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									                         University of Wisconsin - Madison
                                                           AGENT: Donald Schwoerer
                                                           Questions regarding this bid – see Section 3.1
                                                           For Submittal of Bid Instructions – see Section #1.

                                                           Bid prices and terms shall be firm for sixty (60) days
OFFICIAL SEALED                                            from the date of bid opening, unless otherwise specified
                                                           in this Request for Bid by the UW-Madison Purchasing
 CONTRACT NUMBER: 11-5148                                  Services.

 ISSUE DATE: 04/06/11                                      Unless otherwise noted, public openings will be on the
                                                           date and time specified. Award(s), if any, will be made
 DUE DATE:        04/12/11      2:00 PM CDT                as soon thereafter as possible.

                                                           The bid abstract will be on file and is open to public
If NO BID (check here)            and return.              inspection only after award determination has been

                               11-5148 / AMENDMENT #1 / RESIDENCE HALLS MATTRESSES

Amendment #1 issued to: (1) add the following language to the Scope (Page 3): On average Housing orders
200 to 300 mattresses per year, up to 700 when opening new buildings; and (2) add the following language
in the Specifications, Section C.Core (Page 16): ILD of the foam core is 45 and the 2 topper pieces is 17.

If this amendment is not returned, it shall be assumed your original bid meets all conditions of the amendment.

All other terms and conditions remain the same. Please revise and submit your bid accordingly.

In signing this bid, we have read and fully understand and agree to all terms, conditions and specifications and acknowledge
that the UW-Madison Purchasing Services bid document on file shall be controlling. We certify that we have not, either directly
or indirectly, entered into any contract or participated in any collusion or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free
competition; that no attempt has been made to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a bid; that this bid has
been independently arrived at without collusion with any other bidder, competitor or potential competitor; that this bid has not
been knowingly disclosed prior to the opening of bids to any other bidder or competitor; that the stated statement is accurate
under penalty of perjury. I certify that the information I have provided in this bid is true and I understand that any false,
misleading or missing information may disqualify the bid.
SIGNATURE:                                                                             DATE :
TELEPHONE NUMBER: (                 )                             FAX NUMBER:           (       )
FEIN NUMBER:                                                     DUNS #:
UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN                                                              CONTRACT NO.: 11-5148
MADISON, WISCONSIN 53715-1218                      AMENDMENT #1                      PAGE 3 OF 24

                                  SECTION #2: GENERAL INFORMATION
2.1   Purpose:
      The University of Wisconsin-Madison, hereinafter referred to as the "University", through its Purchasing Services
      Department, hereinafter referred to as "Purchasing," on behalf of Division of University Housing, hereinafter
      referred to as "Housing," requests bids for the purchase of Residence Halls Foam Mattresses.

      The estimated value of this contract is $150,000.00 for UW Madison only. The University does not guarantee to
      purchase any specific quantity or dollar amount. On average Housing orders 200 to 300 mattresses per year,
      up to 700 when opening new buildings.

      Conditions of bid which include the word “must” or “shall” describe a mandatory requirement. All specifications are
      defined as mandatory minimum requirements unless otherwise stated. If no bidder is able to comply with a given
      specification, condition of bid or provide a specific item on the Itemized Bid List, Purchasing reserves the right to
      delete that specification, condition of bid or item without having to complete the bid process again. FAILURE TO
      MEET A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT SHALL DISQUALIFY YOUR BID. This contract bid document and the
      awarded bidder’s (Contractor’s) response information shall become the Contract.

      See SPECIFICATIONS and/or ITEMIZED BID LIST for the minimum acceptable specifications for items desired.

      Revisions to this bid may be made only by an official written amendment issued by Purchasing.

2.2   Definitions:
      The following definitions are used throughout the Special Conditions of Bid:

      Agent means UW Madison Purchasing Agent responsible for this Request for Bid. Full contact information can
      be found in Section 3.1.
      Bidder means a firm submitting a bid in response to this Request for Bid.
      CIC means Committee on Institutional Cooperation, a consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago.
      Contractor means successful Bidder awarded the bid.
      Department means UW-Madison Division of University Housing.
      DVB means Disabled Veteran-Owned Business.
      MBE means Minority Business Enterprise.
      P-Card means Procurement Card (State credit card).
      RFB means Request for Bid.
      State means State of Wisconsin.
      University and UW both mean University of Wisconsin-Madison.
      WBE means Woman-Owned Business Enterprise.

2.3   Eligible Purchasers:
      All University of Wisconsin-Madison campus locations must be eligible to purchase from this contract.

      In addition, other U.W. System campuses, State of Wisconsin agencies, Wisconsin municipalities, other CIC
      member institutions and Non-Profit Organizations specifically linked by their mission to the University of
      Wisconsin Madison, may desire to purchase from this contract. Bidders should state on the Bidder Response
      Sheet whether they agree to provide contract items to these other locations.

      A Wisconsin municipality is defined by Wisconsin Statute 16.70(8) to include counties, cities, villages, towns,
      school boards, sewage, drainage, vocational, technical and adult education districts, and other bodies with the
      power to award public contracts.

      This Contract must not be construed as mandatory upon any University campus, State agency or municipality.
      The University reserves the right to issue separate bids when deemed in the best interest of the University.
UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN                                                                      CONTRACT NO.: 11-5148
MADISON, WISCONSIN 53715-1218                            AMENDMENT #1                        PAGE 16 OF 24

                                           UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN – MADISON
                                                      SINGLE BED
                                                  CUT FOAM MATTRESS

SIZE:   36” X 80”, with the minimum overall thickness of 7”


                 All mattresses shall be manufactured in accordance with the best practice known to the manufacturing industry and
                 shall be clean and free from defects in material and workmanship.

                 The mattress shall be covered in XP FR-FB 210 Denier poly urethane coated nylon ticking with fire retardant barrier

                 The top and bottom sections in the mattress ticking shall be made up of one full width of fabric with no seams.

                 The border seams are to be an inverted center seam construction with lock stitch closure and Kevlar (fire retardant)

                 Color of the 210 Denier ticking is to be solid dark blue.

                 High Resilient (HR) 2” polyurethane 5 zone* convoluted high density (minimum of 1.5 lb. per cubic foot) plush foam
                 topper to be placed on the top and the bottom of the inner core.

                 Inner core to be 4” polyurethane high density (minimum of 1.5 lb. per cubic foot) foam.

                 Components to be bonded together by non toxic water based adhesives.

                    *5 zone – Areas under the head, foot, and mid section have a deeper convolution in the foam to create a plusher
                    comfort area. The areas under the lower back and thigh area has a shallow convolution to create a firmer comfort

                 ILD of the foam core is 45 and the 2 topper pieces is 17

             All mattresses are to be individually wrapped in a poly bag of at least 4 mil. thick.

                 Warranty must be a minimum of 3 years unconditional with 7 years prorated.

                 Overall weight not to exceed 25 lbs.

                 Entire mattress must be recyclable.

                 Awarded vendor must have a removal/recycle program for foam and innerspring mattresses.

                 Bidder to state on itemized bid list a description of their removal/recycling process.

              Mattress must conform to the current Consumer Products Safety Commission 16 CFR 1633 and 1632 flammability
              standards for mattresses, for use in a public building.

                 The mattress manufacturer must provide written certification from an independent burn test laboratory upon request
                 that their mattress has been certified to pass CPSC 16 CFR 1633 and 1632.

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