of the 3G wireless systems, most if not all of these subscribers will
be using a derivation of the CDMA technology. In recent years, CDMA is a widely accepted
technology and there is a worldwide convergence towards the CDMA based system. Since Go-
CDMA is 4G CDMA system, which is compatible with the standard 3G CDMA systems, the
market potential for Go-CDMA is enormous.

          Global deployment of CDMA networks and services (

The technology base of Go-CDMA Ltd. originates from the published doctoral thesis work of
Dr. Tan. The thesis explored an option for a mobile communication system for perhaps seven
users, and highlighted the advantages for larger systems, should certain technical problems be
solved. Go-CDMA Ltd. will be initially working towards developing proprietary expertise to
attain practical implementations of a related scheme for all CDMA applications, especially for
3G mobile communication systems.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Go-CDMA Ltd. is pioneering an alternative coding and multiplexing technique, termed Go-
CDMA. Only a reduced peak-to-average (PAP), or a unitary PAP signal needs to be transmitted
from a transmitter to the receiver. Go-CDMA Ltd. seeks to enhance the capacity of CDMA yet
maintain its error correction capability, which is achieved by signal spreading. It achieves the
optimum channel capacity, while achieving a reduced PAP or even a unitary transmission signal
envelope. This means support for higher transmission power, without the penalty of signal
distortion or interference due to high signal PAP. Thus, Go-CDMA will increase the
performance and capacity of current CDMA systems.

It is imperative that the new methods be compatible with today's conventional 3G CDMA.
Current CDMA standards and hardware platforms can be modified to support the envisaged
enhancements with minimal effort and costs. In some cases, only a software upgrade in the
current programmable hardware would be required.

Go-CDMA can co-exist with current 3G CDMA systems in the same cell without introducing
additional interferences other than that expected when additional 3G CDMA users are present.

The fact that Go-CDMA gives a better performance on all significant measures than
conventional 3G CDMA, and its compatibility with current 3G CDMA standards, gives Go-
CDMA Ltd. a window opportunity to successfully develop and market its technologies.

Licensing Go-CDMA technology to enhance the performance and capacity of 3G CDMA
systems has the potential of global impact, even with a small technical advance or enhancement.
Our goal is to provide improvements in terms of reasonable performance and capacity measure
by a factor of two or more.

IV. About the SERAP project

Go-CDMA Ltd. is supported by the Hong Kong Government through the Small Entrepreneur
Research Assistance Programme (SERAP).

V.    Contacts

Contact Person : Dr. Alfred Tan (CEO)
Address        : Suite No. 1,3rd Floor,
                 Winsome House,
                 73 Wyndham Street,
                 Central, Hong Kong
Tel.           : 2801 9660
Fax            : 2801 9663
Email          :
Website        :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.

                                  Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

I.       Company Profile
         Moving from medical to biotechnology, and from trading to manufacturing, Grant
         Technology is transforming into a biotech company. Our mission is: "to become a
         portal for China's biotech industry/ Our strategy is to collaborate with overseas
         biotech companies to develop products suitable for the China market, and work
         in partnership with China's biotech companies to improve and develop new
         products to enter into the international market.

         Formed in 1996, with a clear vision to become one of the pioneer biotech
         companies in Hong Kong, we have taking a lengthy period to study the market
         by starting our business as a trading company in the medical diagnostic field.
         Over the years, not only did, we learned from the success and downfall of
         overseas biotech companies, we have also developed a solid sales and
         distribution network in Hong Kong and China.

        At the beginning of the new millennium, our evolution from trading to
        biotechnology began. To ensure success, we have selected to manufacture
         ready-to-use" culture medium where there is a ready market in Hong Kong to
        sustain production. Surely and sturdily building on the same infrastructure, our
        next development will be the production of Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
        (ELISA) kits and this is scheduled as early as 2002.

        Our business plan is only made possible as the result of SERAP funding offered
        by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Special Administration
        Region of Hong Kong. Our goal is to create a unique company identity in the
        very near future.

II.     Team
         William Cheng, founder of Grant Technology.
        Graduated from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, in 1984 in
        Medical Technology, he was employed by the Department of Health, Hong Kong
        as a medical technologist and served at Princess Margaret Hospital. Seeking for a
        more challenging position, William joined Instrumentation Laboratory, USA in
        1989 as a Product Specialist supporting Biochemistry, Haematoiogy and
        Coagulation products in China, and was later promoted to Regional Sales
        Manager for the Far East. He left Instrumentation Laboratory and became a
        Business Consultant for Diesse, Italy to set up the new business in the Far East.
        To pursue his business ideas, William formed Grant Technology in 1996,

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

        Park Ng, Advisor
        Dr. Ng has been instrumental in developing applied research in the Dept.
        Microbiology, The University of Hong Kong. The Dept. now boasts a range of
        commercial and prototype test kits based on recombinant protein and
        monoclonal antibody technologies.      Dr. Ng also played a pivotal role in
        establishing IAR Ltd, the consultation arm of the Dept, wholly owed by HKU,
        providing specialized microbiological laboratory services, contract research as
        well as consulation. Dr. Ng received his doctorate degree from the University of
        Hong Kong and is a lecturer in the Dept. Microbiology, HKU.

        Kegang Deng, Advisor
        Deng is the co-founder of Transec Biotech8Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, and as the Vice
        President of the company, he oversees the operations and development aspects
        of the company. Prior to starting Transec, Deng was the Sales Manager of
        Jingmei Biotech Company, Shenzhen. Mr. Deng Kegang graduated from Hunan
        Normal University in 1994 in Biology.

        Chen Yue Long, Advisor
        Dr. Chen is a co-founder and the General Manager of Zhongshan Biotech
        Company Ltd. Zhongshan, China. Over the past 10 years, Dr. Chen has
        developed a line of diagnostic testing products for Hepatitis, AIDS, NPC and
        other infectious diseases. Zhongshan Biotech Company is ranked amount the
        top-five biotech companies in China. Dr. Chen Yue Long receiving his Medical
        and Master's degree from the Zhongshan Medical University.

Ill     Products/Services
        We carried out both Trading and Production in our company. On the trading side,
        we offer our sales and marketing services to overseas medical and biotech
        products suppliers to launch their products in Hong Kong and China. Specializing
        in a niche market, we hold sole dealership rights for Hong Kong by international
        manufacturers such as Daiichi Pure Chemicals (Japan), CHROMagar (France),
        Diesse (Italy) and AMRAD-ICT (Australia).

        As a registered supplier with the HK Government Supplies Department for
        diagnostic products, we supply products to the Department of Health, Hospital
        Authority and Environmental Protection Agency. Our customers also include
        private hospitals, laboratories and tertiary institutions.

         In China, we are the leading supplier for imported ELISA test kits for infectious
         diseases. Using our distribution network, we help exporters to carry out product
         registration, product evaluation and clinical trials in China. We also help overseas

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

                                  Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

         manufacturers to conduct seminars and participate in major exhibitions in the Far

         As a startup biotech company, the trading aspect of the business is very
         important to maintain a steady cash flow to sustain a sales network,

         Beginning in 2001, we have started to produce Yeady-to-use' culture medium
         and stains for microbiology laboratories. At this point of time, we are only
         producing four different culture media and several stains to support the private
         medical sector in Hong Kong. We hope to expand the product range to twenty to
         twenty-five by the end of 2002 and hopefully enter the volume market within
         Hospital Authority and Department of Health. We believe our local production will
         have the price advantage over the current overseas suppliers and also
         discourage in-house production in local hospitals.

         We are also developing a range of low-end ELISA diagnostic kits for the China
         market with our European and Chinese partners. We estimate the products will
         be ready as early as early as 2002.

IV.      About the SERAP Project
        Our SERAP project is to startup a production site for "Ready-to-use' culture
        medium. "Ready-to-use' culture medium is referred to as Pre-poured Medium
        (PPM) in the trade, and it is intended for use by all microbiology laboratories,
        (both medical and industrial). The current trade practice in Hong Kong is to
        prepare this culture medium in-house from raw materials. However, the finished
        product lacks standardization and quality control, and the process is very labor
        intensive. Our SERAP project is to develop a fully automated production line to
        produce PPM which will save on labor cost and to replace the 'home-made'
        culture medium market. In the process, we should be able to optimize the
        production procedures and standardized the quality of the products, The end
        products will be better QC and consistent. Apart from production development,
        the project will also involve the setting up of an ISO 9001 certified production
        procedure. We will also employ the NCCLS Quality Control method to QC the
        PPM. (NCCLS is an International recognized standard used in microbiology).

        At the completion of this SERAP project, we should be able to produce more than
        20 different most routine used PPM for microbiology laboratories in Hong Kong.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                 Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

        Contact Person :          William Cheng
        Address :                 Grant Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.
                                  Rm. 2005 Cheung Tat Centre
                                  18, Cheung Lee Street
                                  Hong Kong
        Tel.:                     852 - 2562 1982
        Fax :                     852 - 2552 0911
        Email :         

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                              HONG KONG DNA CHIPS LIMITED
                                                             S E R V I N G THE WORLD WITH BIOTECHNOLOGY

j.      Company Profile

Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd is a private biotechnology company, established in 1999, whose mission is to
develop new biological products and new DNA techniques to serve the needs of society. We utilise the
most advanced equipment in the world and have assembled a team of experienced and dedicated molecular
biologists to provide exceptional service to Hong Kong, Asia and the rest of the world. We are the only
company in Hong Kong with ISO9002 accreditation for its parentage testing and genetically modified food
testing services.

n.      Team

Terence Lau, General Manager

Mr. Lau holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal and Plant Biotechnology from the Hong Kong University
and an MPhil in Biology from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Apart from his
professional training in biotechnology, Mr. Lau has extensive business experience. He was part of the
marketing team of a large multinational food and health care company. In 1997., he joined a start-up
biotechnology company offering DNA-related services. He has been the founding member and key
executive of two Hong Kong biotechnology companies. He has been involved in the development of
various biotechnology projects and is well recognized by media in the field of DNA fingerprinting, GMO
testing and DNA diagnosis. He also has sound knowledge in the local and Asia molecular testing market
and well-established connections in diagnostic and food industries. Apart from his qualifications in
biotechnology, Mr. Lau also has formal training in marketing and law and holds a Diploma in Marketing.
He has publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals in the field of neuroscience.

Dr Liang Peng, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Peng is an accomplished scientist. She obtained her MD from China Medical School in Shenyang, China
in 1983. She then pursued a distinguished research career in neuroscience, first at the Beijing Neurosurgical
Institute and subsequently at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, where she obtained her PhD in
Pharmacology in 1994. Following a move to the United States, Dr. Peng spent two years at Harvard
Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital as a Research Associate. Prior to joining Hong Kong
DNA Chips Ltd as Chief Scientific Officer in early 2000, she was working in a biotechnology company in
California. Here she learnt at first hand business and marketing strategies for biomedical products. Dr. Peng
has published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals in her field of expertise.

Dr Richard Collins, Project Manager

Dr. Collins has extensive experience in life sciences. He obtained his BSc (Hons) degree in Biochemistry
from Dundee University in Scotland, UK. He further obtained an MSc in Analytical Biochemistry from the
same university, giving him a solid background in the technological approaches underlying the subject. His
PhD in Biochemistry was obtained from Edinburgh University in Scotland, where he studied the effects of
genetic mutation on yeast metabolism. Dr. Collins is a member of several professional bodies, namely the
Royal Society of Chemistry where he is a Chartered Chemist (CChem.MRSC) and the Institute of Biology
(GBiol). He has travelled extensively, studying virology in the United States, before spending 3 years as a

1805-6,18/F., Lu Plaza, 2 Wing Yip St., Kowioon, Hong Kong
                2           18 9 1805-6 &
Tel: (852)2111-2123 Fax: (852)2111-9762
Email: URL:

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                            HONG KONG DNA CHIPS LIMITED

                        *                                   S E R V I N G THE WORLD WITH BIOTECHNOLOGY

post-doctoral fellow in the biochemistry department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has
published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals on protein purification and characterisation and
inhibition of HIV by natural plant extracts. Prior to joining Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd as project manager,
Dr. Collins spent a year honing his writing and project management skills as medical editor for a scientific

m.      Products/Services

Our p r o d u c t s

H5 Avian Influenza Virus Detection System — The world's first molecular detection system for H5 avian
influenza was launched in October 2000. The kit has attracted interest from a number of organisations, e.g.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organisation, and laboratories in Italy,
France, and Argentina. The kit is currently used by the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation
Department as part of their routine avian influenza monitoring programme.

GMO Testing Kits — A test kit for processed foods allows suitably trained staff of food manufacturers to
identify common GM ingredients on site eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming external tests,
Each kit contains reagents and protocols to identify 35S, NOS and NPTII genetic markers. Kits for raw
foods and Roundup Ready and Bt endotoxin will be available shortly.

Our s e r v i c e s

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) testing — Based on a recent independent review of GMO testing
laboratories worldwide, HKDNA claims to be the world's best GMO testing laboratory. We offer
qualitative and quantitative GMO tests for all commercially available GM crops.

Non-Genetically Modified Certification — Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd provides a comprehensive
monitoring, testing and consultancy service to food companies wishing to gain market advantage by
offering premium GMO-free products. Our expert team of molecular biologists and food industry
professionals will design a programme to eliminate GMOs from the production stream and maintain that
status once it is achieved. Compliance is monitored by regular testing. Non-GMO certificates will be issued
to suitable candidates,

DNA fingerprinting — Our parentage test service provides greater than 99.9% accuracy in confirming or
excluding paternity. A fully documented chain of custody allows the results to be presented as evidence in a
legal case.

Genetic screening of unborn babies — Our quantitative fluorescent (QF) PCR-based testing for Down
syndrome and other genetic abnormalities offers unparalleled speed and accuracy. Results can be obtained
in 24-48L

1805-6,18/F., Lu Plaza, 2 Wing Yip St., Kowioon, Hong Kong
                2            18*1805-6 S
Tel: (852)2111-2123 Fax: (852)2111-9762
Email: URL:

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                                        ISO 9002 1994
                                                                                                    CartificataNc. FS 56773
                                                             HONG KONG DNA CHIPS LIMITED
                                                                                               IP 1

                                                             SERVING THE WORLD WITH BIOTECHNOLOGY

R e s e a r c h and d e v e l o p m e n t

HKDNA creates market opportunities through R&D innovation. We are actively conducting-R&D in the
following areas;

DNA chips — DNA chips are the basis of our revolutionary clinical diagnostic product with almost
unlimited potential for application to a wide variety of fields. The initial product will be a bench-top device
for use in clinics, hospitals and laboratories allowing rapid and accurate diagnosis of a variety of common
diseases. The initial focus will be on infectious diseases, including hepatitis. Other applications include
veterinary diagnosis, environmental monitoring, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Avian influenza — As a follow up to the successful H5 Avian Influenza Virus Detection System, a new kit
allowing simultaneous detection of H5, H6, H7 and H9 influenza subtypes is under development. The new
system will be launched in 2002.

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) — SNPs are genetic markers that define an individual's
response to therapy. Identifying SNP variants could provide insights into producing new pharmaceutical
therapies. Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd is actively researching SNPs for its exclusive Chinese SNP database
of common diseases.

Cancer screening — New molecular testing products for various cancers will be developed, including
prostate cancer, liver cancer, etc.

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) — A nucleic acid test kit for all the major subtypes of FMD will be
developed using our licensed NASBA technology. The new kit is expected to have significant advantages
over traditional antibody-based detection methods in terms of speed, sensitivity and accuracy.

IV.     About the SERAP project

Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd received approval for its project titled "Development of a DNA chip system
utilizing a novel combination of DNA hybridisation and detection technologies" [Reference number
S/P214/01]. The company received $400,000 for its phase I studies which began in May 2001.

The company has also received funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission under the
University-Industry Collaboration Programme, which funded further research into its unique avian
influenza virus detection system.

1805-6, 18/F., Lu Plaza, 2 Wing Yip St., Kowloon, Hong Kong
                 2           18 « 1805-6 £
Tel: (852)2111 -2123 Fax: (852)2111 -9762
Email: URL:                                                                 003

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                              - 'O"                                      ISO 9002 1934
                                                                                                      CwtlflcaU No PS 56773
                                                                   HONG KONG DNA CHIPS LIMITED

                                                                   S E R V I N G THE WORLD WITH BIOTECHNOLOGY

V.          Contacts

For further information about any of our products and services please contact:

Terence Lau (General Manager) or Dr. Richard Collins (Project Manager)

Hong Kong DNA Chips Ltd
1805-6, 18/F5Lu Plaza
2 Wing Yip Street
Hong Kong SAR

Tel:+(852) 21112123
Fax:+(852) 2111 9762



1805-6,18/R, Lu Plaza, 2 Wing Yip St., Kowloon, Hong Kong
                            18 ft 1805-6 S
Tel: (852)2111-2123 Fax: (852)2111-9762
Email: URL:

                                                                              SERAP is a
                                         u         C mpany f r reference
                                                     °         °                           technopreneur fund. To learn
                please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                            L Technologies Limited

I. Company Profile

i. Technologies Limited is a Hong Kong company that focuses on the development of
applying the latest technology to consumer electronics products. We specialize in
developing embedded software solution for multiple electronics products, initially in
the digital audio arena. Currently, we are developing a Bluetooth hard disk device
with the support of Innovation & Technology Fund, HKSAR government, i.
Technologies Limited was founded and is managed by young entrepreneurs with
diversified business background and experience.

II.   Team

Profile of Management Team:

•     Philip Lau, Chairman, 30+ years of experience in electronics industry +
      Chairman of Starlight
•     Andy Chan, CEO, 5+ years of experience in multinational IT companies, e.g.
      IBM & EMC, with proven outstanding sales record
•     Chris Wu, CFO, qualified accountant + several years of investment banking
      experience with IPO experience in Main Board & GEM Board
•     Starry Hung, CTO, around 10 years of experience with leading US
      semiconductor company & start-up experience on state-of-the-art technologies
•     Prof. Philip Chan, Consultant, Head of EE Department, HKUST with over 10
      years working experiences with semiconductor experience in Silicon Valley

III. Products/Services

Current products:

•     CoolDisk - a hard disk based device with multi-media functions. It supports
      storage of roughly 3,000 MP3 songs or 20,000 digital photos. Users can directly
      communicate with MP3 players, PC, digital cameras and printers using the latest
      Bluetooth Technology, in addition to the traditional Infrared and USB
•     Digital Audio Jukebox
•     Audio CD-RW Player
•     Digital Video Recorder

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                           L Technologies Limited

IV. About the SERAP project

i.Technologies Limited is proud to be supported by the SERAP. Under this SERAP
project, we will deliver, phase by phase, a completed CoolDisk in the earliest time we
can. Apart from applying latest Bluetooth Technology to the traditional electronics
manufacturing industry in Hong Kong, we are committed to ensure that CoolDisk is a
marketable product with ultimate business success.

In this regard, we have partnered with Starlight International, a locally listed
electronics OEM manufacturer, to help i. Technologies in both manufacturing (lower
the cost) and marketing (synergy on selling branded customers). We are launching our
marketing campaign, with Starlight International, in a global basis with exhibition in
the U.S., Germany, Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong down the road. We are also
utilizing Starlight International's global sales force, especially in the U.S. & Japan
and distribution subsidiary in Canada, to test the market in the earliest product
development stage.

Looking forward, we wish that i. Technologies Limited could contribute to re-
establish the name for Hong Kong as a high value-added and high technology solution
provider for consumer electronics products.

V.   Contacts

Contact Person:        Mr. Wu Kwok Choi Chris (^g|^), Chief Financial Officer
Address :              12/F Shing Dao Industrial Bldg., 232 Aberdeen Main Road, H.K.
Tel.     :             852-2873-9272
Fax      :             852-2554-3228
Email    :   
Website :    

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
 Idea Expert
 Technology Ltd.

I. Company Profile
Idea Expert is a unique technical company. By the strong experience on electronic designs
and video streaming, Idea Expert designs creative and compact electronic products. Also Idea
Expert is a Video Streaming solution company, providing Turn Key Hardware solution on
VOD Set Top Box platform design & OEM manufacturing. Established since May, 2001. Idea
Expert comprised two major technical disciplines: Develop Creative Electronic Products and
VOD Set Top Box solutions.

II. Team
Idea Expert is founded by Mr. Robert Chan, who has more than twenty years of extensive IT
and management experience from his previous positions with Intel, Cable & Wireless
Systems, Cirrus Logic, Sigma Designs, Pineview, Express. Mr. Robert Chan who designed
the first VGA card with TV-out in the world and the first 3DFX graphic card in Hong Kong.
Robert Chan was the Bachelor of Science in Electronic Department of Chinese University of
Hong Kong in 1978.

Mr. Benson Lei is the Chief Engineer, who passed Cisco Certified Network Associate V2.0,
Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Red Hat Linux Certified Engineer and is the Bachelor
of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering of South Bank University (United

in. Products/Services

We called ourselves the "Idea Expert". Because we have strong confidence that we are the
real Idea Expert and we will not make any crazy idea. We know we are new and small, but we
have a lot of experience on PC and Electronic Products. We will develop creative products to
support the market trend. We are very lucky that our product "Hand held high capacity
storage device" is supported by The Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance
Programme (SERAP).

