RUTH KING PAC MINUTES
                        Oct 13, 2009
                             Called to order at 6:45

                         AMENDMENTS TO MINUTES

                   Letecia Roberts should read Leticia Roberts

                 Deborah Dezeny should read Deborah Dezeng

                     Terry Fox run was Sept 25, not Oct 25

        School closures for H1N1 will be decided by VIHA and the school


Wendy Penner, Greg Dodds, Gerry Manhas, Cindy Caton, Debbie Peatt, Cecilia
Baxter, Katrin van der Leeden, Danielle Driver, Leticia Roberts, Rana Wuelfrath,
Debbie St. Laurent, Liisa Stewart, Suzanne Miner, Tracey Scown, Gloria Clayton

      Regrets; Jen Boyd, Michelle Cobby, Jason Miller, Debbie Leachman

                            PRESIDENT’S REPORT

   Tracey Scown attended her Presidents information night hosted by SPEAC.

                  There will have to be a vote on fundraising.

 There will be a BBQ held on Oct 15th through to Oct 18th at KMS Tools. This is a
fundraiser they are having for a woodworking trade show. They have asked Ruth
  King to help them out by asking volunteers from the PAC to volunteer to BBQ

The City of Langford has approved the sign. They suggested putting on a roof as
well. The cost is $3500.oo and the roof is an additional $1400.00 .The letters are
                  $300.00 each. More investigating to take place.

                     Teacher request forms were discussed.

                   The letter at BMO has been taken care of.

                         VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT
          Suzanne would like to thank everyone for the flowers.

                         PRINCIPAL’S REPORT

                            Welcome everyone.

            The interim reports were discussed and explained.

          The formal report cards will be out in early November.

 The reading program was discussed and Mr.Manhas is asking the PAC for
                    funding of $400.00 for ribbons.

Mr. Krawitz was in a motorcycle accident and he will be off work for awhile.

                      School pictures were discussed.

               H1N1 was discussed. Practice good hygiene.

                         Head lice was discussed.

                      VICE PRINCIPLE’S REPORT

                           Monitors are in place.

                 Fruit and veggie program was discussed.

                 Discussed emergency preparedness plan.

                      Discussed playground monitors.

     Discussed how we could save energy and electricity at Ruth King.

Positive parenting seminars were discussed. Very helpful and informative.

                           TEACHER LIASON

        Katrin van der Leeden discussed the composting program.

                      Oct 30th is black & orange day.

                           Nov 13th is twin day.

               Christmas hampers will begin mid November.
                           TREASURER’S REPORT

                        Discussed school board meeting

                            Discussed gaming funds

                             Discussed the budget.

                           FUND RAISING REPORT

The Thrifty foods smile saver program was approved and explained. Every family
                  is issued one smiley card. More info to follow

                    Discussed Cob’s Dough Raiser Program.

                 Prize solicitation form available in PAC drawer.

                           Discussed the first aid kits.

        They are selling for $3.00 and Ruth King makes a $1.50 profit.

                     Discussed Purdy’s and the poinsettias.

                           SECRETARY’S REPORT

                          Apologized for late minutes.

                                SAFE ARRIVAL

Late slips were discussed for students. They take a slip to their teacher to prove
                             they were at the office.

                        EMERGENCY PREPARDNESS

                           Discussed KIOSK Supplies

                       Teachers are to stay with the kids.

  Discussed that Ruth King will get better funding if we become a designated

                     There is a volunteer sign up sheet in.
                  We may get equipped with a generator.

                  Inquiry on spine boards was discussed.

             We need to purchase another set of 2-way radios.


         October meeting has not yet happened. No report

                              OLD BUSINESS

                            Oct 22nd is hot lunch.

                       Oct 28th is Halloween Carnival.

         Nov 4th is safe arrival meeting at the school board office.

                             NEW BUSINESS

           Debbie Peat is going to ask Legion for some funding.

                 Motion to purchase ribbons up to $400.00.

                  By Tracey. Second by Suzanne. Carried.

                     Prizes are purchased for Carnival.

           Discussing an electronic dispersment for the minutes.

              Debbie motioned up to $325.00 for DJ @ dance.

                            Rana 2nd and carried.

Cecelia is investigating the World's finest chocolates as a grade 6 fundraiser

                             Adjourned @ 8:30.

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