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					                     GRENADA PRESS PACK 2008


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Fast Facts                                                                              4

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Water Adventures Above and Below the Surface                                            11

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                      INTRODUCTION - WHY GRENADA?

Just nine hours flying time from the UK, Grenada is one of the most beautiful and
unspoilt islands in the Caribbean. Known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean,
Grenada has a pleasant year round average temperature of 23C or 80F. As well as
the island‟s stunning natural beauty, it is famous for the friendly welcome visitors
receive from the people of Grenada.

The visitor arrivals in 2007 represented a significant increase of 17.29% compared to
the previous year. The UK market achieved an outstanding performance in 2007
with a total of 33,893 visitors representing a growth of 34.57% and 8,706 in real
terms. Stay over arrivals from the UK stayed for an average of 10.37 nights
compared to 9.97 nights in 2006.

During the January to September period of 2008 Stayover arrivals from the UK
experienced an 8.49% growth as a total of 26,732 visitors arrived, compared to the
24,640 that arrived during the corresponding months of 2007.


Family owned Grenada Seafaris offers fun-packed tours and is a great way to see
the shoreline of Grenada. The boats cruise to the various bays where experienced
guides describe the history, geography and ecology of the island. Snorkellers have
the opportunity to discover the amazing sea life and the Underwater Sculpture
Gallery at Moliniere Point.

The Sea Fun Adventure is a new water-based attraction where visitors pilot their own
inflatable boat in a two and a half hour tour along Grenada‟s west coast. This is an
ideal way to discover the amazing beaches, coral reefs and sea life.

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There is much to see in Grenada with year-round festivals including the weekly “Fish
Friday”, pristine scuba-diving conditions, beautiful sailing, trekking into the rain forest
to visit hidden waterfalls and lush vegetation, plantation houses and gardens, the
three very different islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique provide the
true “Spice of the Caribbean”.

Monarch Airlines will be operating a weekly Wednesday flight from London Gatwick
managed by Golden Caribbean from December 17, 2008. In November 2008
American Airlines introduced a direct daily flight from Miami, which is another
alternative for UK visitors.

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Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                      LOCATION        The state of Grenada which includes Grenada,
                      Carriacou and Petite Martinique is in the Eastern Caribbean
                      and lies between Trinidad and Tobago to the south and St.
                      Vincent and the Grenadines to the north. It is the southern
                      most of the Windward Islands.

                      The total population is 102,000 and the official language is

THE ISLANDS           At 12 miles wide and 21 miles long Grenada covers a land
                      area of 120 square miles. The capital St. George‟s boasts a
                      beautiful land locked harbour located on the southwest coast
                      of Grenada.

                      Tropical rain forests filled with a large variety of flora and
                      fauna, together with more than 40 pristine white beaches and
                      clear turquoise waters are just some of the delights of this
                      unspoilt island. So beautiful is the Island that one-sixth of
                      Grenada‟s whole landmass is preserved as parks and natural
                      wildlife sanctuaries. There are picturesque waterfalls
                      throughout the Island including the two most accessible,
                      Annandale Falls and Concord Falls. Royal Mt. Carmel
                      Waterfall consists of two falls, cascading over 70ft to crystal
                      clear pools below. (For other waterfalls to visit please refer to
                      page to page 5 of the Grenada brochure or visit

                      Grenada is one of the most unspoilt Caribbean islands and has
                      escaped large-scale mass tourism. The eco-friendly
                      government carefully monitors hotel development on the

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Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                      Carriacou, or the „Island of Reefs‟, offers some of the best
                      diving in the Caribbean with extensive reef formations
                      accessible for either the experienced or novice diver or
                      snorkelers. The island is only 13 square miles and lies 23
                      miles north of Grenada. The small, beautiful island of Petite
                      Martinique is just three miles from Carriacou and can only be
                      reached by boat.

                      There are many historic sites to visit including Fort Frederick,
                      completed in 1791, which offers stunning panoramic views
                      over St. George‟s. Other sites of interest are: Grenada
                      National Museum set in the foundations of an old army
                      barracks and prisons built in 1704 and the stunning Lake
                      Antoine, occupying a perfect crater of an extinct volcano.

                      See page 3 of the Grenada brochure for further information on
                      what to see and do in Grenada and its Islands or visit

CLIMATE               Grenada enjoys a pleasant year round average temperature of
                      23ºC. The dry season runs from January to May and the rainy
                      season from June to December, although it rarely rains for
                      more than 15 minutes at a time, and even then it is not every

ACCOMMODATION Excellent accommodation ranges from luxury hotels, affordable
                      family friendly hotels to self-catering apartments and villas and
                      intimate guesthouses.