With the supporting from SERAP, we have strong confidence that we will contribute our
creative product on the market and will benefit world wide consumer market.

IV. About the SERAP project

According the data from DOG our potential customers is 9.04 Million in 2002, 12.93 Million
in 2003, and 18.5 Million in 2004. We believe that our product will be the most user friendly
and the lowest BOM cost for the same kind of products.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
 Idea Expert
Technology Ltd.

V.   Contacts

Contact Person : Robert Chan
Address        :Room GO 15/2, Tech. Centre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.

Tel.             :23195874
Fax              :27880230
Website          :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.

I. Company Profile

Founded in July 2000, InfoInOne is a pioneer
 technology enabler in Asia's e-financial services
 sector. We are headquartered in Hong Kong with
R&D centers both in San Francisco, USA and
Mandras, India. With our proprietary "Personal
Intelligent Agent Platform", we enable banks,
brokerages and financial portals to deliver account
 aggregation, content personalization, personal
finance management and EBPP services to their
 customers under a single login site which can be
 accessed through a wide range of wired and wireless
 Internet appliances.

II.   Team

Eddie Liu - Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Eddie has over 10 years of experience in the high-tech industry with a focus in the Asia region.
Prior to founding InfoInOne, he worked at Texas Instruments, Shanghai, developing and
managing the sales organization across the Greater China region. He has also held various
senior management positions in the sales & marketing field, particularly in the areas of strategic
planning, sales management, distribution, and channel development. With active involvement
in start-up operations in China, Eddie possesses a strong track record in China business practice.
In his last assignment at Texas Instrument, he was responsible for its Asian regional strategic

Eddie Liu holds an Executive MBA degree from the China Europe International Business
School, Shanghai, China and received his B.Eng (Hons) from the University of Strathcylde,
Glasgow, U.K.

Rex Yau - Vice President and Co-founder
With over 10 years' experience in the electronics industry, Rex brings his proven
entrepreneurial and management skills to join InfoInOne.

In 1997, he started his first venture "Technovative", which is engaged in providing ASIC design
solution to electronics manufacturers in Hong Kong. Prior to that, Rex has held several sales
and management positions in the semiconductor industry.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                         lnfi;lii< in*

Rex Yau holds a MBA degree from the University of Strathclyde and a B.Sc. (Eng) degree from
the University of Hong Kong.

III. Products/Services

InfoInOne is Asia's first e-finance solution provider to launch account aggregation technology.
Our current product suites include account aggregation ("AccounlnOne"), electronic bill
consolidation ("BilllnOne") and personal finance manager ("FinancelnOne"). By leveraging
on our modular design architecture, we have high flexibility in our product offerings to meet
individual clients' needs.

1. AccounlnOne - Account Aggregation / Content Management

  Aoonunt Aoarpoattnn

Through private label licensing program, we can seamlessly integrate our account aggregation
service with clients' websites and provide a place for end users to personalize their online
information. By offering such a personalised service, it makes our clients' site become more
sticky. As a result, it will not only increase customers' visit frequency and loyalty, but will also
facilitate the acquisition of new customers and cross-selling of products.

2. BilllnOne - Bill Consolidation and Management

BilllnOne allows end-users to access their online bills and consolidate them onto a single web
page. This service empowers users to manage their bills more efficiently and facilitates online
bill payment. With minimum effort, our client sites can easily integrate BilllnOne with their
payment gateway to provide complete EBPP service.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                   -80-                                  IP
                                                                                         fuh liH m^
              HI infeliiOiie

3. FinancelnOne - Personal Finance Manager

FinancelnOne offers end-users the easiest way to organize personal finances, manage
investment portfolio and investment plans under a single login site. It is a fully integrated
solution - investment, account and budget - all in one place!

FinancelnOne can be offered as a stand-alone product or integrate with our account aggregation
service to simplify the consolidation of online financial information.


4. Product Road Map

                        Product Roadmap
              Product                                   Level of integration

                                                    |||i ;
                                                   ||iig: >

                                  2Q          3Q

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                         IllUHK I1C

5. Competitive Edges

Technology know how

The account aggregation engine is proprietary to InfoInOne, It is a generic engine suitable for
almost all web sites. It can handle SSL, cookies, page redirection, Java script, different
language encoding, different version of HTML. In the US, the first player launched a similar
technology in 1999. Until now, there are only few companies that are in ownership of such kind
of technology. Among these players, only few of them can offer comprehensive services.
InfoInOne is proud to be the only independent solution provider in Asia that has secured the
technology, and is able to offer competitive services in match with any of the top-tier players in
the industry.

First Mover Advantage - First account aggregation in Asia

In Asia, we are the first account aggregation service provider. Being the first mover, we are
running ahead of our competitors on the number of accessible online accounts by our platform
and the offering of value added applications.

IV. Contacts

Contact Person : Rex Yau; Vice President of Operation
Address        : Room 1001,10/F 135 Bonham Strand Trade Centre
                 135 Bonham Strand, Central, Hong Kong
Tel.           : 3105 5001
Fax            : 3105 0028
Email          :
Website        :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit,hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409.
0         INFOMASTER

Company Profile

INFOMASTER was founded in 1996 as an Electronic Commerce (EC) solution provider specialized in
developing and implementing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and related networking systems. Starting
in 2000, Infomaster expands its business focus to include trusted e-business solutions, which leverage PKi
(Public Key Infrastructure) technologies for both electronic and mobile commerce. Infomaster's mission is
to assist organizations in Hong Kong and other areas of China to take part in trust EC for global trading, to
provide the best trust EC products and solutions, and to provide excellent local support for customers.

Being strong in technologies, we have our own in-house development team engaged in new product
development with the objectives to be able to deliver a sound, stable but most of all supportable EC
production environment for our clients. Our EDI products include eTradeManager, XML Trade, ECGIobal
and ECGateway. In 2000, Infomaster also provides InfoEC network services for companies to connect to
super customers in North America and Europe for electronic trading. Current InfoEC EDI connections
include Wal-Mart, Target Stores, Toy'R'Us, JCPenney and Compaq.

INFOMASTER Mobile Business Advantages
In November 2000, Infomaster has formed a strategic partnership with Entrust Inc., a global leader in
solutions that brings trust to e-business relationships by securing and managing the transactions that
constitute e-business. As a trend of mobile commerce drives our technology development, Infomaster
extends the business in providing secure mobile solutions. In December 2000, Infomaster, Hongkong Post
and Entrust Technologies signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the provision of mobile certification
services to the people in Hong Kong. The mobile certification services will enable individuals and business
organizations to conduct secure mobile transactions such as online payments via mobile phone through a
combination of authenticated logon, digital signatures, profile management and digital notarization.
Infomaster is well positioned for helping the business organizations to participate in the new mobile

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
0         INFOMASTER

Our Professional Management

CEO-Albert Wan

Mr. Albert Wan is the founder and CEO of Infomaster Holdings Limited. Under his leadership, Infomaster
has developed eBusiness applications for transportation, manufacturing and retail industries. In 2000,
Infomaster has partnered with Entrust Inc. to build a Mobile Certification Authority for Hongkong Post to
serve the Hong Kong Government and business organizations. Mr. Wan is leading the company to build
the Hongkong Post Entrust Mobile CA and develop trusted mobile solutions for Hong Kong customers,
Prior to Infomaster, Mr. Wan had begun his eBusiness career with DEC, Philips, SHL and CGI. He had
served both the Hong Kong and Canadian Government for eBusiness and security projects in the areas of
strategic planning and project implementation.

COO - Rita Cheung

As Director of Infomaster, Ms. Cheung is a co-founder of Infomaster. She is directly responsible for the
management, growth and success of Infomaster's business operations. During her tenure, Ms. Cheung
has significantly grown Infomaster development and operation team to deliver top quality e-commerce
products to customers - ensuring that Infomaster continues to grow by delivering superb technology
solutions for the global electronic trade community. Ms Cheung has also managed the marketing team and
successfully promoting the company in the region. Prior to co-founding Infomaster, Ms Cheung was
Manager of Technology of Bell Canada, a telephone operating company that under her management,
delivered world leading telecommunications products in the packet switching market.

The innovative Products of Infomaster

With the objective to design the best applications and solutions to meet the ever-changing business
environment in Hong Kong, we recently devote ourselves to develop the secure mobile solutions based on
Entrusfs world leading PKl technologies. Infomaster has successfully developed mVision, the new product
for the mobile security.


As a trend to use mobile phone in our daily life, more and more people use mobile phone and wireless
devices to make their financial transactions, bill payment and to send confidential messages. At the same
time, it rouses the consumer concerns of security such as data privacy, authentication, legal binding and
non-repudiation, mVision is a secure mobile commerce solution designed to help business organizations
to participate in the mobile commerce securely and successfully.

mVision is basically divided into two security levels - the Server Authentication and the Client Server
Authentication. The following is an overview of Server Authentication, Client Server Authentication and
Network Architecture of mVision.

The above information is provided by the SERA? company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
0        1NFOMASTER

/nVision Sever Authentication and Client Server Authentication

                                               WAP Server                 Web Server

           CA Root Key                    WAP Server Cert              SSL Server Cert             Root CA

                                     Server Authentication - WTLS Class II

                                         WAP/                Web            Validation
                                   Enrollment Server        Server            Server

                       WTLS (HIV

                                      WAP Server Cert   SSL Server Cert                         Root CA
            CA Root      Certs
              Key      (X.509v3)

                                    Client Server Authentication - WTLS Class III

mVision Server Authentication

mVision Server Authentication is a security set up for provisioning a WTLS Class 2 certificate
authentication using mobile phone or PDA connecting to WAP server. The WAP server is first installed with
a WAP server certificate and then the mobile phone or PDA with CA certificate. Based on the CA certificate
on the mobile device that is issued by the same CA, the trusted WAP server can be authenticated.

mVision Client Server Mutual Authentication

mVision Client Server Authentication is a security set up for provisioning a WTLS Class 3 certificate
authentication using mobile phone or PDA connecting to WAP server and Validation Server. The WAP
server is first installed with a WAP server certificate and then the mobile phone or PDA with client
certificates. Based on the client certificates and the WAP server certificate that are issued by the same CA,
both client and server can be mutually authenticated.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
0         INFOMASTER

                                                                                                             Wireless PKI

                                                                                                             m Vision
                                                                                              W A P Server     Server

                                       • F u l l E n d - T o - E n d Signing and Encryption

                                           mVision Network Architecture

SERAP Project

Traditionally important ebusiness information is communicated within computer servers and desktop
environment. To export this information to wireless world, users are concerned about mobile security with
user and server authentication. Our SERAP project is based on the above infrastructure set up to resolve
the authentication issues and to further develop signing and encryption applications to allow customers to
participate the mobile commerce conveniently and safely.


Contact Person      : Ms. Rita Cheung, Director- Sales and Marketing
Address             : Infomaster Holdings Limited
                     Unit B, 10/R, China Insurance Building,
                     48 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Tel                 : (852) 2319 2326
Fax                 : (852)23192818
Email               :
Website             :

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about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                              Ideas for a mobile planet.
                                  w w w . i n n o v i . c o m

I. Company Profile

Innovi Technologies Ltd, established in Hong Kong since 1988, is specialized in developing and
manufacturing innovative products and services for mobile phones. Innovi sells to over 35
countries, and main customers are Telecom operators, phone manufacturers, and distributors.
Innovi has a high reputation for creating innovative products with an attractive design that can
reach mass markets.
Products include mostly hands-free kits and charging solutions.
Since July 2000, Innovi has also developed a Bluetooth headset for mobile phones, that will be
launched in October 2001. Innovi will also propose its Bluetooth expertise to OEM customers.

II.   Team

4 engineers in France and Hong Kong have worked on the Bluetooth project.
Main parties are:
        Mr. Guillaume Ponticelli: Bluetooth Project Manager.
        Mr. Mustapha Drici: Software Engineer Head.

in. Products/Services
Apart from its traditional products, and thanks to the Bluetooth Team it has built, Innovi can also
work on ODM & OEM projects. ODM can be proposed on different designs of our headset
design. OEM projects can be arranged on any application including hardware and software
development involving Bluetooth. Innovi is already currently working on applications for police
forces in several countries.

                  Please find the design of our Bluetooth headset:

              Bluetooth headset                                            Dongle

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                               Ideas for a mobile planet.
                                   w w w . i n n o v i . c o m

IV. About the SERAP project

Innovi has received funding from SERAP for the development of its Bluetooth headset for
mobile phones,

V.    Contacts

Contact Person : Mr Guillaume Ponticelli - Bluetooth Project Manager
Address       : Suites 501-503 Chinachem Leighton Plaza
                29 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel.           :29156139 (direct)
                2882 2296 (office)
Fax            :28822316
Email          :
Website        : www.innovi.corn

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

I. Company Profile

Integrated Microdisplay Limited (iMD) is engaged in the business of designing and prototyping
display products based on liquid crystal on silicon (LCDS) microdisplays. LCOS microdisplays
are capable of extremely high resolution and high contrast, and can be used as engines for
projectors and goggles. Immediate products include rear projection televisions and business
projectors as well as home entertainment systems. Goggles based on LCOS microdisplays can
be used in personal video players and wearable computers replacing the monitor.

II.   Team

Dennis Cheng is the Vice President of iMD. He obtained his PhD in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering from HKUST in 2001. He has 7 years R&D experience in LCOS microdisplays.

Romeo Yip is the Chief Technical Officer of iMD. He obtained his MPhil in Electrical and
Electronic Engineering from HKUST in 2001. He has 3 years experience in LCOS
microdisplays R&D.

III. Products/Services

Integrated Microdisplays is in the business of designing display products using LCOS
microdisplays. One of the products is the instant photograph printer using Polaroid films, and is
the subject of the present SERAP project.

IV. About the SERAP project

In this SERAP project, we shall develop a portable printer that can print photographs from
digital files instantly. It is a companion product to all digital cameras. Anyone with a digital
picture file can input this data into our product and print out the picture on a Polaroid film. This
printer consumes very little power and if field portable. In addition to pictures, it can also be
used as a printer for documents from a notebook or palm computer. It is better than the usual
inkjet printer in that there are no mechanical parts. Servicing is minimal.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                           integrated Microdisplays
                 la egra etf V er fsphvt            limited

V.   Contacts

Contact Person      Dr Dennis P W Cheng, Vice President
Address             3/F, Annex, HKUST, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel                 (852)23350226
Fax                 (852)23584931
Email               denms@hkimd com
Website             wwwhJamdcom

                                        the SERA?
                                                  °°mpany f°T reference only SERAP 1S a technopreneur fund To
                           please visit www mfo gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
InterQoS Systems Limited.

                               InterQoS Systems Limited
Company background
The advancement of networking technology boosts many Internet applications, including World
Wide Web, voice/video over Internet, eCommerce and other web-based enterprise applications. In
networks supporting these applications, switches and routers are the infrastructure that are
responsible for directing the traffic to be sent to different parts of networks. The explosive increase
in network traffic leads to a bandwidth increase of 2 to 4 times per year. This in turn requires the
switches/routers to processes hundreds of millions of packets per second. Application-specific
chips have to be designed to meet the ever-increasing network speed while guaranteeing Quality-
of-Service (QoS) to support revenue-generating applications.

In the past, vendors built all the hardware of a switch or router by themselves. Nowadays, owing to
fierce competition, they prefer to integrate chips from numerous vendors to form a system for
reducing development cost and time-to-market. Therefore, InterQoS Systems Limited has been
founded to capitalize on the communication chip market worth billions of USD. We provide the
building blocks for next-generation communication networks. Our product, QoSwitch, is a
cell/packet switching subsystem. It performs packet switching function, which is the most
important function of a switch or router. System vendors like Cisco, Nortel and Huiwei(lpJi), etc.,
can apply it to build world-class switches/routers.

         ra                 IAAOLCQM                                                     Service


                                                                                         Communication 1C

                   Figure 1. The market environment for communication 1C industry

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn
more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
InterQoS Systems Limited.

Owing to the customer enormous demands for high speed and absolute QoS guarantees, technology
is the key factor for success in this industry. We shall put significant resource on R&D to ensure
continuous technology innovation and maintain our competitiveness. Moreover, we shall also
support the CSEX standards for ensuring product compatibility. Furthermore, we shall actively seek
alliance with other chipset vendors to provide a complete solution for our customers.

InterQoS Team
The founder, Ronald Hui, have profound research background from the Information Engineering
Department of Chinese University. Recent years, he conducts research and development in
advanced switching theory, packet queueing theory and Verilog designs of parallel architectures.
Another founder, DerickHui, has years of 1C design experience in a Silicon Valley startup Aspec.
He has also developed marketing and sales strategies of chips when he was in Mitsubishi Electric
(H.K.) Limited.

InterQoS product: QoSwitch
Two major trends in next-generation communication networks
With the emergence of the Internet, bandwidth demand on access networks and wide area networks
(WAN) has escalated enormously. Accompanying with the explosive increase in number of
subscribers, the broadband access services, such as xDSL and cable modems, expand the access
speed to multi-Mbps, which is 10 to 100 times higher than existing services. The immediate
outcome is exponential growth in Internet traffic volume. Meanwhile, as the CPU computation
power doubles every 18 months according to Moore's Law, the LAN bandwidths have also
expanded to tens of gigabit rapidly.

Besides, there are strong demands for service convergence, i.e. carrying real time applications, such
as voice, video, mission-critical enterprise applications, as well as traditional data service in a
single network. However, the Internet used to be designed for providing best-effort service. With
this service model, service providers cannot control packet delays for individual users. Data
transmission is subject to unpredictable delay and loss. Real time applications cannot tolerate any
variable delay. Otherwise, it causes very frustrating user experiences like discontinuous speech or
video. In order to satisfy the stringent service requirements, network providers have to guarantee
Quality of Service (QoS) for each user. QoS refers to service parameters that determine the
satisfaction of a network subscriber with a contracted offering. The parameters include upper
bound of packet delay, bandwidth guarantees and packet loss rate.

In conclusion, the next-generation high-speed communication networks have to be capable of
providing huge aggregate bandwidth along and absolute QoS guarantee for real-time applications

QoSwitch solution
The QoSwitch solution is a revolutionary packet/cell switching subsystem designed to meet the
challenges of next-generation switching, routing and transport systems. Router/switch vendors can

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn
more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
InterQoS Systems Limited.

apply it to build world-class switches/routers. It provides enormous switching capacities that can be
scaled to multi-Terabit and beyond. Meanwhile, it can maintain absolute guarantees of Quality of
Service (QoS) for thousands or even millions of flows. With its rich features and unparalleled
performances, QoS witch will become the building blocks of a variety of networks such as edge and
core networks, as well as LAN and Storage Area Networks. Network providers can offer QoS •.*'
guaranteed services in packet switched networks without employing TDM service, thus achieving
100% bandwidth utilization.

The QoSwitch solution includes three chipsets, i.e., crossbar controller, crossbar and traffic
management chips. The crossbar chip sends packets from input ports to the destined output ports.
However, owing to the unpredictability of Internet traffic, multiple packets may contend for the
same output in a particular moment. Therefore, it is necessary to use a crossbar controller to resolve
the output contention so as to maintain high throughput and QoS guarantees under full loading. The
traffic management chip performs per-flow weighted-fair-queueing to provide port-level QoS
guarantees for each port. Combining with crossbar-level QoS guarantees, the architecture provides
end-to-end QoS guarantees along the packet path within the switch subsystem. The following
figure shows how the QoSwitch chipsets can be integrated with chips from other vendors to form a
complete hardware platform of a switch/router.

    Line Card

     Physical                    L2-L7
     Interface                  routing

    Line Card

      Physical                   L2-L7
      Interface                 routing

    Line Card

      Physical                    L2-L7
      Interface                  routing

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn
more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
InterQoS Systems Limited.

                                   Figure 2. The QoSwitch architecture.
Competitive edge
QoS guarantees and high switching capacity used to be contradictory engineering requirements.
Output-buffering is a suitable architecture for QoS guarantees but is difficult to scale up the
switching capacity. The most advanced commercial product only have a capacity of 16Gbps. Some
other vendors employ input buffering to achieve high capacity but fail to provide QoS function as
good as output buffering. With an innovative architecture combining the advantages of input
buffering and output buffering, QoSwitch has unparalleled performance in terms of both switching
capacity and QoS guarantees. We can provide a full-duplex switching capacity of SOGbps using a
Xilinx Virtex IIFPGA today. We are already expanding the capacity to 320Gbps and shall finish
the improvement in Q4 of 2001. Later in Q2 of 2002, we shall release a second-generation
switching ASIC solution, which has an aggregate capacity of 1.28Tbps, equivalent to 32 ports of
OC-768. Our competitors, such as PMC-Sierra, have to employ expensive ASIC technology to
achieve a capacity of 320Gbps.

Moreover, our QoS functions also have significant competitive edges over other products. Many
existing products use per-class queueing for packet scheduling. Per-class queueing can only reduce
the average delay of high-priority packets, but cannot provide any QoS guarantees, such as packet
delay bound. In fact, only per-flow queueing can provide these QoS guarantees. As a result, we
have a unique implementation that can perform 32 million per-flow queueing operations per second
for thousands of flows. The implies that switches/routers can provide absolute QoS guarantees in a
connection running at the speed of lOGbps.

