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					The ABC’s of
• If your child must be absent from
  school, please send a note to his/her
  teacher stating the reason for the
  absence. The note or doctor’s
  excuse must be brought to school
  within 3 days of the absence, or it
  will be counted as an unexcused
• If you would like to send a special birthday snack
  with your child on or near his/her birthday, please
  feel free to do so. These treats will be eaten in
  class during our afternoon snack time.
• Birthdays are recognized during our calendar
  routine as well. We will recognize summer
  birthdays at the end of the school year.
• Please do not send birthday party invitations to
  be distributed at school unless all classmates
  receive an invitation.
• Parent-Teacher conferences are held on an as-
  needed basis. If you would like to request a
  conference, please call the school at 379-2750
  and leave a message. Conferences will be
  scheduled as soon as possible after notice is
• Communication is important. Check your child’s
  backpack daily for important information, and
  please feel free to contact your child’s teacher
  whenever you have a question, comment, or
• Discipline is simple. We work hard as a class to make the
  classroom a positive and safe place for all. Our main rules
  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  2. Be kind with your words and actions.
  3. Follow instructions promptly.
• Discipline Notebook: Students will be required to sign the
  discipline notebook to document any misbehavior. Parents
  will be notified promptly if behavior is not controlled in the
• Dismissal: Car riders will be dismissed at 2:55 PM. Bus
  riders will dismiss at 3:10 PM. **Times are subject to
  change, due to the new Mortimer Jordan High School.**
• Teacher e-mail addresses are as follows:

• Please understand that e-mail may not be checked until
  after school hours. If immediate assistance is required, you
  MUST call the school office at 379-2750 and leave a
  message. Teachers will respond as soon as possible.
• Information about field trips will
  come home in your child’s folder and
  will be detailed in the field trip
  permission slip and weekly
  newsletter. Currently, we have no
  trips scheduled for 2011-2012.
• First graders will have a 30 minute
  gym class every day. The children
  are required to wear tennis shoes for
  gym. No flip-flops are allowed during
  gym class. Please adhere to this
  policy to ensure your child’s safety.
• Students will have homework in 1st Grade.
  Homework assignments will vary by
  classroom, and will be sent home
• We require that students have homework
  assignment sheets signed. Please check
  your child’s backpack every afternoon for
  homework assignments, and sign as
• Independence is a goal for students because it
  builds self-esteem and self-confidence. First
  Graders are quite capable of doing many things on
  their own, and we encourage them to do as much
  as they can for themselves in the classroom.
  Please work on the following self-help skills at
  home with your child: zipping, tying, dressing,
  hanging up jackets, opening lunch containers, etc.
• Ice Cream is purchased by first graders on
  Fridays only. Please be aware that it is a privilege
  to be able to buy ice cream. Students may lose
  their privilege to buy ice cream as a consequence
  for misbehavior in the classroom.
• Writing takes place every day in 1st
  Grade. One way we accomplish this is
  through writing stories in our
  journals and free writing during
  Writer’s Workshop.
• Please encourage your child to write
  at home for a variety of purposes.
• Please keep updated by reading the
  classroom newsletter every week and
  checking your child’s backpack every
  day for other notes and information.
•   Our class will visit the library on “B” activity days. Our librarians
    are Mrs. Crowe and Mrs. Weldon. Your child will check out a book
    when we visit the library and return it within the following week.
    If your child forgets to return the book, he/she will not be
    allowed to check out a new book until it is returned.

•   When lunch money is sent to school, please send it in an envelope.
    Make sure your child’s name & lunch number is written on the
    envelope and the check. Also, Jefferson County requires that you
    include your home phone number on each check made payable to
    Bryan Elementary. You are also invited to visit the website to set up an account for your child. You
    can add money as needed, and request to be reminded when your
    child needs additional money.

