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August 26_ 2010 Dear Parents_ We


									                                                      August 26, 2010

Dear Parents,

       Welcome to Saugatuck Elementary School and the start of the 2010 - 2011
school year!

        The SES staff and I hope that you have had a most enjoyable summer and are
very pleased to welcome you back to all the excitement, challenge, and joy that the new
school year offers for your children!

        As I write this in the last days of August, the school is on the verge of being ready
for your children when school resumes on Wednesday, September 1st! Our custodians,
led by head custodian Al Orozco and assistant head custodian Rafael Matos have the
school in spectacular condition. Similarly, our secretaries, Carmela Cerulo, Carolyn
Dominici, and Tina Granata have us well prepared for another terrific school year.
Teachers have been working in their classrooms, and we’re just about ready to go!

School Hours!

        Remember, our school day begins at 8:15 and ends at 3:00. In the morning,
please do not drop students off at the building prior to 8:00 as staff will not be available
to supervise them prior to the 8:15 opening. Please do all you can to avoid having
students arrive late for school as they miss the important routines and teacher-to-student
conversations which establish the framework for their school day. Students who arrive
after 8:15 must be signed into the school in the office by a parent/guardian; they should
not simply be dropped off in front of the school.

Time to Update Registration Information on the Home Access Center!

        We would appreciate it if each family would take a moment as the year gets
underway to go onto the district’s Home Access Center to make certain that your
registration information is up-to-date!

       Often, between the end of one year and the start of the next, family contact and
emergency information change. Parents may change jobs, cell phone or office phone
numbers may change, those individuals listed as emergency contacts on the registration
card may no longer be available as people to call on in an emergency, etc. It is very
important that the information noted on the registration card always be current so that we
may get in touch with you quickly and accurately while school is in session.
       If you’ve forgotten your user name or password, please contact the Parent Help
Desk for assistance by sending an email to:

Toys (and those Silly Bandz) at School

        Unless a teacher specifically asks students to bring in a toy, such as a teddy bear
or stuffed animal for a special event in the classroom, we ask that students keep toys at
home and not bring them to school as they can easily distract students from their learning.
As last year, I ask that students not bring Silly Bandz to school, as well, to avoid having
them become the significant distraction to student learning that they proved to be in the
last school year before I asked that they no longer be brought to school.

Saugatuck Faculty

         We have had only a very few changes in the faculty of Saugatuck since the end of
the last school year. Ms. Denia D’Alessandro, who was out on maternity leave last year,
returns to her third grade position; Ms. Candy Rice, who has frequently been a member
of the World Language faculty at SES in past years, returns to teach two 5th grade
Spanish sections; and Ms. Kelly Kliolz and Ms. Ginette Courtney join us as part-time
occupational therapist and physical therapist, respectively. At the very end of this letter,
I’ve listed a brief “Who’s Who” of Saugatuck Faculty for your reference.

Town Meetings at SES

       Each month the entire SES student body gathers in the auditorium for a school-
wide “Town Meeting.” This is typically – but not always – held on the last Friday of a

        Town Meeting is structured as a brief (often no more than half hour), low-key,
and informal opportunity for the students and staff to come together to celebrate our
community. At these meetings, a few classes may perform a poem or song, share
something they’ve created in their regular classrooms or in their special subjects, perform
a short skit, etc. We often conclude Town Meeting with a viewing of Saugatuck Seal
News, our school news video program, and by singing our school song, “Mighty Oaks.”

        Parents are welcome to attend. If you do join us, please be aware that adult
seating is very limited as our entire student population is now well over five hundred and
with staff in attendance seating can become rather tight (our auditorium can seat up to
655). So, if you join us, please wait until the entire school is seated and find a place to sit
or stand in the rear of the auditorium. We also ask that you do your best to refrain from
taking pictures during Town Meeting. The focus of this program is for the entire school to
be together and celebrate the contributions of our school community, and we want
students to easily view the program and, if performing, feel relaxed about their
presentations. Having parents circulating about the auditorium or moving to the fore to
take pictures can interfere with the viewing of the program by students and the dynamic
we are trying to achieve through this program. Thus, we ask that for this one monthly
event you refrain from taking pictures. If this is not possible for you, I ask that you take
the photo from the very rear of the auditorium so as not to obstruct student viewing of
Town Meeting.

Reminder: Drop-off Protocols

        If you are driving students to school, please remember to use the side parking lot
and to follow the following routines (as noted in our school handbook).

          When you enter the side parking lot, please follow the flow of the directional
           arrows and drop students off only in the designated “Drop-Off” Zone.
          Children must exit their cars only from the right-hand passenger side and only
           when the car is next to the curb.
          After your child leaves the car, pull out carefully to the left and through the
           parking lot to the exit. Watch for children in the lot and do not exceed 5 miles
           per hour.

        Drop-off works well if all parents adhere to the above routines. If for some
reason, you need to exit the car with your son or daughter, please park the car in the lot
and, for the student’s safety, escort him or her to the building’s side door.