About the SERAP project
The QoSwitch project is funded by the Small Enterprise Research Assistance Programme (SERAP)
of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,

Contact information:
Ronald Hui
Address: Rm 18, 11/F, Leader Industrial Center, 57-59 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, N. T.
Tel: 26902846 or 94849687
Fax: 2634 7486
Email: ronhui@ctimail3 .com

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn
more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.

I. Company Profile Limited is an indigenous Hong Kong technology company dedicated to the
development of server-based language technologies resolving infra-structural problems
related to text and voice in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean information exchange using the
II. Team

Lawrence Mo - Founder & CEO
•    Renowned expert in CJK font technology for PC and professional publishing market.
•    Appointed member of HKG SAR Government's Chinese Language Interface Advisory
•    First startup in 1989 on Chinese font technology subsequently licensed to Microsoft for
      Windows 3.0.

Patrick Tsang - Chief Operating Officer

•    A veteran sales and marketing professional from SGI (previously called Silicon
     Graphics Inc.), assumed Country Manager of Taiwan, Marketing Director for
     HKG/PRC, and Technical Manager for Greater China region in his eleven years
III. Products/Services Limited develops and provides server-side software for Web appliance
manufacturers, telecom companies, ISPs, ICPs, portals, and corporate Websites with unique
functions as follows:
A. Real-time Chinese Web page translation between Traditional Chinese and Simplified
B.    Real-time conversion of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters to images that are
      viewable on any browser environment on any Internet device (HK Patent No 1024380,
      patent pending in U.S, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea).
C.    Real-time conversion of Web page text to speech (Cantonese, Putonghua and English)
      for access via normal telephones and mobile phones.
D.    Real-time conversion of Web page for WAP phones access.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409

E.   Legacy document conversion functions include PDF and MS Office documents into
     HTML format.

*For details please go the company's homepage

The Company is currently providing its software through resellers in the Greater China region
in formats such as license selling and application service providing.'s innovative technologies bring the following benefits to customers:

Cost and time saving -                    minimum change to existing Website.

Plug and play-                            As a plug and play solution, different versions
                                          (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, graphic, and
                                          speech) of the Website can be built instantly.

Content management made simple - All maintenance and updates are only made in one
                                 version (original version).

Content anywhere -                         Breakthrough font display technology (patent CJK font
                                           server) enables Web content deliver to Internet
                                           browsers on any Internet device anywhere in the world.

Best-quality conversion -                  Accurate conversions (translation between Traditional
                                           Chinese and Simplified Chinese, and text to speech
                                           conversion) are assured by rule-based, database-driven
                                           engine.     On top of character-based processing,
                                           sophisticated vocabulary-based database processing is
                                           also included).

IV. Contacts

Contact Person : Tony Tso
Address        : 25/F, Wanchai Central Building,
                 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai,
Tel.           : 852-2865 3800
Fax           : 852-2861 1830
Email         :
Website         :

 The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
 learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Key Technology System Limited
I.   Company Profile

      Key Technology System Limited is a hi-tech company specialized in wireless Internet solutions.
      Combining state-of-the-art technology and expertise in wireless based technologies such as GPS,
      GPRS, GSM/SMS (Short Messaging System) and web based application development, Key
      Technology offers a broad product line that provides reliable and cost effective wireless logistic
      and Telematics solutions for the local and international markets.

      Key Technology has developed uniquely in the growing wireless (GSM and CDMA) data
      market. The company's innovative development is based on delivering affordable technology
      product and service that serve a broad audience. We will continue in this development direction
      and to form alliances with local partners to expand our product and service internationally

      By focusing on customers' satisfaction and technology innovation, Key Technology intends to
      become the local leader in wireless solution for the Internet.

II. Team
      Mr. Michael Law Mr. Law is a Chartered Engineer and has more than nineteen years experience
                      in the networking and IT management. He graduated with a bachelor's
                      degree in engineering at the University of Newcastle in England. He worked
                      for various international corporate including Burroughs Machines, S.I.T.A.,
                      Standard Chartered Bank, Whirlpool Greater China and China Aerospace
                      International Holding Limited.

III. Products/Services
     The Company develops wireless system solutions for mobile and fixed environments. Our
     newest product line is Internet based GPS Fleet Management System. This product is based on
     GSM/SMS network which provides reliable data communications in the local region.
       •   KeyStar GPS Fleet Management System - It is the heart of the entire fleet management
           system. A newly developed integrated fleet management solution based on Global Position
           System (GPS) and Internet web technology. Basically, it consists of the followings:

            Vehicle Monitoring & Maps System - It is responsible for monitoring and tracking of all
            vehicles and providing map-based enquiry services.

            Web Based Enquiry System - It allows users to enquire about the positions of their
            vehicles through the Internet at any time.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                 •       £Sil^L:            • • • • 1 i^^^

                                                      _..   ;   1       ..,_   >.,-_                                 j   „. &          . -    J          MmX,   _,-
                                                      x.-::^:- \ -^ •:,' \. :'...'vv •;. ••;;;..:v>;.;,;: ; :.\ 1 .;.. j -      |;   gg Local intranet   ' ' ,: ^;

            Communication Gateway System - It connects the KeyStar FMS to the mobile operator's
            SMS/GPRS system via SMPP high-speed link for improving message throughput.

       •    KeyStar 2000 Mobile Control Unit - It is responsible for receiving GPS satellite positions
           and information, working out the vehicle actual position and sending these data back to the
           Control Centre using the on-board GSM modem via SMS or GPRS. This unit can also be
           remote-controlled by the Control Centre to perform various functions as required by the

       •   KeyStar Fleet Management Services - A new low cost service offered to the local fleet
           operator for improving the management of the vehicle fleet. It is based on our recent
           developed KeyStar Fleet Management System and KeyStar 2000 Mobile Control Unit with
           GPRS technology. The fleet operator can monitor and track their vehicles by means of a
           desktop computer with appropriate web browsing software and Internet connection.
           General management reports regarding the activities of their fleet are also available.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
        GPS SilclKlc   GPS SalclHk:   GPS Salclfile

                                                                                  Management Centre

                                                      KeyStarTrack Vehicle Fleet Management Network Diagram

     The KeyStar GPS Fleet Management System greatly enhanced the efficiency and productivity
     of our users in fleet and logistic management by providing a user friendly and highly cost
     effective system. Our experienced engineers can also customize the solution in order to meet
     your specific requirements.

     The Company also provides customise wireless 2-way messaging and GPS solutions as well as
     real time remote data collection and control solution to meet end users' actual needs.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
IV. About the SERAP project

      To design and develop a lower cost Fleet Management System Solution based on 32 bits GPS
      Mobile Tracking and Web based Monitoring fimctions with commonly available GSM/GPRS
      communications infrastructure.

V. Contacts

      Contact Person          :    Michael Law

     Address                  :    Room 903, East Town Building,
                                   41 Lockhart Road,
                                   Hong Kong

     Tel.                     : (852) 2922 8088
     Fax                       : (852) 2802 4999
     Email                     :
     Website                  :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Consultancy Engineering and Contracting


         Kingsford Environmental (ELK.) Ltd. is a Hong Kong based international consulting
         and engineering firm actively engaged in municipal sewage and industrial wastewater
         management projects in the Asia-Pacific region. Kingsford Environmental together
         with our international associates have designed, managed and built many wastewater
         treatment plants in Hong Kong and world-wide from small scale package plants to
         large scale municipal sewage treatment works.

         Kingsford Environmental was established in 1995. In 1997, an office was
         established in Manila, Philippines and in 1999, an agency agreement was confirmed
         with Johnson Fluid Engineering SDN. BHD. in Malaysia due to growth of the
         company's business. Kingsford Environmental is a listed consultant to the Hong
         Kong Government [Works Bureau (listed supplier under "Supply and Installation of
         Electrical & Mechanical Equipment for Sewage Treatment and Screening Plants"),
         Environmental Protection Department and the Engineering and Associated Consultants
         Selection Board].

         Kingsford Environmental provides a full range of services including wastewater
         characterisation, treatability studies including bench and pilot-scale systems, process
         design, computer modelling, E&M equipment evaluation, installation & testing,
         system design, site supervision, testing & commissioning, troubleshooting, operator
         training and operation & maintenance services (manuals and O&M contracts).

        Kingsford Environmental designs and supplies the Kingsford Second Generation
        Sequencing Batch Reactor (Kingsford SBR2™) which incorporates the most
        advanced bio-technologies. The Kingsford SBR2™ is illustrated in Figures 1 & 2.
        The Technical Director, Dr. K. M. Ho, is the first inventor of two patents for the SBR
        design and the key SBR E&M equipment is designed in-house. Kingsford
        Environmental has supplied close to 100 Kingsford SBR2™ plants for local and
        regional clients.    Applications include industrial, domestic and commercial
        wastewaters for plants ranging in capacity from 100 to > 1,000,000 e.p. (equivalent

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To learn
more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
Consultancy Engineering and Contracting

        Kingsford Environmental is experienced in fine-tuning of biological wastewater
        treatment process designs including use of IAWQ computer models and bench-scale
        verification of model results.. Examples in Hong Kong (3-stage BNR processes) of
        such design fine-tuning are the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment
        Plant, the Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works, and process studies for the Shatin
        and Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works. Kingsford Environmental also has extensive
        capability in design and fine-tuning of other key features of the biological process,
        such as Bio-selectors, Dissolved Air Flotation units, and primary and secondary
        Clarifiers. Kingsford Environmental has experience in the practical aspects and cost
        impacts related to plant design.

        International associates provide support on a project-by-project basis and include
        world-renowned experts in the areas of design, operation, and R&D of wastewater
        treatment processes. Kingsford Environmental staff regularly participate in
        conferences and seminars.

        The purpose of the project is to develop an innovative wastewater treatment process
        that is more efficient and cost-effective than the current market selections. There are
        several aspects of wastewater treatment plants that affect the cost, e.g. land area
        requirements, operating cost, equipment complexity/cost, requirement to meet future
        more stringent effluent discharge standards. The new product would include
        innovative improvements as regards several of the above aspects, particularly in space
        savings, capital investment and operating costs. The product would be applicable for
        both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

        The market for this type of product includes both private and government entities
        There is a growing regional market for the current product (the SBR2™), both for new
        facilities and for upgrades of existing facilities. The new process technology, i.e. the
        new product, would enhance the current highly competitive market position of the

        Development of the technology during Phase I includes feedback from relevant
        experts, response of the customer market to the technology, modelling to estimate
        benefits, and application for a patent. Phase II activities include advanced computer
        modelling, and pilot-scale testing and verification. To introduce the technology to the
        market, a full-scale demonstration is needed after the SERAP-supported R&D work is

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To learn
more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
     Consultancy Engineering and Contracting

                                                                        "*>»- WASTE SLUDGE



JR                                                                                                                      AIR


                                               FIGURE 1 SBR2™ 4 Basin Module

     The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To learn
     more about SERAP please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
Consultancy Engineering and Contracting

            Inflow                                              Inflow



                       1 Non-mixed FILL                                    4 SETTLE/DRAW
                         High Food/Biomass Ratio                             Effluent Withdrawal
                         Anaerobic Carbon Uptake                             Anoxic Denitrifkation
                                                                             Sludge Stabilisation

            Inflow                                              Inflow

          (Optional)                                          (Optional)

                       2 Aerated REACT                                     3 Non-aerated & Non-mixed REACT
                         Aerobic Carbon Uptake Simultaneous                   Anoxic Denitrification
                         Aerobic Phosphorus Uptake

                                    FIGURE 2 SBR2™ Reaction Cycle


        Contacts:           Dr. Kin-man Ho or Ms Julie Stohler
        Address:            Suite 1608-1609, CRE Centre,
                            No.889 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon
        Tel. No.:           2612-2817
        Fax No.:            2614-7012

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                                                                lifewood interactive limited
                                                                                        an eCRM ASP
                                                                     IPS angeles • hong kong • beijing


      Lifewood was established in Hong Kong in March, 2000, founded by Raymond Wong, Derek
      Chu and Benjamin Keung. Lifewood, a local based information technology provider, is
      committed to realize the concept of "Personalized information at your fingertip" by deploying
      its own proprietary, locally developed ONE (One-to-one Network Environment) eCRM system
      with several pioneer knowledge discovery technologies.

      The ONE eCRM solution is the result of over 3 years research and development of Mr. Derek
      Chu, a senior database specialist with recognized achievement in the field of the data mining

      The dramatic growth of Internet population and eCRM draws the attention of many
      international companies, no matter they are doing portal business or other e-related business.
      However, the performance of today's eCRM solutions is not as satisfactory as it should be due
      to the lack of embedded personalization and behavior analysis. The goal of ONE is to provide
      an eCRM solution with high analytical power as well as the application of the proprietary data
      mining technology. It would give enterprises a more in-depth insight of their market
      segments and online customer behavior.

      Lifewood's proprietary data mining technology is highly recognized by the industry and
      academic field. In September 2000, the company has received funding from Innovation and
      Technology Commission of HKSAR Government to support the development of our eCRM

      Many business do not have efficient customer relationship management programs, which
      allows them to distinguish the profitable customers who would make subsequent purchases
      from those mere window shoppers,

      Recent research by Cyber Dialogue reveals that the top 20 percent of online shoppers who
      spend more than USD1,000 per year on the Web has constituted 87 percent of the total
      online consumer sales market. The above group is more likely to buy expensive items online,
      get involved in reward programs, and seek customer service by email. To retain these
      profitable customers, building stronger customer relationships is the key factor to success.

    The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur
    fund. To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

life wood!                                                                  . . .

                                                                 lifewood interactive limited
                                                                                         an eCRM ASP
                                                                      los angeles • hong kong * beijing

       However, when an enterprise builds its own customer relationship management strategy, it
       will usually find it difficult to choose between different eCRM applications, such as Online Call
       Center, E-mail Campaign and etc. One of the hints is that, it should be borne in mind that a
       CRM strategy will only be effective if it suits your customers' preferences, interest and
       purchasing potential. The ONE from Lifewood is a system which the enterprise can deploy to
       transform the raw customer profile files into a clearer picture of customer preference and

3 _UFEWQQD DATA MINING ENGINE                                                         „
       A main focus of eCRM is how to increase the customers' loyalty and build trusted customer
        relationships. All these depend on accurate customer segmentation. ONE performs business
       and customer behavior analysis, segmentation and prediction so that Enterprise can interact
       with customers in an effective and personalized manner.

        Lifewood's ONE not only offer touch-point management, but also optimize the advanced data
        mining technology to let the enterprise

        1. to classify its customer by sophisticated data clustering technology, not just demographic

        2.   to reveal the customer preference or interest through the customer behavior analysis,
             instead of by polling and survey;

        3. to deliver personalized information to customer by using the personalization technology
             instead of preset templates,


        When you have billions of interactions with online customers, an ordinary statistical analytical
        tool can only let you know the summary. It can never help you to identify behavioral patterns
        and purchasing habits of your customers. ONE's association-rule discovery engine is an
        engine which does not only help you to track the customer behavior but also to find out the
        correlation between any sets of transactions. The ability to reveal this correlation from the
        messy database makes the engine more than just an analytical tool, but an expert system
        which can offer you with the recommendation and market forecasting.

      The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technoprenenur
      fund. To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

life wood!
                                                                  lifewood interactive limited
                                                                                           an eCRM ASP
                                                                        los angeles * hong kong * beijing

        Data Clustering

        Traditional analytical tools use demographic data to segment the customers. However this
        does not reflect the market segmentation in the real world. ONE'S clustering engine uses

        Lifewood's proprietary data mining algorithm to help to segment the customer data in an
        intelligent way. Each cluster segmented by the association-rule discovery engine can show
        not only the demographic attribute, but also other valuable attributes such as the customers'
        behavior pattern and purchasing habits.


        After finding out the behavior pattern and market segment, the remaining and the most
        important element is to build up a close enterprise-customers relationship.                ONE'S
        personalization engine can tailor make the message sending to each individual customer on
        the basis of the knowledge found by the above two engines. This personalization engine
        takes care of the customer in a friendly way. The friendship built by making use of the
        personalization engine can retain the customer and further explore their purchasing potential.

        Also, as the number of touch point (e.g WAP, email, storefront, call center, portal and etc)
        per customer is increasing, choosing the proper way to delivery message to the customer is
        another critical factor to a successful eCRM strategy. The personalization engine can also
        base on the behavior analysis of each customer to choose the most effective channel for
        delivering the information. This engine establishes an effective communication channel
        between enterprise and customer, and enables client to respond to the message rapidly and,
        therefore, increases the ROI (return on investment).

        Customer behavior analysis, data clustering and personalization can also be achieved by
        traditional data mining engine. However, utilizing these engines in eCRM requires advanced
        skill set and seldom do the data mining engine vendors provide tailor-made version for eCRM
        solution. Lifewood's data mining engines have been molded to suit different goals of eCRM,
        Also Lifewood's proprietary data mining algorithm provides an interactive and incremental
        data mining instead of traditional time-consuming day-end batch job. Such a real time data
        mining algorithm can speed up the whole mining process and provide immediate response to
        the user's input. Also, the association-rule discovery engine, clustering engine and
        personalization engine provided in ONE are fully integrated with each other to perform the

      The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technoprenenur
      fund. To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

life wood!
                                                               lifewood interactive limited
                                                                                        an eCRM ASP
                                                                     ios angeles • hong kong * beijing

     whole process in eCRM. By integrating with different touch points application such as email,
     homepage, call center and etc, Lifewood intelligent eCRM solution bridges between back-
     office processes and front-office customer service.

                              Data Consolidation in Enterprise Database

                                               Data Mining
                                             - Clustering Engme
                                         *« personalization Engine
                                         - Association rule Engine

                         The architecture of ONE (One-to-one Network Environment)


      Hong Kong Office

      Mr. Benjamin Keung
      Lifewood Interactive Limited
      16th Floor, No 135 Bonham Strand East,
      Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
      Tel: (+852)25823757
      Fax: (4-852) 2815 9533
      Web Site;
      Email: benjamin®

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    fund. To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.


I. Company Profile

LinkPower Technology Co Ltd. has been providing consultation and total solutions on
business-critical information system in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Found in
Hong Kong in 1995, today its operations are helping leading companies to capture,
protect and deliver their digital assets. With the support of the Company's extensive
knowledge of the regional business practices and expertise in digital asset management,
LinkPower has developed the "DSeal" Digital Asset Management System DAMS to
enable businesses to protect, distribute and manage their digital asset with innovative
access criteria. LinkPower's business has scored major successes in different areas
such as Retail, Publishing, Government and Financial industries.

H.    Team

The Company's management team consists of experienced marketing, software
development, and technical personnel who have worked together in the past. The
Company's development team consists of researchers with advanced degrees as well as
experienced programmers and software designers who have worked at Hong Kong
Telecom, Citibank and Motorola.

Mr. Ivan Fung : Founder
Before founding LmkPOWER Technology Co., Ltd, he has been the operation manager of
Hong Kong Telecom. He has strong project and operation experience on online services to
corporate customers, like Software-On-Demand, Video Conferencing, CBT based Training-
On-Demand, integrated-email-messagmg system, Remote helpdesk function through ATM
network infrastructure to corporate customers. Mr. Fung holds his Honors degree in Computer
Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Kevin Lee : Founder
Before founding LinkPOWER Technology Co., Ltd, he has worked in LinkAGE Online Ltd
and Motorola Semiconductors Ltd. and he specialized in IP network management and 1C
design. He has over 6 years of sales & management experience in Large scale project of
LinkPower with clients including banking, retail and government industries. Mr Lee holds his
Degree of Electronics Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
 Dr. Poon Wai Leung : Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
 Before joining LinldPOWER, he has worked in Dah Sing Bank, Imperial College and Citibank.
 He holds a Doctorate in Software Engineering at Imperial College of Science, Technology and
 Medicine, University of London. He graduated with a Master degree in Knowledge-Based
  Systems from University of Sussex, England, with a Bachelor degree (1st honor) in Computer
  Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests are design
 methodologies, transaction protocols and security issues for distributed computer system.

  in. Products/Services

  LinkPower Digital Asset Management System DAMS enables content owners to seal
  content and distribute it digitally to end users with powerful and flexible pricing
  scheme and access policies in the knowledge that it always remains protected. It is a
  pervasive security technology that protects digital contents through novel authorization
  criteria. Possible criteria are designated time, multiple digital signatures, free format
  questions and so on. Actually, the technology does not limit the type of the criteria to be
  enforced thus virtually supporting any novel criteria that users may dream of.

  Owners retain the control of the protected digital assets even after the assets are distributed. The
  content of every protected asset is encrypted thus facilitating the delivery through insecure
  channels. Every time before anyone can access a protected asset, all conditions designated by
  the owner of the asset must be satisfied. Through a web-based interface, the owner can alter
  conditions thus controlling who can access an asset even if the asset in the hand of others.

  Our business partners, Commercial Press (Hong Kong) Cyberbooks Ltd., (www.CP a
  subsidiary of Commercial Press HK Ltd.) and Hong Kong Productivity Council, have adopted
  the technology to establish their eBook and eReport service respectively.

