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					The Official Publication of YCC                       February - March 2011                  Volume 3 Number 1

                                                                 We hope you like our redesigned
                                                                 With our new computer and software we are able to
    85 Members 24 States plus Guam &                             bring you a newsletter with better graphics and other
                                                                     improvements. As always we appreciate any
                                                                             comments or suggestions.
            Thirteen New Members
Since the last newsletter we have 13 new members.
    Join us in welcoming our newest members.
                                                                             Raising the Bottle
 Jeff Krypto                    Boca Raton       FL
 Tom Anspach                    Manville         NJ              If you’re ever in the Pottsville, PA. area on New
 Rich Degnan                    Yigo             Guam            Year’s Eve, you don’t want to miss this. Each New
 Kevin Straub                   Byrnedale        PA              Year's Eve the city sponsors the raising of the
 Curt Cranmer                   Catawissa        PA              Yuengling Bottle to the top of the flagpole at Garfield
                                                                 Square to ring in the new year. In conjunction with
 Tom Lewicki                    Luzino           Poland
                                                                 their Winter Carnival, they actually raise a giant faux
 Eric Zabel                     Basking Ridge    NJ
                                                                 bottle of Yuengling Lager up the pole. They don’t
 Joey Anczarski                 Shenandoah       PA
                                                                 lower the bottle as they do with the ball in NYC
 John W. Hochgertel             Pottsville       PA
                                                                 because as Pottsville city administrator Tom
 Tim Hines                       Charleston      WV              Palamar puts it, "You're not supposed to drop a beer
 Michael Maratea                The Woodlands    TX              bottle."
 Mark Davis                      Schertz         TX
 John Kuginski                   Sierra Vista    AZ

Inside This Issue
                                                                   Yuengling’s Mission Statement
1 New Members > Redesign Newsletter > Raise the Bottle >         We thought that all our members should know
Yuengling‟s Mission Statement                                    Yuengling’s Mission Statement as it communicates
2 Are You Porter Worthy?                                         just what Yuengling is all about.
3 Porter Worthy Gift Idea
4 Collectors Corner – Baseball Cards                             “D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America's Oldest
                                                                 Brewery, is a family owned and operated brewery
5 Collectors Corner – Baseball Cards continued > Classifieds     built on strong heritage and traditions with a
6 Calendar of Events                                             commitment to producing the highest quality Lagers,
7 Calendar of Events continued                                   Porters and Ales for our wholesalers, retailers and
8 Calendar of Events continued > Your Change In Email            consumers.”

                                                       The Eagles Eye 1
                                   Yuengling’s New Web Site

                                 Are You “Porter Worthy?”
Yuengling has a new campaign and web site for its dark brewed Porter beer called “Porter Worthy.” Yuengling
describes being “porter worthy,” as “a special tribute for those who have carried a heavy load, picked up extra
work or gone out of their way to help.” Yuengling first brewed their Porter in 1829 as a tribute to the porters of
19th century England. There were very few that could handle the tough job of carrying people’s heavy baggage
through the cobblestone streets of London.

From the press release: “Depth of character allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things on a daily
basis. These are the achievements we call „Porter Worthy,‟ and we want to give these achievements the
recognition they deserve,” said Yuengling Marketing Manager Lou Romano. “That‟s where Yuengling Porter
comes in. It‟s a reward that‟s special, yet accessible.”

Yuengling’s new web site features individuals who are Porter Worthy. These are people we
admire for going above and beyond. Based on reader nominations, each month on Yuengling’s Porter Worthy
blog and Facebook page, Yuengling will recognize a Porter Worthy Person of the Month. Those selected will
have their story told on and will win a limited edition Yuengling Porter hand-signed by Dick

So nominate a friend, family member, co-worker, another Yuengling collector, or even yourself. It doesn’t
matter if what the person did was big or small, doing something Porter Worthy means making a difference
when it matters most.

                                                The Eagles Eye 2
            From the web site
Breweriana refers to any items bearing the name or logo of a brewery or beer maker. It can include signs, beer
cans, bottle openers, coasters, trays, neon signs and any number of other highly collectible pieces of beer
history. Although some people collect breweriana like the top of the fridge collects dust, you might consider
purchasing a piece for the Yuengling fan in your life as a one-of-kind gift guaranteed to get prime placement in
his or her man cave (or woman cave?).