        If you somehow find yourself in the front parking lot during bus arrival or bus
dismissal, please remember that you can never pass a school bus when it has its lights
flashing and stop sign extended out. Please be patient and wait until the buses have either
exited the front drop-off/pick-up area or turned off its flashing lights to indicate that it is
safe to pass.

Cell Phones

         I ask that adults refrain from using cell phones in the building. Your cooperation
in this regard last year was useful in helping us to maintain the student-focused, work
atmosphere of the school. The ringing of cell phones can be disturbing to the work of
classroom teachers, and the school does not really have private areas for cell phone
conversations to take place.

Student Dress

       As the warm days of summer will likely continue for some time, please note the
following regarding student dress:

      It is important that shoes are appropriate for all school activities to prevent
       accidents and injury. High-heeled shoes or sandals that make walking, running or
       other activities less safe for students are discouraged.
       No clothing or manner of wearing clothes that is inappropriately revealing is
        permitted. (This includes spaghetti strap tank tops, belly shirts, halter tops or tube
       Clothing and jewelry should be safe and free of writing, pictures or any other
        insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane, or suggestive, or which advocate
        violence, racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the use of drugs or alcohol

Finally . . .

        The Saugatuck Staff and I look forward to working with you to create a dynamic,
caring, child-centered experience for you and your family. We anticipate communicating
with you often about our work in the classroom and in the school and having you
volunteer in some aspect of our school life.

       As an educator, I have always looked forward to the opening of each new school
year. Watching students of any age enter school on the first day of a new school year
has always been for me one of the most buoyant, energetic and sparkling experiences of a
new year. I look forward to welcoming you into the excitement of Saugatuck and the
2010 - 2011 school year – our ninth as a school!


                                               Robert B. Buckley

Who’s Who at SES

        With the shift of Ms. Brianne Shea to kindergarten, the 2010 - 2011 edition of the
SES kindergarten team is comprised of Ms. Carol Alegi, Jennifer Byrne, Ms. Patricia
Finnegan, Ms. Kathleen Magboo, and now, Ms. Shea. Our first grade team is now
comprised of Ms. Diane Bader, Ms. Megan Gelder, Ms. Amy Howland, and Ms. Carolyn

        As last year, our second grade team this year is comprised of Ms. Katie Bloom,
Ms. Wendy Montei, Ms. Kathie Moskovitz, and Ms. Davia Phillips. And this year, the
third grade team of Ms. Kristin Kain, Ms. Laura Sherwood, and Ms. Carolyn Siclari
welcomes back Ms. Denia D’Alessandro.

       With the shift of Ms. Kristen Gerner to the fifth grade team, the fourth grade
team is made up of Ms. Dana Connell, Ms. Roshawn Lawrence, Ms. Erin Lee, and Ms.
Joyce Mack. And thus, the fifth grade team this year is comprised of Ms. Diane
Connolly, Ms. Kristen Gerner, Mr. Eric Lawrence, Ms. Nonie Price and Mr. Peter von

       As last year, Ms. Beth Billig, Ms. Sandra Decembre, Dr. Wendy Sobelman and
Ms. Toni Veteri are our special education team, and Ms. Amanda Kay and Ms. Melissa
Sakowich return as our school psychologists. Ms. Pam Tufano Mancusi returns as our
speech and language teacher; and Ms. Kelly Kliolz is our occupational therapist, and
Ms. Ginette Courtney is our physical therapist.

        In the world of special subjects, Ms.Benita Cebulski is our ESOL teacher, and, in
the area of World Languages, Ms. AnnaMaria Vasquez and Ms. Jennifer Hamm return
as our full-time teachers, joined by Ms. Candy Rice teaching two sections of 5th grade
Spanish. In Art, Ms. Jody Egelson is rejoined by Ms. Rosalind Liljengren, and, in the
area of Music, Ms. Candi Iannaco, Ms. Barbara Masonpierre, Ms. Erica Messina, Ms.
Rebecca Squire, and Ms. Betsy Tucker are our music team. Mr. Andrew McLoughlin
and Ms. Maureen Cadden return as our PE team; Mr. Kenneth Hine and Ms. RaeAnne
Locke return as our Technology and Library/Media Specialists, respectively. In the
areas of academic support, Ms. Dawn Sherriff and Ms. Christine Mennie are our Reading
teachers, Ms. Jeanne Bowles (who will also teach some technology classes) and Ms. Ms.
Jennifer O’Brien provide Math support, and Ms. Linda Stern, is our part-time Challenge

       Ms. Jane Sandri returns as our school nurse. Finally, Ms. Barbara Beaman and
Ms. Deborah Fritz-Bradeen, our assistant principals, join with me in facilitating the
work of the staff and the needs of our students. Our superb secretarial staff is comprised
of Ms. Carmela Cerulo, Ms. Carolyn Dominici, and, this year, Ms. Tina Granata.

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