  IV. Contacts

  Contact Person : Ivan Fung, Director
  Address        : Unit 2911, Tower 1, Millennium City,
                   388 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  Tel.           : 23323373                 Fax         : 23323335
                  :    Website      ;

  The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
  learn more about SERAP, please visit www, or call (852) 27372409.
                                          Lucky Technology Ltd.

I. Company Profile

Lucky Technology Ltd. is an embedded system development company specialized in Internet
Appliances. The company develops and markets a full range of Internet Appliances, that utilize
the new built-in Web Server technology developed by the company.

The company has a simple yet compelling vision, that it should be possible, easy, and
affordable to attach anything to a network (in particular the Internet) through TCP/IP and
Internet technology.

n.     Team

Mr. Brian Leung and Mr. Jacky Hui are the two founders of the company.

Brian holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from The University of Alberta,
Canada, and a MBA degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained his
Microsoft Certified Professional certificate in 1998. He is also the winner of the Governor
Awards - Consumer Product Design in 1994, and the winner of the CMA Machinery and
Equipment Design Award in 1999.

Jacky has over eight years experience in embedded system design and computer network
design. He is also the winner of the CMA Machinery and Equipment Design Award in 1999.

III.   Products/Services

The award-winning product, iGuard system, is the first biometrics (fingerprint-based) access
control security system in the world that incorporates the embedded Web Server technology
(patent pending). It enables all computers, such as Apple Macintosh, PCs & Unix machines, to
access and configure the device simultaneously using the well-known Internet Browser
anywhere in the world.

The product uniquely combines the features of Web Server and the new fingerprint verification
technology into one complete unit. This powerful combination not only offers the most
sophisticated security features essential for small to medium-sized businesses today, but also
truly provides the user the simplicity and ease-of-use associated with the popular Web

The company has recently enhanced the product by adding contactless smart card feature to the
device. With this new feature, the user can store all the relevant user information, including the
fingerprint information, to the contactless smart card. And by bringing this card along, the user
can get authenticated by any iGuard device anywhere in the world.

And based on the same platform, the company has also developed other products to remotely
monitor the factory production processes of the manufacturers via the Internet, and to display
live pictures and mpeg movies through the Internet.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                        Lucky Technology Ltd.

IV. Contacts

Contact Person :      Brian Leung - Director
Address        :      2/F, Flat B, Wah King Industrial Mansion
                      36 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong
                      Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel.             :    (852)2325-0267
Fax              :    (852)2351-271
Email            :    brian@lucky,
Website          :    http://www,

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                            MoneyCheck International Ltd.

                                           Company Profile

MoneyCheck International Ltd. is established by a group of executives with proven experience
in the currency processing industry in 1997. The company is mainly engaged in distributing
currencies processing machines like currency counters, coin counters and banknote bundling
machines and peripherals, in both China and Overseas.

It is the company's mission to develop currencies processing equipment, in particular currency
authentication detector for third parties products worldwide.

The first product, U.S. Dollar and major currencies verifier, was launched in early 1998. The
verifier is designed and manufactured in Hong Kong with sensor for U.S. Dollar being sourced
from the United States of America.

The product is gradually receiving attention in both local and overseas markets including
Japan, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Philippines and Sweden. The sales so far
is considered to be quite encouraging taking into consideration of the keen competition and
our competitors are those reputable companies in the industry.

It is anticipated that sales for U.S. Dollar verifier will pick up quickly after the end users have
gained enough satisfactory experience of the product coupled with our increasing marketing

In addition, we have added and expanded our range of products to include Currency counters,
Tamper proof security bag, Safe deposit box, bank notes bundlers, bank notes strapping
materials and Hong Kong Dollar Verifier in 2000.

We have planned to launch specialized bank notes verifier including Euro dollar verifier,
Chinese RMB verifier, Malysian Riggit, Indonesia Rupiah, South African verifier etc. by
stages in year 2001.

It is our vision to become one of the major suppliers of low cost counterfeit bank notes
detector and verifier worldwide. Verifier here refers to a standalone product capable of
authenticating an individual currency whereas detector is a component of a verifier dedicate to
the verification of specific security feature of a bank note.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                        T 1ST OF CUSTOMERS

Country                 Customers
Hong Kong               Hong Kong Bank
                        Hang Seng Bank
                        Bank of China
                        Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd.
                        HSBC USA
                        DBS Kwong On Bank

China                   International Commercial Bank of China
                        Construction Bank of China
                        Agricultural Bank of China
                        Bank of Communications
                        Hua Xia Bank

Macau                   Banco Nacional Ultramarino
                        Bank of China

United States           Magner Corporations

Korea                   Shinhan Bank
                        Hanvit Bank

Japan                   Glory Shoji Ltd. for their bank customers

Singapore               Uromax (Singapore) Pte.
                        Felins Asia(s) Pte. Ltd.

Vietname                CSI Vietnam for their bank customers

Philippines             RSL Enterprises Inc.

Indonesia               PT Rekakarya Mardi Sarana

Thailand                Creatus Corp. Ltd.

India                   Securitas Products India (P) Ltd.

Sweden                  Pronegus AB

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit, or call (852) 27372409.
SERAP Project

Project title:        Magnetic Security Thread sensor to authenticate Magnetic
                      security thread embedded inside new RMB or Euro bank-notes.

A detector of this nature has been developed for both low and high-speed operation.
Normally, low speed detector mil be incorporated into point of sales devices and high-speed
detector to be incorporated into currency counters, deposit machines and currency sorting

Function of the detector:
The detector is very reliable in authenticating the security thread embedded in Chinese
RMB. In addition, with modification in software, the detector can also be used for
authenticating other currencies with similar security feature.

The detector is currently under evaluation by our potential users both locally and overseas.
This detector can further develop into a verifier so that both professional users like bank's
teller or retailers can use it to authenticate Chinese RMB and or other currencies if

With the experience gained from the development of aforesaid detector, we have also
successfully developed a reliable verifier for Hong Kong Dollars and a detector to
authenticate the specific ink (SID) used commonly in bank notes printing for both Hong
Kong dollar and other currencies. With SID plus the aforesaid detector will definitely
strengthen our position as bank notes authenticating components as well as verifier supplier.

Industry Analysis
Bank notes verification industry has long been dominated by a few major suppliers overseas
due to their technical know how, which in terms are developed via their experience in
automation in currency processing. These include automation in both professional markets
like banking and non-professional market like vending machine industry. This is obvious
when you look at the deposit machines, Octopus add value machines, ticketing machines etc.,
they are all foreign products. The core technology of such products is bank note
authentication to accept only genuine bank notes by the machines.

Due to relatively less competition, the cost of such machines or its bank notes acceptance
module is very high. With increasing modernization in Hong Kong, China and other
developing countries, demand for vending machines and automated currency processing
equipment is huge worldwide. Consequently, demand for various bank notes authentication
detector shall increase tremendously with the assumption that e-commerce will not totally
replace cash as a major media of business transaction at retail level.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Furthermore, due to the confidential nature of the business in terms of data collection and
analysis of security features of bank notes, it will be very difficult for new comers to enter the
industry. Thus, competition will continue to remain at a reasonable level.

Our competitive edge in the industry
(1) Information access
We are one of the very few new comers that can get access to bank notes security features
authentication due to the unique background of our management staff members in bank notes
paper manufacturing, automated currency processing and bank notes authentication.

(2) Low cost
Our capability to lower the cost of manufacturing detectors by:
(a) making our product more software driven versus the traditional hardware driven, which
    makes our product more versatile to worldwide market as it is less costly to modify
    software to fit for other currencies. Apportionment of R & D investment with expand
    market size will lower our unit cost eventually and make our product more competitive in
    terms of pricing.
(b) taking advantage of lower manufacturing cost in China drives our cost down when
    comparing with our European competitors.

(3) Established relationship and reputation
Via our management past experience in the industry, we have maintained good relationship
with major vendors in the industry. Moreover, with our success in launching the U.S. Dollar
verifier two years ago, good reputation has gained in the industry which give us better access
to both currency processing equipment manufacturers and the end users as well.

(4) Faster response to the market
With a simple corporate structure and close contact with end users in the market gives us a
much faster response in product development to meet the market demand. Our new Hong
Kong Dollar verifier is classic in this respect as it takes us only four month to complete the
design and ready to launch to the market within a month from circulation of the newly issued
HKD 1,000 bank note.

Contact information
Contact person: Sunny Wong
Title:         Director
Address:           1001,10/R, Inter-continental Plaza, 94 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui,
                   Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:               29110733
Fax:               29110820

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
            NEWS J»dP WffR                                        Power International Media Limited

 L Company Profile
"News Power International Media Limited" is an associate of "News Power Group". Our group, founded in 1992, is
recognized as one of the leading news & media monitoring, information research, content and publication subscription
agencies in Hong Kong. The company is founded by a group of dedicated professionals specializing in news research &
business operation. At News Power, we are committed to provide our customers with a variety of information
management services. Combining nearly 10-year experience in information analysis with our advanced Technology
achievement, we offer a range of services beyond traditional press cuttings in order to meet the ever-growing demands for
Internet News. In 2000, a subsidiary of News Power Group, "News Power International Media Limited", was founded to
provide Internet News monitoring, Press Release Distribution & Content Republication Licensing services - a single
solution for information retrieval, monitoring, distribution and copyright clearance.

   1.1. Philosophy

   Our mission is :     "To inform, and save clients' manpower and money"

   Our corporate values are:
   We share common goals, work together and help one another to succeed.
   We constantly improve, because what is good enough today may not be enough tomorrow.
   We do our best, and the Company recognizes our contribution and effort.
   Customer Orientation
   We give our customers the best because our existence depends on their demands for our services.
   Profit Orientation
   We need to make money to continue to grow, to reward our staff and to give our shareholders a fair share.

   1.2. Positioning
  Media Monitoring Service is a very unique industry in Hong Kong, with tones of clients but a few market players.
  Since our parent company has a large market share on traditional press cutting service, we are in the unique position to
  present our services as the market leaders. While our online news clipping, content republication licensing and press
  release distribution services will be positioned in the marketplace as high-quality and low-price alternative. We will not
  just let subscribers know that they can buy our services with confidence, and we will also create their need, so that they
  match the most important features of other competing services.

   1.3. Strategies
  Our strategies have 3 areas:
    1. New Market Development
    Internet news monitoring and Content Republication Licensing services are very popular in countries, such as the
    U.S. and U.K. In Hong Kong, it is definitely an innovation. We believe that we will have a distinctive competitive
    advantage by being the first company to aggressively develop this new market.
     2. Industry & Technology Innovation
     Our second strategy is to embrace innovative and leading-edge techniques to all aspects for running our business.
     This is because, by recognizing the market's growing demands for instant information in a paperless manner for
     strategic planning, we develop a novel & advanced technology to satisfy our customers5 unmet needs. This can be

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopretieur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                              News Power International Media Limited
          NEWS POWER

     in place of the "traditional" media monitoring & press release distribution services provided on the market by other
     competitors. What's more, the technology helps reduce our daily operational cost, and simultaneously increase our
     production capability and efficiency.
     3. Strategic Alliance
     We pursue strategic relationships with companies that promote our new services. For instances, partners in the
     fields of technology, ASP, overseas press cutting agency & online news monitoring agency, PR firm and Advertising
     company. This will give us the advantage of proliferation of our services to a broad and comprehensive level.

  Our first major asset is our highly talented and experienced management team. Each of our staff members for this
  SERAP project has over 9-year solid experience in handling information research. We believe this advantage is
  essentially and inevitably the path to success.
  Managing Director - Lily Chan, who brings expertise in project development and management;
  Sales & Marketing Director - Fanny Lam, who brings expertise in sales and marketing activities;
  Operation Manager - Harry Chan brings expertise in information analysis and marketing research;
  Finance & Administration - Joanne Lee brings expertise in finanical control and administration;
  IT Surpervisor — Beta Lam brings expertise in IT research & devlopment.
  Together, these strengths cover many major operational aspects of the business with solid experience and proven record
  of success.

III. Products/Services
3.1 Scope of Service
Servicel: Cyber Clipping Service — (Internet News Monitoring Service)
Cyber Clipping Service is the first INNOVATIVE service created in Hong Kong, it is designed for company that concerns
about their reputation over the Internet media. We search for all news information each day from over hundreds of
Newspapers, Magazines, Wire Services, Broadcast, Portal and Financial news web sites all over the world. Each
morning we will collate all the current news articles that match a client's search criteria (including name(s) of company,
product, service and staflf). We will then send the client an email with notification of headlines, source and date from |
each story - PLUS THE REDIRECT HYPERLINK. Daily News Alert Report
With a simple click of the mouse, client is redirected
to the web page where the full article is originally
published. After licensing with web site owners &
publishers, we will be able to download news and
store it in our database. Client can then preview their
online news clippings via email or our web site,
along with a copy of the specific article(s) for their
own backup or reference.

Service 2 : iPress Service - (Press Release Distribution Service)
This is the most comprehensive news distribution platform created in Hong Kong to serve both the Media and companies,
its aims to effectively and efficiently help display and distribute companies' press releases, financial reports and latest
activities to the Media. For users, they can post and distribute their press release to our system anytime, anywhere, the
unique aspect of this service is the inclusion of a private distribution list, which can be tailored by companies to target

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
          NEWS POWER                                           News Power International Media Limited

                                                                          Member login to
specific editors/ news organizations, according to their individual       post press release
preferences. For media & reports, they can gains insights in real-
time business information from the massive pool of companies
globally, they also utilize "a full text search engine" to search for
the specific article(s). Moreover, the iPress service can, 24 hours a
day, provide a systematic and categorized means of obtaining
companies/ industries' latest activities and market trends.

Services : Content Agent -
                                                                                                              Click to see the (Content Republication                                                                 full article
Licensing Service)
This service is designed for company that needs the up-to-date &
targeted content to attract their audience; or company that is interested in
distributing their news reported by other media. News Power plays a role of
content providers' agent for content buying & selling. All companies can
benefit from the speed, ease and convenience of our content redistribution
application and quotation system. By this, we build a tri-win relationships with
client and publishers: Client gains legal access and display of content, News
Power satisfy clients' needs while publishers gain a wider exposure and a value-
added service for their web site.

Service 4 : Business eNews Service (Electronic News Indexing Service)
"Electronic News Service" is designed for company that desires for monitoring industry news, market trends or
competitors' activities. News Power will provide a customized solution for companies that need the latest business news,
all information is extracted from the leading news & information web sites around the world. Our information analysts
will further select the relevant business news and then classify it into different categories. In this way, client will be
provided with a fast and economical tool for instant retrieval of selected business news topics.

Service 5 : Press Clipping service - (News Clipping Service)
Press Clipping Industry has been existing in Hong Kong for 20 years. Though it is regarded as a very traditional
business, it plays an indispensable role for informing and monitoring the reputation of nowadays business corporations.
Our parent company '*News Power Holdings Limited" is the                Press Clipping Service                   Headline
first & the only one news clipping agency in Hong Kong that
embraces an automatic & electronic format to produce news
clipping in place of a "traditional" one.     With our advanced
technology, we not only provide a high quality of text and
imaging, but also incsrease both of our production capability and
efficiency. By our continuous exploitation and improvement of
technology, we are capable of offering clients various kinds of
distribution channels, meeting their different needs.                    • Publication Name
                                                                         • Publication Date          Panel to probe claims Disney
                                                                         • Position                  site works killed a million fish

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                              News Power International Media Limited
                                                                             ~-"*""* ""•
          NEWS POWER

3.2. Service Differentiation & Value Proposition
A. Extensive coverage
All information comes from web sites throughout the world, it will be no limited to any area or any country.
B. State-of-the-art Technology
With our unique "monitoring technology", we can detect and download all information from the WWW without incurring
content providers' manpower or cost, and they do NOT need to deliver us any content concerned.
C. Accuracy
All articles, consistent with clients' search criteria, will be automatically sorted out, with a 100% guarantee of accuracy
ensured as the process is done entirely by an automated system
D. Timing
Our "auto monitoring system" can detect news from web sites around the world 24 hours a day, any "target" information
can be promptly detected within a few seconds.
E. Professional
With over 9 years experience in news analysis, our editors know exactly what customers are looking for. We select the more
useful and detailed news articles, instead of only provide a huge volume of articles to the customers.
F. Economical
We have a low cost structure. This allows us to charge low prices, while maintaining our high quality service.
G. Convenience
For customers:                                             For Publishers
A single solution for previewing news articles from Do not need to provide any information or manpower during the
over a million web sites                                   process of content delivery
A legal way to buy and retrieve "target" information Benefit from the speed, ease and convenience of content
                                                           redistribution application and quotation system
Distribute their press release & latest activity to media We will centralize & control all the usage of the news on the web
One stop content buying & selling service                  Increase the value of publishers' web sites
H. Unique & Innovation
We are unique in an industry of Internet News Monitoring Service, since there is NO such service in Hong Kong, no rivals
are found as well. It will be a huge market capacity and massive potential for expansion.
I. Widely Focused
We target our markets not just on large-scale firm, but also on any SMEs, overseas companies and publishers.

|V. About the SERAP project
We have 4 services in SERAP project. In Nov 2000, News Power obtained ITC 's project approval & financial support in
phrase one, during this time, we mainly embark on technology exploitation & media contact. In the technology
development, we successfully develop : Web site monitoring robot & Content Unifying System, Full Text Search Engine,
Content Remote Publication System, Content Classification system and Distribution System. In April 2001, we again
obtained ITC's financial support in phrase two. During Phase II, the idea or technology concerned will be turned into a
commercial service ready for the market and also system for further development.

Contact Person : Lily Chan - Managing Director / Fanny Lam - Sales & Marketing Director
Address        : Unit Al, 4/F, 81 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, KLN
Tel.           : (852) 2332 6218
Fax            : (852) 2780 3626
Email             : /;
Website           :; /

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
I.        Company Profile

Nexce! Limited, the pioneer regional Internet based travel services solution
provider in Asia with clients across Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, USA, "
Canada and China. Together with the state-of-the-art technology and travel
expert, Nexcel helps travel agencies and travel products suppliers distribute
products via IP based platform and make it more efficient and advocate
transaction cross regions.

II.      Team
Mr Daniel Cheung, CMC of Nexcel, is also a graduated from University of
North Carolina at Charlotte. With over 11 years of travel industry experience,
Daniel possesses extensive knowledge on the entire travel business
environment. His last 4 years prior joining Nexcel was with Abacus, the largest
travel Global Distribution System in Asia.
Mr Hanford Chan, Technical Director, is a Master of Information Engineering in
Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hanford possesses both high calibers of
technical skill sets as well as business mentality and vast expertise in travel
system integration.
Mr Thomas Kwok, Senior Project Manager, is also a Master of Information
Engineering in Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr Kwok has strong
background in computer networks and various database systems. His
expertise includes UNIX, PC, JAVA and XML He is also an expert in network
management techniques.
Mr Patrick Yee, System Architect, is also a Master of Information Engineering.
He has extensive computer network skill sets and is strong on software product
development and JAVA, XML language.
Mr Kenneth Wong, Project Manager, graduated from the Chinese University of
Hong Kong with degrees in Information Engineering and Information and
Technology Management. He has worked for Reuters and Federal Express
and has extensive network and development experience. He is an expert in
Voice technology.
Mr Steve Yung, Senior Executive Sales & Marketing. Steve Yung brings over 12
years sales and marketing experience in the travel industry. He has held
senior positions in various industries' key players including Utell International,
Regal Airport Hotel and Qantas Holiday. His working experience in Shanghai
travel trade will surely contribute to the Company's future expansion in China.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
III.     Products/Services

Nexcel has developed one-of-its-kind NETT FARE system that enables online
Internet booking, integration with any worldwide GDSs, independent airfare
search engine and integration with any automation system in particular, back
office system and reporting system.

Together with other Point-Of-Sales products, Nexcel will facilitate any travel
company to access their internal reservation system or any GDSs, or any
travel products suppliers via internet for round the clock transaction. We
have already connected with suppliers such as travel insurance and calling
card service providers that will help generate more revenue. More travel
related products are on our development list to ensure each travel agent /
supplier will optimize yield per travel transaction.

Through one working panel and auto data exchange, travel agent may now
transact flight reservation, hotel, travel insurance, calling card and duty free
etc with real time confirmation.

The best of all, via IP based, all transactions will extend beyond geographic
and temporal limitation.

IV.     About the SERAP Project

In addition to our NETT FARE System, the next coming up project that we have
and funded by SERAP is our NETT HOTEL System. Nexcel is now working on the
Nett Hotel Reservation System that will facilitate hotel room suppliers /
wholesalers and sub-agencies to cross trade their hotel room with the least
cost via IP. Hotel room cost is the second largest expenditures per each
traveler and definitely is crucial income source for travel agent. Thus, we
hope to build one nett hotel platform to facilitate cross regions hotel rooms

V.       Contacts

Contact Person        : Mr. Daniel Cheung
Title : Chief Marketing Officer
Address: 3309, China Merchants Tower, Shun Tak Centre, Central, Hong Kong

Tel. :(852)2110-4321

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund.
To learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
    I.      Company Profile

    Pedorthic Technology Ltd is the first Hong Kong foot orthotic laboratory to develop ~
    and operate its own CAD/CAM system for central fabrication of prescription custom -
    foot orthoses (corrective insoles to be inserted in footwear).