                      All the major UK tour operators feature Grenada and many
                      specialist operators feature cruising, diving and special interest
                      holidays. Details of the tour operators that feature Granada are

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Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                      available from the Grenada Board of Tourism in the UK, visit

                      This idyllic setting is the perfect wedding and honeymoon
                      location. Couples wishing to get married in Grenada can
                      simply apply for a marriage license once they have been
                      resident on the island for a minimum of three days and provide
                      the appropriate paperwork.

                      Wedding and honeymoon packages are also available and
                      details of accommodation and tour operators that feature
                      Grenada are available from the Grenada Board of Tourism in
                      the UK, visit

ELECTRICITY           Voltage is 220 volts – 50 cycles. Appliances rated at 110 volts
                      (US standard) normally work with a transformer. Most hotels
                      have standard British three prong plugs, and provide dual
                      voltage shaver units. Bring an adapter plug for small

EVENTS                A variety of events and festivals are held throughout the year
                      from music and art to carnivals and sailing. Grenada‟s
                      Carnival in August is an established event in the Caribbean
                      Calendar. For details visit:

SPICES                Among the many spices grown on Grenada, which is known as
                      „the Spice Island‟ are nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves,
                      ginger, mace, bay leaves, tonka bean and pimento, or all
                      spice. Spices have served many purposes from flavouring
                      foods to curing illnesses. Many of the world‟s spices are found
                      growing in Grenada, giving the island a special fragrance.

ENTERTAINMENT         Most hotels provide entertainment in the form of a steel band,
                      crab racing, music and dancing. The usual repertoires of

                    For further press information please contact:                       6
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                      Grenadian performers include folk music, drama and cultural

                      There are also bars and nightclubs on the Island, including
                      Fantazia 2001, Bananas, Karma and the Old Skool Bar. Other
                      forms of entertainment include: Karaoke at the Owl bar at the
                      Flamboyant Hotel in St. George‟s and movies at the Deluxe
                      Cinema in St. Andrew‟s, the Reno Cinema in St. George‟s and
                      the Movie Palace at the Excel Plaza.

TRAVEL                British Airways and Virgin Atlantic offer direct flights from
                      Gatwick to Point Salines International Airport in Grenada, only
                      nine hours flying time from the UK.

                      From December 17, 2008 Monarch Airlines operated by
                      Golden Caribbean will start a direct flight every Wednesday
                      from Gatwick.

                      It is also possible to get to Grenada daily by a short connecting
                      flight from most of the other major Caribbean islands.

                      The airport departure tax from Grenada is EC$50:00 or

                      Grenada‟s sister island, Carriacou, is 20 minutes away by
                      inter-island plane or 90 minutes by catamaran. Petite
                      Martinique is a 10-minute crossing from Carriacou.

CAR HIRE              There are a large number of car rental agencies in Grenada
                      with offices at the airport and in St George‟s. Visitors will need
                      a local driver‟s permit even if they have an international driver‟s
                      license; this costs US$12 and can be bought from the car
                      rental companies. Clients need to be over 21 years of age and
                      have a valid driver‟s licence.

                    For further press information please contact:                          7
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                      Daily rentals start from approximately US$50 a day in low
                      season and $60 in high season for an automatic car or soft-top
                      jeep. Weekly rentals start from US$240 in low season to
                      US$315 in high season. In addition to this 8% Govt tax is
                      added and most places offer Collision Damage Wavier
                      Insurance at US$12 per day. Most insurance requires drivers
                      to be over 21 and holding a valid driving licence together with a
                      local permit.

                      (For a full list of car rentals in Grenada and Carriacou please
                      refer to pages 12 and 13 of the Grenada brochure or visit

CUISINE               A wide variety of excellent restaurants exist offering Creole
                      and Caribbean cookery in addition to French, Italian and even
                      Chinese cuisine.

                      Grenada is home to world-class restaurants such as Gary
                      Rhodes Restaurant at The Calabash, the Water‟s Edge at the
                      Bel Air Plantation, Oliver‟s at The Spice Island Beach Resort,
                      the Verandah Restaurant at Mount Cinnamon, Coconut Beach,
                      The Beach House and The Aquarium Beach Club &
                      Restaurant, famous for its Sunday morning beach-side BBQ.

                      There are several supermarkets, with a wide variety of
                      produce. St. George‟s Saturday Market offers an impressive
                      assortment of seasonal local fruit, vegetables and exotic

VISAS                 Visas are not required for British Passport holders.

CURRENCY              The East Caribbean dollar is the local currency and is linked to
                      the US dollar. Rates vary, an approximate £/EC$ is EC$4:00 to
                      the £. For „at a glance‟ essential facts about Grenada refer to
                      page 12 of the Grenada brochure) or visit

                    For further press information please contact:                       8
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:

With more than 40 picturesque pure white sandy palm-fringed beaches and turquoise
blue waters, Grenada (and its sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique) is the
ideal choice for that once in a lifetime, luxuriously romantic, wedding or honeymoon.

