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									What The Global Airports Industry Is Planning In 2010-
2011:Procurement, Investment & Industry Trends Outlook


“What The Global Airports Industry Is Planning In 2010-2011” is a new report published by
Company Research that analyzes how airport & support companies products & services spend,
procurement strategies & practices and business planning will be shaped in 2010 to 2011.
In an uncertain economic climate this report gives you access to the category-level spending
outlooks, buyer budgets, supplier selection criteria, business challenges and investment
opportunities of leading purchase decision makers. The report also identifies buyers and
suppliers market growth, M&A and investment expectations. The research is based on an
extensive survey of senior and C-level industry executives from our market leading panels.


• Opinions and forward looking statements of over 495 industry executives are captured in our
in-depth survey, of which 57% represent Director & C-level respondents
• Analysis on buyer spend, procurement and industry developments by airport operators,
contractors, systems integrators, air traffic control and other support companies and airport
goods and service suppliers worldwide
• Key topics include buyer spend activity, procurement behaviors & strategies, threats &
opportunities for the airports industry and how these have been affected by the economic
• In the report buyers identify what suppliers need to do to maintain their business and the key
actions being taken by industry players to overcome the leading business threats
• The research is based on primary survey research conducted by ICD Research accessing its B2B
panels comprised of senior purchase decision makers and leading supplier organizations
• The geographical scope of the research is global – drawing on the activity and expectations of
leading industry players across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa & Middle East.

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