    The company is involved in the entire process leading to the production of a pair of
    finished prescription foot orthoses. We provide foot examination, casting, laser
    scanning, design, fabrication and fitting of custom made foot orthoses to treat
    conditions such as shin splint, heel pain and patellar pain, which are secondary to
    abnormal foot biomechanics.

    Established in June 1997 in Central, our company has set up branches in Jordan,
    Causeway Bay and Wanchai. The orders generated in the current four centers are
    channeled to the central fabrication laboratory located in Kwai Hing.

    Pedorthic Technology Ltd was winner of HKSME New SME Silver Award 2000.
    Recently, the company was accredited by the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratories
    Association in U.S.A., certifying that the foot orthoses we manufacture meet the
    benchmark laid down by the Association.

    II.      Team

    Executive Director:
    Ms Elaine Yin Ling Ng, BSc (University of Hong Kong, H.K.), MSc (University of
    York, U.K.), Certified Pedorthist (Board of Certified Pedorthists, U.S.A.), runs the
    company and leads the current projects.

    Dr S.Y. Ng, Doctor of Chiropractic (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, U.K.),
    MAppSc (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia),
    formulates the directions of the Company and acts as the clinical advisor of the
    current projects.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP please visit or call (852) 27372409.
    III.     Products / Services
   Pedorthic Technology provides services of foot examination for clients including
   patients referred by doctors. For clients with foot, knee and back problems that are
    related to abnormal foot biomechanics, a pair of foot orthoses (corrective insoles to be
    inserted in footwear) are designed and fabricated to treat the clients' symptoms or to
    prevent abnormal stresses in the joints above the foot.

    Since established in June 1997, Pedorthic Technology Ltd has developed, in co-
    operation of Hong Kong Productivity Council, its own foot orthotic CAD/CAM
    system and a special foot laser scanner that won the merit of Hong Kong Industrial
    Award in 1999. The Prosthetic and Orthotic Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic
    University purchased one system from us in the year 2000 as a teaching and research

    Central fabrication of foot orthoses is the main business model of the company. In
    order to achieve the target, building up network of pedorthic centers and export of
    foot scanners are our key marketing strategies.

    IV.      About the SERAP project

    Pedorthic Technology Ltd has greatly appreciated the support from the Innovation
    Technology Fund Committee to further upgrade its CAD/CAM system for export
    market. Backed up by the new complete CAD/CAM system, our company aims at
    setting up more pedorthic services in various areas.

    V.       Contacts
             Contact               rElaine Ng
             Address                :Rm 505, 5/F, Capitol Centre, 5-9 Jardine's Bazaar,
                                   Csauseway Bay, Hong Kong
             Tel.                  :(852) 2332 9375
             Fax                   :(852) 2332 9752

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
A member of
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Foculty Entrepreneurship Program

Establishment of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
(SNP) Database for Chinese

Rm. 3633, Annex Building, HKUST, Clear Water Bay.

Tel: (852) 2335-0848
Fax: (852) 2335-0686
                                                       Contact Person:
                                                       Keith M. KEI, Project Manager


PharmacoGenetics Limited (PGL) is a Hong Kong - China based
biotechnological company in the emerging field of genomics-based

Taking advantage of its unique geographical position, PGL targets at the
population of Chinese ethnic groups in the mainland and overseas. This is
especially advantageous in view of the strategic alliances and partnership
network that are rapidly building up in the region.

The company aims at the growing market of individualized medicine,
which is expected to be the future trend of medicine, and provides
high-tech products and services for applications particularly in
pharmarcogenomics and toxicogenomics. These include high-
throughput SNPs detection, associations of SNPs with complex diseases,
and differential with drug responses.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                   i:::;:::;.'.-;;;;.- 3CTLtmtf^j
Pharmacogenetics is the study of genetic variation underlying
differential response of patients to drugs, and pharmacogenomics
applies the large-scale systematic approaches of genomics to speed
up the discovery of drug response markers acting at the level of drug
target, drug metabolism, or disease pathways. Pharmacogenetics
establish correlations between the status of a chromosomal region and a
disease or drug response trait in different individuals of a population, which in
turn will provide valuable guides for discovering the genetic basis of even
complex diseases, and for the design of individualized and optimized drug
therapies for patients.

Our Project

Our goal is to establish DMA databases associating SNPs with diseases as well
as drug responses. From these databases PGL will identify disease-genes and
drug-response associated genes. These genes represent our knowledge-
based products and also form the basis for the production of novel
diagnostics and efficacious therapeutics. These proprietary diagnostic and
therapeutic products will provide a main source of earnings for the growth of

                   .Normal subjects and Patients yvith kiiown diseases

                                    ^Blq'od sampie;coljection

                                ^hFi^lifipation of specific DMA-segments,

                                      ;,; DNAsequencing                 y

                      Identification of:SNPs,associated with diseases

                       Novel diagnostics and- efficacious-therapeutics

The flow chart of PGL's development of novel diagnostics and efficacious therapeutic products

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)

A single nucleotide polymorphism, also known as "SNP" (snip), is a common
alteration that occurs in a single nucleotide in a stretch of DMA. SNPs are
thought to be old and stable mutations, and therefore more reliable for large
studies than so-called microsatellite markers or "stutter" repeats, which can
alter significantly over a few generations. Since SNPs are widely and evenly
distributed throughout the genome, it should be possible to find one SNP per
1000 bases. Some human SNPs may be involved in a disease process.

              :.£9K Chromas - exon5 O5.g1.abi

                        T       G       C        A       C    A        A       C       T   T       T       c           c   a       a

                            G       C       ft       C   ft       ft       T       T   T   T   C       C       f       t   f   t   T

                    T   G       C       f    t   C       A    A        C               T   T   C   C       f       t   f   i   l   T

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Our Competitive Edges

Research Achlevemenf

The striking advantage of being able to work on Chinese genes is illustrated by
the announcement of Prof. Lin HE and Prof. Hong XUE, two of PGL's founding
scientists, on two important genomic discoveries on the involvement of the
serotonin transporter protein in mental diseases, and on a novel genetic
defect in tooth formation:

    •    Tentative association between the serotonin transporter with
         schizophrenia and unipolar depression but not with bipolar disorder in
         Han Chinese" Pharmacogenef/cs Vol 9 no.4 pp.491-495

    • "Congenital Absence of Permanent Teeth in a Six-Generation Chinese
      Kindred" American Journal of Medico! Genetics Vol 90 no. 3 pp.193-198

Unique Position

Because many of the SNPs to be found in China are expected to be different
from SNPs found elsewhere, the Chinese SNPs will be complementary to the
SNPs elsewhere consequently. The pooling together of which will lead to
valuable pharmacogenomic and disease-gene relationships.

Accordingly, by establishing a valuable position in the field of Chinese SNP,
PGL will be able to grow rapidly, and collaborate with China and international
consortiums on the collection and analysis of SNPs from China. The leading
position of PGL scientists in HKUST and key research and treatment centers in
China in the area of brain protein genes, and bioinformatics will greatly
facilitate progress in this task.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                jj;ftoqresslvft Technology

I.    Company Profile

     PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY was formed in 1996 by a group of highly motivated
     IT development professionals with in-depth experience of developing and managing IT
     development projects in Hong Kong. The Company was founded in the firm belief that
     there is a high demand for committed IT professionals who are capable of implementing
     computer projects successfully.

     Our mission is to create a win-win situation with our customers by implementing high
     quality systems on time, within budget and with total user acceptance.

     Our Company Philosophy is to deliver what we have promised and to provide total quality
     in our computer services. We also believe "Staff Care" is the major factor of our success.

H.    Team

      Mr. Wai Kuen Lai is the CEO and Project Director of Progressive Technology. He has
      over 20 years of system development experience. His in depth experience in using
      different types of development methodology has given him the strong background in
      developing successful state-of-the-art systems.

      Ms. Annie Wong is the Sales and Marketing Director who is responsible for sales and
      marketing as well as finance and administration. She is a Certified General Accountant of
      Canada and has over 18 years of sales and financial experience.

      Our development team has both user and technical experience in provident fund and
      insurance sector. In addition, the whole development team has extensive expenence in
      developing large business systems that involve 200+ on-line users and with large data
      transaction volume. We are good at working with the users and suggesting the best
      operating procedures to handle large transaction volumes such as Mandatory Provident
      Fund operations.

HI. Products/Services

A.    JMPF-Pro (MPF Administration System for Trustee)
     MPF-Pro is the only locally made Provident Fund Administration System available m
     Hong Kong. MPF-Pro covers 60% of the MPF market for trustees using package solution.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                   ressfve Tficfcnolog^

     It is the only system that handles both Master Trust and Industry Scheme administration in
     Hong Kong. MPF-Pro customers include the following:

     1. BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited
     2. Bank Consortium Holdings Limited (which includes 10 local banks - Asia
          Commercial Bank, Chekiang First Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Liu Chong King Bank,
          Shanghai Commercial Bank, Wing Hang Bank, Wing Lung Bank, First Pacific Bank,
          International Bank of Asia and ICBC Asia Bank)
     3. Bank of East Asia Limited
     4. Pacific Century Insurance Co.
     5. Bank of Communications Limited
     6. Dao Heng Bank with Bank of Bermuda (Far East) Limited as their Third Party
     7. MassMutual Life Insurance Company

B.    MPF Pay Easy (Payroll System for small and medium enterprise - SME)

     This is a MPF Payroll system for SMEs in Hong Kong. This product is being sold to
     trustees and allowing them to distribute it to their MPF clients. Our customers have
      distributed over 25,000 copies of our software to their MPF clients, they are;

      1. Bank Consortium Holdings Limited
      2. BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited
      3. Dao Heng Bank Limited
      4. DBS Kwong On Bank Limited
      5. Pacific Century Insurance
      6. Polaris Asset Management Limited
      7. Bank of Communications Limited
      8. Manulife (International) Limited
      9. Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited

C.    MPF Payadol (Payroll System for small to medium enterprise -SME)

      This product is same as MPF Pay Easy but being sold in the Retail Market

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

D.    IS. Payadol (Payroll System for Industry Scheme)

      IS.Payadol is a MPF payroll system tailor-made for Industry Scheme (IS) casual
      employees. The system has full casual employee payroll and contribution calculation
      function, generating contribution receipts and providing direct interface to your IS
      Trustee's Provident Fund Administration System - MPF-Pro. It can also handle annual
      taxation and regulation 418 reporting. Over 90% of the 5-stars hotels in Hong Kong are
      using our IS.Payadol to process payroll and contribution for causal employees.

E.    MPF Adapter (Payroll interfacing System for large companies)

      This is a MPF contribution calculator. The customers can continue to use their existing
      payroll system, download the relevant income to the Adapter, calculate the MPF
      contribution and upload the contribution back to the payroll system. Our MPF Adapter is
      widely used by a large number of commercial corporations in Hong Kong with company
      size range from 100 - 3,000 employees. Examples of these corporations include Hong
      Kong Institute of Education, Ocean Park and Crocodile Garment, Carlsberg Brewery,
      Bangkok Bank, Luk Fook Group and Hop Sing Loong.

F.    SIRS-Pro

An Integrated Retail Management System developed for the Sincere Company Ltd.
Functionality of the system includes Point of Sales, inventory management, shipment tracking,
warehousing, stock take, purchase order processing, goods receiving, stock transfer, sales
analysis, goods delivery, inventory discount and interfacing to Accounts Payable and General
Ledger system. This system has been successfully live run in 1998.

Our mam marketing strategy is to build up our expertise in the industry and to provide a total
solution to our customers.

Our ability to gather the strength of different MPF trustees (7 MPF trustees out of a total of 20
trustees in Hong Kong) by forming a "MPF-Pro" User Group is a major factor of our success.

The User Group has gone through the MPF Ordinance in great detail and translated the
ordinance into system requirements. Progressive has also developed our knowledge and
expertise throughout this process.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
In our marketing for our MPF products, we understand that apart from computerizing the MPF
administration, employers in Hong Kong also require a lot of help to make MPF contributions
timely and accurately. To make the whole MPF implementation successful, Progressive has
also developed a series of MPF payroll software including "Pay Easy" for SME and "MPF
Adapter" for large institutions. Our commitment in system upgrade for regulation changes and
strong after sales support provides comfort to our trustees who distribute this free payroll
system to the MPF clients.

The potential market for provident fund is very significant in Asia Pacific, with our successful
implementation experience in MPF, we strongly believe MPF-Pro will be the best business
solution for provident fund administration in the region.
After sales support services

The availability of local support is one of the major reasons that our trustees have selected to
use MPF-Pro. Progressive does not only provide regular support service, we are determined to
offer first class after sales services to our customers. During the first six months after the
commencement of MPF, we offer a 24-hour extended services to our MPF-Pro users.

As for the end users of our payroll solutions, we also align with Tradelink to provide a strong
hot line support service in handling any query on the functionality of the system. Tradelink has
a call center with over 80 hot line support staff that provides value-added services that the
employers can rely on.

IV. About the SERAP project

      Progressive Technology Limited has chosen Mandatory Medical as our SERAP
      development project as we are very experienced in studying government ordinance and
      translating them into system requirements and developing systems for the users. As
      Mandatory Medical also handles contributions from the employer/employee, we will also
      enhance our existing provident fund system to handle the medical contribution. An
      integrated provident fund and medical contribution system will certainly reduce the
      workload of the employer and the insurance company. The target buyers are the insurance
      companies and banks and they are the same for the MPF market.

V.    Contacts
      Contact Person:         Annie Ah Yee Wong (Sales and Marketing Director)
      Address         :       Room 16, 6/F, Tower B, Southmark, 11 Yip King Street
                              Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
      Tel.              :     28703083
      Fax               :     28710817
      Email             :
      Website           :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                     , rad ioasMs - cf»«

                                         Radlca Systems Limited

    1)        Company Profile

    Radica Systems Limited is one of the leading technology companies
    emerged from HKUST headquartered in Hong Kong. We are focusing on
    developing recommendation technology with artificial intelligence, which brings
    accurate and 1-to-l targeted recommendations best fit for individual user's
    tastes and preferences. Radica has the full range of electronic customer
    relationship management (eCRM) products to: 1) Keep track buying behavior;
    2) Analyze; and 3) Provide specific recommendations to satisfy individuals'
    needs. Meanwhile, Radica also locate considerable resources on developing
    such technology on wireless platform.

    H)        Team

              a. Francis Kwok - Founder and CEO
              Francis is in charge of strategic planning, business development and
              investor relations of the company. He also ensures that all "Radicans"
              work in concert as the company continues to grow. He graduated from
              the HKUST majoring in Physics.

              b. Tobby To - Founder and CTO
              Tobby leads the technical team in research and development, strives for
              continuous improvement on Radica's products and services. He is a
              postgraduate in the HKUST majoring in Computer Science.

              c. Irene Cheung - Founder and CMO
              Irene heads the marketing and corporate communications team for
              Radica. She started Radica with vast experience in corporate marketing
              and communications and media relations. She graduated from the
              HKUST majoring in Marketing.

    IE)       Poduct/Services

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                               yy . rao ioasys , con

                                       Radica Systems Limited

    IV)      Product/Services (con't)

   There are two products: Obert 1.2 and Radica Finger.

   Obert 1,2 is the world's first multi-strategy e-Sales system with the use of
   unique artificial intelligence technology, It generates recommendations based
   on automated collaborative filtering (ACF) technology and multi-strategy
   algorithm. It can be integrated with different databases and perform on
   different platform. Users can enjoy the recommendations on the web or via
   wireless devices.

   Radica Finger is a platform that allows the wireless device users to prioritize
   and personalize the content displayed on the screen of wireless devices by
   using the core engine of Obert. With Obert incorporated into this platform,
   users can prioritize their preferences on mobile applications, various contents,
   personal information and advertising messages being presented in the small
   screen. To the application developers, Radica Finger is a platform that allows
   them to develop applications with different prioritization/personalization
   capabilities in various mobile devices.

    V)    About the SERAP project
    We aim to achieve the following 2 goals in our SERAP project:
       i) Deliver the best-in-class mobile prioritization platform for mobile
       Internet industry;
       ii) Define the Worldwide standard on content presentation and applications
       management on mobile devices.

    VI)      Contacts

    Contact Person: Irene Cheung, Marketing Manager
    Address: 3/F Annex, HKUST, Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong
    Tel: 852-2866 1106
    Fax: 852-2358 4931
    Email: irene.cheung®

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                             RSM Technologies Limited
 I. The Company

   RSM Technologies Limited was founded as a technology company in November 2000 in the
Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, headed by Prof. Ping Sheng. The team consists
of professionals from the field of Physics, Civil Engineering and business. The company is
currently focused on the development of a low cost and effective sonic material for sound
insulation at low frequencies for commercial, residential, and industrial applications, including
sound shield in highways, subways, noise insulation in engines, and soundproof walls or

n.      Products

  Nowadays, social and economic development in metropolitan areas are creating ever
increasing sources of noise and higher noise levels. Such environmental noise are not just an
nuisance, but prolonged exposure in a noisy environment may lead to health problems such as
impaired hearing, anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms. Therefore, effective and affordable
noise control is essential in a functional and enjoyable living and working environment.

Disadvantages of conventional soundproofing materials

     Conventional soundproofing materials can be roughly divided into 2 major types:

*     Absorptive type materials, such as fiber insulation or acoustic foam. These materials are
      mostly effective at frequencies above 500Hz. At lower frequencies, however, noise
      attenuation becomes significantly less effective.

•     Earner type materials, such as gypsum boards or lead sheets. These materials typically
      reflect sound making use of strong impedance mismatch. Sound attenuation of these
      materials relies on the "mass-density law" which say that a sound insulating layer has to be
      10 times thicker at lOOHz than at lOOOHz in order to achieve the same level of attenuation.
      This makes these conventional materials too thick and heavy and thus not practicable in
      many applications.

   As a general rule, it is easy to attenuate high frequency noise while it is difficult to shield low
frequency noises (noise frequency under SOOHz) by using the above conventional materials.

         50 T



                                     o Gypsurm-foam

         Transmission loss comparison of                            Absorption measurement of
         RSM material with conventional                             several RSM materials

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                           RSM Technologies Limited

The breakthrough: RSM material

  RSM has developed an advanced composite material based on the concept of sonic
resonance, which is particularly effective in blocking low frequency sound. The new sonic
material has the following advantages:

•   It breaks the "mass-density law". As a result, our new composite material can achieve
    superior low frequency attenuation while using thin, light-weight, and low cost constituents.
    Our end products are therefore much less bulky than currently available materials.

•   It can be designed to target one or a particular set of frequencies where attenuation is most
    crucial (e.g., diesel engines, lawnmowers, etc. where noise is peaked at about 200Hz).

•   The components of the new material are readily available and economical. It is also easy to
    integrate the composites with current commercial building materials.


    Several direct applications of the materials including commercial, residential, and
industrial applications are listed as follow:

•   Interior partitions for soundproofing used in both residential and commercial buildings for
    blocking noise from the outside or neighboring rooms.

•   Noise enclosure of noise-emitting machinery such as lawnmowers, milling machines, air-
    conditioning units and power generators.

•   Noise insulation panel of commercial establishments such as bars and disco that blast loud

•   Noise barriers for traffic noises, e.g. highways, railways, and airports etc.

m. SERAP project

  The phase-I of the SERAP project aims at the fabrication of prototypes with soundproofing
capability superior to commercially available materials at low frequencies.

IV. Contacts

Contact Person : Mr. Paul Siu
Tel.          : (852) 2358 7512/ (852) 2358 7519
Fax            : (852) 2358 1652
Email         "•, phsheng(S)

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
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                    Electronic Limited                                           Microelectronics Desip Center
 Unit 606, Harbour Centre, Tower 2, 8 Hok Cheung St., Hunghom, Hong Kong.   Tel: +852 2326 7383   Fax : +852 2687 3499

L Company Profile

 Saning is a privately-held Hong Kong corporation founded in late 1993 by a team of 1C
specialists with over twenty years of experience in semiconductor business at Silicon Valley
of the United States. Saning located in Hong Kong as the headquarters with offices in
Shenzhen of China and San Jose of the United States. We provide consulting and design
services for the 1C development specializing in custom, analog and memory technology. We
also helps customers to create ASIC design.

II.    Team

Sam Hon
Chief Executive Officer
- BBA, University of Hawaii, USA
- 24 years of management experience in financial and electronic manufacturing business in
- CEO, Granda Group of Companies; Co-founder/Executive VP, Nam Tai Group of

Phil Siu
- MSEE, San Jose State University, USA
- VP of Engineering, Paradigm Technology; VP of Engineering and Business Development,
  ESS Technology; Director, VLSI Technology.
- 26 years experience and knowledge in full custom, ROM, SRAM, EPROM, voice and
  mixed mode products as well as technology development.