Whether the marriage is to take place on a sailboat, sandy beach, by a cascading
waterfall or a jetty decorated with exotic scented flowers, the setting will be perfect
and the wedding legalities and preparations easy and straightforward.

Couples wishing to marry on Grenada can simply apply for a marriage license once
they have been resident on the island for a minimum of three days, and following
production of the appropriate paperwork. Licence and stamp fees and copies of
marriage registry costs EC$35. This can be arranged by several UK tour operators at
the time of booking.

Many hotels also offer a special wedding package that takes care of all formalities.
Additional wedding services offered by some of the Island‟s hotels include hire of a
professional photographer, all flowers and a wedding cake.

Grenada offers a wide range of accommodation for the romantic wedding or
honeymoon, from luxury boutique hotels through to self-catering properties or home
stays, along with a range of activities to suite all tastes whether it‟s just relaxing on
the beautiful beaches or exploring the stunning rainforests.

For couples looking for more active honeymoon, the island offers a range of both
sporting and cultural opportunities, from its historical treasures, local markets and
natural preserves, to river tubing, sailing, whale and dolphin spotting.
See page 11 of the Grenada brochure for further information and FAQs on getting
married in Grenada or visit

Documentation required:
       Valid UK passport
       Birth certificates

                    For further press information please contact:                           9
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
      Sworn Affidavit, or letter from a clergyman, lawyer or registry if one or both
       parties are single, attesting to the fact that the parties involved have not been
       married previously
      Decree Absolute if divorced, one for each party if both divorced
      If widowed, a death certificate
      If under 21-years of age, evidence of parental consent by way of an affidavit
       from a lawyer or Notary Public
      Legal proof if name changed by Deed Poll
      All documents must be in English. If originals are in another language, they
       must be translated into English and certified

Associated costs:
      EC$10 fee payable at the Treasury
      ES$15 stamp to be provided with the marriage licence to the Prime Minister‟s
      EC$2 payable to the Registry General‟s Office
      ES$5 stamp to be presented with the certificate
(Fees subject to change)

Hot spots to tie the knot on Grenada
-Sandy Island or one of the smaller even more deserted one-palm tree sandy islands
-Mount Egdecombe, De Savary‟s Estate
-River Antoine Rum Distillery
-Fort George
-Grand Etang Lake or under one of the many Rainforest Water Falls
-River Tubing down River Balthazar
-In the Cricket Stadium
-Leapers Hill Centre

                    For further press information please contact:                 10
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:


For some of the best diving in the Caribbean look no further than the idyllic island of
Grenada and its sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Located in the
Eastern Caribbean, the southern most end of the Windward Islands and 158 miles
north of Venezuela, this Isle of Spice benefits from a pleasant year-round climate,
perfect for divers at any level.

Each island boasts miles of unspoilt reef formations and a vast range of marine life
with the name Carriacou meaning „Island of Reefs‟. Moray Eel, Angelfish, Octopus,
Seahorses are just some of the colourful underwater inhabitants. Dive sites are
accessible for both beginners and advanced divers with plenty to explore from lazy
drift dives over coral gardens to the Bianca C - the largest shipwreck in the

There are five fully equipped dive centres on Grenada and three on Carriacou, each
offering the latest equipment for hire and all with fully qualified PADI and/or BSAC
instructors. Children from 10 years and above can take a PADI diving course at the
famous Grand Anse beach.

Grenada and Carriacou has over 50 world-class dive sites – 30 in Grenada and 20 in
Carriacou - including reefs and wrecks which vary from 20 feet to 120 feet with
visibility reaching up to 100 feet at some sites.

Some of Grenada‟s top dive sites include:

            Bianca C – The 600ft-cruise ship sunk in 1961. Lying on a sandy plain in
             167ft of water, the decks are accessible to divers at 90ft depth from
             surface. The ship is encrusted with sponges, black, soft and hard corals
             and there are shoals of jack, barracuda and spotted eagle rays in
            MV Hildur - This latest project of the Grenada Scuba Diving Association
             is integrally linked to its environmental objectives that are designed to
             create artificial reefs and habitats for marine life around Grenada. The
             sinking of the MV Hildur in 2007 was a joint effort of the Grenada Scuba