Although prices vary from less than $100 for some signs, cans or bottle openers to more than $1,000 for rarer
pre-Prohibition displays, chances are good that you’ll find something you’ll like for the right price.

For a glimpse of the goods currently on the market (or at least on display), check out the website of the
Yuengling Collectors Club (the 172nd chapter of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America). The men and
women of the YCC are serious Yuengling fans with a forum packed with info on where to find the perfect
breweriana gift.

Don’t have a few hundred bucks lying around for that vintage lager sign? No problem. The Yuengling store on
the brewery’s website has plenty of more affordable Porter Worthy signage options.

   Porter Worthy Glass                           Porter Worthy Tee                              2005 Porter Pewter Mug
       16 ounce                         front                            back                       only 250 made
      SKU: 5228                                      SKU: 5522                                         SKU: 1066
         $3.99                                          $9.99                                            $34.99

      2005 Porter Ornament                      2005 Porter Truck               2005 Porter Limited Zippo Lighter
             2.25” high                            7.5" long
                SKU: 8                          SKU: 16                                    SKU: 1062
        Sale $6.99 $4.99                   Sale $30.00 $19.99                                $39.99

                    Available at the Yuengling Store       

                                                     The Eagles Eye 3
              Back in the 50's kids would actually
              play with their baseball cards, flipping
              them, and putting them in the spokes
              of their bicycle wheels. The cards
              received a lot of wear and tear, and
              often didn’t survive. This decreased
              the availability to collectors and
              therefore increased the value.

                                  The Yuengling baseball cards had a much different fate. They were treated
                                  like coupons and redeemed for ice cream. According to the backside of the
                                  cards you could get an ice cream bar for the Babe Ruth card, or you could
                                  save it for quarts of Yuengling ice cream or a $5.00 skooter. If you were
                                  able to collect the complete set of all sixty different cards, they could be
                                  surrendered for a gallon of Yuengling Ice Cream.

 During the prohibition years Yuengling started to make ice cream to subsidize their loss of revenue from the
sale of beer. York Caramel of York, Pennsylvania produced baseball cards in 1928 with similar pictures for four
different ice cream companies, Yuengling’s, Harrington’s, Tharp’s and Sweetman. The Yuengling set was 1 3/8”
wide x 2 ½” high and consisted of sixty different cards.

 Fortunately not all of Yuengling’s cards were exchanged for ice cream. Some ended up in dresser drawers,
cigar boxes and other places being saved for various reasons. Now, over 80 years later, these cards have
value for different reasons to different people. Of course the value to many collectors is more monetary than
sentimental. As with other collectibles, a baseball card is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The
estimated or assigned worth of a baseball card depends on the rarity and the condition. Obviously a card with
sharp corners, no creases or tears, no markings or staining will command a higher price than one in poorer
condition. The most popular way to find the value of a card is to use the Beckett baseball card price guide. It’s
recognized as the most commonly used guide among collectors. In addition to their printed price guides,
Beckett also has an online price guide that you can subscribe to at

 When looking to purchase Yuengling baseball cards be sure to look for cards with a PSA rating. PSA is an
acronym for Professional Sports Authenticator. PSA was the first widely accepted grading service and set the
standard for the graded card market. PSA graded cards are capsulated inside a protective, tamper proof PSA
clear holder with a label that shows its certification number, manufacturer, grade, date, unique bar code and
player's name. This will verify the card’s authenticity and quality. With the PSA grading system number you’ll be
able to use a card price guide, like Beckett mentioned above, to determine the value of a card. Just remember
that when selling a card they generally go for about 50% of the high listed value. There will be times when
cards sell for near book value, and occasionally you'll find cards that sell for more than their book values! Con’t

                                                     The Eagles Eye 4
                                        PSA GRADING SCALE

                                        PSA 1... Poor-Fair                  oc = Off Centered
                                        PSA 2... Good                       st = Stain
                                        PSA 3... Very Good                  pd = Print Defects
                                        PSA 4... Very Good-Excellent        of = Off-Focus
                                        PSA 5... Excellent                  mk = Marks
                                        PSA 6... Excellent-Mint
                                        PSA 7... Near Mint
                                        PSA 8... Near Mint-Mint
                                        PSA 9... Mint
                                        PSA 10... Gem Mint

                                        The card on the left, Lou Gehrig, #26 of 60, is EX 5 which is graded
                                        “Excellent.” It sold for $3,250.00. We can only imagine what it
                                        would have gone for if it was a PSA grade 10.