Emil Jeong
 Director of Engineering (US)
- MSEE, University of Southern California, USA
- Director of Design Engineering, Motorola Semiconductor (HK); VP of Engineering, Pico
  Design Inc/Motorola
- 36 years experience in full custom 1C design, MPU, DSP and mixed signal product

MK Leung
Director of Design Engineering
- BSc., University of Hong Kong
- Senior SQE, Maxtor; Senior Design Engineer, RCL Semiconductor Ltd.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
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                                                                                 Microelectronics Design Center
Unit 606, Harbour Centre, Tower 2, 8 Hok Cheung St., Hunghom, Hong Kong.   Tel: +852 2326 7383 Fax : +852 2687 3499

13 years experience in full custom 1C design, ROM, high speed/low power SRAM, mixed
mode products.

in. Products/Services

Saning design center provides design, layout and tape-out functions with products fabed at
USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, We familiar with mask vendors such as TMC and DuPont.
Saning completed over 50 projects for many public semiconductor companies and successful
start-up's in the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Saning's R&D team has experience in
state-of-the-art design :
      High speed SRAM family, technology 0.6um - 0.35um
      Ultra low power SRAM family, technology O.Sum - 0.15um
      ROM family, technology 0.6um - 0.35um
      I/O cell library in 0.13um technology

Other design experience includes :
      Analog power management ICs, technology 6um - 0.6um
      MPU and DSP, technology 0.6um and O.Sum.

IV, Contacts

Contact Person : MK Leung, Director of Design Engineering

Address            : Unit 606, 6/R, Harbour Centre, Tower 2, 8 Hok Cheung St., HungHom,
                   Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel.              : 2326 7383
Fax               : 2687 3499
Email               : MKLEUNG@SAMNG.COM
Website           : SAMNG.COM

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learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                  SinoCDN Limited
SinoCDN develops next-generation Internet infrastructure software technologies for digital
content upon its proprietary intelligent content routing protocol and gateway architecture.
These technologies are applicable to a wide array of infrastructure related areas, including
content delivery and streaming solution for better performance, reliability and quality of
media broadcasting and distribution, as well as content and network management, which are
NOT enabled by existing Internet technologies.

Company Background & Management Team
SinoCDN is a spin-off from Broadband Network Laboratory of the Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology (HKUST) and has been founded by Dr. Danny Tsang and James She.
Profiles of them are given below.

Dr. Danny H K Tsang
Chief Scientist and Founder
Dr. Tsang has been the principal architect in the CTO office of Sycamore Networks, a listed
US high-tech, company on Optical Networking. He is also an honored consultant of
Sycamore. Dr. Tsang is famous for the forefront of research in multimedia and broadband
network technologies.

James P M She
CEO and Founder
James is the founder of SinoCDN and the inventor of the company's patent-pending
technologies on Content Networking. He is also an engineering PhD student in HKUST.

SinoCDN offers different solutions developed from its intelligent content networking
technologies. With SinoCDN's technologies, Telecom, Internet Service Provider, Data Center,
Content Provider, Streaming Service Provider, CDN Service Provider and Enterprise can
build an intelligent, flexible, scalable, manageable, reliable and cost-effective internet
infrastructure which enables high-quality streaming applications and various innovative
business opportunities development.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                SinoCDN Limited
Intelligent Streaming Gateway™ (ISO) provides an efficient multimedia streaming solution
delivering the powerful capabilities and features required by today's advanced networks. It
enables the network to stream high-quality live and on-demand multimedia content efficiently
by its robust content searching architecture. Its unique intelligent content-aware routing which
facilitates dynamic content distribution and advanced automatic switch over feature is the
leading technology of its type in the industry. With ISO network, content continuity and
network accessibility are guaranteed.

MediaDNS™ provides an intelligent and efficient solution to direct end users to the nearest
and best performing edge appliance. Its scalable and robust architecture is an ideal solution
for large-scale infrastructure. Both global and local load-balancing and full fault-tolerance
features are achieved by its intelligent load-sharing policy. MediaDNS™ can integrate with
third parties' appliance servers dynamically, enabling the intelligent content delivery network
to deliver content to end users with the best performance and fastest response.

CDN Manager™ is a centralized web-based management software for real-time monitoring,
managing and configuring of CDNs. It provides dynamic configuration and provisioning of
network infrastructure. Its comprehensive content and network logging system simplifies all
billing and business development processes. The next-generation network can be managed by
just several point-and-click interface as a whole.

Contact Person:
Hong Kong Office                                     US Office
Brandy W. Y Kwan                                     Shirley W. C. Luk Tsang
Executive Officer (Public Relations)                 Public Relations (Overseas)
Telephone: (852) 23581024                            Telephone: (1) 978 2644039
Entrepeneurship Center
3/F Annex Building HKUST
Clear Water Bay Kowloon
Hong Kong

 The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
 learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                        S I N 0 S K Y
                                        T E C H N O L O G Y
                                        Development Limited

Who We Are
Established in early 2000, SinoSky Technology is a wireless infrastructure and software application
developer. It is a pioneer in the development of Wireless Interactive Streaming Technology (WIST) and
SkyStream, the first commercially launched Internet-based integrated streaming quotation and stock
trading application on the PDA platform.

Our Market Opportunity
With the rapid development of 2.5G/ 3G, Blue tooth technology and new wireless handheld devices,
wireless data communication will be a major growth area in the coming decade. By 2004, over 1.5
billion wireless phones/ handheld device users will be in use globally, and only half as many is expected
to use the Web using PC connection. Thus, wireless Internet access has the potential to outpace the wired
Internet. While Web users tend to spend much time browsing, wireless web users will be on-line to
capture real time and event driven information, communicate inter-actively with their vendors as well as
making transactions.

For the majority of Asian markets, on-line stock trading and banking has just accelerated into its growth
phase. IDC predicts that 40% of trades in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan markets will be done on-
line by 2004, which currently stands at less than 5%. This growth in financial e-commerce combined
with high mobile devices penetration in these markets will lead to significant demand for complete
wireless solution for the financial services industry.

Our Vision
We believe the wireless platform is an inevitable addition to the existing contact points and delivery
channels used by stockbrokers and banks for their employees as well as customers. Wireless
connectivity will be considered an ordinary channel as wired telephone and fax services are today.
SinoSky will positions itself as a leading provider of wireless infrastructure and application provider for
the financial services industry powering leading players as well as network carriers a complete wireless
web solution.

Our Business Model
SinoSky primarily licenses its technology and application software to enterprises but also provides an
ASP model for enterprises who prefer not to host the infrastructure. Consultation, customization and
maintenance services are also provided.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
The flexibility of WIST middleware allows our technology team to develop new front-end solutions
tailored to customers' needs as well as adding new Business Logics to create new products. While our
first commercially launched SkyStream Killer Application is designed specifically for individual
investors, mobile sales solutions will also be available to mobile sales force of banks, unit trust
companies and insurance companies.

Our People
SinoSky's Management team has extensive experience in the financial services industry and our
technology team has strong background and expertise in financial related technology, multi-operating
systems, SQL database and Object Oriented programming. Our understanding of both the business and
technology requirements of the financial services industry best enable us to deliver powerful, easily
deployed and user-friendly software applications, particularly to this sector.

Our Technology - Wireless Interactive Streaming Technology
Mobile devices have very limited computing power compare to their desktop counterparts. On top of
that, the narrow bandwidth available at the moment and the unpopular WAP experience clearly
demonstrate users' intolerance to slow and inefficient performances. Our immediate challenge is
therefore, to build applications that can match performances to those for desktop computers. To tackle
this problem, we decided to adopt Multi-Tier Architecture (MTA) so as to minimize the workload on
mobile devices.

MTA provides the fastest time to market for distributed applications through the seamless integration of
front-end thin-clients and middleware technology. Its server-based business logic and database
connectivity make applications responsive to changing business needs while its advanced, thin-client
database architecture delivers powerful distributed applications.

For these reasons, we have chosen MTA to be the backbone for developing our middleware oriented
'Wireless Interactive Streaming Technology' which enables enterprises to utilize 2G/2.5G and 3G to
deliver real time streaming and interactive data to their customers and employees on all mobile

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Our Products - 'SkyStream' Applications
We have commercially launched the first of our series of Killer Applications SkyStream with leading
Hong Kong stockbroker, KGI in June 2001 followed by Dao Heng Securities in July. The launches have
been a success and have attracted much press and industry attention.

With SkyStream, stockbrokers can enable their clients using PDAs to receive streaming stock market data
and trade anytime, anywhere through a secure platform with SSL 128 bit encryption. The brokers can
adopt their existing wire-line Internet infrastructures and trading engines and do not have to invest in a
new set of mobile technology infrastructure; customization and interface can be completed within 4
weeks. As and when a broker desires, users may receive streaming data of other global markets and trade
other financial instruments including funds, options, warrants, FX, etc.

In addition, our SkyStream servers can be integrated into the broker/bank's own data banks to provide
more customized services such as real time alerts, portfolio management, margin control and interactive
message broadcasting including multi-media information. SkyStream is an Internet based application and
the technology supports multiple operating systems adopted by Pocket PCs, PDAs and PDA Phone

In Q4 of 2001, we will be bringing out other SkyStream based platforms for Foreign Exchange and
Equity Derivatives products such as options and warrants.

                            Sky Stream - How it

'SkyStream' main features include:
        Patent pending Single Log-On Technology
        Real-time streaming data: server push technology - automatic updates whenever there is a
        change in prices
        Access to Global Markets
        Stocks, Futures, Options, Warrants, FX, Unit Trust and other instruments
        User defined watch list
        Auto transfer of real time stock data onto trading page to eliminate key-in process
        Enlarge or reduce embedded browser

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Stock code description                                                                                   Binocular icon to enlarge/shrink
                                                                                                         the embedded browser
Heart beat to indicate real
time streaming                                                                                           Embedded browser to place
                                                                                                         orders or display charts/news
Lock icon to indicate whether                                                                            or any web pages.
the embedded browser is a
http or https connection
                                                                                                         Softkey buttons that can be
                                                                                                         assigned for various functions
Button to start the streaming
                                                                                                         (e.g. Buy/Sell, News and Charts)
of the chosen stock code

         Our Partners
          WIST, SinoSky's pioneer technology, has won significant industry recognition since the beginning of
         2001. Within months from its introduction, SinoSky has established partnerships and alliances with
         industry leaders:
         Compan                                                              Partnership
                                            Bridge Information System        Wireless Solution Partner of eBridge

           coiwma                           Compaq
                                                                             Teaming Partner of Compaq
                                                                             Preferred Partner of Palm

                 Hutchison                  Hutchison Telecom                Wireless Solution Partner of Hutchison
                 Telecom                                                     Telecom
                                            CSL                              Technology Partner of HK CSL
                                            SmartTone                        Technology Partner of SmartTone

                                            KGI Securities Hong Kong         Commercially launched in June 2001
                                            DaoHeng Securities Ltd.          Commercially launched in July 2001
                 DaoHengSecurities Ltd.

          New partnerships in discussion/ recently finalized include:
          Hong Kong                                  SQuthKorea                            Singapore
          Nokia (HK) Ltd                             IBM Korea                             SingTel
          IBM China/HK Ltd                           Kolon Data Communication
          PacRim Technologies Ltd
          Diversinet Corp.

          Contact Information

          Contact Person       :          Mr. Andrew Au, Managing Director
          Address                         10/FBaskerville House
                                          13 Duddell Street, Central, HK

          Tel.                            2525-5328
          Fax                             2121-8527
          Email                           info@sinoskytech. com
          Website                         www. sinoskytech. com

          The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
          learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                            Suntek Computer Systems Limited
                            Rm 1204-1205, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
                            Phone: (852) 2784-7415
                            Fax: (852) 2784-7413

 I.        Company Profile

 Suntek Computer Systems Limited, based in Hong Kong, is a software company specializing in search and
content-management systems for Asian languages, especially Chinese. Suntek develops and entirely owns the
source code of its search engines, which enables the company to provide high-quality, fast turnaround support for
and customization of its products.

Since its products were launched in the second quarter of 1999, Suntek has secured several major customers,
including The Hong Kong Police Force, The Hong Kong Government Information Center, Independent
Commission Against Corruption (ICAQ, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFQ, TVS. COM, The
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, and
Hong Kong Institute of Education.

II.       The Team

1) The founder, Karen Lee, has many years of management and R&D experience.
2) The Chief Consultant, Dr. Dik Lee, has many years of research experience in Internet and search technologies,
3) The Sales and Marketing Director, Arthur Cheung, is a veteran in sales, marketing and corporate management
      in the IT industry.
4) The Sales and Marketing Representative, Y.K. Li, has many years of sales experience in software products.
5) The software team, led by Felix Cheung and Steve Lin, has many years of experience in search technologies
      and Java software development.

HI.       Technology

Suntek search engines were developed with the latest Java and Internet technologies. As a result, they can run on
any platform, such as UNIX, Linux, NT, and Windows 2000. Suntek search engines are designed to handle a high
volume of search, insertion, and update requests, which are mandatory in Internet and enterprise information
portals, and publishing companies. Needless to say, this capability applies to both Chinese and English data.

In addition to search capabilities, Suntek search engines are uniquely equipped for intranet applications
and enterprise information portals. Their authentication system prohibits unauthorized users from conducting
searches of privileged documents. They can also index password-protected and SSL-protected web servers.
An additional strength of Suntek's search technologies is the tight integration of their search engine and content
management system (CMS). CMS handles the complete life cycle of a document, from creation through

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                        Suntek Computer Systems Limited
                        Rm 1204-1205, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
                        Phone: (852) 2784-7415
                        Fax: (852) 2784-7413

publication to archival storage. Suntek's superior search functions are available within the CMS for easy
manipulation of documents.

Other technological advantages include:
      A high precision in Chinese searches
      Powerful spiders that allow users to rapidly create large and high-quality index databases
      Support for different file formats including: plain TEXT, HTML, WORD, EXCEL, PPT, RTF, PDF,
      Pagemaker, and QuartXpress
      Support for full-text searches and field searches on XML and meta-tags
      Support for GCCS, GB, BIG5, and other Asian languages
      System expansion from single-CPU to multiple-CPU machines, and from single servers to multiple severs to
      support hieh scalability and fault tolerance
                   Search Engine

                                                                                                    I CMS Users

IV.       Products/Services

Websearch is a bilingual full-text search engine suitable for enterprises such as financial institutions, insurance
companies, media production companies, and Internet web sites.

For intranet applications, Websearch enables users to find information they need from sources and repositories
distributed all over the network simply by typing in a few keywords. Users can also use Websearch as a tool to
manage their corporate information within their intranet and to disseminate information both inside and outside
their company.

For Internet web sites, the convenience of keyword searches allows visitors to a web site to quickly locate the
information they want without the need to sift through page after page of irrelevant information. A good search

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more
about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                       Suntek Computer Systems Limited
                       Rm 1204-1205, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
                       Phone. (852) 2784-7415
                       Fax. (852) 2784-7413

engine is essential foi attracting visitors, encouraging them to return, and turning them into customers
For Application Service Providers (ASPs), a single search engine can be used to index many clients' web sites and
a unique interface can be provided to each individual client

Suntek Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based publishing product It allows a user to control the
whole life cycle of a document using a web-based interface, including user authentication, document creation,
editing, approval, and the final publication of a document on the production web site All uploaded documents,
including those still in the CMS and those already published, can be searched and viewed based on their contents
or status using the CMS interface With Suntek CMS, additional fields, such as authors, summaries, or subject
categories, can be added to web pages in order to make searching more accurate

V.       About the SERAP Project

The development of a Multi-Lingual Distributed Search Engine is a project funded by the government's SERAP
research giant The idea is to set up a search engine in each area (e g, one in Taiwan, one in the PRC, and one in
Hong Kong) so that queries from each area can be serviced rapidly in their local region This distnbuted search
portal then serves as a marketing mechanism enabling potential customers to feel the power of Suntek search
engines in their own legions

VI.      Major Customers

Hong Kong Government Information Center ( - The Government Information Center
search portal is one of the largest search portals in Hong Kong It provides index and search services for more than
200 physical web sites containing more than 300,000 web pages It handles over 10,000 quenes per day

Police Force Intranet - With Suntek's search technologies, members of the Police Force can easily access the
most up-to-date information, such as procedure manuals, headquarters orders, laws, and references Besides GCCS,
GB, and BIGS code, Suntek search engines can also support Police's internally defined Chinese characters and
handle password-protected proxy servers

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission ( - This site contains important
information, such as registered brokers, laws, and regulations, which is more accessible to users with Suntek
search engines

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To learn more
about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409
                       Suntek Computer Systems Limited
                       Rm 1204-1205, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
                       Phone: (852) 2784-7415
                       Fax: (852) 2784-7413

ICAC ( - This site is now searchable with Suntek search engines.
City University of Hong Kong - The deployment of a Suntek search engine at the City University of Hong Kong
demonstrated the versatility of Suntek search engines at fulfilling application needs. The Directory of Professional
Expertise system ( provides keywords and field search capabilities on a
database      of    faculty     members        and      department      profiles.     The      Prospectus       search
( provides precision searches on course information, while the newsletter
CityU Today ( supports searches on the full content of the publication.

Hong Kong Institute of Education ( - Suntek' s user authentication and GB/BIG5
conversion are deployed to provide a better search service to various groups of users of the same search engine.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (
The University of Hong Kong ( -Never worry again about where to find course notes and past
exam papers. Suntek search engines are used to provide searches on web sites campus-wide.

TVB.COM Entertainment Portal ( - TVB.COM is a popular portal because of its rich
entertainment content. TVB.COM contains web pages under different categorizations. GB/BIG5 conversion is
employed to encourage wide usage throughout the Greater China population.

Vn.        Awards

Suntek has received two awards: the "Best Web Technology" award and the "Best 10 Local Web Sites" award from
the Hong Kong 2000 Web Awards organized by the Commercial Radio of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong
Webmaster Association.

Vin. Contacts
Contact Person : Karen Lee, Managing Director
Address        : Rm. 1204-1205,148 Wing Lok St., Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel.           : 2784-7421
Fax            : 2784-7413
Email          :
Web site       :

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about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
 Team Creation Asia Limited
 Digital Imaging and Digital Signal Processing Solution Provider

Newly founded in 1999, Team Creation Asia Ltd. (Team Creation) creates and markets hardware
and software solutions, and consultancy in diverse digital imaging and signal processing fields,
such as digital camera, image processing software, speech coding, and USB solution, etc.

Today, Team Creation is mainly an engineering partner for many companies in the field of
consumer electronics. The Team Creation provides from concept, algorithm, hardware^ and
software design through real-time Digital Imaging and DSP implementation. Team Creation is
able to offer its clients fast and cost-effective solution to their needs. On-going research and
development in the areas of digital imaging, speech processing has yielded very impressive
results. These technologies are available for licensing. Projects in the field of DSP integrated
circuit design are another focal point of our firm. In this field, Team Creation realized hardware
and software design of special DSP integrated circuit to create ASIC solution for the client,
examples include CMOS sensor controller for digital camera, and speech codec, etc.

Key Techno logics

Digital Camera Solutions

         Team Creation has developed technologies to support customers in developing innovative
         digital camera products. Trends in these markets are fueling demand for easily designed-
         in solution, and Team Creation is responding by providing service with high-performance
         off-the-shelf digital camera chip-set solutions from leading manufactures around the
         world. At the same time, Team Creation's custom design business is driving some of the
         highest quality digital camera product designed in-house with proprietary technology.
         This custom capability draws on the company's position as the pioneer in high
         performance low-cost digital camera design based on CMOS image sensor using off-the-
         shelf electronic components. With its horizontal integration, Team Creation can provide a
         breadth of products, services, and engineering support in electronic imaging that is
         available nowhere else.

         At the same time, Team Creation is driving to has its high performance digital camera
         product developed with proprietary technology to custom ASIC solution for further cost
         reduction, and easy design-in. Such development is supported by many strategic fabless
         semiconductor design house and manufactures who would turn Team Creation's
         technology into CMOS sensor controller for digital camera, integrated color processing
         module in PDA device, etc.

Image Processing Software

         Team Creation has developed a family of sophisticated image processing modules that
         not only assist our customers in developing their digital camera products. At the same
         time, Team Creation has derived from the technology a custom design photo editing
         software ready to be licensed.

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Team Creation Asia Limited
Digital Imaging and Digital Signal Processing Solution Provider

Speech Coding

         Team Creation has developed a family of speech coding and processing modules range
         from high quality voice and music codec to low bit rate voice coder at 4.8kbps to as low
         as l.Skbps. Through the support of strategic semiconductor design house, various speech
         codec integrated that found applications in tapeless telephone recorder, recording pens,
         and even toys are readily available.


         In order to have the high speed digital signal processing products to interface with PCs,
         Team Creation has form strategic partnership with major USB solution provider, such
         that USB interface is now a standard module readily to be plugged in as part of our
         complete solution to Digital Imaging and DSP problems. USB solutions in the form of
         discrete device, or ASIC library are available to be licensed from Team Creation.

For further information about our company, the technology, products and service, please contact

                   Our Contact
                   Team Creation Asia Limited
                   Contact Person : George Lee
                   Tel: 9260-7576

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learn more about SERAP, please visit www, or call (852) 27372409.
                                     Tech Dragon Limited

I. Company Profile

Tech Dragon Limited is serving universities, research institutes and hospitals of Hong Kong
and China as a supplier of services & products related to DNA technology. The R&D
Department of the Company is supported by the Innovative Technology Council of HKSAR.