                    For further press information please contact:                 11
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
           Diving Association and the de Savary Development Company. The Hildur
           was a 30m Coastal Freighter that was no longer seaworthy but in good
           condition. She currently sits perfectly on her keel in the sand at Grand
           Mal Bay and is already becoming home to migrating fish from adjacent
          Boris, Hillsborough & Tyrell Bay, Carriacou – The second wreck sunk
           as an artificial reef in the waters around Carriacou after “Westsider” was
           sunk in 2007 with permission of the Grenada Ports Authority. Leader of
           the project was the Grenada Scuba Diving Association in conjunction with
           the patronage of Jerry Stewart of the Tyrell Bay Yacht Haul-
           Out/Carriacou, who also generously donated this tugboat. For Grenada‟s
           sister island, Carriacou, this successful project adds another new exciting
           feature to the already diverse range of activities. The “Boris” being similar
           in build to the “Westsider” was also sunk in its proximity. It will be of great
           interest for divers to discover what differences in marine growth and
           habitat are going to evolve between the two wrecks which can be visited
           either separately or in one dive. Divers, look out when viewing dive site-
           descriptions for the site named “Twin Tugs”.
          Flamingo Bay – The wall with the most prolific sea life. Shoals of Creole
           Wrasse, Yellow Chromis, Grunts and Jack Knife fish adorn this site with
           the odd sighting of black seahorses amongst the shallower parts of the
          Moliniere Reef – A dive site for beginners as well as advanced divers.
           Because the reef comes within 10 feet of the surface the site is also
           popular with snorkelers. It culminates in a wall, dropping to 60ft where
           further out there are two wrecks: The Buccaneer and the Don Cesard.


Located in Moliniere in St. George‟s, the world‟s first underwater park created by
Jason des Caires Taylor opened in 2007 and combines the Island‟s indigenous
marine environment and creates an artificial reef of sculptures which depict
Grenadian peoples and their history. The park fulfils the dual purpose of protecting
the marine environment and the rich cultural history of Grenada while providing a
unique diving and snorkelling experience.

                    For further press information please contact:                 12
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
The sculptures are sited in clear shallow waters providing easy access to divers,
snorkelers and those in glass-bottomed boats. By using sculptures to create artificial
reefs, the artist‟s interventions promote hope and recovery, and underline our need to
understand and protect the natural world. (For a more in-depth list of dive sites
around the islands refer to pages 10 and 11 of the Grenada brochure or visit


Family owned Grenada Seafaris offer fun-packed tours and are a great way to see
the shoreline of Grenada. The boats cruise to the various bays where experienced
guides describe the history, geography and ecology of the island. Snorkellers have
the opportunity to discover the amazing sea life and the Underwater Sculpture
Gallery at Moliniere Point.

The Sea Fun Adventure is a new water-based attraction where visitors pilot their own
inflatable boat in a two and a half hour tour along Grenada‟s west coast. This is an
ideal way to discover the amazing beaches, coral reefs and sea life.

Kayak trips can be arranged through Spice Kayaking and Eco Tours. They offer
guided trips with safety cover including moonlight pedal boat tour, for further
information visit or email:


Grenada is blessed with many natural attributes for anyone who enjoys sailing; clear
turquoise water, protected anchorages with onshore activities, and gentle offshore
trade winds which make sailing an enjoyable experience.

One way to get the most out of a Caribbean holiday is to charter a yacht. There is a
wide range of options open to visitors interested in sailing. In Grenada and Petite
Martinique, where the sailing is world class, it is possible to charter a crewed yacht or
bareboat for a day (or longer if preferred).

                    For further press information please contact:                 13
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
In Carriacou, there are two main yacht areas: Tyrrel Bay and Hillsborough. Carriacou
has several regattas and festivals during the course of the year, together with a small
boatyard offering some marine repairs. Carriacou has a more relaxed atmosphere for
clients with a considerable range of dive and snorkel sites.

Locally made boats are used for both pleasure and commerce and there is still a fleet
of traditional fishing boats, which are powered only by sails. Carriacou, with its rich
history, has one of the oldest regattas in the Caribbean.

Visitors can sail down the West Coast of Grenada and head past the 'Kick 'em Jenny'
- an active underwater volcano, taking in possible sightings of flying fish, dolphins
and even possibly whales!

An ideal first stop would be in St. George's harbour, either on the dock at Grenada
Yacht Club or anchoring outside. With the boat‟s dinghy, the town of St. George's
can be explored where visitors will find banks, gift shops, several restaurants, the

museum and gallery as well the post office to send International post and parcels.
The fruit and vegetable market is also worth visiting, to experience the huge variety
of produce not often seen in Europe, including twisted root vegetables and sugar

Sailing from St. George's to Prickly Bay will encounter several bays along the way
that have great snorkelling environments and restaurants dotted along the beach.
Prickly Bay, with its many local cuisine restaurants, has a new marine installation
called 'Boat Works' to cater for repairs and storage. Visitors can also get to and from
Prickly Bay by bus or taxi.

Sailing around Point Salines (the end of the airport runway) to the Atlantic coastline,
are many more anchorages, docks and local restaurants. The sense of freedom and
roaming continues along this coast with some bays completely undeveloped, offering
a tranquil haven to dock.