Looking for real early yuengling coasters and labels. Want a weiner beer label and any pre pro labels.
Russ Stone

40oz bottles wanted. I also collect 45oz and 64oz bottles of brands that were produced in 40oz size.
Pete "Bruz" Brusyo BCCA #33615

Looking to purchase a 2009 180th anniversary Yuengling Christmas ball ornament. Please contact me. Sandi
Yingling #39

I have for trade many unused beer labels from Polish breweries and other countries. Please write me.
Adam Bobryk
ul.Poznanska 90a/1
18-400 Lomza, Poland

Yuengling Olde Oxford Cream Ale can wanted, any size, any condition.
Bill D’Arcy BCCA #8154

                                               The Eagles Eye 5
February 5, 2011                                                  February 19, 2011

 AZ, Scottsdale A1 Way Out West Show                              NY, Canastota Slipping & Sipping Show
Sponsored by A1 Chapter                                           Sponsored by Officer Suds
Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse and Microbrewery, 10426            The Rusty Nail, Route 5 - Canastota, NY
E. Jomax Rd - Scottsdale, AZ - Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm             Hours: 8:00am - 1:00pm Daniel Shumway, #1472
Todd Barnes, #19581                                               315-822-6355
623-931-6721                                February 20, 2011
February 6, 2011                                                  IL, Joliet Chapter Trade Show
IL, Wauconda Super Bowl Trade                                     Sponsored by Prison City
Sponsored by North Star Chapter                                   Knights of Columbus Hall, 1813 E Cass Street (Route 30) -
American Legion Hall, 514 S Main Street - Wauconda, IL            Joliet, IL Call for hours Willy Novak, #26738
Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm Ken Kieliszewski, #25409
847-202-1877                                 February 25 - 26, 2011
MN, St. Paul Freeze Your Can                                      IN, South Bend Hoosier Chapter Cabin Fever Reliever
Sponsored by Bull Frog Chapter                                    Sponsored by Hoosier Chapter
Freeze Your Can, 910 Montreal Circle - St. Paul, MN               Quality Inn, 515 Dixie Way North - South Bend, IN
Hours: 12:00pm - 3:00pm Dave Wendl, #6243                         Hours: Fri 4:00pm - 11:00pm Sat 9:00am – 11:00pm
651-731-9573                                 Dave Cichoracki, #29702 574-674-2779
February 16 - 20, 2011                                            February 26, 2011
VA, FREDERICKSBURG 32ND ANNUAL BLUE GRAY SHOW                     WI, Madison Madison Bottle and Advertising Show
Sponsored by Capital City, Richbrau, Rusty Bunch, Sports          VFW Hall, 133 East Lakeside Street - Madison, WI
Cans, & Crafty Brewery Collectors Chapters                        Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm     Dave Wendl, #6243
     ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS YOU CAN ATTEND                         608-669-7400
Ramada Inn, 5324 Jefferson Davis Highway - U.S Rt. 1 off I-
95 exit 126 Spotsylvania - Fredericksburg, VA                     March 5, 2011
Ray Johnson, #10176 703-971-3549
                                                                  PA, Macungie ECBA / Horlacher Combined Spring Meet
February 19, 2011                                                 Sponsored by Horlacher
                                                                  Macungie Park Hall, Rt. 100 - Main St. - Macungie, PA
WA, Des Moines 29th Annual Rustfest                               Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm Larry Handy, #947
Sponsored by Rainier Chapter                                      215-412-2344
Masonic Temple, 2208 S 223rd St - Des Moines, WAHours:
9:00am - 2:00pm Carl Scheurman, #29503
253-653-4499                                                                                     Con’t

                                                      The Eagles Eye 6
March 5, 2011                                                         March 12, 2011