Our subsidiary Molecular Informatrix Laboratory Limited (MiL) employs molecular
biology technique in providing DNA testing for medical diagnostics, industries,
universities, and research institutes of Hong Kong and China.

II.   Team

Dr. Paul M. Leung, the managing director of the company obtained his medical diagnostic and
scientific research training in Boston, USA. Furthermore, he completed his cancer research
postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. For the last eight years, Dr. Leung was a faculty
member of major Hong Kong Universities and had numerous publications in international
scientific journals. All our staffs are specialize in cell & molecular biology with M.Phil or B.Sc.

III. Products/Services

Products and services related to DNA technology.

IV. About the SERAP project

The object of this project is to develop immortal human bone marrow stromal cell lines and
novel growth factors for stem cell regeneration.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                  Tech Dragon Limited

V.    Contacts

Contact Person : Dr. Paul Leung, Director
Address        : Rm. 808, Topsail Plaza
                 11 On Sum Street
                Shatin, N.T.
                Hong Kong

Tel.             : (852) 2646 5368
Fax              : (852) 2646 5037
Email            :
Website          :

 The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
 learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

 TPC (HK) Limited, a garment technology consulting company founded in 1992, is specializing in offering
 solutions to problems arise in the course of production, particularly in the pattern creation process.

 TPC - "Three-dimensional Pattern Concept", a worldwide patented technology, employs an innovative 3D
 approach to the design and construction of garment.

TPC consultants have in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience in the development of the European
fashion industry. TPC (HK) Limited has a proven track record of serving the public and the commercial sectors
including but not limited to appointed garment consultants to a number of Government-funded projects managed
by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the
Clothing Industry Training Authority.

Not only is TPC (HK) Limited a consultancy, it is also a center of research and development as well as a platform
of technology transfer. Keeping abreast of the trend of the garment industry and employing the most updated
technical know-how and computer technology, TPC is a promise to revolutionize the garment industry and a
means to bring forth enormous economic value.

Jti£   team

Professor Alexandre Kung, Principal Consultant and Technical Director

A Kung has been in the garment scene for over 30 years. He pursued advanced studies in garment technologies
in Ecole Esmod Guerre-Lavigne in Paris as early as in 1970s and graduated with outstanding results in Fashion
Design and Pattern Creation. He was the Design and Technical Director of two leading French and Italian
garment enterprises from 1974 to 1991 and the Guest Instructor of TPC technology in ESIV, French national
clothing academy in 1 99 1 . Since 1 992, A Kung has been concentrating on the provision of consultancy services
on his patented *TPC technique and founded TPC International, Paris and TPC (HK) Limited.
*TPC - "Three-dimensional Pattern Concept" patented technology in Europe, U.S A., Japan and Hong Kong

Scarlette Ng, Design and Administrative Director

Scarlette graduated from the "ETC" of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1982 and obtained a
Professional Diploma in "Stylisme Perfectionnement" in Paris in 1990. Scarlette has been in the fashion design
field in France, Canada and Hong Kong for over lOyears. She founded TPC (HK) Limited with A Kung in 1992.

KSTam, Software Developer

KS holds a B.Sc (Eng) degree awarded by the University of Hong Kong in 1988 and has been engaged in
CAD/CAM application and software development all through these years.

Arnaud Mandard, 3D CAD Programmer

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SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                 TPC (HK) LIMITED T E C H N I C A L F A S H I O N

Arnaud holds a Diploma of Applicated Arts and Industry in Paris, France. He has been involved in 3D design,
calibrating monitor, digital processing and 3D CAD programming ever since his graduation.

///.   Products/Services

Concept & Functionality
Traditional pattern construction is based mainly on manual calculations and human experience. It involves the
drawing of 2D blocks of patterns, which are subsequently assembled to form the 3D shape of garment to fit the
human body. This approach has a number of inherent deficiencies:
1. It requires a huge amount of manual skills, the lack of which will produce 'ill-fitting' clothes;
2. The lack of mathematical relationship among different parts of the pattern blocks makes pattern construction
    work impossible to be automated. Any modification in shape or style will require the whole work to be
    redone, resulting in long product development time.

TPC employs a completely different approach by starting with a series of human body data obtained from a 3D
body scanner (see Fig. 1) and employing advanced computer graphic applications to smoothen the 3D body
image into a framework consisting of regular mesh. The treated image (called "Virtual Mannequin") can be
deformed into whatever shapes based on different human body profiles obtained from scanning. Through a
process of human body structural definition, a set of reference lines is obtained as the key parameters for the
construction of garment patterns based on the TPC 3D pattern concept method (see Fig. 2). 3D relational-
geometry is used to automatically convert 3D pattern constructions into 2D pattern blocks. The pattern blocks
thus created are akin to those stripped off from a 3D garment form, making the attainment of "fit" much easier.

              Fig. 1: Scan Object Acquisition                      Fig. 2: TPC Reference Line Definition &
                                                                            Pattern Construction

 "Intelligent" features of TPC approach:
  1, "Automatic pattern regeneration" — the "TPC Reference Line" can be expressed digitally in the form of a
       measurement chart. By changing the parameters in the measurement chart, mathematical relationships
       will allow the pattern blocks to be automatically regenerated (see Fig. 3);
  2. "Reactive" capability - any change in the angle, curve or length on one part of the pattern will

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

      automatically trigger changes in the adjacent parts to which it will join. This makes the change in style and
      construction much faster and easier, and the resulting patterns more accurate;
 3.    Automatic grading - pattern blocks created with TPC technique can be graded into all sizes accurately and
      automatically (see Fig. 4);
 4.   Compatibility with most CAD/CAM platforms (Gerber, Lectra, Assyst, etc.) to generate garment patterns
      for manufacturing.

         Fig. 3: Automatic Pattern Regeneration                    Fig. 4: TPC Automatic Grading Concept

Value Proposition
TPC's innovative 3D garment engineering technology will bring enormous value to the garment industry by
streamlining the whole logistics, in particular:
1. Significantly reducing lead time in product development through the automation of pattern creation process.
     This is particularly important to an industry characterized by high style variation, low quantity per SKU and
     extremely short shelf life;
2. Drastically reducing the chance of producing "ill-fitting" clothes which will have to clear at heavy discounts.
     Studies show that at least 50% of lost sales opportunities and sales returns (typical for catalog and online
     sales) are due to "fit" problems. TPC provides an effective means to address such inefficiencies; and
3. Effectively controlling costs. By reducing the dependence on human skills, manufacturers have greater
     flexibility to relocate production to more cost-effective centers.

As a pioneer in offering this unique technology, TPC will in turn reap great benefits from the revolutionary
changes it is going to bring to the global garment industry.

TPC technology has already been adopted by a number of sizable manufacturers in various garment product
specialties in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Thailand and Europe. It has proved to be able to enhance the
aesthetics, comfort and motion functionality of a piece of garment, thereby offering the feeling of 'well-fit' and
'nice-looking'. This is one of the essential elements that distinguishes some renowned European fashion names
from others. TPC technology offers manufacturers an unprecedented means to enhance the value of their
products which will in turn increase the opportunities of export and trade of their residing countries.

The above informadon is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                 TPC (HK) LIMITED                     TECHNiCAL FASHION

The SERAP project TPC is working on aims at constructing master pattern blocks for men's trousers (Phase I)
and polo shirts (Phase II) using TPC technology. The master block will be in the form of an outfit on computer on
which operators can insert styling details. A proprietary software to be developed will turn the block into a
complete set of industrial patterns automatically. This software will facilitate a more extensive application of
TPC technology. For inexperienced operators/technicians, they may make use of TPC technology to create
accurate patterns. For experienced technicians, TPC technology will help enhance accuracy and efficiency of
pattern construction. Other than data for the above-mentioned basic styles that will go with the software, TPC
will continue to develop data for styles such as blazers, suits, ladies' dress, and children's wear.

Besides the master blocks, human morphological studies conducted in this project will also enable TPC to gather
valuable human body data to be transformed into measurement charts in e-files and "virtual mannequins" for use
in all pattern design activities. Simply input the required body measurements, pattern designers can easily
identify the virtual mannequin that represents the model's body profile, and use the mannequin as a medium to
construct garments of all sizes to fit people with the same profile (see Fig. 5).

                       Fig. 5: Measurement Chart in e-File & Virtual Mannequin for
                                   Fashion Design & Pattern Construction

V.     Company Contact Information

Corresponding Address                Unit 905, Oterprise Square, 26 Nathan Road, T.S.T., Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Telephone Number                     (852)27218716
Fax Number                           (852)23120316
Web Site                   
Consultancy Service Enquiry          Ms. Scarlette Ng -
CAD Service Enquiry                  Mr. Raymond Chau -
General Enquiry                      Ms. May Ho -

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SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
I. The Company and Products

Java Enterprise Platform Technology, or J2EE (Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), has
found widespread adoption around the world, enabling powerful new e-business applications as
well as integration of disparate legacy information systems. It provides the software
infrastructure support for supply-chain, CRM, e-commerce, e-banking, e-services, Web-based
data entry and retrieval, and many other mission-critical enterprise applications.

Despite the growing popularity of J2EE, market studies indicate that

      a Satisfaction level of the existing products is low
      Q There is plenty of room for technology innovations amidst the continual evolution of
        J2EE standards
      a There is no dominant J2EE platform provider in the Asia region

Over the past two years, TCC has focused intensively on the R&D of Java Enterprise Platform
Technology. The R&D efforts are now bearing fruits. TCC is positioned with a unique vantage
point to exploit the above niches.

TCC products, under the brand name of Rexip (Rex - IP), offer many competitive advantages
compared to the best in the world, particularly with respect to speed performance, reliability,
and real-time remote monitoring capability. These are characteristics rated as top concerns
among Java developers in market studies.

The founders and R&D staff come from strong technology backgrounds in academic and
previous highly successful high-tech startups in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. TCC is at a
turning point: successful expansion of sales and marketing operations into US, China, Taiwan,
and other regions can reap huge returns.

 TCC has the ambition of becoming one of the very best technology companies in the world. TJie
founders, management, and employees are united with one common vision: to participate in the
 Olympics, not just the Asian Games, of the technology frontiers.

II.    Team

TCC has a team with industry experience and track records in starting new businesses and
carrying them to success.

Soung Liew (Former CEO, now Chairman of the Board) wants to make TCC a world-class
player in Java enterprise technology. Soung is Professor at the Department of Information
Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he taught Internet software design.
Soung is co-Director of Area of Excellence in Information Technology, charged with the
mission of promoting IT R&D activities in Hong Kong with HKS51 million funding from the
UGC. Before coming to Hong Kong in 1993, Soung was at Bellcore (now Telcordia), New
Jersey, where he engaged in forefront broadband network research. Soung received his SB,
SM, EE, and PhD degrees from the MIT.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Lap Yam (Managing Director, US) is stationed in Silicon Valley and he devotes his attention
to: (1) building TCC's customer base in US, and (2) forming strategic alliances. Lap is a
Silicon Valley veteran and comes from a track record of building successful technology
companies. Before TCC3 Lap co-founded PanoCorp Display Systems in 1991, where he served
as VP of Operations, Prior to PanaCorp, Lap co-founded Cadence, now a billion-dollar
company capturing the major market share of electronic computer-aided design software
industry. Lap received his BS and MS in Engineering Science degrees from the University of
California at Berkeley

Gary Chan (Sales and Marketing Director) is responsible for developing new business
opportunities and executing sales and marketing plans. Before joining TCC, Gary was the
Marketing Director of Antech International Limited. He managed a wide range of
communications product lines and established a list of professional corporate accounts in Hong
Kong and China. He played a key role in positioning Antech to become a leading SMATV
system operator and communications equipment supplier in the region. Gary received his MA
in Information Technology from the University of Nottingham.

Mac Chan (R&D Director) leads the technical development of fundamental R&D projects.
Mac is the key person responsible for the architectural design and implementation of Rexip
product family. His role is to identify, develop, and deploy new innovative technologies that
can be launched as products. Mac has in-depth, hands-on knowledge of Internet and Web
technologies. He is well known for his ability for speedy software prototyping. He single-
handedly created a full operable Internet video broadcasting system while as a student at the
Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mac received his BS in Information Engineering from the
Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he graduated at the top of his class.

ffl. Business Model, Market Potential and Competitive Advantages

TCC is in the business of providing easy-to-use Java platform products on top of which high-
performance Java enterprise applications can be built and run. There are two targeted customer

    1. Solution providers or in-house developers of corporate IT departments
    2. Standard-product software vendors who license Rexip products in bulk

In essence, the customers of Rexip are applications developers. The brand name Rexip refers to
a family of products that adhere to the J2EE standard and enhancements that ease J2EE

The global market size of J2EE products was around US$2 billion in 2000 and estimated to
grow to US$7 billion by 2004. Successful penetration of the market will most likely yield much
higher return.

The competitive advantages of our products can be summarized as follows:

    1. High performance in terms of speed and reliability
    2. State-of-the-art features deemed to be important in customer survey but lacking in
       competitor products.
    3. First-mover in implementing upcoming Java standards that have received favorable
       review by developer communities

As an example of 1, the following figure shows the throughput advantage of Rexip application
server product compared with competitor products in terms of the number of Web requests that
the server can process per second, demonstrating an improvement factor approaching to 50%.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

                                      4x1           8x2   16x4

                                       5>tras«5 I                        Setting: Pill 667Mhz, 256MB SDRAM

Benchmark Results compared to Other Products for Regional Content (Above results are
for big 5 Chinese)

As an example of 2, the following figure shows a JMX-based — a new Java standard - remote
monitoring tool that allows the system administrator to tap into the server to find out whether it
is operating with maximal efficiency, filling a hole in existing J2EE products. E-mail
correspondence with Brian Maso, a known expert reviewer of Java technology, reflects the
interest in this technology: "/'// put evaluating your app server on my to-do list. I'm very
interested right now in app servers with JMXcapabilities... "

State-of-the-Art Remote Monitoring Tool Allowing Access to Mission-Critical Systems to
Monitor its Health from Any where. Any time.

As an example of 3, TCC has implemented the Java Data Objects (JDO), an upcoming standard
that is slated to overcome a number of major shortcomings of the current J2EE specification.
Currently, only very few vendors have the complete JDO technology. TCC is one of them. The
JDO site operated by Sun Microsystems, has a direct link to an acknowledgement that Rexip is one of the key players to reckon with.

TCC is now riding on an inflexion point at which its R&D efforts are churning out state-of-
the-art technologies at an unsurpassed speed. If the products can be matched by swift execution
of well-planned Sales and Marketing strategies, TCC will be on its way to become a world-
class company. After months of preparation and market research, complemented by
examination and re-examination, testing and re-testing, of alternative plans based on feedback
from potential customers, we believe we have found the right positioning angle for Rexip
products. Our attack on the market will be launched in full scale at lightning speed as soon as
second-round financing is secured.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
IV. Milestones

Listed below are our past achievements and targeted future milestones in the next six months:

Date              Milestones
Mar    2001       Released beta of Rexip Suite Standard
Jun    2001       Formed OEM partnership with Golix
Jul    2001       Achieved record-breaking benchmark results with Rexip AppServer
Jul    2001       Formed technology partnership with Sun Forte
Aug    2001        Formed technology partnership with Borland JBuilder
Date              Milestones
Aug    2001       Released beta of Rexip AppServer and JDO
Aug    2001       Formed partnership with Borland Jbuilder
Aug    2001       Formed partnership SuSE
Aug    2001       Established Rexip Developer Network on
Sep    2001       Release Rexip AppServer, Commercial Edition
Sep    2001       Deploy Web-based direct sales platform for Rexip
Sep    2001        Release beta of Biz Processor and Rexip Suite Professional
Sep    2001       Distribute 50,000 copies of Rexip Suite Std via Caldera, US
Sep    2001       Establish Business Development Team, China
Oct    2001        Establish Business Development Team, US
Oct    2001       Release JDO, Biz Processor, and Rexip Suite Professional,
                  Commercial Edition
Oct    2001       Membership of Rexip Developer Network reaches 1,000
Dec    2001       Release beta of Rexip Enterprise Server and Rexip Suite Enterprise
Dec    2001       Achieve sales target of 75 copies of AppServers
Dec    2001       Membership of Rexip Developer Network reaches 2,000
Feb    2002       Release Enterprise Server and Suite Enterprise, Commercial Edition

V.     Contacts

Contact Person          Gary Chan
Address                 41/F, 333 Lockhart Road
                        Hong Kong
Tel.                    (852)31082678
Fax                     (852)31080998

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                 Unisen Limited
   Room 907,Fook Hong Industrial Blag., 19 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                      TEL: (852) 2754 6971          FAX: (852) 2754 6620

 I . Company Profile

      Unisen Limited is an ISO-9000 ODM manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong. Unisen
      has R & D team of hardware and software engineering in development of products for
      customers' needs, which includes but not limited to products in telecommunications, computer
      projectors, wireless consumer electronics etc. With the state-of-the-art SMT manufacturing,
      Unisen is capable of turning the products to the market in a very short time with volume.

I. Team

      KK Chung                   President
                                 Former Executive VP Flextronics
                                 Former Corporate VP Everex Systems Inc.
                                 Founder Flextronics Asia
                                 President of American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Hong Kong
                                 Chapter year 1980.

      QuentinTong -              Managing Director
                                 Former Managing Director of Valor Electronics, China Operations
                                 Former Far East Quality Manager of Wang Lab Inc.

      Franklin Fung -            Vice President
                                 Former Marketing Director of SCI Systems, Inc.
                                 Former Engineering Director of Lear Seigneur

      Tony Yuen                  Technical Director
                                 Former Engineering Director of Allitex Electronics Ltd.
                                 Former Engineering Manager of Teletracle Electronics Ltd.
                                 Former Chief Engineer of S. Megga and GP Electronics Ltd.

Iff. Products / Services

             OEM turn-key manufacturer
             ODM products offered to customers to the market in time.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about SERAP,
please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                Unisen Limited
   Room 907,Fook Hong Industrial Blag., 19 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                     TEL: (852) 2754 6971          FAX: (852) 2754 6620

IV. SERAP Project

      Unisen has been successfully funded by SERAP the low-cost-high-performance
      Internet Phone project, with patents.

V. Contacts

             Contact Person:
             KK Chung, President

             Room 907,Fook Hong Industrial Blag., 19 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon,
             Hong Kong

      -      Telephone           : (852) 2754-6971
      -      Fax                : (852) 2754-6620
             Email              :
             Web site           : www.imisenonline.cQm

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only, SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about SERAP,
please visit www.mfo gov.nk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                                     VIDEO BROADCASTING
                                                                                           SERVICES • SYSTEMS * NETWORK

Vcast Profile

Mission Statement
      VCAST is committed to become a world-class end-to-
      end interactive video broadcasting platform that enable the
      convergence of internet and media broadcasting for
      anyone in anywhere at anytime - Any-to-Any.

      VCAST Limited is a leading provider of Interactive Video Broadcasting Sevices, Systems and Network that
      enhances traditional Internet and Intranet communication by transforming the live or on-demand audio
      visual content to worldwide audience's fingertips - Anywhere, Anytime!

                                                        As the first mover in Hong Kong, VCAST has solid experience
                                                        in large scale public events such as Hong Kong Handover 97,
                                                        China Anniversary 50', Hong Kong Millennium Extravaganza
                                                        2000', Art Festival... and various solutions for reputable
                                                        clients such as Cable TV, IDG, Intel, Microsoft, SCMP, HK
                                                        TDC, etc.

                                                        Our professional team has equipped with solid experience
                                                        and sophisticated technical skills that enable us to achieve the
                                                        best-of-breed video and audio compression quality over
                                                        narrowband, broadband or wireless Internet connection. With
                                                        our technical expertise, we're the first to develop and
                                                        implement Digital Right Management (DRM) for online pay-
                                                        per-view and pay-per-download and VCAST Conference
                                                        Center (VCC) for online learning and live music concerts in
                                                        Hong Kong.

      VCAST is founded by a group of talent people from IT, Media and R&D sector with over years of
      experience in both multimedia and Internet. The key members including:

       Keith Lie - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
           Over 7 years experience in IT technical, sales & marketing development
           Clients' portfolio include fortune 100, public listed Enterprise, Telecom, Media, Entertainment, Education,
           Transportation & Government
           Keith has founded the first online multimedia system in Asia and had served as consultant for several
           listed companies and major online multimedia projects. He was awarded and appointed as the first
           asian Association of Online Professional (AOP), ex-vice-chairman of HK Amateur Communication
           Association (HKACCA) and ex-head of several worldwide BBS networks in Asia region.