For more information there is an impartial trade association called Marine & Yachting
Association of Grenada, who can be contacted directly through their website: or via email on

                    For further press information please contact:                 14
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
Port Louis Grenada and the Grenada Sailing Festival announced that Port Louis will
be the new title sponsor of the Grenada Sailing Festival in January 2009.


Knowledgeable anglers agree that Grenada boasts some of the Caribbean‟s best
game fish waters and that there is no better place to "catch" a piece of the action
than at the Annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament held in mid January each year,
which attracts pros from all over the world.

There are tour operators on the Island that can arrange a day or half-day trip chasing
deep-water fish such as Marlin, Billfish, Wahoo, Tuna. The fishing grounds are
relatively close to the island so it‟s not far to motor before the fishing begins. Trips in
fully equipped fishing boats can be arranged through First Impressions:


About 15 species of whales can be seen in the Grenadian waters. During the period
December to April there is a 97% success rate of sighting whales and dolphins.
Among the whales usually seen are the sperm, humpback, long and short fin padded
whales and various species of dolphin.

Dolphin and whale watching tours can be arranged with First Impressions. Email: or visit:

There are several companies on the Island that organise half-day and full-day
sightseeing cruises, in addition to trips that include diving and snorkelling packages.
Visit for further information.

                    For further press information please contact:                 15
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
                               ADVENTURE FOR ALL
Grenada is an island of beauty but also lends itself to sport and soft adventure
activities for individuals, couples and families as well as sporting organisations
wishing to train in Grenada.

Half-day and full-day mountain biking tours, organised through Trailblazers and
various hotels on the islands, are available for the sports enthusiasts looking for
some adventure on their holiday,

A full day tour with Trailblazers signature day package takes visitors biking on some
of the Island‟s best off-road trails, through shallow streams and along beaches
allowing time for photographic „picture-breaks‟! The terrain is perfect for mountain
bikers of all levels; from beginner to advanced and a promise of no main road biking
makes it the perfect way to explore the Island. All equipment is new and in line with
safety regulations, helmets and lunch are provided on the trip.

For the more adventurous and independent mountain biker Trailblazers give a
complimentary detailed tour route and instruction sheet with any bike rentals. Details
of both packages can be found on

Officially launched in 2005, river tubing has become a popular activity for visitors to
Grenada. The 45-minute drive out of St. George‟s either takes the route of the scenic
hilly interior of the Grand Etang Rainforest Reserve, or along the breath taking
Atlantic east coastline, before reaching the Balthazar Estate. Groups head into the
Balthazar River together, accompanied by guides.

The experience allows spinning and swirling in the currents of the river, taking in the
exotic scenery of tropical vegetation and wildlife at the same time. The experience
stops in pools along the way, allowing the group to swim in the last natural river pool.
To find out more about River Tubing visit:

Grenada Seafaris is a family owned business offering fun-packed tours and is a great
way to see the shoreline and discover enchanting bays. The 30 foot vessels, which
are manufactured in Europe and used by many Coast Guard units, ride over the

                    For further press information please contact:                 16
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
waves. The boats cruise to the various bays where experienced guides describe the
history, geography and ecology of the island. Snorkelers have the opportunity to
discover the amazing sea life and the Underwater Sculpture Gallery at Moliniere

The most popular area in Grenada for hiking and trekking is undoubtedly the
rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, high up in the mountains of the
island's interior. Grand Etang's varied elevations and terrains maintain several
different ecological subsystems, culminating in the elfin woodlands high up the
slopes of the reserve's central mountains.

Hikes at Grand Etang range from easy 15-minute jaunts to rigorous expeditions of
several hours. The Forest Reserve provides guides to accompany hikers or printed
routes for the more experienced. Details can be found at Henry‟s Safari Tours by
emailing .

The Grenada Golf & Country Club is a nine-hole course located near Grand Anse.
Facilities include club rental, instruction, a bar and a caddy service. Green fees are
EC$40 for nine holes, club hire is EC$25 and caddy fees start from EC$10. Some
hotels on the island offer free green fees.

Tennis courts and facilities are available at most hotels, with public tennis courts
found at Grand Anse and Tanteen, St. George‟s.

SNOOKER, BILLIARDS, POOL and DARTS are all available at Sports Bars in and
around the Grand Anse area in St. George‟s.

Grenada, with its stunning beaches and the prettiest harbour in the Caribbean is
idyllic, welcoming and safe. Complementing the perfect holiday spot are the sporting
facilities of The Grenada National Stadium. Grenada‟s fantastic facilities coupled

                    For further press information please contact:                 17
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
with a great climate, provides schools, colleges, universities and sporting
organisations with a choice destination in which to train.

