The Stranger

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					The Stranger
  Meursault and
Marie‟s Relationship

     Dayna G
      Liana M
     Relationship to Existentialism
• Relationship with Marie reveals Meursault‟s inner
• He tries to pretend life and relationships are
• Meursault feels that Marie‟s life has meaning through
  him and his life has meaning through Marie
• Tone changes from indifferent to optimistic when
  Marie is present
     Meursault‟s feelings for Marie
• “…it was nice, and, sort of joking around, I let my head
  fall back and rest on her stomach.” (p.20)
   – This reveals that Meursault finds comfort in Marie.
• “…she asked me if I loved her. I told her it didn‟t mean
  anything but that I didn‟t think so.” (p. 35)
   – Defense mechanism
   – “I thought she looked very beautiful, but I didn‟t know how
     to tell her.” (p. 74)
• “I took all this in very quickly as I made my way toward
  Marie.” (p. 74)
   – He can‟t focus around her
   – Usually is very observant
 Why is Marie interested in Meursault?
• Marie can see Meursault‟s inner emotions
  – He seeks comfort in her the day after the funeral
  – “funeral face” (p. 47)
• Meursault leads her on
  – “…she laughed in such a way that I kissed her.” (p.
  – “I told her she was beautiful and she lauged with
    delight.” (p. 47)
• “…she loved me…” (p. 42)
• “That evening Marie came by to see me and
  asked me if I wanted to marry her. I said it
  didn‟t make any difference to me and that we
  could if she wanted to.” (p. 41)
  – Defense mechanism
     • he isn‟t confident or stable
     • She can see that he truly wants to marry her
  – He wants to please Marie
Why is Marie so cheerful and optimistic when she
                visits Meursault?

• “…she was smiling her best smile for me.” (p.74)
  – Trying to make Meursault happy
• “…Marie shouted to me that I had to have hope.”
  (p. 75)
  – She loves him
  – Defense mechanism for her
  – Looking towards future
     The Prosecutor and the Case
• “Then in a slightly ironic tone he said that he
  didn‟t mean to dwell on such a delicate matter,
  and that he fully appreciated Marie‟s misgivings,
  but (and here his tone grew firmer) that he was
  duty bound to go beyond propriety.” (p. 93)
  – Prosecutor believes is very important
  – Shows that Meursault is “heartless”
  – We believe this is a defense mechanism and proves
    that Meursault is a caring person
     Relationship to Existentialism
• “…„You‟ll get out and we‟ll get married!‟ I answered,
  „You think so?‟…” (p. 75)
• “I was feeling a little sick…But on the other hand, I
  wanted to make the most of Marie‟s being there.” (p.
   – He knows this is the last time he‟ll see her
   – He is sad
   – He can‟t physically hide his emotions
• “I was assailed by the memories of life…I‟d found
  the…most lasting joys…Marie‟s dresses and the way
  she laughed.” (p. 104)
   – He realizes he truly loved Marie
       Camus and Existentialism

• Part of being human is possessing
• Emotions enhance life
• Existentialism does not exist