OH, Toledo Annual Buckeye Chapter Show                                MN, Bloomington Springfest
Sponsored by Buckeye                                                  Sponsored by North Star Chapter
U.A.W Hall, Jackman Rd., Toledo, OH                                   Everett McClay VFW, 311 W. 84th St., Bloomington, MN
Hours: 9:00am - 2:00pm John Huff, #32554                              Hours: 9:00am – 2:00pm       Dave Wendl, #6243                                                     651-731-9573

NY, Latham Schultz & Dooley Spring Show                               March 13, 2011
Sponsored by Schultz & Dooley
Colonie Elks Club, 11 Elks Ln., Latham, NY                            AR, Eureka Springs The Vic Olson Memorial Show
Hours: 9:00am - 1:30pm Bill Laraway, #31048                           Sponsored by Ar-Can-Sas & Progress
518-439-2739                                    Best Western Inn of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, AR
                                                                      Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm         Erin Jones, #28761
CO, Aurora Kick the Winter Doldrums Show                    
Sponsored by Columbine Chapter
Frontier Club Bar & Restaurant, 18881 E. Colfax Ave.,                 NE, Omaha Annual Spring Breweriana & Beer Can Show
Aurora, CO Hours: 11:00am - 3:00pm Jim McCoy, #136                    Sponsored by Cornhusker
303 -771-4102                                       German-American Society Hall, 3717 South 120th St.,
                                                                      Omaha, NE Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm
March 6, 2011
                                                                      John Mlady, #3259 402-345-7909
NJ, Milltown George Craig Memorial Show
Sponsored by Jersey Shore Chapter
Milltown Senior Center, 60 Violet Terrace, Milltown, NJ               March 17 - 19, 2011
Hours: 8:30am - 3:00pm Joe Radman, #6898                              KY, Erlanger 35th Annual Luck 'O The Irish Mini
732-946-3416                                  Canvention Sponsored by Queen City Chapter
IL, Berwyn Spring Session                                             Cincinnati Airport Holiday Inn, 1717 Airport Exchange Rd -
                                                                      Erlanger, KY Thu & Fri all day Rm to Rm - Sat 9 am - 1pm
Sponsored by Windy City
Berwyn VFW Hall, Berwyn, IL                                           Beer Dave Gausepohl, #22473
Call for hours Ed Harker, #25677
312-927-9329                                 March 19, 2011

                                                                      WI, Potosi 6th Annual Port Of Potosi Spring Breweriana
March 11 - 12, 2011
                                                                      Sponsored by Port of Potosi (ABA Chapter)
GA, Augusta Annual Anti Freez Show                                    St. Andrew Thomas School GYM, Hwy 61 & 35 - Potosi, WI
Sponsored by Atlantic                                                 Hours: 9:00am – 2:00pm         Larry Bowden, #32951
America's Best Value Inn, 3023 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA             608-778-4869
Hours: Fri 3:00pm - 11:00pm Sat 8:00am – 2:00pm
Matt Parker, #31054 706-833-4021                 March 20, 2011

March 12, 2011                                                        IA, Davenport Quad-City Brewery Collectibles Show
                                                                      Sponsored by Hawkeye
OR, Portland The Not-So-Irish Swap Meet                               Knights of Columbus Hall, 1111 W. 35th St. - Davenport, IA
Sponsored by Cascade                                                  Hours: 9:00am – 2:00pm        Mike England, #3260
VFW Hall, 7118 SE Fern - Portland, OR                                 515-360-3586
Hours: 9:00am – 2:00pm Jerry "Happy Hop" Hyatt, #8569
360-576-3848                                                                            Con’t

                                                          The Eagles Eye 7
March 24 - 26, 2011                                                                 April 2, 2011
Now available is the 2
PA, New Cumberland Spring Thaw                                                      IL, Belleville Breweriana Blowout #12
Sponsored by Keystone Chapter                                                       Belle-Clair Fairgrounds, 200 South Belt East - Belleville, IL
Holiday Inn, I - 83 & PATnpk Exit 242 - New Cumberland, PA                          Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm         Kevin Kious, #29100
Thurs and Fri Rm-to-om, Sat. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm                                      618-346-2634
One of the biggest and best shows on the East Coast!
Jeff Lebo, #15105 717-938-4332

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