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									Maureen Reneé Hughes

         Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance that that encourages
          tree planting and care. This year Arbor Day falls on April 28, 2006!

History of Arbor Day:           Anyone Can Do It!              Arbor Day Around the
Founded by J. Sterling          Start a tree seed in a cup,    World:
Morton in Nebraska in           or a seedling in a pot. If     Australia- Arbor Day is in
1872, National Arbor Day        you have no place to set it    June, with the National
is celebrated each year on      out later, give it to          Tree Day falling on the last
the last Friday in April.       someone who does, and          weekend in July.
Among pioneers moving           then watch it grow             China- celebrates Arbor
into the Nebraska Territory     together. Find a place to      Day in March, but the
in 1854 was J. Sterling         plant a seedling or a          exact day varies each year.
Morton from Detroit. He         sapling or the largest tree    Holland- will celebrate the
and his wife were lovers of     you can handle alone.
                                                               50th Dutch National Tree
nature, and the home they       It has been over 130 years
                                                               Festival in March of 2006.
established in Nebraska         since J. Sterling Morton
                                                               Iceland- has Students'
was quickly planted with        founded Arbor Day. His
                                simple idea of setting aside   Afforestation Day.
trees, shrubs and flowers.
                                a special day for tree         India- celebrates their own
On January 4, 1872,
Morton first proposed a         planting is now more           National Festival of Tree
tree-planting holiday to be     important than ever.           Planting.
called “Arbor Day” at a                                        Germany- Arbor Day, or
meeting of the State Board                                     Tag des Baumes, is
of Agriculture. Prizes were                                    celebrated on April 25th.
offered to counties and                                        Japan- has Greenery Day,
individuals for planting                                       midori noni, and Greening
properly the largest                                           Week. This is usually
number of trees on that day.                                   celebrated in late April.
It was estimated that more                                     Korea- celebrates Tree
than one million trees were                                    Loving Week every year in
planted in Nebraska on the                                     early April.
first Arbor Day. Arbor Day                                     Mexico- has a day in July
was officially proclaimed       National Arbor Day is          called Dia del Arbol
by the state's Gov. Robert                                     (meaning Day of the Tree).
                                the last Friday in April,
W. Furnas on March 12,                                         New Zealand- celebrates
                                but some states observe
1874, and the day itself                                       Arbor Day on June 5th,
                                Arbor Day on different
was observed April 10,                                         which is also World
                                dates according to their
1874. In 1885, Arbor Day                                       Environment Day.
was named a legal holiday       best tree-planting times. In
                                New Jersey, Arbor Day is       Puerto Rico- celebrates
in Nebraska and April 22,
                                always the last Friday of      Arbor Day on the last
Morton's birthday, was
                                every April, with our state    Friday of every September.
selected as the date for its
permanent observance.           tree being the Northern
                                Red Oak.

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