•   Language Arts grades are based on a combination of spelling tests,
    grammar tests & activities, as well as writing assignments.
• The children will have music class on “B” activity
  day with Mrs. Cagle.
• The 1st Grade math curriculum provides students
  with mathematical experiences that help them
  develop number sense and a positive attitude
  towards mathematics. Math concepts are covered
  through our daily calendar and math workshop
• Please know that math skills are taught through
  the use of investigations such as math games and
  other hands-on activities. Therefore, you will not
  see an abundance of math worksheets coming home.
• A weekly newsletter will be sent
  home in your child’s folder (usually on
  Mondays) to keep you informed about
  what is happening in our class. Please
  review it and keep it in the folder for
  your reference throughout the week.
  Please sign as requested by your
  child’s teacher.
• Open House normally takes place
  during the month of August or
  September. You will have the
  opportunity to visit our classroom
  and see the important work your
  child has been doing. Please watch
  your child’s folder for details!
• When picking up your child, please make certain you follow
  the traffic rules carefully out front. Please talk with your
  child about watching carefully for other cars and buses that
  might be nearby.
• Progress Reports will be sent home at the middle of each 9
  week grading period. Please sign and return these to your
  child’s teacher the following day.
• Please support our school by joining PTA!
• All classes will have a Christmas party. We will not have a
  Valentine’s Day party; however, children will be allowed to
  exchange Valentines with their classmates.
• Questions? Please feel free to call,
  e-mail, or send a note in your child’s
  folder anytime!

• Bryan Elementary School Office
• Reading is taught daily in both whole group and small
  groups. Reading homework assignments will be sent home
  frequently. Please sign after your child completes his/her
  assignment, and return reading materials the following day.
• Students are expected to read 20 words per minute when
  weekly Oral Reading Fluency testing begins (around
  October). This benchmark number increases steadily
  throughout the year, and students are expected to read 60
  words per minute by the end of the school year. Grades are
  based on phonics, oral reading fluency, and reading
• Report cards will be sent home at the end of each 9 weeks
  grading period. Please review, sign, and return to your
  child’s teacher the following day.
• The focus of the 1st Grade science & social studies
  curriculum is on developing an awareness of the world in
  which we live. All concepts and skills will be explored
  utilizing a literacy based, hands-on approach.
• Each child is responsible for bringing his/her own healthy
  snack to class each morning. We recommend items such as
  crackers, pretzels, fruit, or other easy-to-eat items. Please
  understand that students are not allowed to share snacks
  due to food allergies. Please do not send a drink. Students
  will visit the water fountain.
• Please refer to the main page of the Bryan Elementary
  School website for a link to the most updated version of
  the First Grade list of necessary School Supplies.
• If your child has any changes in transportation
  please notify his/her teacher in writing on the
  day of the transportation change. Calling the
  office is the best method for letting us know
  about any last minute changes.

• Please understand that teachers are not allowed
  to send students to the car or bus line (if this is
  not their normal mode of transportation) unless
  we have been notified in writing or from the
• Student absences will be coded as
  “Unexcused” if a parent note or
  doctor’s excuse is not received by
  your child’s teacher within 3 days of
  the absence.
• Volunteers and visitors are required
  to register in the front office and
  pick up a name badge before
  proceeding to classrooms or to the
• At Bryan Elementary, we welcome
  parent visitors and volunteers! We
  hope that you will enjoy being
  involved in your child’s education this
• Students, parents, and family
  members should EXIT and enter
  through the main school entrance
  only. This insures everyone’s safety
  on the school campus.
• Your ideas and suggestions are
  always welcome!
• Zzzzzzz – Please make sure that your
  child gets plenty of rest each and
  every night! A consistent bedtime
  routine is a wonderful gift you can
  give your child. Research has shown
  that students are more successful at
  school if they have 10-12 hours of
  sleep every night.
Welcome to First Grade!
We are very excited to work with you and
your child this year! We look forward to
meeting you and being partners during this
very important year of your child’s
               Bryan First Grade Teachers
  Bryan Elementary
First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Brakefield     Mrs. Grisham       Mrs. Hughes

      Mrs. Little      Mrs. Robinson     Mrs. Williams

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