Many of the world‟s best cricketers and UK athletes have visited the Island when
preparing for top class competitions. In addition to offering training facilities, Grenada
is also ready to welcome groups for competitive matches against the national netball
and football squads. The Grenada National Stadium has already hosted international
cricket, athletics and football and boasts a top quality gymnasium and running track.
St. George‟s University, with its superb cricket practice facilities (including several turf
and artificial nets) has an environment that is conducive to learning and training, with
the backdrop of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea.

Teams that have visited Grenada for Sports Training include: Yorkshire County
Cricket Club, Sussex County Cricket Club, UK Athletics and Caterham School to
name but a few. English Cricket fans can accompany their heroes of the past for the
Annual Grenada Cricket Classics (see page 17 for further details of this.)

The Ministry of Sport in St. George‟s can put teams in contact with the following;
Grenada Athletics Association, Grenada Basketball Association, Grenada Cricket
Association, Grenada Lawn Tennis Association, Grenada Netball Association. For
further information contact Grenada Sports, Tel: 01604 231222/626216 or email:

                    For further press information please contact:                 18
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:

Fish Friday – Every Friday, Every Month, All Year!
Every Friday night, the town of Gouyave welcomes locals and visitors alike from 6pm
until 1am. St. Francis and St. Dominic streets are transformed into a seafood
extravaganza, with freshly caught fish, shrimp, lobster and other seafood cooked on
open fires in a variety of ways. This is fused with cultural performances and music.

The Gouyave Fish Friday Festival Company Ltd, a non-profit company, manages the
festival with representatives from The Fisherman‟s Association, the Gouyave
Improvement Committee and the St. John‟s Social and Cultural Organisation.

Annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament – January 20 23, 2009
Attracting anglers and boats from as far afield as Canada, UK, South America and
USA, the event sees competitors vying for new records and attractive prizes. There is
„Cook Off‟ challenge on the „Lay-Day‟ where the anglers test their culinary skills.

Annual Grenada Sailing Festival – January 30 to February 03, 2009

Grenada Classic Yacht Regatta – February 19 – 23, 2009

Carriacou Carnival – February 23 -24, 2009
The celebrations involve two days of street parades and various competitions among
calypso and soca singers and masquerade bands.

St. Patrick's Day Fiesta – March 15, 2009
Celebrated in Sauteurs in the parish of St. Patrick, this festival exhibits the local art
and craft, agricultural produce, food, drink and a cultural extravaganza and mini
street festival.

Round the island, Easter Regatta – April 10 -13, 2009
The Grenada Yacht Club held its first annual Tall Yachts Race in 2006 with 18 boats
entering making it one of the finest sailing spectacles in the Caribbean.

Grenada Drum Festival – May 02 – 03, 2009

                    For further press information please contact:                 19
Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
In the north-eastern part of Grenada, almost on the boundary between the parishes
of St. Andrew and St. Patrick lies the rural community of Tivoli. With a rich history in
drumming, it is home to the Tivoli Drummers and the natural birthplace of the
Grenada Drum Festival.

Fisherman’s Birthday celebrations – June 29, 2009
Every year Grenada's fishing villages commemorate the June 29th feast day of St.
Peter and St. Paul.

Known locally as Fisherman's Birthday Celebrations, the event begins with Church
services and the blessing of boats and nets, followed by boat races, fishing displays
and late evening parties.

The historic town of Gouyave, in the northwest parish of St John's, is the main venue
for these activities, which in recent years have grown to include community sporting
and cultural events on the days leading up to June 29th.

Carriacou Regatta – July 31 – August 03, 2009
In 2008, the Carriacou Regatta Festival celebrates its 44th anniversary with festival
highlights including Miss Aquaval Queen Show, Donkey Racing, Greasy Pole and
numerous cultural and sporting events.

Grenada Carnival – August 11- 12, 2009
Renowned for its colour, creativity and unique cultural character, Grenada‟s Carnival
is one of the island‟s biggest annual festivals. Although each parish features its own
brand of traditional costume or mas‟, and many have activities at the Parish level, for
many the main Carnival action is to be found on the streets of the capital city of St.

