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					                                          Puddle Jumpers
                                    Children’s Consignment Sale
                                           First Presbyterian Church
                                            300 N Strawberry Street
                                             Demopolis, AL 36732
                                                 (334) 289-3895

Welcome to the 2nd Puddle Jumpers Children’s Consignment Sale sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of
Demopolis. Because of the overwhelming response to the previous sale, it is our goal to hold a Spring and Fall sale
each year. Consignors receive 70% of their sales proceeds and 30% will go to our Church Ministries (such as our
children ministry, missions, outreach, etc.) and to sustain the sale itself. Thank you for supporting our sale! You
will find all the information on what we accept and how to prepare your items for sale in this packet. Please read
over the instructions carefully before you tag your items. You may bring your items to the church Wednesday &
Thursday, March 16th & 17th 4:00pm-6:00pm.

At check-in we will review your items in numerical order to make sure that the inventory sheet and tag match and
that the items are in EXCELLENT CONDITION. We try to catch any unacceptable items at that time. We reserve
the right to pull an item off the floor during the sale if it is stained, incomplete, or unsafe. Pulled items will be
returned to you when you pick up your check and unsold items.
A non-refundable registration fee of $5 is required of all consignors to cover expenses. Consigners shop early;
doors open Friday, March 18th 4:00pm-6:00pm. Guests including relatives are not allowed at the 4:00pm sale.
If they want to shop as a consigner, they need to consign. However, you will receive 2 GUEST PASSES to
give to friends/relatives. Doors will open for guests at 5:00pm.

When shopping at the Preview Sale, please be courteous to other shoppers. Look through items on the rack instead
of removing sections to go through. If you decide against an item, please hang it back on the correct rack. We
don’t have enough volunteers to return these items to racks for you. If you bring kids with you to shop, please keep
them next to you at all times. We ask that they not play with the toys (to make sure that all tags remain on the
items). Please use an umbrella stroller instead of a larger one. Our space is limited and the aisles will be tight.
We ask that no food items be brought into the sale area.

Suggested items to sale
   • Clothing (newborn to size 10), shoes, hats, gloves, belts and bows
   • Maternity clothes, parenting and pregnancy books and nursing aids
   • Dress-up, Halloween costumes, dance & gymnastics outfits
   • Toys, books, games, puzzles, dolls, action figures, computer games, game boys, CD’s, DVD’s
   • Outdoor play equipment, slides, swing sets, sports equipment, bicycles, riding toys and wagons
   • Cribs, bassinets, toddler beds, high chairs, car seats, strollers, bouncy seat, activity centers
   • Changing tables, nursery furniture
   • Linens, framed prints and room décor

Spring 2011 Sale Dates

Wednesday & Thursday, March 16th & 17th 4:00pm-6:00pm... Consigner Check-in

Friday, March 18th 4:00pm-6:00pm…………………………………. Consigners Shop
                   5:00pm-6:00pm………………………………………...Guests Shop

Saturday, March 19th 8:00am-11:00am………………………………...….….Public Sale
                    11:00pm- 1:00pm……………………..…………clean up/inventory

** During Consignment Sale, Puddle Jumpers accepts CASH ONLY !                                              1
Pickup times for unsold items and your check will be Saturday, March 19th 1:00pm-3:00pm.
Unless prior arrangements have been made by you, Items not picked up by 3:00pm March 19th
will be donated to the Bargain Box or Harriett’s House.

What can be consigned and how to package it
We will accept children’s clothing including accessories, select maternity clothing and accessories, inside and
outside toys, books, baby items (such as strollers, high chairs, & bedding), and baby furniture (such as cribs &
changing tables). All bedding and accessories must be suitable for children’s rooms.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT UNDERWEAR. Acceptable accessories to be packaged in Ziploc bags and labeled
accordingly are as follows: pacifiers, baby bottles, sippy cups, hair bows, bibs or burp clothes, onesies,
pajamas, lap pads, socks/tights, towels/washcloths, blankets, pajamas hats & gloves.

A minimum of 15 items must be consigned to participate as a consignor.

We will accept sizes 0-10 for girls and 0-10 for boys. Bring clothes in first-class condition. We will not accept
soiled, torn, stained, faded, outdated or badly worn clothing. Also due to allergies, clothes must be
free from pet hair, smoke and other foul odors. We will reject any items that do not meet these criteria.
Please check all items closely. Even slight stains are noticeable under the bright lights in our
fellowship hall.

We accept children’s sizes only. Shoes must be free of scuff marks or excessive wear. Sports shoes
such as cleats will be accepted. Shoes must be paired and labeled so that they don’t separate.

Car seats must be like new. We do not want any car seats that were in a car during an accident because
some damage cannot be seen. Would you feel safe buying it? We will only accept car seats that are within
5 years of their manufacture date or not past their expiration date (whichever is the earliest). Car seats
that have been recalled will also not be accepted (see below). Dating information is on a sticker on the
side or back of the seat. Car seats with over-the-head bars will also NOT be accepted for safety reasons.