       Kai Yuan - Co-founder and VP of Production
           4 years experience in TV, Filming and Digital Media
           Professional in audio/video encoding and optimization
           Over 30 large scale hands-on project management and implementation experience such as China
           Anniversary 50J, HK Millennium, ITSD CCGO, Leader of the Year 2001, Go East Anniversary Concert,

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                                                                  VIDEO BROADCASTING
                                                                                                                        SERVICES • SYSTEMS * NETWORK

Products and Services
       VCAST offers a complete end-to-end video broadcasting solutions:

                 ST SERVICES
VCAST Services offers complete end-to-end internet Robust turn key systems fully designed and optimized A powerful intelligent digital media broadcasting
broadcasting services for live or on-demand events for professional, corporate, media and services network infrastructure using latest and patented digital
and audio/video content including professional video providers to transform the traditional audio visual into media delivery technology & topology to ensure a high-
pre-post production, encoding, optimization, asset professional-quality compressed streaming media performance, high-efficiency, loss-tree, secure and
management and secure distribution and streaming format, store and deliver over Internet, Intranet or reliable digital media delivery services. VCAST
service to internet content provider (1CP), coq3orate, VCAST Network. VCAST Systems support most Network can also enable ISPs, Services Providers or
education, publisher or public organizations.          common standards and open-architect which can be Enterprise to enhance and utilize their existing network
                                                       integrated into various multimedia solutions and infrastructure for digital media applications and
                                                       applications.                                           broadcasting via VCAST Gateways in Asia Pacific.

Products and Services:                                                                                      FJT.MM
 •    Live Webcasting                                      VCAST Video Encoder                                    Digital Media Delivery and Caching
 •    On-Demand Streaming                                  VCAST Audio Encoder                                    Live or On-demand Streaming Media Hosting
 •    Encoding and Quality Optimization &                  VCAST Server                                           Pay-per-view & Pay-per-download
      Enhancement (QOE)                                    VCAST Storage Area Network (VSAN)                      Digital Media and Right Management
  •   Consultation                                         VCAST Gateway                                          Digital Media Syndication
  •   Value-added Services (eg. Multimedia                 VCAST Surveillance                                     VCAST Conference Center (cLearning, Investor
      Synchronization, 360° still image and video)         VCAST Conference Station                               Relation, Online Concert, etc.)

       VCAST can help anyone to deliver audio and video information via Internet or Intranet. Each application
       takes advantage of VCAST features to realize the full potential of Internet & digital media technology:

              BUSINESS                                                                                                            & MEDIA
        Financial News
                                                                                                                             •   TV / Radio Re-broadcast
        Press Conference
                                                                                                                             •   Video-on-Demand
        Investor Relations
                                                                                                                             •   Music Downloads
                                                                                                                             •   Live Webcasting
        Corporate Video &
        Communications                           31                                                                          •
                                                                                                                                 Movie / Music Trailers
        Product Demonstration
                                                                                                                             •   Public Video Walls

               OTHERS                                                                                                                EDUCATION
         Remote Surveillance                                                                                                     Distance Learning
         Tele-medicine                                                                                                           Online Seminars
         Online AV Advertising                                                                                                   Corporate Training
         Audio Visual Conferencing                                                                                               Multimedia Library
                                                                                                                                 Art Performance

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                                     VIDEO BROADCASTING
                                                                                           SERVICES * SYSTEMS * NETWORK

Partners                                                                                           Strategic Partners:

      VCAST understands the importance of maintaining and extending our core                               Window
      business into various industries and marketplace. We have built and continue
      to develop our relationships through our partnership program and value-
      added services to our partner businesses. In the past, we have established a
      list of reputable clients, business and technology partners:

      Affiliate Partner- a list of affiliate partners who will refer, promote and utilize
      VCAST services and solutions for their core business. Our Affiliate Partner
      including PR agents, event organizers, system integrators, internet content
      provider (ICP) and ISPs.

      Business Partner - VCAST is building the revenue sharing, referrals and
      co-marketing partnership with IDCs, ISPs, Streaming Providers, ICPs,
      Solution Providers, etc.

      Strategic Partner - VCAST keep close relationship with strategic and
      technology partners as to keep our leading edge in technology and services.

VCAST Advantages
      VCAST is leading in the market with our unique technologies, topology, methodology and solid experience:

        • Professional Team - with over 7 years experience in both multimedia and communication, our
          professional team has equipped with solid experience and sophisticated technical expertise that enable
          our services, systems and network to achieve the best-of-breed video and audio quality over
          narrowband, broadband or wireless connectivity.

        • Solid Experience - VCAST has solid experience in handling over 30 large scale projects. As a result of
          satisfactory results, we are accredited by reputable clients, strategic partners and industry leaders.

        • Technology Leadership -with our proprietary optimization and encoding technique and sophisticated
          technologies such as time-based correction, real-time video/audio noise-filtering, audio/video sych
          correction, chroma control, and audio-quality enhancement, VCAST delivers the surperior audio visual
          experience than standard method of encoding. In result - a better sharpness, smoothness, and
          sweetening audio visual experience.

        • Industry Leadership - professional end-to-end broadcasting services with highest industry-quality
          standard and recognized by technology vendor & partners as an industry leader in video streaming
          provider and large-scale projects in Asia region. We have a winning history of technical vision and
          innovation, proven reliability and quality.

        • Flexible Business Model - to cope with customer and market needs, we are offering flexible models
          from end-to-end services, systems to hosting backbone. You can save the cost of investment and risks
          with a range of our cost-effective solutions and enhance your business opportunity and productivity by

        • Comprehensive Partnerships - over ten leading technology and business partners including
          Microsoft, Markany, Intel, l-Content, SinoCDN, Speedcast, Tiger, etc.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                                                                                                       VIDEO BROADCASTING
                                                                                             SERVICES • SYSTEMS • NETWORK

Reference Clients / Projects
 Corporate                 Government                   Media/                   Education                 Others
     Cashonline             •   Art Festival              Cable TV                •   Chinese University       Asia Online
     Centraline Property    •   Chinese Video Artists     CCTV                    •   City University          DG Interactive
     Agency                     Festival                     •   John Neshiem             e21 Magic
     ChinalOk               •    Information                    Group                    FIA
     Dairy Farm                 Technology Services       Mei Ah Entertainment    •   St. Paul Convent         PCCW
     Emperor Forex              Department (ITSD)         MSN                         Secondary School         I-Content
     Henderson              •   Trade Development         Sing Tao                                             IDG
     Intel APAC                 Council                   SCMP                                                 Paper Communication
     Jardine Fleming                                                                       Shun Hing
     KCRC                                                 Videotage                                            Sunevision Super-
     Microsoft                                                                                                 office
     SG Security                                                                                           •    Worldwide Expo
     Tai Fook Securities

                  • Government

The Future -
                                                                                 To cope with growing demands of
                                VCASTaiet                                        digital media for broadband & wireless,
                                Any-ta-Any                                       VCAST has been funded by SERAP
                  Interactive Video Broadcasting Network                         (HK Government Funds) to develop an
                                                                                 Intelligent Digital Media Broadcasting
                                                                                 Network - VCAST Network, a fully-
                                                                                 optimized, high-quality, high-efficiency,
                                                                                 loss-free,    scalable,   multi-purpose,
                                                                                 multi-protocols, and extremely cost-
                                                                                 effective streaming and broadcasting
                                                                                 platform for anyone in anywhere at
                                                                          VCAST Center, at the heart of VCAST
                                                                          Network, enables VCAST Gateway and
       its users to enable and deliver multimedia applications such as video streaming & conferencing, pay-per-
       view, pay-per-download, online education, remote surveillance... and so on with no limit of time and space.

       Today, VCAST has prepared to face the challenge of future - converges of Internet & Digital Media for
       anyone in anywhere at anytime - Any-to-Any.

For more information:
       Contact : Mr. Kai Yuan
       Address : #1705, One Harbourfront, 18 Tak Fung Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong
       Tel :+8522121-8899     E-mail    : Website :

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To learn more about
SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
                         Virtual Light Ltd (www.virtuallight.nQt)
I. Background

Virtual Light Limited The Light to Virtual Business" is a full service Internet
solution company that offers coldfusion and Java base application framework,
system development and interactive production services. Virtual Light has
extensive experience in implementing local and regional corporate & public
sites such as online shopping, enterprise portal, Intranet and Information portal.
With years of expertise in Internet consulting and the use of both online and
offline marketing tools, Virtual Light strives to help our clients to achieve
powerful and cost-effective results.

Virtual Light's application service provision gives businesses the competitive
advantage of access to state-of-the-art IT and support services without the
up-front cost of investment in technology or the continuous burden of
investment in maintenance, support and skills. This enables businesses to
focus on their own core business and to control the total cost of technology
ownership on a predictable pay-per-seat basis.
Virtual Light is an Allaire Premier Consulting Partner, Microsoft Certified
Solution Provider, Evolutions Consulting Partner and FirstEcom Solution

II. Products/Services

With clients coming from wide range of industries, our product andservices are
tailor-made to each of our clients' specific needs and objectives Our services
are categorized into 4 sectors:

1. Outsource system development and support
2. Internet and Ecommerce application infrastructure provider (Coldfusion
    base application framework and Java modules)
3. Software reselling and consultation (Reseller of Allaire, Microsoft and
    Evolutions products)
4. Value added web hosting (NT, Linux, Coldfusion Hosting, self service panel
    and Frontpage support)

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only SERAP is a technopreneur fund To
learn more about SERAP, please visit www info gov hk/itc/itf or call (852) 27372409

We offer our customers the best value and benefits including speed to market,
high quality people, cutting edge technology expertise and full pre/post
implementation support,

a. System Consultation and application infrastructure

We develop a content management and application framework base on
coldfusion that enables the web application developer to rapidly create
ColdFusion applications that are more robust, more scalable, and more
functional, than those created with ColdFusion "out of the box." The prebuilt
content management and ecommerce functionality greatly simplified the
development work.

It save developer effort and letthem concentrate on using the time and
programming expertise to come up with much more innovative applications.
AND the best of all, developer could do it in LESS time with MUCH greater

The application framework-produced website is robust, flexible and can be
administered by the user. The end user will be able to modify the content for
the website, even add new pages without technical know how.

Jb. Professional Developer (Coldfusion,, Java and PHP)

We can offer trained developers with expertise in Coldfusion, Java and PHP
together with source codes of prebuilt modules to tailor-made enterprise
applications for rapid deployment on Coldfusion server or all major Java
application servers including Weblogic, Websphere, iPlanet, JRun and Tomcat.

All our prebuilt modules are carefully screened to ensure quality and timely
completion of projects. The modular approach allows easy and quick
integration of additional functions and features as may be requested by our
clients and is designed to support the back-office functions of any company to
help them manage customer relationships and analyze profitability. Our
solutions are provided across a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from
e-commerce to wireless communications.

c. Service Area

    •    Content Management and Online publishing
    •    Online commerce and Marketplace

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
          Business automation and workflow
          Customer Relationship Management
          Community Builder

111. The project
Market research has show that content management and daily maintenance
for websites is an expensive activity, sometimes becoming a very heavy drain
of resources. Particularly when websites are large and control of different site
sections belongs to different departments of a company.

The content management and Internet platform developed by Virtual Light is
the fundamental building block of a big picture of Internet platform. As content
is an essential component for every website. Once it is finished, the object
oriented approach of manipulating website and XML architecture can be
extended to online commerce, community building and m-commerce,

a. Content Versioning and administrationSite Administration tools allow
specific exploitation and safety control. Administrators can move outdated
versions of documents aside rather than remove them. It permits content
reverse to a former version.

b. Manage the Content Workflow Process
Allow users to manage the content creation and approval process in an orderly
manner, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks as you work towards
high pressure deadlines. All users can monitor work assigned to them and
mark this work as finished when it is complete.

c. Browser base WYSIWYG editorAII the content can be view in a hierarchy
object tree and can be edited in a very simple What-You-See-ls-What-You-Get
environment from the browser, without any technical expertise being needed.

d. Separate Content From Layout and Design
Users no longer have to be concerned with content presentation from
application logic and page templates/design. This reduces frustration among

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

content creators, Web designers, and application developers.

e. Chinese and Multi-lingual support
Provide real time translation from traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese and
vice versa. Ability to display Chinese characters and Hong Kong characters as
gif image to be viewable in non Chinese browser environment.

f, Text to speech functionality
Provide accessibility for people with disability.

•Short deployment time capable to be up and running in 1 day
•User-friendly without any training or technical expertise required
•Universal-users support with multi-languages system
•Editing by yourself through the browser
•Update effortlessly with full feature content
•Unlimited formatting with fully dynamic and flexible templates
•Full localized and allow developers to manage the content on their own

Contact information
Name: Dio Lam
Fax: 25282508
Address: 20/F A,B, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
      Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Company Profile & Team
With demands from most industries & communities, Waste & Environmental Technologies
Ltd (WET), was formed in 1998 to provide one stop solution for pollution control. The
company is technological orientated, helping the customer with practical know-how, which
means value for money.

WET grows rapidly in the past three years with high revenue increment annually. The growth
of the company is not limited to the Product Sales and also achievement from our Research
and Development works. The strength would be from Young Professionals, Experienced
Engineers, Information Technologies, Cooperation with Universities and hands-on training
for staff locally and aboard.

WET Invented the "WetDust" Dust Suppression System and received an Eco-Products Award
from the committee consisting of The Center of Environmental Technologies Ltd, The
Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong
Kong and The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The system provides a much
better environment for construction workers to avoid air-borne dust.

WET launched the first Impinging Stream Reactor
for wastewater treatment lately named as "WetSep"
and applied patent worldwide. The development of
the "WetSep" Wastewater Filtration System has
received financial support from the Government and
later received the Certificate of Merit in Hong Kong
Industry Award 1999.

Solid waste
Again, WET has successfully applied the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) under the
Small Entrepreneur Research Assistance Programme (SERAP) from the Innovation and
Technology Commission for a green project on the recycling of plastic wastes. For R & D, we
joined the Admission of Talent Scheme and employed a specialist (Ph.D degree holder from

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit or call (852) 27372409.
Mainland China) in 2001.

   Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd.

 The SERAP Project
Plastic and paper/wood waste represent over 70% of the dumping to the local landfills
(approximately 4,000 tons/day). Green Technologies would turn these forgettable resources
into profitable structural materials. Traditional method would be using tropical hardwood for
making marine fender. Even without any heavy impact or wearing, it will corrode and
degrade naturally with life span limited to 2 to 3 years. A solid timber of profile 300mm x
300mm will take more than 70 years to grow.

Thanks to the support from SERAP, the research and development in the green technology
become possible. In the past fifteen months, WET has put the greatest effort and traveled
extensively to look for the most sustainable technology for the recycling of plastic waste.
With assistance from local and oversea academies and research institutes, we have obtained
large volumes of literatures and found positive solutions to our queries.

                                                At present, our achievement does not limit to the
                                                manufacturing method but also extended to the
                                                        Collection of plastic wastes
                                                        Sorting for mixed materials
                                                        Volume reduction for solid wastes
                                                        Alternative supply to valuable hard-woods
                                                        Generation of energy from plastic wastes
                                                        Business opportunities in green technology
                                                        Creation of a new market trend in consumer

With supports from Government and the potential target users, there is a great market for
these green products due to its outstanding properties, wide industrial and recreational
applicability and competitiveness in price.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
   Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd.
As mentioned before, this period of fifteen
months provided a golden opportunity to
our company and all of our staff. Our
sincerity    in     getting     this    project
successfully has drawn great attention
from the publics. Recently, WET has been
appointed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club
to organize the Green Child Campaign for
50,000 students at the Shatin Race Course.
The theme of the campaign was "Learning
the Recycled Plastics".

Business Forecast
From the information and news released from the Government and the press, the estimated
budget on the application of plastic marine fender would be approximately 200 million HK
dollars for the up-coming 6-7 years. Our success in reusing and recycling local waste
materials into profitable green products would be able to sustain our company for the coming
10 years with secured revenue.

"WetSep" Wastewater Filtration System
Being no difference to any other companies, it would not be sustainable without a core
business. Our "bread and butter" comes from our innovative design of the patented "WetSep"
filtration system. Recently, we have provided a solution for the construction run-off from the
Pinglin Tunnel in Taipei. This remarkable project draws great attention to the citizen in
Taiwan and worldwide specialists due to the difficulties in handling of the enormous flow of
underground water and large volume of effluent during grouting inside an underground tunnel
of depth 250m.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
     Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Treatment criteria:                                     "WetSep" performance;
Wastewater flow: 200-300 m3/hour                       Treatment capacity: 320 mVhour
Influent quality: pH 9-12                              Effluent quality: pH 6-9
                 Suspended solids ~ 30,000 mg/L                          Suspended solids <30mg/L
Allowable footprint: 30m x 15m                         System footprint: 22m x 10m
Location: 25 Om underground

This job reference again proved the ability of WET in its practical know-how. Following a
total of 100 units of the system installed since 1998, we are up-grading our technology in
using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to enhance the system for optimum performance.
It will involve another core investment in the near future for our sustainable growth.

Conference and Exhibitions participated
4>     The 7th and 8th Annual Business & Industry Environment Conference and Exhibition
+      The 33rd and 34th Hong Kong Products Expo (HKPE)
4-      The Eco Gallery at the 35th HKPE (Organizer)
+      IFAT'99 and Bauma 200lin Germany
+        Environment Japan'99 in Osaka, Japan (Invited and sponsored by JETRO, Japan Government for
       the demonstration of "WetSep " technology)
+      Recycle 2000 International Conference & Exhibition
4      International Invention Expo 2000 (Award received)
+        World Filtration Congress 8 in Brighton, UK (Paper presented for "WetSep " technology)
+      SME market day'2000 and 2001, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
4-      The 2nd HKSME Award (New SME Silver Award received)

Contact Person:          Mr. W. 0. Leung, Managing Director
Address:                 Room 707-708, CCT Telecom Building,
                         11 Wo Shing Street, Fotan, N.T., Hong Kong.
Tel:                     (852) 2602 0308                                                 HKSME AWARD

Fax:                    (852) 2694 7757

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
      M           ri~n     *
Your Professional IT Solutions Provider

Company Profile
Wincas Tech focuses on building IT solutions that
strengthens corporations' positioning in the market
and help organizations become more competitive
through cost savings, corporate efficiency, and fast
access to accurate corporate knowledge.              With
exceptional business and technical skills, Wincas Tech
helps corporations by providing innovative solutions to
solve our client's challenges to build better businesses.

With a marketing point in Shanghai, development
center in Shenzhen, and corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, Wincas Tech is your
sure partner to expand your business into Asia.

Core Team
Managing Director

Jacqueline is founder and managing director of Wincas Tech. Her major
responsibilities includes supervising all activities of the Enterprise Software Group
for the development and marketing of eTask (Enterprise Task Management
System) - Wincas Tech's flagship product.

In addition to eTask, Jacqueline led the implementation of the Customer
Relationship Management System for Sun Microsystems (Greater China) and the
Micro-motor Knowledge Management System for Johnson Electric.

Jacqueline has worked in the IT industry for 10 years. Prior to Wincas Tech,
Jacqueline was a consultant with IBM ISSC Palo Alto in the development of IBM's
first Customer Relationship Management System on the Internet.

Jacqueline holds a Masters of Science in Engineering Management with emphasis of
Computer Science from Stanford University, USA. She graduated with Magna Cum
Laude with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University
of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA.

Chief Strategist

Henry is founder and Chief Strategist of Wincas Tech. Henry architects Wincas
Tech's strategies and overall direction helping Wincas Tech to expand its business
across Asia, focusing on strategic planning, business development, acquisitions and
partnership, and infrastructure development.

In addition to Wincas Tech, Henry is also the founder, Director of GRE, a corporation
with more than 2000 employees. With a strategic business marketing arm in North
America, Hong Kong, and four manufacturing plants, Henry was involved in multiple
disciplines throughout the entire business flow.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.
Your Professional IT Solutions Provider

Henry supervises the architecture of the IT infrastructure for optimum efficiency
across the globe. As the auditing team leader who supervised the business process
of the entire corporation, Henry brought the corporation to a higher level by
achieving the IS09001 registration. Since 1999, Henry led the acquisition of APT
USA and Neil HK with a total value of more than USD4,000,000.

Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA.

At Wincas Tech, we have successful strategies and solutions for corporations in
industries ranging from government to manufacturing, and construction to
transportation. We have helped our clients to create workable and scalable business
solutions that address specific audiences across the value chain and support long-
term business goals.

Our Enterprise Software Group provide solutions in the
following areas:

Supply               Chain         Management
Applications Development for Mobile Workforce
Customer            Relationship   Management
Knowledge              Management
Enterprise Application Integration        Business                                          Partner
Applications           Development
Enterprise Security

Contact Us

Contact Person : Jacqueline Li (Managing Director)
Email        :
Website      :

Office Location

Hong Kong                                             Shanghai
Rm 1202, 14S Electric Road,                           21A AIHE Mansion,
North Point,                                          629 Ling ling Road,
Hong Kong.                                            Shanghai, China. Zip: 200030
Tel.852.2526.5796                                     Tel.86.21.6486.7789
Fax,852.2526.3884                                     Fax.86.21.6427.6551

Tower 3, Huai De Cui Hu Industrial Garden,
Da Yang Developemtn Area
Fu Yong Town, Bao An District,
Shenzhen, China.

The above information is provided by the SERAP company for reference only. SERAP is a technopreneur fund. To
learn more about SERAP, please visit call (852) 27372409.

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