The festivities begin in July with the opening of various Calypso Tents where local
calypso bands sing to entertain locals and visitors alike and vie for a chance to
compete on the big stage of the National Calypso Monarch Competition. School
Calypso competitions culminate in the Junior Calypso Monarch and Junior Soca
Monarch shows where the young cultural talent of Grenada is brought to the

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The Carnival celebration gains momentum in early August with cultural presentations
and calypso shows almost every night of the week and the night air is filled with the

sound of steel bands rehearsing their unique musical arrangements for the upcoming
Panorama competition. Finally the countdown to Carnival begins one week before,
with the opening of the Rainbow City Festival in Grenville, St. Andrew. For more
information about Grenada‟s Carnival visit the official website of the Grenada
Carnival Committee at

Grenada Cricket Classics – with Allan Lamb - October 10 – 11, 2009
Grenadians and other visitors are treated to the talent of Cricket legends from
England and the West Indies. The West Indies team, captained by Joel Garner,
included the following legends: Gordon Greenidge, Vivian Richards, Curtly Ambrose,
Jimmy Adams and Richie Richardson. The English team, led by Allan Lamb, included
former notable players; Robin Smith, Chris Lewis, Phil De Fretias, Derek Randall and
Mark Butcher. Check 2009 names
Carriacou Parang Festival – December 18 -20, 2009
Founded in 1977 by Mr. Bently Thomas, the Carriacou Parang Festival highlights the
music and culture of Carriacou. Festival events include the Parang and Hosana Band
competitions as well as the individual Song Competition. The 2008 Parang Festival
will take place on 19-21 December.

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1              New Years Day
20, 21 & 23    40th Annual Spice Island Bill Fish Tournament
30 – Feb 03    16th Annual Grenada Sailing Festival

7              35th Anniversary of Independence
19 -22         Grenada Classic Yacht Regatta
23 -24         Carriacou Carnival
17             St. Patrick‟s Day Festival

April          7th Grenada Round the Island Easter Regatta
10 -13         Good Friday
10             Easter Monday

1              Labour Day
2-3            Grenada Drum Festival

June           Whit Monday
1              Corpus Christi
11             Fisherman‟s Birthday

July           44th Carriacou Regatta
26 – Aug 3

               Emancipation Day
3              Carnival Monday
10             Carnival Tuesday

25             Thanksgiving Day

18 - 20        Carriacou Parang Festival
25             Christmas Day
26             Boxing Day

N.B. Public Holidays are highlighted

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                            DEVELOPMENT OVERVIEW
Grenada is committed to expanding and maintaining a tourism industry that puts
quality before quantity. The Government is very selective about the developments
that they support in order to prevent over development.

The Government also places special emphasis on the standard of accommodation
and all properties are inspected by a team that includes representatives from the
Grenada Board of Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the Grenada Bureau of Standards,
the Physical Planning Unit and the Royal Grenada Police Force.


The five-star Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa is set in a private position that fronts the
Caribbean and offers spectacular sea and mountain views. Spread over 41-acres of
tropical gardens and comprising a mix of apartments, villas and hotel cottages with
state-of-the-art facilities including a spa and fitness centre, tennis courts and
beachfront bars and restaurant, a 200m white-sand beach, infinity-edge pools,
courtyard pools, private plunge pools, swimming, snorkelling and water sports, 24-
hour security, hiking and biking trails and sheltered jetty for small craft.

Construction is on schedule for a completion date during the first half of 2010. At the
2007 International Property Awards, the Bacolet Bay Resort & Spa development won
the Best Development and Best Developer Website.
Bacolet Bay Resort will consist of chic garden apartments and private villas in 41
acres of lush tropical gardens all with stunning 180 degree views. The resort itself will
be low-density with residential areas nestling amongst tropical forests, whilst the
hotel and spa will provide state-of-the-art leisure facilities and the highest quality
restaurants and bars.

It is located 20 minutes from the capital St George‟s and the international airport, with
direct flights from US, UK & Europe. Amenities will include a spa and fitness centre
with tennis courts, beachfront bars and restaurants,

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The sod turning ceremony for the luxury five-star beachfront resort development of
Calivigny Cove took place in June 2008. This project, which will include a boutique
hotel, residences and marina, will comprise 186 keys. Among them are 60 guest
rooms, five tree houses, 40 two-bedroom suites with lock off, 25 three or four
bedroom residence and six beach luxury residences and a marina village.

The Grenada Four Seasons Hotel and Residences project is being developed on 420
acres of land on the south east coast of Grenada. The development includes the 81-
acre Hog Island which is joined to the mainland by a bridge. It will be constructed by
Cinnamon 88, which is a successful world renowned developer company owned by
Mike Pemberton and Robin Patterson, who are British investors currently living in

Phase one is due to be completed in 2011, when Four Seasons will assume the
management of the project. The entire development comprises an 18-hole
Championship Golf Course, a 130-key Four Seasons Resort Hotel with two
Presidential Suites and one Royal Suite. The development will also include a marina
with a sailing school and terrestrial research centre, yacht slips, tennis courts, club
houses, a choice of restaurants, bars and 175 private residences and villas spread
over the entire acreage. Extensive water features, lush landscapes, beach club,
fitness centre and a number of white sand areas on Hog Island and the mainland will
complete the product offering.