Due to federal law, we are unable to sell items that have been recalled. Within the last 2 months, EVERY
DROPSIDE CRIB has been recalled. Free repair kits are available from manufacturers. Repairs MUST be
made to these types of cribs to be accepted for the sale. If you plan on selling a crib, bassinet, car seat, infant
swing or pack n’ play, all items must be in good working condition and must not be RECALL items. Also, if
you have any questions about any of your items (not just those listed above), you may send an email to
demopres3895@bellsouth.net. Remember, we want check-in to be as smooth as possible, and we want your
items to sell!

Toys and games must have all pieces. Toys that require batteries must be working to be accepted. We will
accept X Box, PS II, Wii, or other game systems and their respective games. We do not have a way to
check if these are working properly at check-in and will add a disclaimer in the area where these are
sold stating that Puddle Jumpers takes no responsibility for the operation of each system or game
sold. The games must be rated G or PG.

Regular stuffed animals will not be accepted. Stuffed animals that are interactive may be sold.

Items must be priced at $1 or above, in WHOLE dollar increments. Less expensive items

** During Consignment Sale, Puddle Jumpers accepts CASH ONLY !                                           2
may be sold together. Price your items so that they will sell quickly. We recommend asking 1/4 to 1/3 of the
new price. Remember that you will be competing with other sellers. Evaluate your prices.

1. Place all clothes on hangers as shown below. Tags must be
placed on the front left shoulder of the garment (on the right side
as you’re looking at it). Make sure the hook is turned away from
the tag (the front) like a question mark. Please pin the clothes so
that they cannot fall off the hangers (clothes that fall to the floor
will be overlooked by shoppers.) This is essential for overalls, v-
neck shirts, skirts, and folded pants. Safety-pin sets together.
Fasten all snaps, buttons, and zippers to show that they are
working. Remember onesies, gowns, sleepers & pajamas should
be packaged in zip lock bags labeled accordingly and tags taped
on the outside of the bag.
2. Arrange your clothes by gender and size, going from smallest to largest. For example, put the girls’
clothes in order starting with infant sizes. Do the same for boys’ clothes and maternity clothes.
3. Group shoes and accessories together. Place smaller shoes in zip lock bags. Tape the bags shut
and write the gender and size on the zip lock bag with a permanent marker. Larger shoes can be tied or
safety-pinned together. Accessories such as hats, gloves, belts, tights and socks, and hair bows should
also be placed inside sealed zip lock bags as well and labeled (if applicable). Please inspect these items
closely on behalf of the shoppers since they will not be able to open the bags.
4. Group toys together. Please carefully secure small parts in sealed bags and attach these bags to the
toy itself. Tape boxes shut and tape down pieces of puzzles or wrap them in cling wrap. Find a way to
make sure that items will not get separated.
5. Make copies of your inventory sheet and tags. Write your consignor number, name, address, and
phone number on the inventory sheet before copying. Also write your consignor number on the tags
before you make copies.
6. Only use our inventory sheets and tags. Use blue or black ink and write on the front only.
List the items in numerical order (start with #1 and end with your last item) on the inventory sheet
by gender and size as explained above. List clothes before toys and other items. Only use US numeric
sizes. Do not use small, medium, or large. Give the item a number size even if you have to guess. Be as
specific as possible, noting toddler, slim, or husky if known. For MATERINTY, designate the size as S,
M, L or XL. Do not use numeric sizes for MATERNITY.
Give a description of the item by stating what it is as well as the color, design, brand name, etc. For
example, write “Kelly’s Kids smocked pink short sleeve dress.” Descriptions help explain tag
discrepancies and help locate lost items.
Leave the check-in column blank. We will mark that column as we check in the item at check-in.
7. Fill in the blanks on the tags making sure that all categories match the Inventory Sheet.
8. Using safety pins only, pin the tags to the front left SHOULDER of the garment (or top right corner
as you look at the hanger). Attach tags to boxes, toys or zip lock bags using masking tape on two
sides. Do not place tags inside bags, as they are too hard to remove during check-out. Use one
completed main tag with price for sets (such as bedding). If the set has many parts, use additional tags
with your consignor number and an explanation under description (such as “bumper pad goes with 3
piece bedding set, item #95”.)
9. Puddle Jumpers will do everything possible to protect your interests; however, we cannot be
responsible for fire, theft, damaged or lost items.

Please keep your items in numerical order. Bring the inventory sheets to check-in. We will not
accept any items that are not hung, packaged correctly or tagged correctly at check-in time. If
there is a check-in line and problems are noted, you will have to go back into the hall to correct
the problems. You will not be allowed to do this at the check-in table because it delays all the
other consignors who are waiting to check-in.

** During Consignment Sale, Puddle Jumpers accepts CASH ONLY !                                       3

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