Grand Harbour is a collection of luxury waterfront residences located on Egmont
Point, a spectacular peninsular on the south coast of Grenada. The development is
designed to provide every apartment with magnificent views of the bay and the
mountains of Grand Etang, the main mountain range of Grenada.
The refined interior design concept is a blend of contemporary with a Caribbean feel.
Grand Harbour offers the very latest in resort design and infrastructure, 26 fully
serviced private slips, a mega yacht berth, swimming pool, day spa and fitness
centre, restaurant, bar and an impressively equipped water sports club.

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Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
The development comprises 54 units of three-bedroom waterfront town houses,
three-bedroom waterfront apartments and two- bedroom hillside apartments. Grand
Harbour is due for completion by December 2009.

Grooms Beach Villas and Resort opened in January 2008 featuring 20 self-
contained apartments and 29 bedrooms. The $1.8million complex is located in the
Point Salines area on the southern tip of Grenada and boasts a beachside location
as well as being within great proximity to the tourism belt of Grand Anse. Visit for more information.

Le Phare Bleu Marina & Resort officially opened in April 2008. This beach-front resort
is surrounded by lush and exotic landscaping and comprises of thirteen units,
tastefully designed with a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles.

There is also a luxury two bed-roomed, two bathroom villa incorporating a unique
plunge pool within the interior of the building. Other features include a swimming pool
and lounge bar, together with car hire and a mini-market. Service facilities are
available to the yachting community on site and the water sports facilities include
sailing, snorkelling and wake boarding.

Work commenced on this world-class luxury eco-resort that will meet industry best
practices for environmentally sound design and construction in January 2008. It will
be of low density in synergy with its ecological goal to preserve the aesthetics of the
Levera National Park, Levera Beach and the protection of the turtle breeding habitat.

Several hundred trees will be replanted along the beachfront and steps taken to
reduce the negative impact of invasive plants. Construction of the infrastructure will
begin in 2009 and will be followed by the construction of the hotel and villas, with a
completion date planned for late 2011.

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Grenada Board of Tourism l T: 020 8877 4516 l E:
Mount Cinnamon Grenada was officially opened in March 2008 with 21 beautifully
appointed, fully furnished and tastefully equipped one, two and three bedroom suites
and villas, the minimum of which is over 1200 sq feet in size.

Located on the famous Grand Beach, all accommodations enjoy spectacular views
over the beach and the Caribbean Sea. The resort also offers a beachside cabana
club with numerous water sports, tennis, spa treatments, swimming pool and

The popular contemporary restaurant – the Verandah Restaurant – opened in June
2007. The menu offers exciting dishes fusing the best of the Mediterranean with
local Grenadian vegetables, flavours and spices.

Winner of five International Property Awards, including „Best International
Development‟, Prickly Bay Waterside is a groundbreaking development of luxury
high-tech houses and apartments providing a unique combination of inside and
outside living. Basking at the waters‟ edge of the Lance-aux-Epines peninsular in the
southern end of Grenada, Prickly Bay Waterside boasts a stunning location in the
Old Boatyard at Prickly Bay, a by-word amongst yachtsman the world over.

Audacious and cutting edge in design, the development comprises houses and
apartments (from one-bedroom apartments to the spectacular five-bedroom, super
yacht-inspired Marine Houses), an exclusive club hotel with first class facilities, a new
state-of-the-art marina with its own Tiki bar, manicured gardens and a spectacular
series of swimming pools running the length of the development.

Combining materials used in the hi-tech aeronautical and automotive industries such
as carbon fibre and Kevlar and with extensive use of glass and steel, plus state-of-
the-art lighting and gadgetry, Prickly Bay Waterside is highly futuristic in design, and
one of the first developments in the world to combine and apply these technologies to
building construction.

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The Port Louis Marina & Creole Village was officially opened at a grand ceremony in
January 2008, days after the announcement of a major joint venture arrangement
between the de Savary Group and the largest marina developer in the world, Camper
& Nicholsons.

In the new partnership, Camper & Nicholsons will invest 24 million US dollars to
market and develop the Port Louis Marina into one of the best and most exclusive in
the world. The Victory Bar & Grill II, which was the first major development to take
place at the Port Louis Marina, has been fully operational since May 2007.

La Source Spa re-opened its doors in February 2008 having completed a full
renovation and refurbishment. The complex aims to regain its place amongst the top
spa complexes in the world with its new wellbeing centre and spa facilities. As well as
new restaurants and leisure facilities on offer, guests are treated to one
complimentary spa treatment per day.
Visit for more information.

Located on the south coast at Fort Jeudy, this 15-room resort property has two
unspoilt white sand beaches offering protected swimming and snorkelling. The
design concept will combine the best of the Caribbean with Mexican and regional
design influences and will incorporate ecological ideas to reduce the impact on the
eco-system through use of solar water heating, solar lighting and an efficient water
irrigation system. The property is due to open Spring 2009.

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